CPO Keith Bemis


  1. Hillary Matchen


    Tony Bemis made this site if anyone wants to see all the photos, etc. Who knows… it may help someone come forward.


  2. fishy

    update: The family had a second autopsy performed out in CA with just the photos from the coroner etc. They were told statute of limitations had passed, Tony and Sue Bemis are currently paying for their own investigation.

    so Recap: no one did any GSR test on his hands (the local cops and NCIS dropped the ball there). He did not live alone, rather he time shared his apartment with a Naval officer by the name of Manny Elkbear who has never been questioned or spoken out about his ex room mate’s death (the current running theory 1: he was the real target, they killed Keith by mistake as the story told by the family was that the 2 looked identical). The family had the guns tested: no brain matter, no blood no nothing. kinda hard to kill yourself with an imaginary gun but hey lets call it suicide anyway.

    The family received phone calls from a televangelist with condolences about Keith’s death before anyone knew he was dead. Also the Navy had his personal computer confiscated and has never returned it. The family wants it back, they Navy supposedly can’t find it. The Navy also gave the family a weird photo stating their son bled out and then somehow magically crawled to the other side of the room and put his motorcycle helmet on (which is the actual way to deal with a subarachnoid hemorrhage so if this guy wanted to die so bad, why is he trying to save his own life? the helmet would have provided pressure).

    Also a certain gentleman in Keith’s Naval unit had a grudge supposedly (Keith stood up for some woman in his unit, the naval gentleman could have shown up to hang out and killed him. this is theory #2. No one from his ship has ever been brave enough to comment on this. The man is dead… give his family some closure).

    There were Nazi symbols and numbers engraved into and written on the body. the F from one of the “fag” words written on him is actually seen in the coroner’s photograph and the coroner says nothing about it. It looks puffy and irritated. not one word about it but loads on his actual tattoos.

    Oh and someone made a creepy skull thing in the pool of the blood. it looks nothing like the bs photo the navy took. The family should get the carpet square they have been saving tested.

    There is loads more… contact the Bemis family (tony Bemis up there). Its kinda sad he’s one of the “convenient” suicides for the Navy.


  3. Anonymous

    The markings on his neck (mentioned on the site they included):

    Spider: someone who ensnares others in their web
    Trash: taking out the trash, taking care of the problem
    DEA on his face: this is why he had to die, right or wrong this is what his killers thought he was.

    I know the articles really want the crazy Santeria woman for this, but a man his build, fighting for his life? Just not possible, it would take 2 men. He wasn’t a suicide. Multiple shots in the ceiling say that, so does the evidence (and you can’t use rope in the way the evidence shows and not find any at the scene).

    My questions are as follows: why aren’t they looking at navy suspects? What did he tell about (look through his records, talk to his CO, was he helping the DEA or not…and if so on what?) and just because it’s in Spanish don’t just assume, I’m sure Spanish speaking people served on that ship.


    • Tony Bemis


      Thank you for your info and thoughts. Would you be interested in talking?


      • Hillary Matchen

        I would be interested, but most of what I said above is from me reading everything I could find about your son’s death and asking my ex-boyfriend who used to run in very tough Mexican circles about the words the articles mentioned.

        I did not see your response until this week. I’d be happy to talk… just not sure what else there would be to say. I just kept thinking on the case…kept rereading kept thinking.


        • Tony Bemis

          Hello Hillary This Sue Bemis Keith’s mom. Thank you for your kind words and interest. Are you from San Diego? If you knew my son , you would know he was not the type to kill himself If you have any more thoughts or would like to talk on facebook please friend Tony We do appriecate your time.


  4. Anonymous

    I really love this show.i have recorded shows all the way back from the first host who hosted


  5. roseandrews215

    I like your show


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