Who abducted and murdered a beloved hairstylist in broad daylight?


Patrice Endres and her son, Pistol.

At noon on April 15, 2004, two of Patrice’s regular customers arrive at Tamber’s Trim ‘n Tan Salon for their scheduled appointments. The owner and hairstylist, Patrice, is nowhere to be found. Her purse and keys are on the desk, her lunch is still warm in the microwave, and her car is parked at an odd angle in front of the salon—not in its usual place. When they see the cash drawer is empty, the two women know something is seriously wrong, so they call 911. The search for Patrice begins immediately.

Owning a hair salon was Patrice Endres’ dream come true. Her husband Rob, helped her purchase and remodel it to perfection. After she disappears, Rob is devastated and claims he doted on Patrice and loved her with all his heart. Patrice’s son, family, and friends disagree. They claim he was jealous, possessive, and controlling, and Patrice was getting ready to divorce him. The already-strained relationship between Rob and his step-son, Pistol, totally disintegrates with the disappearance of Patrice.

Patrice disappears from her salon, and the search for her begins immediately.

Though her family hopes and prays that Patrice will return, her disappearance has all the signs of an abduction. Police, family, and friends comb the area for weeks. Investigators create a timeline based on Patrice’s customers that day, and her cell phone calls, and identify a narrow 13-minute window of time when the abduction took place.

Patrice’s husband, Rob, has an airtight alibi.

Rob has an airtight alibi, yet he falls under suspicion because he knew Patrice’s schedule and would have known that she would be alone during those 13 minutes. Some believe Rob kidnapped and killed his wife because their marriage was unraveling. Rob denies this, saying they were happy, Patrice was totally devoted to him, and she was the love of his life.

Months after Patrice disappears, serial killer Jeremy Jones, confesses to abducting and killing Patrice, and seems to know details about the crime that only the kidnapper could know. When he later recants his confession, some investigators cross him off their list of suspects. Yet one detective remains convinced that it was Jones who abducted and murdered Patrice.

Two years after her disappearance, Patrice’s remains are found in the Dawson Forest.

Almost two years after she vanished, Patrice’s skeletal remains are found behind a church in Dawson Forest, Georgia, about 11 miles from her salon. This area is notorious as the location where another serial killer, Gary Hilton, disposed of the body of a young female hiker. Hilton becomes a prime suspect, but evidence does not connect him to Patrice’s murder.

With several compelling suspects, but not enough evidence to bring charges, investigators need someone with one clue or any vital information to help solve the baffling abduction and murder of Patrice Endres.


  1. Lisa

    This entire episode was an opportunity for Rob to gloat over his killing of Patrice. He started out gloating about being 20 years older than her and being the luckiest guy alive, then about his degree in Criminology, and then gave more and more details of exactly what he did to her, and was quietly -then not so quietly- by the end, showing us his ultimate trophy: her ashes. He got away with murder. Someone needs to get in that house and they will find the evidence they need to charge Rob. Pistol deserves to have everything of his Mom’s. Including her ashes.


  2. Raelyn

    I just think that it was very strange how rob said he sleeps with her ashes every night but then grabbed her ashes out of a coat closet by the front door???


    • Victoria

      Cierto! además todo lo que dijo era contradictorio. Dijo que dormía todas las noches con sus cenizas pero cuando fue a buscarlas estaban en un armario abajo, quizas si durmiera todas las noches con las cenizas las tendría más cerca como en una mesita de luz.


  3. Amy

    I’m sure that Pistol can find a lawyer to sue this guilty pos for his mother’s ashes. There’s probably one who would even do it pro-bono. He has a solid case.

    My heart goes out to pistol and his family. Her guilty husband won’t get away with it for much longer. I do feel this case will be solved. I also think this should be investigated by more than this small town p.d. as I feel there is still evidence in the family home even years later. I do believe she was there and the reason that he changed the locks. I’m saying there is evidence even still.

    So was Rob a Baptist? Just curious. How about anyone close to Rob?

    There are holes in his alibi and those too will come to light.

    Rob was shaking through a lot of his interview with unsolved mysteries. People have brought up a lot of the obvious things that are off, but I noticed Rob shaking and how the camera angle focuses on it many times throughout. He also contradicts himself, and at one point is so nervous he has a hard time spitting out what he is saying. The guy is a psycho. Not someone who loved his wife. She was an object to him. The way he has treated Pistol is so disturbing in itself.

    My heart hurts for Pistol and Patrice’s family and friends. Sue him for your mothers and your things, and your mothers ashes. Rob is intentionally being abusive to him mentally which I am pretty sure is a form of tort. Prayers for all of your family Pistol that justice is served.


  4. Michael B

    Rob was jealous of the attention Patrice gave her son that looks just like her.. he killed her.. then changed the locks, kicking out the son of the mother that he loved so much.. why did he kill her? She wanted to leave him and he was in debt.. probably cashed in a life insurance policy on her..


  5. Christine

    Was Rob‍♀️ For God!


