Q: I’m having trouble finding the show on Amazon Prime. How do I find it?
A: If you are trying to watch on your phone or your computer, try this link (http://tinyurl.com/gr6bc2d)for the Robert Stack episodes and this link for the Dennis Farina episodes (http://amzn.to/2k0EUAP). If you are outside the United States, try going to primevideo.com.

Q: I can’t find the show on Roku or Xbox … help!
A: Please go to your Amazon Prime account using your computer or your phone, and add the show to your watchlist. Then please check back on Roku or Xbox and the show should be there in your list. You can also try searching for Unsolved Mysteries Robert Stack or Unsolved Mysteries Dennis Farina.

Q: When will new episodes be available?
A: As soon as there is an official release date, we will be sure to announce it here on unsolved.com. Stay tuned!

Q: How do I get Amazon Prime?
A: You can sign up for a free trial here.

Q: When will the show be available in other countries?
A: We are working with FilmRise and Amazon to have the series be available in more countries.

Q: Where can I watch episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on TV?
A: Previously broadcast episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are currently airing on Court TV Mystery. Please check their websites for scheduled times. https://www.courttv.com/mystery/

Q: I have a mystery. Can I submit it?
A: Yes. You can submit your story on this website. Just fill out this form. We can’t profile all the stories that are submitted, but we keep all the stories in a database for the future.

Q: How do I send you a tip or what do I do if I’ve seen someone you’re looking for?
A: If you have a tip about a story, please fill out this form or contact your local authorities.

Q: How can I get a copy of an Unsolved Mysteries program?
A: Unfortunately there are no copies currently available, however you may find copies of our DVD sets on Ebay or Amazon.

UPDATE: The mothers from “Stolen Kids,” Allison Dansby and Rosa Glover have submitted their DNA to genetic databases. Perhaps this will help bring their sons Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker home. #unsolvedmysteries ...

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