Mike Dowe will bow his head this Veteran’s Day, and say a little prayer to the soul of the best soldier he ever knew.

Every day, in places all over the world, hundreds or more people pray to Kapaun—but especially in the Roman Catholic diocese of Wichita, Kansas, where he was ordained a priest in 1940. Some are old U.S. Army soldiers like Dowe, who saw Kapaun do the recklessly brave things that earned him the Medal of Honor posthumously in 2013.

But others, like the pediatric intensive-care nurse Avery Gerleman, were born decades after Kapaun died. She’s only 23. And Chase Kear, a college senior, is only 29. They pray to him every day, because they think praying to the soul of Kapaun miraculously saved their lives from seemingly impossible medical problems.

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