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Haunted or hoax? Did this policeman see a ghost?

A policeman believes he may have a poltergeist living in his laundry room - as spooky footage shows him run in terror when a detergent bottle moves on its own.

Terrified trainee cop Jonny Edwards was home alone when he took a Snapchat video as he went to investigate an unexpected noise coming from the utility room and was greeted with the eerie movement .

The 29-year-old let out an almighty yelp as the untouched bottle slid sharply from left to right despite the washing machine being switched off and no-one else being present.

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Anonymous's picture

that's just messed up, spooky!!!

JOHN's picture

I have a kitchen table that has a glass top and I live in an old house that has a floor that is not perfectly level so the table is slightly not level as well. I left a glass filled with water on the table and the next day I saw it slid across the table around a foot. After taking a closer look, the condensation under the glass caused the glass to slide across the glass top table. It's possible the same thing happened in this video on top of the washing machine.

Anonymous's picture

Could be the washer coming to a stop fast

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