Help identify “Annie Doe”

Here is the latest facial reconstruction for Annie Doe:


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    @ Jack Collins, you don’t know who the killer. You just want attention. If you really knew, you’d go to the police instead of posting an untrue comment on a website. She is important to someone out there and that someone is grieving for her.


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    Phyllis Miller

    SOLVED by the DNA Doe Project! <3


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    Poor Annie Doe have authorities ever considered putting her DNA through Perhaps her relatives are out there this ought to be done all John or Jane Does out there


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    A year ago Mike commented, he seems to be a person of interest, to me. Just my opinion


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    Martha Shelton, Christine Eastin and Denise Sheehy have all been excluded.


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    Wow, been looking at this case for awhile.. I hope you aren’t lying.
    I just wanted to post leave a tip ..this could be Denise Sheehy.
    She isn’t the namus exclusion list.
    Here’s her link:


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    Could Warren Forrest be responsible for this girls murder?


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    This sounds a bit far fetched but the moonstone ring is only made like that in the 70s from the Avon Company. Maybe AL stands for Avon Lady? idk but i know those rings were only made like that from avon in the 70s tho!


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    You should look into the missing persons report of Martha Sue Shelton. She was wearing a braided ring as well as a wedding band. Also had brown hair with blond streaks and was 5’3. From Whitley county,Ky . Went missing May 28, 1971.


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    As well this could also be Christine Eastin


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    Jack Collins

    I know who killed her


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    Eric W Bohannon

    I Get By The Lord Jehovah Jesus, 1 COR CH 12-14, that the killer there around with her, when she received the coat, it was bought for her, she picked it out, by her parents, (but another case your working on the victim, had a coat bought for her by her killer,) I see her putting her A April L L represents, Larry, the killer is some one that baby sat her, much older than her, he extremely, educated compared to her, hope this helps-have a good day.


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