Behind the Scenes: John Anthony Quinn

In 1988, John Anthony Quinn went on the run. Quinn had been Vice President and General Manager of Federal Protection Services in South Florida, a company that provided security and armed guards to banks and other financial institutions. Every day, the firm handled millions of dollars in cash.

On a Saturday morning in April, Quinn loaded up his personal car and his work car with over 1.3 million dollars, and went to Palm Beach International Airport. And that was his last known vacation. There are no records of Quinn taking a plan, renting a car, or getting into a cab. His car was later found in one of the airport parking lots. Quinn left behind a note for his wife, and over $100,000 in the trunk of their car.

One of the officers working Quinn’s case, Jim Cavanaugh, participated in our segment on the case, and worked the telecenter when the episode aired. You can read more about the case and Mr. Cavanaugh’s thoughts from behind the scenes here:

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season one with Robert Stack and season three with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina.


  1. Kelly Warren

    At the end of his segment they showed an alias of dale clukey…the address was here in houston…have they checked that address?


  2. Anonymous

    That would be great if it was !!!


  3. Sharon F.

    Jim Cavanaugh,
    I may have an address for him. Will contact the FBI.


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