  6. Robin

    No mystery here. Rob did it. And seems to enjoy flexing about it during this programme. What a revolting human being to slap her ashes on the table like some prized meat.


    • Andrés

      You are correct Robin. What a disgusting excuse of a human being. He reeks of control tactics and a narcissist. Sadly (I’m retired LEO here in GA) knowing someone is guilty and having the evidence to show it is a huge step.


  7. Davis

    Guys! Rob is behind this crime 100%!!! Noone sleeps with a persons box of ashes, “like a teddy bear”, he gloats about having a degree in criminology and the BIGGEST clue, he changed all locks in their home less than 24 hours after she went missing. HE KNEW SHE WASN’T COMING BACK! The police should have assisted pistol in removing his belongings. The guy is so guilty he couldn’t contain his composure when getting her ashes off the closet floor (clue 4). And, who in the hell requests 2 years later to have all the bones in her body reassembled and carries her skull around, as stated by Rob, talking with it? This man is VERY sick and begging to be caught. He is doing all this to hurt pistol because as he stated, he cannot stand him. All of us should band together to offer a very large reward for information on her murder for hire. TURN YOURSELF IN ROB. YOU’LL SET YOURSELF FREE OF ALL THE GUILT YOU ARE HARBORING, COMING DOWN YOUR FACE 18 YEARS LATER IN THE FORM OF GUILTY TEARS. You are guilty and if you don’t pay in this life, you definitely will pay in your next life. He should be charged on suspicion alone.


  8. Lee

    It looks like Rob is the guilty one but the programme is edited in a way to point the finger there.
    Criminologist – it days that he was working somewhere like a factory when all of this happened. When did he get his degree? Before the event or after? It didn’t seem that his job had anything to do with criminology?

    His behaviour is bizarre – I wonder if he had seen this programme before it airing on Netflix? To be honest, I wouldn’t be happy being portrayed in such a way.

    The final thing is the information that the police a withholding – only the killer would know what that information is?.. well the killer isn’t coming to talk to you, is (s)he? So why not release it?


  9. Ygor

    For the love of God, Rob is the killer ! He didn’t like his stepson and he is graduated in Criminology as he said.When he told he was sleeping with the ashes, and said he would never share it with Pistol, that was so sick! I’m chocked.He might have not did the dirty job but his hands are covered with blood.


  10. Robin Alex

    It’s been 2 years since this episode was released. I’m still sick to my stomach for Pistol. Someone, anyone, please find a way to get his mothers ashes returned to Pistol and away from her killer (Rob) who disgustingly slapped them on the table with a huge grin on his face. That is someone’s remains and they’re being slapped around and kept in a dark storage cupboard. Rob hired someone to do it, got the receipt knowing full well he would need it to get away with it and now physically slaps a person’s remains while grinning with dupers delight. Did Rob pay off the local sheriff or what?


    • Zee

      Righttttt whew, the sickest is the fact he said maybe Patricia was a “Toy” to the person who kidnapped her for years before being killed. A very sick thing to say which lead me to believe he actually kept her locked in the house for years before he eventually killed her. Reason why pistol wasn’t allowed in the house no more and locks was immediately changed. I mean he was 500% sure Patricia was NEVER going to make it back home. The part where he said he had the body re-assembled and he carried her skull. Goosebumps. He his not only a killer but a pyschotic one at that. Then got her creamated and kept her in a dark attic where he sometimes brings her out and cuddle because she is his supposed “Teddy”. I still can’t believe the police dropped the ball on this one. I am sure if they scrutinize and search not only the house (because he his too smart) but his work shop, the missing diamond ring would be found. He his a trophy keeper for sure. He brags about being a criminologist, hence he understands Alibi. He knew the police have to device a time stamp of OPPORTUNITY. Hence he kept that as his corner chip. Who keeps a gas receipt intentionally? Totally lacked empathy talking about “nice try” to the people who believe he did it. He his so delusional. He his lying through his teeth saying he didn’t know she was going to divorce/leave him. At first he claimed they never argued but along the line admitted maybe they argued a few times. He also admitted he was over protective and wanted her all to himself. Patricia deserves some Justice served at the little least and the son Pistol needs some sort of closure. I believe Patricia only crime was loving a truly dark demon who she didn’t know was going to be the literal end of her.


  11. Patricia

    Rob definitely did it! Seems like he probably sent someone to do his dirty work and that’s why he says he couldn’t had done it cause it was about 45 minutes far from where he was; because he sent someone else to do it and he knows it. Also, the whole time when Rob was talking, he kept saying negative comments about both his wife and step son, such as “she didn’t discipline him well” and “she didn’t do this or that”. This does not show a person that truly loves you….and it was horrible to just lock the doors on the son of the person he loved, when you really love someone then you love the person and their children too. Altogether, criminology degree or not, he talked and shared all his criminal strategies on how Patrice could’ve been killed and didn’t share much emotion on how much he couldn’t believe that she was found dead…. I hope justice is made


  12. Anja

    I have a message to Patrice’s son Pistol…i know from my own experience, how painful it is, losing a loved one.
    After many,many years, i had a very meaningful experience with a medium. An afterlife contact was established with my loved one. I know it sounds unbelievable, but that’s how it was.
    It felt, figuratively, like we could hug and make up. I think that an afterlife contact is a very good way to find peace.


