The mysterious disappearance of Maura Murray


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    Was the bus driver ever investigated..


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    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if at this point it wasn’t as sinister as I have previous thought. Maybe with a mild concussion and fear of what the police would do that were coming with the drinking/driving, accident, and car issues she purposely wandered off in the opposite direction and got lost and couldn’t fare the weather. Maybe she had gotten farther than any of the searches anticipated. Maybe the head injury caused amnesia and she is out there somewhere not knowing who she is. You would think if that were the case someone would have seen her in the last almost 12 years, but you never know.


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      I feel very much the same as you do, however, people just don’t disappear from the face of the earth on their own because they are afraid of a dui.


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        The bus driver…check the basement or backyard….he took her up to his house to call the road service …I feel he raped and murdered her.


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    Call me. I can keep pounding away, for years but it goes nowhere. Helena can get in touch with me.


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    Bill Blaski

    Updates on this case? I love the show killing fields, how about a local sherrifs dept in New Hampshire creating a show about solving this cold case. Interviews with friends and family, the cop that came to scene etc…


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    Bill Blaski

    Any updates on Maura?


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    I think the cop is involved with it they need to get down and check this guy out That would explain the cop did not see her walking that way he so call says he didn’t I think the FBI needs to get in this Case does anybody agree


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    I think maybe there was a cover up, perhaps an accident, like the bus driver hit her, seems the closer you get to solving it, something weirder shows up on the radar. Now an police SUV apparently was there before bus driver so idk.


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    I believe the police facts are suspicious. He didn’t say anything? What’s going on there?


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    Paul Hampson

    Great post. I believe that the online community will solve this case. The mystery of Maura Murray’s disappearance has really picked up steam in the last few years. John Smith, a private investigator and former police officer raised some very interesting points in his recent video. I hope you do not mind me sharing it with you as it is definitely worth watching –


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    I think the more time passes with this, the more outlandish and improbable theories are considered. Look up one of the many missing persons cases that involve someone missing for over a decade. 9 times out of 10, if they are found they are deceased. It’s quite rare to be found alive at this point. It’s possible, but the chances are extremely slim once 10 years have passed. And when you compare it to those found deceased, I’d go so far to say the chance is miniscule.

    The easiest and simplest explanation has always been that she left the accident scene on foot to get help and avoid a DUI. She crossed paths with someone along the way, be it 50 yards or a mile away and that resulted in her demise.

    We are almost certainly looking for a local single male, probably divorced, who lives in the area alone with a large plot of private land. It’s a needle in a haystack because it’s likely this is a loner who has never spoke of it to anyone.


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    Everything points to Maura suffering from a psychological-based partial-amnesia after the car accident, brought-about by the repeated Bad Luck she was experiencing in the most recent past, and possibly a concussion too. Basically, she subconsciously ran away from her once-self, via programming her subconscious that she did not want to be her any longer, when going to sleep later and when she awoke, she had partial-amnesia, brought about by her subconscious blocking certain memories to keep her from remembering who she was. Plus, Maura was obviously pregnant, which was at least partly to blame for her recent Bad Luck, via the Gilligan Effect, which Michael McStay (McStay family murders) suffers from as well and he has his mother to thank for it. I have no clue how Maura ended-up jinxed with Bad Luck like she was?

    She was going to have an abortion somewhere in the Burlington area, with a doctor-friend she met at the place she vacationed at with her parents, that’s what the 4G was for, not a car, but when she came to the I-89 turn-off, she kept going and took the Hwy 302 exit instead, possibly intentional, but she was supposed to turn Left on 302 but when she was sitting at the Stop Sign, with the Graveyard ahead and off to the right and since she had missed her exit earlier, that may have been intentional so as to give her more time to think about the situation, then when she as sitting at the Stop Sign, she was probably thinking about how she couldn’t seem to get anything RIGHT and since her turn was supposed to be Left, she may have decided to go Right instead, to see where it led her and about 5 miles down the road, she took another Right onto Hwy 112, then shortly thereafter, she wrecked her car. So while she was standing there in the middle of the road, on that VERY cold night, she knew if she stuck around she’d be going to jail for a DUI, on top of being pregnant, and the answer she got was to RUN-Forest-RUN, so she did.

