The Death of LaVena Johnson


  1. Jack

    This is so sad. I am a Army Veteran and this needs to be farther investigated. The people who did this needs to be found if true.


  2. Stephanie

    That sound very fish that the military claiming that she committed suicide.


  3. Brad

    She was murdered no way could she commit suicide like like that. Her father the Doc has to keeep asking questions on why his daughter was murdered


  4. Anonymous

    Sad praying for her family


  5. 2nite2nite

    Such a sad story


  6. ally

    I haven’t read her story….but from what little, I’ve read from the one lady’s reply, on this page….the young lady was murdered….no doubt….there has to be lawyer out there somewhere, that can find a way to get around military red tape. This is a horrible vicious act…and somebody needs to pay!


  7. tia

    It sad that she was fighting for her country and her country not even fighting to find out want happen to her its a dirty world we live in its just sad


  8. Zaakira

    This is a very sad case and as a parent it makes you think twice about your child serving in the military especially your daughter. I happen to have served myself and now have two daughters that is in the Army and Marines and I could not fathom anything like this happening to either one of them. I saw pictures of her body which was very disturbing and to have held a M-16 myself how in the hell can you shoot yourself at the top of your head and if she did commit suicide why would her genitals be burned as her father went into detail on his website and blood appeared to be outside of her tent. None of that is adding to suicide someone need to get their math straight.


  9. Deborah russell

    Justice needs to not be denied but warranted Noone should ever leave this earth serving their country in this manner



    Keep fighting for the truth. This could have been me. Army Reserve.


  11. Jack Daniels

    The govt. knows what the hell happened, But just like in civilian life, a BLACK person’s life is worth nothing. #COVERUP!


    • Mike

      Get out of here. There are thousands of unsolved cases on here, black or white, and plenty of cover-ups for people of either race either by the police or government. The army would cover it’s own ass regardless of their race. And this isn’t twitter, your hashtag doesn’t help anything.


  12. Woody

    I’m just a visitor.


  13. Theda Wilson

    The Johnson family has gone too long without answers. LaVena Johnson, like her father, chose to serve this country, a country that has withheld evidence concerning this beautiful soldier’s murder for years. The Army must be held accountable for the lies they have told and for refusing to acknowledge and come forward with the truth. I have not forgotten about this case. I pray that the world is able to see and hear LaVena’s story via Unsolved Mysteries. It is a tragedy that must be shared and addressed! The “system” knows the truth, so where is justice?


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