  13. Dave

    I understand that the police don’t have enough evidence to charge Rob.
    But the changing of he locks tells me Rob KNEW Patrice was not coming back.
    Kind of like when Scott Peterson infamously referred to his wife in the past tense.
    Also Rob’s inability to process the flaws in their relationship tells me he’s delusional. And possibly psychotic.


  14. ANickName

    There is a lot information that the police restrained to themselves, why? Because it’s still and ongoing investigation. So, acctually to think that Rob did it is some what missleaded, because, again, we do not have all the informations that police has for his timeline.

    Acctually one problem about the 13 minutes is that the 13 minutes could be more, could be almost 30min. The last phone call that Patrice received, I believe that the killer was already with Patrice. They don’t know what time the car stopped at the Patrice’s salon, but they know for shure that the car was at 11:45am. So what i’m wonder is if the killer stopped earlier than the last phone call and somewhat tried to discover pieces of information about the next client to see if it’ll be “ok” to robb or maybe kill her, and with that kind of annoyed her with questions that wasn’t normal questions, making her answering the call at 11:37 a bit rude and striatgh forward with her client.

    Picture this:
    You finished the last client and have almost 1h before the next client, it will be a busy day and is better to try to eat know that latter. You start to organize and clean your salon, and when you were about to heat up your lunch someone enters and start making questions about your next client, if you could help with the car’s battery, and other possible stuff. You start to get annoyed with the questions and with the help and finally says “Ok i’ll help you”, then your phone rings and you think “Even this…” respond really quickly and rough because you have now less then 30min to eat your lunch, help the person and prepare to the next client. You park your car, and when you were doing that the individual gets the money (this part could happen latter). Than you start to help with the cars battery and he/she points a gun at you and say “Come with me” or something like that, when this happens the 2 cars pass at 11:45 and describe that were 2 persons in the front of the Blue Car (In my analysis), one was patrice (the long black hair description) and the other one the pottential killer – a person who impersonates an old women/men – and then take you far away to kill you.

    The old person that were in the front of the blue car:
    – It would be easier to get “help” by persons if you are an old person.
    – It’s not uncommon to serial killers disguise themselves to be more approachable.

    What I think that was set aside (at least what appears in the series) is that they didn’t try to investigate the two persons in front of the salon. If Rob was to kill Patrice, as he know as an criminologist, he would be the first suspect. If Rob did he hired someone to kill her, he would not even try by himself, why? Because Rob knows that if he hired someone he can always put the blame on the other person, because he constructed an “perfect” alibi.

    How would I investigate the two persons in the blue car.
    First, woudl try to identifie the car. Seccond, would try to contact the last customer to guarantee that the Patrice’s car wasn’t in that akward position before the customer leaves. The problem is that already passed too much time.
    Next option – the way that she was killed. It has any fractures in her body? Any holes? Anything that could give a glimpse on how she was killed.

    About Rob being the killer
    It was checked if he was at work? And how he was (nervous, anxious?). Why did he changed the lock of the house? It’s something that you can buy and ask to install in a day?
    (THINKING WHILE I WAS WRITING – Theory – If Rob hired someone to kill and said that she has the amount of the payment in the salon, so he could kill and take the money as his payment, therefore Rob could never been acused to pay a hired gun “because he didn’t make any transactions”) Acctually i don’t believe that Rob was the one who killed her, he could possibly order to, but not acctually killed her. So if he order (what is most probable) you gotta investigate all the network of Rob and see if someone that he is acquaintanced with some link with a hired gun (could be someone of his friends idk).

    The problem is to determine that we don’t know what happens in the 13min and blind yourself for the earlier minutes that could be critical to the investigation.


  15. Ella

    It makes me wonder: WHAT was Rob doing before he met Patrice? WHERE was he coming from? Was he ever involved in Domestic Violence? WHAT IS ROB BACKGROUND? WAS he ever in JAIL? Is he using his real name? Was he married before? I would ask the ex/ex’s about his behaviour. WHERE was he living before he moved in with Patrice? Did he have had issues with finding a place to live? Or to pay for his own place?
    He was working in car repairs – there is no need to search for a car to borrow- he has it on his hands. He could “check” if the motor sounds good – by driving “at the right time” away to make his alibi.
    1. Own the huis for himself. DONE. He has the huis now.
    2. Get rid of the noise (Pistol).DONE. He kept him out right away.
    3. Marriage was a way to get a house for free – the possessive part is a play – in order to keep the “danger” of being found guilty away.