    2 Rights (turns) + 1 more Right (running) = 3 Rights + Valentine’s Week (Cupid) = Changed her Bad Luck to Good Luck

    So the reason you cannot find Maura is partly because she’s hiding, although the reason she’s hiding is technically delusional, but the main reason you can’t find her is she is now a Leprechaun. So to find her you have to CHEAT.

    She’s most likely still using her Birthdate for ID purposes, although she may have added or subtracted up-to 3 years, she should still be using her original birthday of May 4th but the year will be anywhere between 1979-to-1985, with most likely a one-year subtraction to her age and 1983, since it would have placed her at 21 when she gave birth 6 months or so later. Therefrom, using facial-recognition software, check against ALL Drivers Licenses/State ID’s of White Females with a May 4th 1979-to-1985 birthdate and that should uncover her but if that’s unsuccessful, then look at all Birth Certificates issued to White Females 22 years of age +/- 3 years and between June-to-December 2004, starting with August, then September, then July, the October, then June, then November, then December last. The baby should have been born around August 15th, so searching ALL August births FIRST should uncover her, starting the search within a 500-mile radius of where she crashed her car and expanding outward nationwide and search each age-group separately, starting with 22, then 21, then 23, then 20, then 24, then 19, then 25 last.

    Maura WAS without-a-doubt pregnant. The events leading-up to that night says she was experiencing all of the Bad Luck because she had the pregnancy on her mind, pre-occupying it, which made her more prone to error. Plus, when she was sitting at that Stop Sign @ I-91 & Hwy 302, she had been drinking alcohol for a nice period of time, so she was intoxicated to some degree and that could have assisted her in deciding to turn Right instead of Left, as well as assisting her in missing the I-89 exit earlier, as well as being to blame for her wrecking her car, then the alcohol also helped her to get the answer to RUN-Forest-RUN so she wouldn’t be spending the night in the pokey, because the way she pleaded with the bus driver NOT to call the police, says she knew she would peg-out on the breathalyzer, so that’s why she didn’t want the police called but she realized they would be called anyways so she ran but she has left a backdoor in-place to find her, if you will just look.

    Then, after you have found her, tell Fred I need to talk to him about a lawsuit. I’ll wait till Maura has been found to explain that but something Fred also needs to understand up-front is Maura is NO LONGER WITH US, she changed her name and whatever her new name is, is now her name; Maura is no longer her name. She shouldn’t change it back to Maura or the Bad Luck will come-back, so she will be keeping her new name and that will be the ONLY difficulty Fred will have with his daughter, plus, her Good Luck will rub-off on him if he accepts that she has a new name and he does his BEST to ALWAYS call her by her new name and never her old name, so as to NOT jinx/tarnish her Good Luck that her new identity has given her.

    All of my conclusions are based on Science and Math, via Synchronicity and Open System Math, and from such, the Laws of the Universe says Maura is now a Leprechaun and you’ve been trying to catch a Leprechaun this entire time, that’s why you’ve had so much trouble but if you will SIMPLY recognize Maura for who she became, a Leprechaun, it shouldn’t be hard for you to understand that her Good Luck is what has hidden her from everyone this entire time but the KID is the GUARANTEED backdoor to finding her, if the Photo ID birthdate search doesn’t find her. Plus, if she completely changed her birthdate, she probably changed it to February 14, 1983, in honor of Valentine’s Day, which was just a couple of days away from the night she ran from her life, and Valentine’s Day coming-up probably played into her mental condition as well, since it would be SERIOUS BAD LUCK to get an abortion near-or-on Valentine’s Day, and that had to be on her mind, since females are hopeless-romantics and extremely emotional as well, then toss-in the mood-swings from being pregnant, and it ROYALLY SUCKED TO BE HER THAT NIGHT.

