SOLVED: Morgan Harrington


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    Tina Raines

    This is on Roku (Tubi) all episodes. I watch it every night….favorite show EVER!


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    Carlette T.

    It’s 2019, Love unsolved mysteries.
    Are you coming back to tv?


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    Try amazon prime video


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    Rest easy, dear soul.


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    My name is David Thomson, I was in the 1992 episode of unsolved mysteries for the 1940’s murder case the Black Sedalia as a extra as a by bystander as well as a reporter. I am wondering if there’s away I can get a copy of this episode?


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    Kay Agnew

    Maybe if fans of this type of show would start boycotting some of their sponsors till they see the light!


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    Kay Dee

    I grew up watching this show with my sister and have always been intrigued. Can you guys please bring the show in PRIMETIME so these cases could be solved. There is so much potential with this show to aid law enforcement especially with cold cases. I work with the elderly and alot of them barely have cable but they still watch CBS and NBC. These elderly people are dying of and will die with their secrets if you guys don’t bring this back with the hotline number as well.


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    Poor morgon


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    Robert Stack episodes are available on amazon prime. Seasons 1 and 2


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    This was the best series of the 90s and I am amazed that no other channels are interested in playing this series anymore.
    This show has helped so many people and brought awareness of missing people and criminals to the masses.
    Please bring back unsolved mysteries, including the Robert Stack episodes.


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    Hey so happy that Amazon has picked up the rights to stream the old episodes of Robert Stack an they are currently streaming the Dennis as host ones now an the old ones with Stack will be coming soon.. It would be real awesome if this show did come back with new episodes.. been a fan since early 90s with Unsolved Mysteries an Rescue 911 an yea those two shows together made my youth tv viewing awesome an sadly t.v. is no longer like it once was


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    Me and my husband were wondering if the shows will return back to tv?


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      Hi Linz – we are always trying to find a network, channel, or streaming service that is interested in showing new episodes. We would love to bring the show back.


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    Nick Lansing

    I remember watching the show Unsolved Mysteries on NBC and on Lifetime with Robert Stack. So the 30th anniversary of the series will be on January 20.


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    By far my favorite show ever!! I love the layout and presentation of each story and their facts. I’ve never been bored, in fact, more intrigued. There will never be another Robert Stack but wondering, why not revamp the show and have Bill Curtis host new unsolved mysteries as well as “Update-Mysteries Solved.” Bill Curtis would make a great host, right up his alley. Sadly, there will always be new unsolved murders and mysteries and I hope the show makes a return to help share and solve those stories that need to be told.


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    Do you think Lifetime will ever air the episodes with Robert Stack again?


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      We are always hoping that a channel or streaming service will want to show the Robert Stack episodes in the future.


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        Install the “PlutoTV” app under Amazon fire TV and it has a bunch of free channels including an unsolved mysteries channel runs 24×7


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    Gary laney

    I wish lifetime woukd show older episodes. I love this show but they just keep showing 2010 episodes. Show some earlier ones


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    Perhaps you could consider starting an Unsolved Mysteries Roku Channel to show episodes of the show, and perhaps broadcast new episodes? The show was exceptionally well done. Regards,


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    R. Bell

    I watched this show for years when it first aired on tv. I’m A big fan. I realized just a year ago that it was back on (old episodes) tv, ch 140 – lifetime, they air 3 episodes from 8am-12pm. But unless I’m off from work I can only view the 8am episode. I wish someone would pick up this show again…New episodes and also show updates as too whether or not if mysteries left unsolved from past shows were later solved. Its such a shame not to bring this show back and leave viewers guessing. I’m positive it would get high ratings. I’m watching it now. I hope they start bringing it on in the evening after viewers get off from work.


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    Mr. And Mrs. Madrigal

    Hello I am writing to try to get help in locating my husbands father side of families. And also see if I can get help in solving a murder of my husband’s father. On July 12th of 1987 my husband’s father Juan Madrigal his body was found in an alley with multiple gun shot wounds in Santa Rosa California my husband’s father was an immigrant from Mexico soon after arriving he met my husband’s mother they got married after My Husband was born my mother inlaw left Juan in there discovered that he was murdered when attempting to file for child support law enforcement thanks it was gang related his Kc still unsolved my husband hasn’t seen his dad side of the family I never really got the chance to get to know his father he would like the chance to get to know his father side of the family we have his father’s birth certificate with his grandparents name on the birth certificate place of birth etc and one of his siblings names some of this family might still be in the California area the only picture he has of his father is when he was a month old and his father was holding him please help us locate my husbands family


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    This show is amazing and we need new episodes. Have you guys tried the ID channel? You help so many people so I don’t understand why nobody will pick it up


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    sensei huck

    You are free and home


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    Rest In Peace


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