    How he did it:
    Scenario 1
    A guy is coming to his car repairing to get his car repaired (the guy – could be a killer was in the neighborhood) – he’s on the run, or he has not enough money. They start to talk (about annoying women), so Rob decides to use the guy. Give/borrow him a car is given to repair in his garage. Guy delivers spouse at home as a package (bound in adhesive bands) and goes back, take his repaired car and of he goes. He doesn’t need to pay – that could be incriminating. His payment is invisible for the outsiders – by delivering spouse at home. In the meantime, Rob is preparing his alibi. When he is at home, he already goes to work, getting rid of Pistol – and nobody searched the house. Later on time enough to keep everyone away from HIS home, and even later to get rid of the body. Patrice – possible was still alive when everyone was searching for her in the forest.

    Scenario’s enough from the emailing lists here…
    Steps in finding proof:
    Being a cold case, the incriminating proof is hard to be found. BUT there still can be indirect proof out there that can contribute to finding the guilty one(s).
    1. Make a detailed BACKGROUND of Rob.
    2. Find out if a car that matches the description can be found in the vicinity places – even in the nearby car cemetery.
    3. GET the ROB HOUSE SEARCHED for blood from Patrice. Search for eventual weapons (Knife with remaining bloodstain). Search for her wedding ring (either in the house or in pawnshops) – picture of the ring published in the newspaper and/or television). Find anything that incriminates (keys, the clothes remains – stuff that she had on her, etc)
    4. Search the area where she was found for her clothes, keys, knife, etc. (use a metal detector). The rest of the body – not everything was found.
    5. Incriminate Rob for child abuse (this can also be emotional abuse) – make him pay to Pistol. Pistol has the right to get the house of his mom back. And her belongings.

    1. Why the police didn’t search the house of Patrice?
    2. Why did nobody took care of Pistol – (before he had to move in with his father)?
    3. Is the police too proud to find help from out the district? Such as profiler, criminal psychologist, colleagues from other districts/cities to search for that (dam*) blue car.
    4. Rob has accomplished his list/motive – when you don’t know where to search – follow the money – in this case, her home, her ring and maybe the place where her(Patrice) home is situated.


  16. Lina

    Rob could easyly rent a car and request someone to pick up her by deseaving her … telling that something happened to a loved one…
    Also is so suspichous that the changed the locks of the house so fast, probably he took her there… he was hiding something. I would have started by searching the house actually believe there is still there evidence after all this years, because of his personality.


  17. Bea

    I completely agree with the majority of the comments. It was the husband. If he has a background in criminology it would be easy for him to fake his alibi.
    She asked her son what place he would go to if he could, she asked her friend that visited her at the salon every day if she is coming in tomorrow, the customers that day said that she was inattentive, which was an unusual behaviour for her. Her friends/son told the police to look at Rob since she was unhappy with him and wanted divorce. He was a very posessive person that wanted her all to himself and he couldn’t handle her closeness with her son, he was jealous and treated him badly because of it. Everything fits to me as a classic story of an abusive husband. Her behaviour from before she went missing points to that she wanted to leave him but sadly he got to her first. His creepy interview parts seem to prove this theory, he kept her as a trophy.


    • Rai

      Exactly! And I believe the day after the disappearance, when Rob changed the locks on the house, it was because he had Patrice’s body inside, getting rid of the evidence.


    • Elvira Garcia

      I cannot actually believe this was an episode.

      I wish there was something we could do, because from what I saw, he 100% did it, and his whole interview screams “I killed her.” None of us need a Criminology Degree to see that.

      But Pistol, Nancy, everybody who knew her and who really loved her deserves justice, and I am actually mind boggled about how nobody is taking action on this.
      honestly, this is so disgusting I cannot believe it’s real.


      • Rag

        He practically confessed to it without incriminating himself, he is bragging about it too , it’s giving psychopath behavior


        • Gem

          It’s clear from all the comments that everyone feels that Rob is the guilty party. I agree. His bragging about having a degree in criminology explains how he premeditated this murder and figured out exactly what he would need to prevent the police from being able to get him. The motive is clearly Patrice’s desire for a divorce. His behavior tells us that there was no way on earth he could lose her to Pistol. The primary reason that she wanted to leave him, among multiple other reasons, was his treatment of Pistol. The fact that he had the funeral director lay out her bones and he sat with them and carried her skull around is evidence of deeply troubled behavior. I’m sure he was walking around telling her skull something like, “See what happens to a woman who tries to get away from me. I won and you and your son lost. Pistol is out on the street without anything of yours to hold onto. When I get your cremains I will keep them and sleep with them and there is nothing you or Pistol can do to stop me.That’s your punishment for not loving me more than him. I am smarter than all of you and I will get away with what I’ve done.”

          Rob is the epitome of a morbidly jealous person. His possessiveness is out of control and exorbitant. The idea of losing Patrice was unfathomable to him. At least in death he could control everything that she did with no regard for her desires or need to be with her son. Does anyone think that she would want to have her ashes in bed with him? Does anyone think that she wanted Rob handling her skull or her bones? These actions are how Rob got even with her for suggesting divorce.

