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Help find the Zaharias children


Robin Kovach-Prosock's picture

I hope y'all find the now grown up children n get reunited with lou b4 it's to late.#FindZahariasKids

Jesus E. guzman Gutierrez's picture

Zacharie United States citizen.

Guylene Milner's picture

I hope he finds them soon. This is so heartbreaking for him and so selfish of any involved that they won't let the children (now adults) make their own decisions.

Mike Gilligan's picture

I have worked with Lou since 2011. He is a wonderful person, always has a smile and a nice word to say. It is such a shame that he has had to live with this through most of his adult life. You can tell from the pictures what a great father he would have been to them; they have really lost out.

Elistariel's picture

I wonder if he has tested with any DNA companies like 23andme or Ancestry. You never know who will get curious about their genes.

Eric W Bohannon's picture

By the Lord Jesus of Information, according to Cor, I see Your Son married with 2 and 1 child on the way, Your G, is in ak, or West Wa, I think, somewhere its icey,
Your EX is there too, and they used her family name, grand mother of 3rd back madden name, I see in the spiritual realm, they took more than one last name, and making a completely new name, maybe, as it could be other case, I feel that 1 or more of your grandchildren, attend Huffman elementary school. maybe, I see that UR EX, is getting her in income under her moms or dads, as if they did the work, and is getting fed funds, too, I see her working in a Dentist or DR office, UR Son could be a dentist or his inlaw is a dentist, maybe accounting at home, I See a Woman in the Family with 2 jobs, 1 in a office, and then at home, UR EX helps with the Accounting at home, either a accounting business or 2 or more to help out friends....hope this helps, I get that last strong.

Brandye N Rogers's picture

Oh You're on My prayers I PRAY you're reunited So So Sad... You're in my thoughts.

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