o one knows why Heidi Planck, a devoted mom, suddenly left her son’s football game at half-time and never returned. But the 38-year-old’s dog Seven — who had been with her at the game — may have provided a vital clue about what happened next.

In the months since Planck disappeared on October 17, 2021, her case has caused rampant speculation among the Los Angeles-area community she had called home.

“Heidi Planck’s disappearance has been all over the news in Los Angeles and since it’s unsolved and no one knows where she is, all the theories are on the board,” “Dateline” correspondent Josh Mankiewicz told Oxygen.com. “So everything involving her job in high finance to dark tales of drug parties have been discussed. And until Heidi’s found, we’re not going to know what’s true and what’s not.”

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