          He is the killer and the police need to find a way to prove it. Start with the fact that Rob changes the locks before anyone was thinking that Patrice was never coming back. If he loved her so much why would he jump to the conclusion that she would not be returning. Locking Pistol out would have been the end of his relationship with Patrice had she been alive. Rob knows that. He would never risk her anger if he thought she was still alive to reign it down on him. There are lots of good ideas here to examine in undoing Rob’s alibi. And even in a circumstantial case all you need is the preponderance of the evidence to prove guilt. This man’s bitter hatred of Pistol shows that he could not handle the idea of losing Patrice to Pistol through divorce.

          It is only in this proof that everything can be made right with Pistol, her family and her friends. Her personal property and cremains should be with people who love her, not with a man who simply wants to control her, even in death.


          • Gem

            Something just occurred to me that I want to add to my comment.

            The fact that Patrice had asked Pistol where he would go if “something” happened tells me very clearly that she and Rob had been discussing Rob’s wanting to get Pistol out of the house. When she asked Pistol earlier in the week where he would go, he answered his dad. Patrice then needed to consider whether or not she could save her marriage by sending him off to his dad or did she even want to do that. I think this was the reason for her being distracted and less involved with her clients. She had a huge decision to make regarding her marriage. I think, that morning or the previous evening, she decided that the marriage was not worth giving up her son and she communicated that fact to Rob. Rob already had his plan worked out and implemented it without further thought. Men like this are always the ones to say things like, “If I can’t have you, then no one else can have you.”

    • Paulos

      The very fact Rob changed the locks after Patrice went missing (to lock out Pete) suggests he was hiding evidence OR shows he KNEW Patrice wasn’t coming back,. If he believed she was temporarily missing, he wouldn’t barr his step-son from entering the house, because if Patrice had come back, what was he going to say: “Yay, you’re back, I locked your son out of the house.” This proves HE KNEW Patrice was not returning. The nearby location where the body was disposed of, also suggests local knowledge (a remote spot Rob knew).
      I also support a theory that he himself abducted Patrice from her work, because no one else would know when a client wasn’t coming. Being a mechanic He may have even used the ‘jumper cable’ method to get her in the blue car which was probably one he was working on from his garage. I believe he emptied the cash register, just to make it look like a robbery.
      His possessive behaviour was consistent with him holding her skull and ‘sleeping with her ashes’. I also believe he has her wedding ring, because , in his mind, this belongs to HIM, just as Patrice did. It is like a trophy of his marriage to her. I bet he still has it with him somewhere.
      I suspect the Police know this and possibly have more evidence we don’t know, but are unable or don’t have enough for a successful trial.
      As Grisham said: It ain’t what you know, it’s what you can prove in court.


  18. Soumar

    Está claro que ha sido Rob ! No entiendo como la policía puede dejar pasar eso !


    • Andrés

      El problema es que saber que ese desgraciado de Rob hizo esto ha poder comprobarlo hay mucho espacio. Pero lo bueno es que acá en Georgia pueden pasar 20 años o 30 y si encuentran evidencia, “chau, chau, adiós Roberto “


  19. Scott E Ivey

    I cant even understand how the detectives are missing this.
    That car in the artists rendering is 100% a ford taurus year model 1996 through 1999
    They stated a 2000 through 2004 but that was very wrong.
    Also I really believe this to be something leaning towards Rob… his alibi about having a receipt for the gas purchase is easy to conjur up by giving someone your debit card and telling then hey gas is on me today, take my card!
    And for Rob to keep her remains away from pistol is completely immoral and very much a red flag!


  20. Susan Tropea

    I think Rob hired someone to do the wet work but I definitely think he is guilty.


  21. Me

    Her son is/was a cutie.


  22. Mary

    I was thinking Rob could possibly be the murder, and hire someone else to do it while Rob was making sure he wasn’t near to the shop during that time so he can prove his “innocence”. So he kept the receipt when he put a gas in his car??.. Me when I put gas to my car I don’t even bother to ask for the receipt.
    Either way he looks abusive and not a kind man.. I wish her son could have her ashes.


  23. Iggy G

    A witness who drove by saw the younger women and an “older women” in front of the salon, struggling when she was abducted. What if it was the younger woman and a man wearing a wig, who appeared to be a woman??? did that “older woman” have a physical body description that was the same as Rob, her older husband?? The man she argued with and wanted a divorce from??? Rob is Not Telling the truth. He says they did not argue, but witnesses say They Did! He was very possessive and is probably the killer. Check to see if he borrowed a blue car, or had access to one that day!


