37 years later: Justice for Joyce McLain

In August 1980, 16 year old Joyce McLain was found brutally murdered in the woods behind the high school soccer field. Joyce was an honor student, a cheerleader, and an officer of the student body.

It wasn’t until February of 2018 that a man was finally convicted of Joyce’s murder. Philip Scott Fournier had been a longtime suspect, but wasn’t arrested until 2016. On the night of Joyce’s murder, Fournier, then 19, was drunk and stole an oil truck and crashed it. As a result he suffered a serious brain injury that damaged his memory.

There was no forensic evidence that initially connected Fournier to the crime; his conviction was based solely on circumstantial evidence and witness testimony. According to four different people, Fournier had confessed to the crime. Justice Murray’s decision was influenced particularly with the testimony of high school janitor John DeRoche. (Read more: https://bangordailynews.com/2018/02/24/news/penobscot/how-a-janitors-chance-encounter-helped-convict-a-murderer-in-the-joyce-mclain-case/)

In one of his other confessions, Fournier told a minister that he did not rape Joyce because “it was the wrong time of the month.” In fact, the autopsy revealed that Joyce was indeed having her period when she died.

Fournier faces up to 25 years in prison. Sentencing will likely not be until April or May 2018. Read more: https://bangordailynews.com/2018/02/22/news/bangor/maine-man-found-guilty-in-1980-slaying-of-joyce-mclain/

See the original Unsolved Mysteries segment on this case streaming in S1:E18 with Robert Stack and S8:E14 with Dennis Farina. Also on Lifetime and Escape in SP168. http://bit.ly/2oK7bzr



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    Sheriff ,cops send hope.


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    Well.at least in this case they have a confession but this girl was a honors student and I got a feeling she would have done some amazing achievements in her life time I just don’t understand how one decides to set out and kill a girl like this


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    Do Jim Thompson Starting From March,


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    Joey Hume

    Ive been watching on Hulu.
    Ive always been into this show.


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    Hi. I’m looking to purchase an archived segment on DVD but can’t seem to find it. It’s the Ontario, Canada disappearance of Pamela Harvey Rousseau, missing since December 1978, aired early 1990s.


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      Unsolved Mysteries Post author

      Hi Sarah – we have searched our database but we are unable to find that case. Do you have any additional information about when it aired?


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    Mr Miller

    Would love me to see a new series of unsolved mysteries it would be a hit for sure


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    I’m glad they finally caught the bastard! It’s comforting to know that Joyce finally got the justice she deserved after all these years!


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    This is great news. Are you updating Amazon segments as they come in?


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