Gerald Begay talked to his mother, Ella Mae Begay, three days before she disappeared from Tòłikan (Sweetwater), in northeastern Arizona. It was a Saturday evening in June and they were talking about an upcoming visit this summer.

Begay lives in Denver, where he’s been for 25 years, and he often travels back to Sweetwater to see his family. He wanted to bring his daughters this summer, as well as his niece and nephew, whom he has custody of, to visit his mom.

“She was asking for them,” he said. They talked for about 45 minutes on that June day and he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary or strange after they spoke. “She sounded happy and excited.”

He hadn’t seen his mom in over a year and a half. When COVID-19 hit he and the kids didn’t take their yearly trip back home, which is why she was excited for them to come out.

Ella Mae Begay was reported missing to the Navajo Nation Police Department on June 15. Ella Mae, 62, is 5 feet, 1 inch tall, has a slender build with brown eyes, and weighs around 110 to 120 pounds.

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