Have you seen Pamela Gay Jones?


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    ppl coming on here saying they have seen her if she was still alive and her family life was good she wouldn’t stay away in my opinon…..


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    I seen her in Illinois she was with a tall man with brownish greenish eyes


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    I know this is a sensitive issue,but have they ever investigated your step father?If they had an argument ,couldn’t it be possible that he harmed her or killed her out of rage and whether or not he meant to do it.He could have driven elsewhere and disposed of her body?Im wondering if they inspected the car and possibly even confirmed his alibi with the time frame they supposedly drove and she got out of the car to him trying to convince her to get in?


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    Please contact the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department if you think you have seen her,you can also reach me online with the information provided in this video.
    Thank you, her daughter Jennifer


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    john meyet

    I seen her in Indian


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    Jennifer Stafford

    Thank you so much for helping me, in my search for my mother!


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