The disappearance of Jamie Grissim


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    Susan Quinn

    I truly pray all the family & friends of loved ones whom are missing get the long awaited answers soon. Xx


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    Yes it’s sad Jamie never got to meet you and that we didn’t get to know each other growing up Shayrene.


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    Missing Helen

    Very Pleased to see our Local news Ch 6 Koin News for sharing our Search for our MISSING Stories. . . I have a Missing Daughter also, 23 years. See @ Missing Helen. “NEVER GIVE UP HOPE” !!! . . . NEVER.


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    I saw her 3 days ago


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    Goldie Schwartz



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    Starr Lara

    God bless you Unsolved Mysteries. What a beautiful story you did on my missing sister Jamie Grissim, and a special thank you to Courtney. You made it so easy for me.
    I am eternally grateful.

    I have faith it will help bring her home.


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      Shayrene Vanita Starr's biological sister

      Thank you my older sister Starr Dawn Lara for all that you have done and been doing over the years to try and get the mystery of our older sister’s murder solved. God bless you abundantly for it, in Jesus Christ our Lord’s Name, Amen.


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