Cold Case: Richard Aderson

On February 5, 1997, 47-year-old Richard Aderson got into a minor fender bender. After the accident, the two drivers pulled over, and became involved in a verbal altercation. It escalated, and Aderson was shot once in the chest. Aderson called 911, reported the shooting, and gave details about his attacker.

According to witnesses, the gunman was in his late 40’s to 50’s with a receding hairline, a thin nose, and wore aviator style glasses. He was six feet tall with a thin build and a medium complexion. He drove a green Jeep Cherokee from 1995 to 1997 with New Hampshire plates.

Richard Aderson died less than an hour after calling 911. Since his death, police have pursued over 3,000 leads in the case, which is still unsolved.

If you have any information, please submit a tip or contact the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Wappinger by calling 845-677-7300, and refer to SJS # 3021797.

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