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    Over the last 14 years, finding my sisters skull didn’t bring any closer. I’m not sure there’s such a thing. Even tho knowing she can’t be hurt any more was a relief. It never gets any easier and you never learn to settle with it. But for everyone’s sake I hope Phylicia is found. She was a great friend of my sisters. And a great person in general. My sister Jennifer, had a heart of gold but she wouldn’t put up with your shit. I’m not sure what happened to these two beautiful girls and probably never truly will, but we all deserve peace so please please help us to find out why my sister and one of her very good friends had to be taken so young. God didn’t need his angles yet, we still needed them. Gone but never forgotten. Missed in tears and in silance everyday. I love you Jennifer and Phylicia I love you to. Please if you know anything at all we just need peace.


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    We live in a corrupt county/state, you expect any less….
    State police were definitely involved.

    I would say specific names as to my knowledge from others but I do not want police interaction due to police oppression while living in a police state.

    There’s more to come though, as the main guy was only told to calm down for awhile or go out of town and do it if he must for some years.

    I’ve heard they mayve actually looked into the one guys garage that was built shortly after phylicia disappeared…. Who knows. Not long after that happened though her skull pops up?

    Yea I see the west side tech tie in too as I feel we were all subject to “official oppression ”

    Completely agree with the one comment before mine, police will spend 11+million for a cop killer but stop abruptly over multiple disappearances and murders…. Wouldn’t suprize me if the state police blame sasquatch for the activity, along as they’re not looked at.

    Just remember one thing,

    Under supreme court ruling police have no duty to protect and serve they are strictly law enforcement….. And remember “they enforce the law, so when they break the law unless they’re fired first they’re going to be protected by law enforcement, under the codes of the fraternal order of police, a national gang force.

    Under title 8 subject 1481
    States once an oath in office is taken citizenship is relinquished “because their loyalties are not to the people”

    Police are the problem and have been the problem.


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    The third party

    Check johnny simons side of the property. They only ever checked the martins side to my knowledge. Who ever should check be careful though bc it is alleged that some police are in cahoots with it. Not sure if this helps but I hope it does. I went to school with her. And has anyone ever checked into it to see if this in any way is linked to the other girl we went to school with that was killed her name (spell) carey Martin?? We all went to school together and I know their friends were linked together. From 2002 to 2004 there were 3 deaths from our school west side tech. All were murder/homicides with phylicia missing


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    Pauline Baliey

    I am Phylicia Thomas mother my heart is broken my , my family is broken , We will forever be broken , We need justice for our so very loved Phylicia , We need closure for our family , Our family every day wake up for over 11 years to a missing daughter , sister , granddaughter , so my life and my family live life of waking up to the worst thing r=that could ever happen in life , We don’t know why no one but us family and friends are searching for Phylicia the police have forgotten Phylicia and Jennifer they are missing and many others girls are gone from this area , There is a serial killer here , there are many girls missing , there are body parts showing up here , We had a missing girl named Cindy Song who was taken by a serial killer Hugo Selenski police found 12 bodies on his land sadly some were burned to ashes and could not be identified , We believe all these crimes are all related because Phylicia boyfriend was friends with the suspect and with Hugo and Steve Martin the suspect who killed him self after police asked him about all the girls , We know there are people out there that know what happened to my Phylicia and the other girls please call the tip line or email , Please help us find my daughter ..


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    Judy Lorah

    There is another girl missing here her name is Cindy Song she is also on unsolved mysteries her case investigation was around a person of intrest from a friend of Steven Martin they all hug together and were at party’s together sounds simular , all 3 girls were around 110 pounds with long dark hair and the suspects both knew each other sounds a bit fishy to me , Hugo a man who had 12 bodies found on his land was a big suspect in Cindy Song disappearance they looked for her body on his land but sadly never found her , just so weird of how all 3 girls were seen last with Steve Msrtin a friend of a man who had 12 bodies found on his land right where there is 3 beautiful young girls missing and one skull of the girls found not far from Steve Martin house , there has been other skulls and body parts foud here in the years these girls have been missing , Does any of the police or DA care about all the skull being found in our area , well the answer is no , they are no longer looking for these girls , We need help here , we need people that care , we need justice for these girls , we need pease for these girls , and the only way for that to happen is for someone with big investigation team to come help us please .. Please unsolved mysteries help us here in Luzerne County Pennsylvania , if you cant can you please refer these 3 stories and more to someone who can help us and all the others here , please pray for Jennifer , Phylicia , and Cindy . Hopeful here in PA ..


