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Where is Noah Davis?


Danielle's picture

Please help the family. Noah was a sweet man.

Juanita Phelps's picture

It is hard to believe that Noah would have just went on the run and is hiding out not knowing his mother is in bad health. But Noah if you see this and you are reading this and you are on the run please find a way to let you Mother know that you are ok. She needs to know. And if there is anyone that knows where Noah is please come forward his family needs to know where he is. So please please I beg you if you know anything let them know.

Anonymous's picture

look in the woods by some sort of turbine

Anonymous's picture

Why would someone look there

Joshua Wright's picture


Please contact me directly at

tom's picture

sounds like he got mixed up with meth people.

Brylan's picture

Where did he go missing from? City and State? Was he being indicted?

Eric W Bohannon's picture

woods by some sort of turbine, in the riverbank, his bones have been found.

Joshua Wright's picture

What? Look in the woods by some sort of turbine? And they have been found?

What are you talking about!?!

What woods exactly, and what/where were some remains found???

Please clarify, and also send me an email directly, as I am his Brother Josh from this very same video...

Katie's picture

Noah, if you see this please reach out to your family. I hope the person who mentioned the woods and bones is wrongly mistaken. D8faw

Brad's picture

@Joshua Wright don't listen to Eric W Bohannon he thinks he is a psychic but he spams all the stories on this website with his inane psycho babble

Joshua Wright's picture

Thank you, and that makes more sense now. I appreicate it.

That dude honestly should be banned if he is too frightened to reply back to what he states publicly..

His post seriously bothered me, and caused me to bother other people with his unexplainable babble...

Thanks, but keep your witchcraft 'Mr' Bohannon for someone else.

Anonymous's picture

Look on POF a dating website. Minneapolis Minnesota adventurous username

Joshua Wright's picture

Wha? For what??

Joshua Wright's picture

Could you be more specific please as I can't find any specific person with that username, and their are thousands of results similar.

That site is extremely difficult to search through. ALSO, what am I searching for?

Thank you.

Brad's picture

People please stop tormenting Joshua with inane and far out theories. If you don't have solid evidence about his brothers disappearance then keep your mouth shut. The guy is going through heartache here and you people are not helping

Joshua Wright's picture

Thank you.

Anonymous's picture

He is in temple Texas

Joshua Wright's picture

Can you please be more detailed than that? How do you know that, and what made you aware? Why did you randomly watch this video, comment, yet not contact me directly as the video requests?

I do however, thank you for your info. And thank you for your time.

Please contact me, Josh (Noahs Oldest Brother and the man in this video) personally at


Brad's picture

Joshua did the person contact you claimin Noah was in Temple Texas

rose 's picture

I pray that u find your brother. You and your family is in my families prayers. God bless

Mike D's picture

Hey Josh, I heard you on The Vanished podcast and you did a tremendous job on there getting your story out. I'm 31 and I beat an opiate addiction so the story hit home with me, being close in age to you and Noah and dealing with the issues I have. I love how you keep fighting man, leave no stone unturned. No matter how much you have to pester or how much anyone acts like it's a burden or more work for them, keep pushing for help from the detectives and keep putting the word out there. You deserve answers, and as frustrating as it's been with the detectives, keep your cool and stay focused man. God bless you and your family.

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