Cold Case: Richard Aderson

On February 5, 1997, 47-year-old Richard Aderson got into a minor fender bender. After the accident, the two drivers pulled over, and became involved in a verbal altercation. It escalated, and Aderson was shot once in the chest. Aderson called 911, reported the shooting, and gave details about his attacker.

According to witnesses, the gunman was in his late 40’s to 50’s with a receding hairline, a thin nose, and wore aviator style glasses. He was six feet tall with a thin build and a medium complexion. He drove a green Jeep Cherokee from 1995 to 1997 with New Hampshire plates.

Richard Aderson died less than an hour after calling 911. Since his death, police have pursued over 3,000 leads in the case, which is still unsolved.

If you have any information, please submit a tip or contact the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Wappinger by calling 845-677-7300, and refer to SJS # 3021797.

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Watch this case now on Unsolved Mysteries in S10:E4 with Robert Stack on Amazon Prime, S2:E4 with Dennis Farina on Amazon Prime, and on YouTube with Dennis Farina.


  1. Charles

    Sadly, it is doubtful this can ever get solved.


  2. Rex

    This piece of garbage needs to be caught and given the electric chair.
    R.I.P Richard Aderson


  3. Nathan

    As someone with a keen eye for detail, I could probably help get a better visual picture of the vehicle. If the gunman’s vehicle looked exactly like the one shown on the segment, it was most likely a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country 4WD with a moss green paint job. That kind of vehicle looks exactly like it.


  4. Michaela Raas

    I don’t t understand why this person hasn’t been found. They have a discription of the vehicle so why not go through database of who ever owned that color jeep Cherokee in New Hampshire. This case could have been and should have been solved by now. This jerk needs to be found and prosecuted for taking someone away from their family.


  5. Joe

    Sounds like a cover up many believe a New Hampshire cop killed Aderson police covering it up.


  6. Brain

    EVERYTHING JOUSHA DAVID CYPHER IS SAYING IS VERY TRUE ABOUT OUR TOWN!! I’ve been a resident of Anaconda MT for the past 17 years. They’re are enormous amounts of coruption, drugs, and cover ups in this town. We do have tunel that run underneath our town from the old mining op. And ARCO has the deepest pockets and is involved. We have a major superfund site they won’t clean up. PLEASE LISTEN AND LOOK FOR YOURSELF!!


  7. Dan

    Has anyone noticed that the sketch of this killer is similar to the sketch of the man who murdered Dick Hansen in California in 1991? Both cases took place several years apart and on opposite sides of the country but both incidents happened apparently due to road rage. Has anyone investigated a possible connection in that it could be 2 composites of the same killer?


  8. Joshua David Cypher

    Come to Anaconda Montana and find a bunch of very odd characters who are hiding out under different names and use multiple switching vehicle tactics. Nazar towing and wrecking yard. Always someone in this area disappearing and they always seem to be the people that have no family, been treated as a outcast outcast and transplant, I know corruption is everywhere but have you ever heard of the Sherri being the police chief. That would mean the investigator gets investigated by himself and cases and cover-ups are a guarantee. I am going through it right now and fit the profile for someone to just be knocked off and nobody would know it. This guy actually resembles a guy I live down the street from who goes by Wilbur I think and is always back and forth to Mexico. Major drugs in the area and the police do nothing all, population about 9000, 5000 probably senior citizen, a lot of history for the country as a whole here in Anaconda Montana, all the big names were here, Marcus Daly, the Hearst family and the entire top names in government,celebrities from back in the day to current. All kinds of hidden tunnels, all kinds of treasures. My name is Joshua David Cypher, if something happens to me, or you read or hear something funky, please know in the deepest part of your hearts it is not true, I have been framed and am terrified to go outside, I have lived here four years and as soon as I ruffled some feathers the nonsense started. I am in fear for my life but have no way to escape because the corruption runs deeper than the ocean here. Amazing and beautiful town with cheap homes and nothing shy of stunning views and wilderness in every direction but at this point in time I wish I was in Australia like a lot of the higher ups are doing. Take care and I love you all. Respectfully, sincerely and with love and good wishes and prayers for the world and all its wonderful everything, Joshua David Cypher, 7-11-1978, place of birth, Flint Michigan,Swartz Creek Michigan, Reno Nevada, Anaconda Montana.3-15-2018


  9. Noelle

    Green Jeep from the state of New Hampshire I think manpower and time could solve this cold blooded murder plus it’s a pretty good face portrait done


    • Shawn

      The website should post this on a Facebook page and see if any leads can be gathered with the public’s help. We could always ask Remote Viewers to try and get the suspects plate number. LOL.


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