  24. Esther A

    Se Rob está realmente envolvido (o que seria provável), acredito que ele não tenha sujado as mãos… certamente, contratou alguém para que o fizesse e seguiu sua rotina normal para ter um álibi na hora que a polícia começasse a investigar o caso. Pode-se perceber pelo episódio, que esse homem é completamente transtornado, possessivo! Chega a ser mórbido quando ele assume que dormiu abraçado com as cinzas da esposa e desumano saber que ele não repartiu nem as fotos dela com o filho!
    No entanto, o fato de o sociopata que estava preso saber até a posição do carro dela, ter criado a história da bateria e afins, é MUITO intrigante! Será que ele se adiantou e cometeu o crime antes que o transtornado com quem ela dividia o teto, o fizesse? Caso ele esteja envolvido, por quê não revelou o local correto para encontrar o corpo? Ou será que ele apenas escutou um burburinho sobre o assunto e decidiu criar a história em cima disso, para confundir ainda mais a polícia?
    A lot of questions but nothing answer…


  25. Amy

    1. Robs whole demeanor is suspect from beginning to end.
    2. By both the son’s, friends and husbands accounts Patrice loved her son. Beyond reason. Both parties agree they hated one another and Patrice and Rob fought(to me due to Robs jealousy and not wanting to share Patrice which he creepily kept reminding us of)due to Rob not liking how she treated her son and him thinking the son would be around forever.
    My biggest question and red flag is the day she went missing( no one knew yet what happened to her. She could of been abducted hurt who knows) Rob locks her son out of the house they all share. Well unless Rob knew there was no chance of her showing back up to find out what he did, if he planned on loving her and staying with her forever why did he do this? She would have left him in a hot minute had she of found out.
    If you want theories this is mine. The son was right, she was going to leave him( probably due to how he treated her son), Rob was not about to lose to her son. A gas receipt and a clock in( unless there is video anyone could of done that for him) are not concrete. Robs whole part in this episode seemed like nothing but a psycho trying to hurt her son all over again by telling how he got away with murder and got to keep her all to himself just like he wanted.


    • Lala Grant

      Yes Rob did cut! Your 100% right! Why would he change the locks? He knew she wasn’t coming back and he probably had evidence he still needed to hide/get rid of.


  26. Jen

    Clearly Rob. His responses are unusual. I don’t think he took her, but I do think he held her in the home. And I suspect he dumped her. Has the house ever been examined or searched? Why else would he lock Pistol out? If he genuinely loved Patrice, he would never treat her son like that. He demonstrated a number of unusual behaviours and responses in the program. Most notably, a pathological hatred of his stepson. Also, his possessiveness of the ashes. There was a certain smugness too – speculating on her being used is very wierd. He has the wedding ring I’d bet. Or it’s already been pawned. There’d be no way he’s letting that go to waste or be found and given to someone else. Please…there must be something that can be done about her ashes. She is being held against her will even beyond the grave. I pray for Patrice and Pistol x


  27. KLT

    In my opinion it’s Rob who did it. Check on how he gives his opinion on who is the killer. He said “somebody who knew Patricia’s routine was involved” and “somebody that she knew”. It’s like describing himself. He even added “was she kept captive for a while?” and “… was she somebody’s toy for a while?”. He even asked “Who knows when she was put out there, or how?” and so on and so forth. This is like in Ted Bundy’s interview when he was still denying all of the crimes he commited. Ted Bundy’s opinion on those crimes are similar to Rob’s opinion in this crime; or maybe his (Rob) guilt is eating him up that he wanted to confess but he doesn’t want to since he got away with it already. Another addition is Rob got her (Patricia’s) remains, seems like it’s a trophy same with a serial killer.


  28. Tere Parra

    No soy la única que este caso dejó perturbada, por la sospecha que despierta el esposo… Un hombre tan egoísta y cruel, que no quiso compartir el cariño, ni las cenizas de la mujer que amó, con el único hijo de ella?… Eso es muy siniestro!
    Envío un abrazo de luz a Pristol y deseo que esto se resuelva.


  29. terry

    come with me or i will hurt your son……………….
    jealousy does many things……..propably rob thought she was cheating and …took care of her


  30. Jon Franklin

    What if…. Rob borrowed money from some shady guys to help their finances. They came to collect. Knowing the marriage was over, but wanting no one else to have her, Rob offered up Patrice and her diamond ring as payment, solving both his problems. He changed his locks because they had keys as part of their collateral for the original loan. He didn’t let Pistol in because they were at his house afterwards ‘settling’ the account.

    I guarantee there are incriminating pics of some kind, somewhere.

    Also… locals talk.


  31. Leanne

    This is crazy, how is Rob not locked up for this?!! He’s an absolute oddball that says the most disgusting and disturbing things. He’s a creep and you can see the evil in his eyes. I feel the comment about the wheelbarrow was almost a confession
    My heart broke for Pistol, I’m sending him all my love and prays


  32. Shihab Hasan

    Rob shouldn’t be allowed to keep her cremains, while being the main suspect at the same time . They were possible separated and looking forward to have a divorce, so he guy has no rights to keep her remain as her husband.
    And do your math, guys. Rob doesn’t even suppose to keep the receipt from gas station that day, how he even suppose to remember the exact time and keep that one particular receipt? And he even hold her skull with bare hands after it was found, what kind of sane person would go that? He even convicted his death wife of being someones toy girl for a while, a sane person wouldn’t do that to even his late ex. He was overprotective and jealous about her being with her own son, do that was obvious that he couldn’t bare to loose her, he would rather see her death instead….
    My guess is, he probably didn’t do it himself but he made someone to do it for him. Stolen cash was just a made up things to turn the case to a burglary and i believe the Rob had a spare key of her Salon, and there was no evidence of struggle because someone close to her escorted Patricia out of her Salon.

