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Do you know who killed Army Spc. Darlene Krashoc?

The U.S. Army is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can help find the killer of a young woman stationed at Fort Carson who was murdered nearly 30 years ago to date.

The Army, working with the Colorado Springs Police Department, has completed DNA phenotyping testing and put together composite images of what the alleged killer of 20-year-old Army Spc. Darlene Krashoc looked like in 1987 and what he looks like now.

Krashoc, 20, was stationed at Fort Carson and was assigned to the 73rd Maintenance Company when she was found dead March 17, 1987 in the parking lot of a restaurant near Hancock and S. Academy. The restaurant was known as the Korean Club restaurant at the time.

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He used to live in Florida

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I could be completely off here, but the composite looks a lot like the composite featured on the unsolved site months ago about an individual who broke into a home in Sterling, VA during late night hours and assaulted a young girl. The timeline of the events are similar, as both occurrences happened in 1987. Perhaps there is some connection.

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