    She OBVIOUSLY didn’t want to have the abortion!

    I can’t wait for her to be found! I so look forward to having her as a friend and her Good Luck rubbing-off on me, as well as rubbing-off on Fred and You and ALL of her friends! 😉

    “There is no don’t, there’s only do; so if you can’t don’t, then don’t can’t.” – Old Toad Proverb

    “Lazy is better left for When, than Now and Then.” – Old Toad Proverb

    “Everything should be made as simple as possible but not any simpler.” – Albert Einstein

    “Everything should be made as simple as possible but not beyond necessity.” – Old Toad Proverb

    “Start with bad math, end with bad math, irregardless the answer.” – Old Toad Proverb

    “When Wrong is the Teacher, Wrong is the Student, and two Wrongs don’t make a Right, just like two Rights never make a Wrong.” – Old Toad Proverb

    Maura followed the last OTP to the LETTER! Please listen to me! I know what I’m talking about, as silly as it may sound.

    “Common sense ain’t common.” – Will Rogers

    Ribbit 🙂


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      Wow…I can’t knock the math and science comment…however the luck thing eh’
      God bless everyone…prayers for her and all


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      This overture is nonsense and Maura was taken by someone. The best place to turn isn’t to psychics but the Lord! He alone will help her Father! I’ve seen him solve a case after some of us prayed for His Intervention! Don’t give up Dad of this Darling Child; God knows the pain you have had and remember He is always there to bring you the Peace only He gives! trust only Him to solve this mystery for you!!!!! Barb


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    Please contact John Smith @ He is the detective hired by the Murray Family and has been working on Maura’s case for the last 12 years. Please tell him what you feel.


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    Brian Massey

    I’m a Clairvoyant and I can tell you from following this case for soo long feeling the energy of Maura and the actions of the individuals participateing in the effect of her disappearance I feel the energy is a individual who claims himself to be as a farmer that knows where she is and for her abduction and disappearance. Her abduction is not the area where her car was found but where Maura was walking to find help. I think Maura was taken out of the area and the police need to look for her outside of the area where her car was located to find her because I’m not picking up her energy around her car or where the accident took place.


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    My gut feeling for the past decade is that this was simply a crime of opportunity with Maura either taking a ride and/or going to the home of the wrong person. Perhaps leaving a lot of the small details that have been discussed and obsessed about merely inconsequential. This idea is nothing new and certainly death by stranger has happened before many times. However, friends and acquaintances are a possibility too.

    Though I have been open to ideas of police involvement and again no matter how unlikely or improbable it is, it has happened before.

    Regardless where you stand, the girl is missing without a trace and has been for 12 years now. That alone brings a lot of unlikely scenarios into the realm of possibility.

    With that said, the mystery of what happened to Maura lies in how she traveled after the accident. We find that part out and we have essentially solved it.