    Before ending, i suggest you guys (if someone in charge reading it) to find out if Rob used to keep a spare key to Patricia’s workplace. And please convince the authority to hand Patricia’s remaining to her son.


  33. Leila K.

    I agree with Jessica M., most every way. She pointed out very good facts and details about said facts. She also appeared to have used her ‘gut’, which is evidenced by her statements reflecting the evidence.

    I am very unimpressed by the fact that the detective seemed to make light of quite important information and actions of the timeline. It would appear that very little time was actually spent on collecting information and actually detecting key information and facts that are essential to the case. Beside that, one-and-a-half days spent in the forest collecting key information is not nearly enough time to make an accurate assessment and informed decision. If there were an issue regarding budget for field work, I would remind them that there is most likely very little that transpires in that little hamburg that could possibly warrant pulling out of the investigation early. That, and that they appear to have done so little actual desk duties and investigation into the suspects to make any sort of informed decision. This, especially since the case has now been aired on international media.

    There is no way that Rob could legally get away with locking Pistol out of his own abode. He was a minor and it was his place of residence. Rob cannot legally keep him from his belongings including everything of his mother’s.

    Rob has a degree in Criminology yet works somewhere he punches a time clock. Time clocks are easily manipulated. Anyone can punch in and out someone else’s time card.

    Rob is a bad liar. Anyone with a conscience, anyone who is paying attention and nothing else to gain would see that it is proven out.

    I am truly sorry for the family and their situation. They have it well within their legal rights to expect more; there is so much more they can do themselves. I look forward to learning more about this case and the resolution to everyone’s satisfaction.


  34. Léa

    I used to think it was Rob the killer. Then, something was not very clear. A lot of people said that Patrice and Rob argued a lot. Rob said the opposite, but we can see that he has a deep hatred for Pistole.
    Witnesses also said they saw a blue car, coming from Georgie. Rob is still suspicious, but that’s where it gnawed my brain. How could Rob in 13 minutes, get out of his job, refuel his car, come and kidnap his wife, kill her and come back to work as if nothing had happened ..?
    So here’s a theory on Patrice’s murder.
    Rob can not stand the divorce, ask a friend, because yes I specify that witnesses saw a man and / or a woman. This person, jealous and furious at Patrice’s idea of ​​asking for a divorce, goes to his hairdressing salon.
    Trying to pretend nothing has happened, the person enters the living room normally. Seeing that Patrice is reheating or going to reheat his meal, the person goes to the cash register and takes the money before leaving quickly. Patrice, hears the sound of the cash register and goes quickly towards it before following the person. Catching up with her outside, Patrice grabs her hand or arm before having any explanations. Since there were still cars passing on the road. The person decided to wait for the right moment before knocking him out. At that moment, the person panics and puts Patrice in the car. (Where, I can’t be precise, because it could fit anywhere in the car). Knowing that the person had a hatred for Patrice, she decides to abandon him in the Dawson forest. Thinking about it, this person was afraid that when Patrice woke up, he was going to file a complaint, giving exactly and precisely the person’s physique.
    From there, this person decides to kill Patrice, by strangling him with his hands. From there, traces of DNA could have been identified on the victim. Knowing that there was a church nearby, the person buries Patrice. No need to have a shovel to dig.
    600 days later, a deer is found dead near the corpse. Before the discovery of the corpse, an animal could well have devoured it or the days of the death of the deer, an animal passed in the surroundings and dug the ground where Patrice was.
    We could not think that far, but in life … Everything is not impossible.
    The fact that Rob has kept Patrice’s ashes, proves that he is obsessed with keeping her close to her.
    One day, the mask will fall and the true face will be revealed …


    • ANickName

      One problem with your idea is the Patrice’s car, how could be in that akward position if she “grabbed” the robber and were put uncounscios right after that?


  35. Marilena

    Divorce was his motive.He prefered to kill her instead of leaving him.Who normal person is jealous of his wife child.Rob is psycho!He keeps her dust in a messy cupboard in an old box than burrying her to give her rest and have the rest of the family visiting her.


  36. Houyem

    I do believe that Rob was the one that killed Patrice, it’s so obvious, he said that he studied criminology, Huh?!! Hello, RED FLAG!!! He sleeps with her remains, yet he keeps her ashes in a beaten cardboard box on the floor in a closet, not even bothered to put her ashes in an urn. He kept her son away and always refused to get along with him, though he never TRIED to get along with him and he knew that her son was so close to her heart. His alibi is pretty lame, he could’ve took a minute to just get the receipts. The way he said that he held her skull and was walking around with it is so weird, another big red flag to me!! He changes the locks on the door the day she went missing to keep her son away, how did you know that her son was the one coming maybe she was coming ? Seemed that he was pretty sure that she wasn’t coming back. He made those weird comments about what could’ve the abductor done to her when he kidnapped her, are you insane?! He was stating that she could’ve been kept as a sex doll and was smiling!!!! And the way he talks and the look in his eyes is just not it, he has that dark, evil proud look of what he did.
    RIP Patrice, my heart goes to her son Pistol.


