Justice for Jessica Chambers

UPDATE:  Quinton Tellis went on trial for the murder of Jessica Chambers for the second time in October of 2018, but the jurors deadlocked and it ended in a mistrial again.



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    Disgusting for the Police investigation on Jessica Chambers case.The defence kept saying
    Eric is the guilty person and nowhere to be found Eric was on Quentin’s sister’s hand,why
    was’nt she questioned about the tattoo on her hand,the police failed to do their job


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    Quentin Tellis was indicted along with three or four other people who were connected to this crime. Sadly, court declared mistrial two times between 2017 and 2018. He (Tellis) has since been charged with second degree murder of another woman.


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    james l. pillips

    keep on praying for Jessica don’t stop this is what GOD said to do, I think the one that wanted sex from her and would not stop had something to do with this in Jesus named…..


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    I am almost certain that Quinnton is Erick!!! One of his sisters has Erick tattooed on her hand! What you do in life comes back to you TEN TIMES FOLD….


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    I’m curious as to the “Eric” tattoo that is on Quentins’ sister hand.. I heard it is her ex-boyfriend. Did anyone question her and her ex? Also, I heard that the ex-boyfriend Eric was an informant or had information on the murder of Mandy. They say Quentin was found using her credit card, maybe Eric gave it to him? There seems to be many questions and flaws in the case. Along wing poor detective work. It seems the detectives didn’t search the area too well, like behind the fence, across the street where Jessica came walking out of, and where were her clothes? Did they check for other tread Mark’s from a possible different vehicle? I’m no detective.. but i feel there’s a lot of unanswered questions.


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    I have to agree.. The last post.. I Also noticed the name ERIC on Quintons sister hand. Also.. If 15 or so First responders asked WHO DID THIS? so quick to react… Or Eric Who? Was he Black ..White.. Green ..Blue..and why let a Suspicous person hang around…. Why let him go??


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    Lola a reed

    I’m watching “Who killed Jessica Chambers and they just interviewed Quintens sister and I noticed that ERIC was tattooed on her right hand. Jessica said before she died that ERIC burned h ere r. Has anyone checked this out?


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    An unspeakable crime! Hope the monster suffers the same fate. I would be happy to strike the match myself!!!!


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    cheryl elders

    yea thats sad man people come up missing everday that dont make sense doing gas then come up missing its usaly ur family or someone u just briefly yes thats very sad they might of seen ur face figured im going to do you today oh is that sad


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      I dont respond to forums and only read..but i had to tap that reply button just to respond to your comment. “Huh” is my response to how you riddled that statement with typos and confusing sentence structure. Which why im giving the benefit of a doubt to my presumptive idea your comment is derogatory? Or giving a theory? Bc i kinda was offended you’d make mean comments and accusations on their family too.


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    Very sad sorry, please find Justice for Jessica and her family. Someone out there knows something anything, all it takes is one person to step up to plate and talk. Dream Jessica Dream…..


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    Don't 4get ab this girl!!!!!!!

    I for some reason can’t get Jessica Chambers out of my mind.. I want her killer 2 be caught.. And punished..to bad the judicial system won’t sentence him 2 suffer the same fate as his victim.. Is there any more news on this case?!?!?


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    Paul Bleackley

    My condolences to your family,i hope you find who did this,i have a daughter the same age,i wouldn’t have a clue what you’re going through,my prayers are with you always


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    Brad the Aussie

    I might be a stupid Australian but i have a theory.
    Did the police look at anyone who worked at the petrol station as they was a whole lot of petrol?
    Also look at ex-boyfriends of friends she had fallings out with etc as this was a crime of hate

    Last but not least no one period deserves to die a horrible death like this hope they find who did this


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    Raymond Jones

    Love this show; Are you going to show NEW cases?


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      Hi Raymond – we are always trying to find a network or channel that would like to do new episodes. For now we are showing new stories on our website and our YouTube channel.


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    Seeing this breaks my heart. Jessica, I am so sorry this happened to you. I am praying for your family and for the law enforcement on this case. The person who did this WILL get what they deserve! If not in this life here on earth, then the day they stand in front of the Lord. JUSTICE FOR JESSICA


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    its unbelievable that a human being could do this too another human being. Its so sad that this beautiful young girl suffered a mortifying murder. I hope the sick criminal gets what he or she deserves. rest in peace beautiful angel.


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    Nobody deserves to be burned alive. Period. That’s one of the worst ways that I would want to go out. Have the police where you live looked at the security footage at the gas station where she was last seen? If they haven’t, they probably should. Take a close look at her body language, see if she seems calm or nervous. You can tell alot about someone just by their body language, and you may even see if she starts talking to someone at the station. Also, seeing as lighting someone on fire AND their car takes alot of time, that means they had to have a car ready to get out as soon as possible. Was there any type of investigating to see if there were tread marks at the scene? Because if it wasn’t then thats where the police may of messed up the most. You say that where you live is a small town, and that they’ve questioned hundreds of people. Have they questioned anyone close to your sister? Ex-bpyfriends maybe? I feel like this case has alot of empty spaces that need to be filled.


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    condolences for this family,it’s terrible.


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    It was a crime of passion someone got her to the gas station and led her somewhere else they should check anyone she had a relationship with and you will find her killer its obvious and most murders involving women as targets are usually crimes of passion


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    It was a crime of passion someone got her to the gas station and led her somewhere else they should check anyone she had a relationship with and you will find her killer its obvious


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    amanda Cordell

    So sorry. What a horrible way to pass people are cruel how could anyone do someone like that rest easy precious angel


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    Jennifer J. Bland

    Prayers for Jessica and her family-friends to find Justice/solve the case. Please call police if you know anything about this case-a REWARD is being offered.


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