Who Killed Paula Phillips?

Can you help solve the murder of Paula Phillips from Delhi Township, Ohio? Paula went missing February 15, 2002 and was found January 8, 2003.



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    cheryl elders

    yea i really think its someone you brevely met how scary


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    cheryl elders

    na i hate to tell you probaly did it up on the top how would u know about 3 woman missing u know to much about what goes on im serious


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    Did you know that there are three women missing in Chillicothe, Ohio that have the same appearance as her? the news says that these were family women and loved their families and would not leave their children. I fear that this might be related. I mean, it’s not that far, small rural towns and near bodies of water. I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family will from now on be in my prayers. God bless.


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    Kelli conner

    Paula was a grate women and Vary smart. And I wish she was still her wright now with us.


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