Where is John Spira?


  1. Mike82

    I know someone here in Nova Scotia who looks identical to this picture and can confidently say its not John Spira. I can see why someone would think it was him: I even showed this person the picture and even he agreed it looked like him in every way.


  2. walt460

    There is a lot of information about John and his disappearance and his friends, family and co-workers, but it is not in one place for someone to review. We have “stories” about his disappearance but not all the facts and all the characters in one place. This leads to more questions and frustrations. We need one site with all the know information.
    What were the terms of the divorce? (if John was happy, his soon to be Ex was likely not happy.)
    Did John have a restraining order to keep his wife from talking with his business partner? If so, what was the basis for such an order?
    Where was John’s business located relative to the cell towers that were pinging his cell phone?
    The police found John’s vehicle parked, with no snow under it, in the parking spot used by John’s partner. Seems John would never park it there, so who did. Who had the keys to John’s vehicle? since John’s set was likely in his pocket.
    John’s Company credit card was used after john went missing. Was that done by his partner? and if so, was it an actual use of the card or just the card numbers?
    Many many more questions, if answered, would put more meat on the bones of this story and could lead to new sources of information. How & who can do this where?


  3. Manny guzman

    He was probably kidnapped or killed. If anyone knows the licence plate number reply


  4. Wayne

    …or how about this?
    John is with business partner before he disappears, they are arguing over the partners plan to torch the business and split the proceeds. John loves his business, hates his ex and doesn’t agree to plan. They argue, fight and John gets killed then partner panics and wraps him up and buries him waiting for an opportune time to destroy the business, collect the insurance and move on.
    His timetable is rushed, however, when the family puts up the huge signs. Fearing someone may have witnessed the killing or burying, he tears down the sign(s) and resorts to carry out his plan sooner than expected.

    John loved his family and his business. John will be exonerated when the wash is aired.


  5. Wayne

    Has anyone followed up on the business partner of John’s? Seems pretty evident that his partner (using John’s recent acrimonious divorce as a diversion) had means, motive and opportunity. Means; equipment and supplies to bury him and cover him in concrete?
    Opportunity; last person seen by witness with John at place of business?
    Motive; business is bad but insured, without John around he gets all the $?

    What do you think?
    Either way our hearts go out to the Spira household!


  6. caha00759

    he looks so fimiller…


  7. caha00759



  8. Anonymous

    Wish the Spira family could get closure on John and would love it for the family if he just walked through the door one day but watching and reading about it don’t think it’s going to happen so sad. Best wishes to the family.


  9. andy

    I think your 3 murders are posted write here in this broadcast…1. 2. 3. Lil friends who were all mislead by her boyfriends causing anger and jealousy even more so then they already had!


  10. cant tell u

    He is dead


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