Is there a link between the unexplained phenomena on the Navajo reservation?

Stan Milford and Jon Dover have been investigating paranormal cases since 2000.

Unusually large footprints are found at the scene of a Bigfoot sighting.


Witnesses report strange lights over Satan Butte.

In 2000, Navajo Rangers Stan Milford and Jonathan Dover are assigned by their chief to investigate reports of paranormal activity on the Navajo Nation. Milford and Dover are the ideal rangers for this job. Raised on and off the Navajo reservation, the partners are uniquely equipped to lead objective, forensics-based investigations into paranormal events while remaining respectful and reverential towards ancient Navajo traditions and taboos. For more than a decade, Milford and Dover interview countless terrified reservation residents who have reported Bigfoot and UFO sightings, skinwalker encounters, and other harrowing paranormal experiences. This is an account of their most shocking and chilling investigations and encounters.

Their first investigation takes Milford and Dover to Upper Fruitland, a beautiful farming community along the San Juan River in New Mexico. Over 30 locals have reported sightings of Bigfoot lumbering along the riverbank — reports that the local police department have dismissed. Seeking answers, the community reaches out to the Navajo Rangers to conduct an official investigation along the river.

Paranormal activity could be linked to the Navajo origin story.

Next, Milford and Dover review two of their stand-out UFO investigations: The first involves a strange sighting reported by a young Navajo woman. On her way home to Leupp, Arizona, late one night, she is followed by a strange red orb. The Rangers uncover surprising evidence that the young woman’s car was affected by something with a strong magnetic field. Next, a man living in Greasewood, Arizona, reports and photographs strange light activity on a nearby plateau called Satan Butte.

In Navajo culture, skinwalkers are dangerous witches who use black magic to cause harm and suffering to people. Able to shape-shift and travel at incredible speeds, these beings are rarely discussed. Even speaking the proper Navajo name is taboo. In their many years investigating paranormal events, Navajo Rangers Milford and Dover are convinced these beings are real. Stan shares his own terrifying skinwalker account.

After years of exploring paranormal events on the Navajo Nation, an investigation at a commercial building, and the terrifying events that ensue, help Milford and Dover formulate a theory. Can UFOs, Bigfoot, Skinwalkers, and ghosts all be connected? Stan and John believe they are…

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