The Death of TJ Ainsworth


  1. Tayfun

    Hey Brad as a teenager i too was allowed to be out passed midnight… that must mean i had terrible parents….. Things happen that you can’t control! use your head and show some compassion!


  2. Sher

    People! There is no need for rude comments on this site!


  3. Brad

    no offense bad parenting who lets their teenage son loose till midnight no wonder america is rooted9mi


    • Robert

      What a terrible thing to say regardless of how late he was out the fact is that he was missing that is what this website is all about Comments like this should be kept to yourself this website is for people that are in need of help at finding their loved ones let it be that


  4. Valerie Adams

    So sorry for your loss. He was handsome too… Looked like a Thinker. There is going to be a Resurrection from the Dead, so we Can see our dead loved ones again. Just like Jesus raised Lazarus up from Death.


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