Superbike Motorsports Quadruple Murder


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    Johnathan whitehead

    wow sad


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    Amelia Draper

    I think they solved this case. Todd Kohlhepp kidnapped a young woman and killed her boyfriend along with a couple other people. He admitted it. His mommy said it was because they made fun of him. Sadly he only got life in prison.


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    Bre Tennessee

    I think I watched this on tv Saturday, Nov 12. If it’s the same motorcycle shop, the realtor who had taken a mans life & was holding his girlfriend hostage in a huge metal storage crate said he had done it. It was all over the news here. Last I heard they were investigating his allegations of actually doing it. I hope these families get some answers. This has to be hard, it’s hard to watch without it being your family.


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    John Massey

    Sorry for your loss Ms Lucas. I am a violent crimes victims advocate from Chester, S.C. I read your story in a Rock Hill, S.C. newspaper. May God comfort you, your family, and those others who suffered loss here. My aunt, her baby, were murdered decades ago. Not like this, it was a case of domestic violence. 2008 I met a DV offender. I worked alongside the inmate. I was his work release supervisor. He was in prison, at the time, for strangling to death a mother of two from Charleston. Unbelievably, he and others like him were being rewarded for their crimes. Another killer was even being allowed to swim in the city pool. The local cops allowed it to happen. I tell you this not to upset you, but to warn you, what could happen so you can prevent it. My hope is once justice is served in this case that you and others like you will watch to see what the state prison system does with the killer. Where are they being housed?

    I made this video to tell you what happened when I tried to stop this and they tried to cover it up. I pray when they catch your sons killer, or killers, that the punishment fits the crime. This was made pre-election 2012. You can skip the first 2 minutes and 40 seconds. It is just a local political rant, I was trying to get the politicians and the cops who allowed this, voted out of office. After those first few minutes is where it gets personal. It will show you the extremes they went to trying to cover this up. Good luck Ms Lucas. P.S. after six years, state inmates no longer work are being used on county work crews in Chester county. Sadly there are 350 more just like them being used statewide. Saving the state prison approximately 5 million dollars annually in inmate expense, as counties pay state inmate expenses for those housed in local jails. I believe all inmates should be made to work, but only when they are properly supervised by prison guards or law enforcement. I believe violent offenders should be made to work, also, work and at the same time be kept behind prison walls. Bring back the chain gang.


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    michael splawn



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