Three decades after the body of 27-year-old Susan Taraskiewicz was found in the trunk of her car outside an auto repair shop in Revere, State Police investigators indicated on Wednesday that they believe there are those with information that will help confirm, and potentially prosecute, her killer.

Taraskiewicz, who was from Saugus and whose mother and fierce justice advocate, Marlene, moved to Peabody, was found beaten and stabbed a little more than one day after she left her shift as a ramp supervisor at Logan Airport on Sept. 13, 1992. State Police said on Wednesday that “for three decades — to the day — since that morning, the Massachusetts State Police, the Revere Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office have ceaselessly followed the evidence wherever it has led us.”

A $250,000 reward from Northwest Airlines — which was later absorbed into Delta Airlines — where Taraskiewicz worked is still available to anyone who provides information that allows authorities to bring justice to Taraskiewicz and her family.

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