What happened to Pamela Butler?


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    Rochelle Taylor

    Her boyfriend did it


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    Just saying..

    I bet it was the boyfriend


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    I think this was a racial thing


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    They should look into these leads because anything is possible. The family needs closure…


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    Pamela Butler looks like Winnona Washington; wife of Perry Washington. They have kids are members of the Bay Area Christian Church.


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    Nancy Raines

    I like to watch unsolved mysteries on T.V. when I can find it. I would like to see more shows on these people. Most of the time ,it comes on Lifetime Channels. I have often wondered why people move to places where they don’t know anyone or have kin there. I would like to help out. I am handicapped, but can walk with a walker some times. I am a real person. I live in Eden,nc Thank you for your time, Nancy Raines.


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    Hi I’m really interested in helping solve unsolved mysteries and I really want to contact Derrick and ask him some questions about his sister I hope this post can get reached out to him but if not I hope you can tell him!


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