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    Sharon Parker/Waveland

    I have followed this case ever since it first aired on Unsolved Mysteries. Mr. Murray, you, Maura’s mom, other family members and friends have my utmost love and respect. I spent time back in the late 70’s and mid 80’s volunteering my time helping to look for missing kids and adults. The Non-profit agency was known as the Paul & Lisa Program formerly based in Westbrook, CT. It was during a time when there were no internet tools to help. All we had was phones, police/FBI and perhaps eye witness accounts to assist us in our mission. As of now, it has been 12 yrs. since Maura’s been missing. The head injury she sustained obviously caused either a contusion or concussion which has possibly caused shock and a form of amnesia. Perhaps the fear of being in trouble with the police and not being able to return to her car, she perhaps began experiencing Hypothermia, providing she was not picked up by anyone. 2004, cell phones were in use. I can’t imagine the bus driver not carrying one, considering he was in charge of students riding the bus unless the area she was seen in was a dead zone for cell signals. Has any family member or friend contacted a Medium such as John Edward, James VanPraagh, Rosemary Altea who has some kind of retreat in upper New England, or Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, Chris Fleming, Chip Coffey, etc.. I have actually seen these people who help in situations such as this. If one of my kids, family member or friends were missing, yes, I would prefer to rely on actual reports and proven ways and means involved in the investigation yet, I would eventually turn to Intuitive Counsel as well as rely on my own Intuition. I pray for Maura’s family and friends that her case finally be solved. Almost from the beginning, I have never felt positive as to what may have occurred to Maura yet, I can’t legally say anything due to the possibility of being accused of being involved in which case I was not. My husband’s job transferred us to western/central IN from Old Saybrook, CT in 2002. I was able to assist and attend a search party for another missing girl, Lauren Spierer who went missing a few years ago from IU in Bloomington, IN. I know she is no longer alive and some of her “friends” know more than what they admitted to. There were drugs and alcohol involved. I commend you, Mr. Murray on never giving up. It’s vital you and whomever else may be assisting you find the truth to what happened to Maura. I will continue to offer loving prayers. I wish I could help further. God Bless.


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    Why is Fred lying about West Point and her trouble with the law? He also has a DV record.


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    Paul Bleackley

    i hope 2016 brings you answers,my prayers are with you always


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    I think maybe there was a cover up, perhaps an accident, like the bus driver hit her, seems the closer you get to solving it, something weirder shows up on the radar. Now an police SUV apparently was there before bus driver so idk.


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    What did they ever find out about the blood in the A frame house in the closet, an the Bloody knife that was brought to state police from the brother of the guy and his wife that was acting strange??


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    I think LE was involved in the story. What they went through to cover this up


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    Leslie from Ohio

    I have been watching & reading on Maura’s case from day one, I’m so sorry Fred that you have got no answers from the state police, I know this has to be a living nightmare. I am praying for Maura to be found no matter what the circumstances are. My prayers are with you Fred


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    christine boutin

    I grew up in that area and went to school in Haverhill I would really like to talk to the bus driver if she hit her head he should not have left her and the cop haha , Your talking about a poor bunch in Haverhill and Woodsville.It could be one of them.Lots of creeps out there.


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    Jayme Reif

    I send warm thoughts this holiday season, with hopes that 2016 brings answers


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    Such a sad case. I agree with you that some scumbag probably took her. That has always been my feeling. To this day, I still wonder if someone is keeping her against her will. Even though I don’t know Maura or her family, I am a parent…. And can only imagine the pain and anguish. I still pray that she will be found and give this family the much needed answers they deserve. I live basically on the other side of the river and through the woods not far from where the ribbon is on the tree. It’s way too close to home and my heart breaks for her and her family every time I travel past the tree with the ribbon. I never pass there without wondering, once again, where she is and thinking of her and her family. May God Bless Maura and her family and bring them answers and peace, Amen.


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    John and Joyce (Miller) Snell

    First I want to say I have been following this story a lot from the start. Your daughter is beautiful. Every time I hear it I still think the bus driver. If all is what he says is true. Why didn’t he stay with her. He knew the area he lived there. He knew it was a bad curve he knew it was cold and he knew she was alone and he knew she was along way away from home. Couldn’t he have called it in on his bus radio and stayed with her till help arrived? He would have been able to keep her safe if she wouldn’t go with him. Any one else in their right mind would not have left her. It’s heartbreaking when you can’t get answers. But it was obvious she was hurt why would you leave her. It just makes no sense. I hope with all my heart you get peace with this and find your beautiful daughter. May God embrace you and keep you near. <3 Joyce


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    Is that blood on the headlight? If so its most likly not hers. Has this been tested for dna? I think that the policeman that stopped for the accident is behind this disapperence.


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