A major break in the case of Lauria Bible & Ashley Freeman

There has been a major development in the case of Lauria Bible and Danny, Kathy & Ashley Freeman. Authorities have identified three men in connection with their deaths: Warren “Phil” Welch, David Pennington and Ronnie Busick.

Busick was arrested on April 22nd, 2018, but both Welch and Pennington are dead. Busick is facing four counts of murder.

It all started on December 29, 1999, when Ashley Freeman turned 16. Her best friend, Lauria Bible, was sleeping over. Sometime during the night, the Freemans’ home became an inferno. By the time Lauria’s parents arrived the fire was out, but the home had been reduced to ashes. Lauria’s car was still there, but there was no sign of their daughter. Investigators found the bodies of Ashley’s parents, Danny & Kathy Freeman, but there was no sign of the two girls.

Over the years investigators searched many nearby locations, but there was no sign of the missing girls. Two different convicted killers — Tommy Lee Sells and Jeremy Jones — both confessed but later recanted. In February of 2017, the Craig County Sheriff’s Office discovered a box of documents pertaining to the investigation, which helped current detectives chase down previous witnesses and investigators who pointed detectives to an insurance card found at the scene of the fire.

The insurance card belonged to Welch’s girlfriend. She told investigators about the Polaroids she saw of the girls bound and gagged and lying on a bed; she was certain the girls were Lauria and Ashley, and the bed was the one in her and Welch’s bedroom. Other witnesses told investigators that they too had seen the pictures.

Investigators are still looking for the girls’ final resting place. If you have any information, please use our tip form.

See the original Unsolved Mysteries segment on this case streaming in S11:E1 with Robert Stack and S2:E8 with Dennis Farina. Also on Lifetime and Escape in SP021.   https://unsolved.com/watch/





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    I am sad they haven’t found their bodies, yeah the killer has been arrested but until they find the bodies it’s not truly solved


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    Far from being solved. I live in the same town as the mother and see her daily.


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      Tell laurias mom that phil welch’s girlfriend at the time of the murder may be the key to the mystery. The girlfriends name was on some car insurance card.


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    Not a liberal

    Bleeding heart who morns these young souls
    I like how people whip out the JUDGE NOT , wile berating someone for a comment and informing them what belongs were! maybe if you cannot read a comment without throwing out your own PLATITUDES, you do not belong on any forum! LOLOLOL


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    Lisa Lindquist

    How can MULTIPLE People see polaroids of 2 teen girls bound and gagged and tied up and never say anything to anyone it’s despicable the people that saw those pictures and did nothing are just as guilty and disgusting as the people that actually killed them.


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    Patrick butas

    How Sad those two girls are very cute
    Whoever did this just turn yourselves in already in how can you live with yourself do the right thing and tell the police.what you did, in the end you won’t escape judgement


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    I have followed this case from the beginning. I am a few years older than the girls and lived in Southwest Missouri at the time of their disappearance. Over the years I have looked on the FBI crime pages to see if they’re were updates. Glad that they finally have brought the case to an arrest.


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    Steve Bull, it’s NOT solved. There’s a “break in the case.” There’s no bodies, no evidence, only heresay.
    I keep thinking about these two young girls. I’ve heard this story on Casefiles Podcast and seen it many times on UM. I assume it was the dad’s involvement in drugs. I hope their parents find peace and know that people care and want justice for their beautiful daughter and her lovley friend.


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    Harley Michelle Morgan

    I think the person kidnapped her is a bad guy he deserved to be arrested.


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    Joanne Smith

    Leave that guy alone “Bleeding Heart” , I happen to agree with him (Darold) and there’s nothing wrong with Fox News or Infowars. Creeps that kill these young ppl or any ppl need to pay for their crimes!!!


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      Charity Reed

      I pray that God be with those 2 girls souls


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        Charity Reed

        I don’t even know them but my heart and soul bleeds for them. May they both find peace in God’s loving hand. They didn’t deserve to die so young. They still had life ahead of them. Prom, college, marriage, kids ECT. Just life!!! No one had the right to take it away no one


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    Bleeding Heart who mourns these young souls.

    Dear Darrold Huntley,
    Please reference the FBI for statistics on violent crime which has decreased by half or more since 1993. Platitudes regarding capital punishment don’t belong in this forum and neither do cherry picked misinterpretation of scripture. Judge not lest ye be judged. Use caution when watching Fox News or listening to infowars as these forums aren’t interested in truth only being right


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    Darrold J. Huntley

    The truly sad outcome of these murder cases is the sentences given my liberal moronic judges, some as little as 16 or less years and a paltry few given life with no chance of parole. Personally, I think the sentence should be execution but not by lethal injection or firing squad but hanging in the public square! Many bleeding hearts will cry for leniency, they are against the death penalty and re-habilitation of murderers so they can go out and kill again! Scripture tells us that if someone murders another person, the sentence should be death and that both swiftly and publicly, Gen. 9:6 and many other Scriptures demand this and, the death penalty was public stoning to death! Since the death penalty has been very limited in the US, and in some states stopped, the crime rate has sky-rocked over the last few decades and that includes murder!


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    That is a very sad story.


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    steve bull

    well, the case is finally solved. terrible thing young lives taken like that. condolences


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    So glad authorities got a break in the case finally the families of Lauria and Ashley can find closure MR Busick will never kill or hurt anyone ever again may he burn for taking from this world two innocent girls who never had the chance explore their full potential pursue their hope and dreams they’re were taken from us too soon


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