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    Nicole Phillips

    My mother Judith Fisher is the person who contacted unsolved mysteries , My mom has a big heart a I am so proud of her she is a mom helping 2 mom’s find there daughters , We love Phylicia And Jennifer we will always look for them and pray for justice for them , I have helped in the search for Phylicia I put posters up and put cans out for a reward and I was there when we did a search on Steve Martin land in hope to find one of the girls if not both this was a very sad day for us all as to the search led us to nothing to go on no new leads , There is not a day that goes by that we my family and Phylicia family work on trying to find them and put the girls to rest as they so deserve to be , Please if anyone reading this knows where Phylicia is please send a tip .. WE Love you Jen and Phylicia


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    Marvin Lorah

    I know Phylicia family as I visit with this wonderful loving family , I think to myself OMG someone came a took one of there own one of there family members , It is so hard to believe that this has happen to a close loving family or to anyone , This family is broken a piece of them all has been taken a sadness in each one of there eyes hurts me so deeply and shakes me to my core as to no words I or anyone can help heal there pain , They need closure , They need to put Phylicia to rest , Jen needs to be put to rest , But why is there no investigation going on , Why are the police not looking for them this I will never understand , If Phylicia and Jen were some big rig daughters they would be looking for them , If Phylicia and Jen family had money this would be another story they would of been found long ago, The state police spent 11 million dollars on finding the man who killed 2 of there own state police offices here in this county but stopped looking for Jen and Phylica murderer years ago , Why is that I will never understand , We need help her in our county , We pray for someone to come here and help or young girls not be come missing as to it it still going on here just look it up , and Jen and Phylicia are not the only ones .. Please pray for justice for Phylicia and Jen .. also thank you unsolved mysteries for putiing this case out there for everyone to see , maybe now we will get the tips we need to put the girls to rest ..


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    Leatha Madl

    If anyone has any information, please, please reach out to her family or the website. There seems to be way more to her disappearance than is being told by officials. I myself feel like certain people want to put the case to rest because it may lead to other investigations or cover ups. This is my personal opinion. I do not know any facts. I do know that we need to bring Phylicia home! Please share this with everyone!


