Jessica Chambers


  1. Vicky

    After watching the 6 episode documentary, it appears that the police department is completely incompetent. Tellis does not seem to know what is going on. If he is in fact guilty, he can give the the police department a big thumbs up for letting him get away with it. I don’t know how anyone can convict with the shoddy af investigation.


  2. Natalie K.

    Did they check to see if she was raped?
    DNA points to Tellis handling her car keys.
    TE sounds like DE when you pronounce the name … the LL could not be sounded. Tellis didn’t have a vehicle so he drove her car – burned the car to remove his DNA.


  3. Kimmie

    Jessica called Quentin “Eric” that’s who she was talking about. YES he did that’s why he’s facing another Murder Charge. Killers always repeat the same crime.


  4. doneloys

    Tellis es el asesino d ambas chicas, qué más pruebas quieren??


  5. Monica Davis

    She wasn’t left on life support she died the next day, just hours after she arrived at the hospital. Just wanted to let you know so that you know they didn’t put her through unnecessary pain.


  6. Michele Richburg

    They know who did it. The fact that someone could pour gasoline all over someone and pour it in her mouth and up her nose takes a special kind of crazy. The last thing I want to say is I think it’s barbaric to keep someone on life support with burns all over her body except the bottom of her feet is cruel and ruthless. There’s not a coma deep enough in the world that would make it to where she couldn’t feel that pain. That pain had to be unimaginable. They should have let her go. I just can’t believe that they let her suffer like that. Ok, rant over.


  7. Valerie Gear

    Think Rellis went to sister and she went with him to murder scene. Jessica woke up and saw Rellis sister pouring gasoline . She saw the tattoo Eric , that’s why she said Eric did it. Just my thoughts


  8. Cornis triplett

    This is horrible. Whoever did this needs to pay! Will the real killer or killers come forward. Justice for Jessica in the name of Jesus!


  9. Mitchy

    What if she was actually trying to say “Tellis” but wasn’t able to clearly say the words due to the burns?


  10. daniel

    I think was his sister she had Eric tattooed on the back of her hand and if that was the last thing Jessica ever saw being in shock and scared she was probably repeating what she saw ??


  11. frank

    hi, is it possible jessica did not say the name eric or derek..if she spoke quietly could she have said dirk…did anyone have the name dirk in the area at that time ?


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