The Grimes Sisters


  1. Anonymous

    I grew up in Chicago, but I wasn’t born until 1963. I remember my parents talking about the Grimes sisters as well as the Schussler/Peterson murders. They said it changed Chicago forever. Odds are the scumbag could be deceased by now.


  2. Anonymous

    After graduating St. Maurice, where I went to school, Jimmy Grimes came and lived at my parents house on 37th. and Leavitt for a few years. We never talked about this. If I remember correctly, he married Linda Bruton who also lived at my parents house. Jimmy, if you read this, I hope they solve this inhuman deed. It has weighed on all our minds these many years. This brought tears to my eyes.


  3. Anonymous

    Good interview, hope it leads to a resolution of this terrible crime.


  4. Anonymous

    Really good job Ray


  5. Anonymous

    Awesome job, Ray. I hope new information surfaces from your video.


  6. Raeghan

    Without watching the video and before I knew about this show, I studied the grimes sisters murders so much it basically overtook my life. Obviously they should have checked to see who else left after the 2nd showing of that movie and who was on the bus. They needed to check the bus schedules, suspects, and begin A better autopsy then I bet they did back then. They need to open that case back up and check all the evidence again


  7. Paul Frederick

    The real problem is not “too many leads”, but the fact that back then almost EVERYBODY that should have been qualified in whatever field that was needed to process clues, do medical exams, etc., was POLITICALLY appointed, and had NO experience in the position they were appointed to…..example-the Cook Cty. Medical examiner, who did the autopsies on the Grimes sisters, AND the Shuessler/Peterson boys, had no business being in the job. Also the cops, evidence technicians, etc., back then were dimwits also…..evidence ruined, overlooked, all contributed to blown cases…….(take a look at the photos of all the people stomping around the area where the S/P’son boys were found)…….SOS in the political numbnuts world at the time….


  8. yanique

    thisis all mess up


  9. dennis rokita

    Graduated from St. Maurice with Jimmy Grimes 1960N


  10. Mary Anne Marshall

    The Police took the case very seriously. I was 4 when this happened, my Father as a McKinley Park Police Officer. He and another skimmed the lagoon for their bodies. He came home and was in tears and very depressed for weeks. As were most people in our neighborhood. The Grimes family belonged to St. Maurice and when you would see the sadness in the Mom’s and brother’s face, you could not help but feel some of the pain in their heart. It froze the city of Chicago.


    • Stephanie

      I live on 36th and Winchester,I knew about the Grimes sisters but never knew they lived one block away from me. Of course this happened way before my time (90s baby) but my grandma knew their mother. She said their mom kept a raggedy Ann doll in the window…


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