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    Kevin Ryan

    I have been involved in the effort into helping Phylicia Thomas’ family find out where her remains ay be.We have posted flyers in stores and on telephone poles. We have been blessed with the local media’s involvement in posting Phylicia’s story on television and in the local newspaper.Tips have been coming into Crime Stoppers,which in turn are forwarded to the local authorities,who agree Phylicia is no longer alive,yet the effort to for the authorities actually spend some money to find her is moot. We have personally gotten tips about her whereabouts,through different tipsters,but we are helpless to act because certain possible locations are private property,and we are not law enforcement.
    The stories we heard all seem to be the same,many people know first hand information of what happened to her and who was involved.One person that was a person of interest is now deceased,hung himself in prison on an unrelated charge,but all blame cannot be placed on him solely for her disapearence and demise,the tips suggest,rather insist he did not act alone.Phylicia went to a party at a certain house in Sweet Valley / Hunlock Creek area,where she was said to have been murdered and disposed of.There are people out there still who know what happened and where she may have been disposed of,but either by fear or fear of reprocussions,they do not wish to tell all they know,fearing for their own lives.names have been named of the culprits,who are still alive.
    We did manage to seek the help of a Cadaver Dog Team to come and search the property of Steven Martin,the suspect at the onset of her disapearence,but the cadaver dogs came up with nothing.
    However there are certain propertys in the direct srea that are suspect,but search warrents would be needed.
    Phylicia is said to have been killed because she was making protests about her close friend’s disapearence,Jennifer Bosoloski,whose skull was found in a creek bed off of Golf Course Road in Hunlock Creek two years ago.Her skull was returned to her parents but no furthur murder investigation was ever implimented,they did search the area for the rest of her body but the search turned up empty,and that was the end of that.
    Apparently Phylicia had to be silenced by the culprits involved in her demise.
    We will never forget Phylicia and we will never stop searching for her or the rest of Jennifer. Someone out there knows where these girls are,and what happened to them,but after more than ten long years,the families need answers,they need closure,and those responsible need to be brought to justice,this was not the single act of one man (Steven Martin).Others were involved.Every year on the annaversery of her disapearence there is a candlelight vigil in Nanticoke Pennsylvania to honor her memory.
    But the local authorities must act on this seemingly long forgotten cold case. These two girls,Phylicia and Jennifer,and other girls,were loved by their family members,and are sorely missed,and these poor girl’s families deserve closure and answers.
    The local authorities need to spend some time to re-open these cases and find out where they are and who did it to them.
    We appriciate Unsolved Mysteries for posting Phylicia Thomas’ and Jennifer Bosoloski’s stories here,and hopefully their story will get bigger investigators to come here and put the pieces of this unsolved murder mystery together to solve the puzzle,put the pieces together,and find these unfortunate girls and find those responsible for their demise,and bring closure to the families.
    Both girls were loving young people who departed this world way too soon.
    These girls need to be found and the families deserve that. THEY deserve that,to be put to rest properly,and not let the people involved in their demise get away with murder.
    Thankyou Unsolved Mysteries! We appriciate your efforts!
    Kevin Ryan.


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    Judith Fisher

    It has been 15 and 11 years that our beautiful girls are gone , and there is no closure for them and there families , they deserve to be put to rest , and justice for these girls murder should be on the top of the list for every law enforcement in this area but sadly it is not as 15 and 11 years is so long ago with no answers to who took them , who killed them , and where are they . This is why I will forever keep looking for them , I will always keep them in the media so no one ever forgets they are gone and they have no justice , Please pray for Phylicia and Jennifer ask for there bodies to be found and for closure for there families , Also please pray that someone who has a big investigation team to come here and get justice for Jen and Phylicia and bring them home to rest ..


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    Sherri Ford

    I have helped with putting out the collection containers, so that they can print more flyers. I just wish that someone would come forward and say where she is. The family has suffered enough.


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    Mary Kay Ent

    I strongly feel Phylicia needs to be found. If that is not possible then her murders need to be brought out into the light, to pay for their crime. It is no secret who attended the party on the night she was murdered and it no secret who was involved. I can’t understand why these people are not in jail already. God only knows how many have fallen victim to these men and how many have fallen since. More than a few young girls, now women have come forward to Phylicia’s mother revealing they have been raped by these men, some who are still alive and some who are not. This has devastated Phylicia’s family to the point of no return. It is completely baffling to me why this still continues.


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    Larry Warner Sr.

    It sadden’s me that Phylicia wasn’t found they didnt push hard enough to locate the body plenty of tip’s where she was buried but they gave up on the hunt,if it was Obama’s kid or a rich lawyer’s kid of this area = the hunt would have been massive…


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    Tammy Rittenhouse

    Thank you for doing this story! It means a lot to Phylicia’s family and friends. We have not let her story be forgotten and we never will. Phylicia is a girl with a huge heart. She would help anybody with anything that she could. Her and Jennifer’s disappearance shattered the hearts of many. I wish that someone would come forward and tell us where the rest of Jennifer’s remains are and where Phylicia is so we can bring this case to justice and have closure for family and friends. Phylicia and Jennifer are very missed! There is still a killer on the loose here and it worries us all. Someone knows something and we need closure!


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    jennifer moore

    I can’t imagine waking up everyday not know what happened to my loved one. Unfortunately this family has to every day!!! This story needs more coverage and Help! God Bless!! May someone finally come forward someone has to know!!!!


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