  37. Emma Buchanan

    I agree with so many others that it was obviously Rob. He is clearly a total psycho, and I would bet he wouldn’t let Pistol in because she was in the house.


  38. Gibe

    I’m absolutely sure the killer is Rob, you can tell in his look and the way he speaks. From the first moment he said he had a specialty in criminalistics, I knew. He put his alibi together before doing it, surely Patrice was about to escape and that’s why he told his son where he was going. She wanted to be certain that her son would know what to do if she wasn’t


  39. Daniel

    100% was Rob I’m actually mind boggled at the fact this episode even aired without further investigation into Rob. Absolutely sickening this case needs to be addressed by ACTUAL law enforcement ASAP.


  40. Kaukazas

    Honestly if it was Rob he would of probably kept her as a trophy instead of leaving her for 600days in the woods somewhere he couldn’t even visit her remains? I mean how possessive he looks, and how glad he was that he got the cremains.. I think he wasn’t the best husband for sure, but the meth addict seems like he was there and is the main suspect. Kind of sad to portray the husband the way unsolved did, I mean he had alibi and even if he said some super creepy stuff, he must have gone through a lot mentally after all those years


  41. Ramona

    I think rob had her in the House he tries to hide something, he change the door locks open your eyes he was jealous about pistol look how he said ‘i don’t like him’ she wanted to get divorce it’s like he didn’t accept and keep her forever maybe he thought when i can’t have you than nobody ‘pistol’ should have her it’s scary how he keep the ashes and not give her son a Chance to say goodbye or give him pictures from his mother he keep all to himself


  42. Lisa Marie

    My heart goes out to Pistol, it’s wrong that he doesn’t have her ashes.


  43. Jenny Eklund

    Rob killed her and had her in the house first. The first odd thing he says in the netflix episode is how he has a degree in criminology, and chuckles proudly. The pictures of him and Patrice are haunting. In one he firmly grabs her thigh under the table, another he holds both of his hands unneccessarily firmly around her shoulders, another he places two of his fingers around her neck. The pictures clearly depict a possessive and negative power over this woman. In the rest of the pictures he just look straight up like an emotionless and angry psycopath. He is very clever in the way he theatrically show himself off as the grieving widow, he has all the answers and knows what to say and how to convey it to seem innocent. But this is exactly what makes him so obviously Patrice’s murederer. It has happened plenty before that sick possessive husbands will rather kill their woman than allow her to ever leave him.

    Also, him cradling and kissing her skull is sick and shows a lack of respect for her body. He also wanted her bones assembled only for his pleasure of “seeing her” and he spooned the box of ashes she was in???? Sick and disgusting! He is clearly not even remotely right in the head.

    How could her son Pistol not have been given his own clothes and private possessions? Or any memento of her? Family pictures from him growing up?? Nothing? Just more proof of him being a possessive and sick person incapable of human emotion other than displaying it as an act.

    Why is he not rotting in a jail already?


  44. Ann

    All the comments are about Rob. What if, in reality, he never took receipts and just after ordering Patrice’s death he did it to get his alibi? The guilt consumed him so much that he did not let Patrice’s son enter the house again, he who has Patrice’s ashes. You can see in their eyes and they say it was him. When you ask a child if he did something wrong and he speaks so quickly the explanations we know that he did it by the way he acts. It was Rob and the police are just ignoring it.


  45. aash

    what if rob didn’t want pistol coming in the house because patrice’s body was there??


  46. A

    uhhh, is it not blatantly obvious that it was ROB??! For someone who “loves” her so much that he “slept and cuddled” with her ashes…he didn’t even take them out of the cardboard BOX they came back in. He didn’t bother to buy a nice urn and put them somewhere pleasant. He dug them out of the coat closet floor when he brought them out for the camera….after he had just went on about how he had been sleeping with them before. Then he gloated over the fact that he has them and not her child. This guy is a lunatic, and it’s completely clear that he killed her. He is possessive, jealous and insane…thats a lethal combo. If he even loved her a single bit, he would have grieved with and shown LOVE to her only child when she went missing….not locked him out of the house the day she disappeared. How hateful is that?? Only a hateful guilty person would act that way. He studied criminology (so he says) before killing her he would have made sure that he had an alibi. If he didn’t manage to do it himself…he hired someone. He deserves to be in jail. Pistol deserves to see Rob rot in jail…and I claim that that will happen and justice will be served. Evil does not go unpunished.


  47. Patrick

    I think Kierra on Nov 18 has left a good summary of the facts and the suspicions that fall on Rob. I feel there is one piece of information that the production leaves out. Rob proudly claims that he has a degree in criminology and we know that he was working at the time but we don’t know what his job was. I am curious about that and why it was left out. Another item hinted at in the production is that on the day of Patrice’s disappearance, she was upset and on edge. Why? Was she planning to escape from Rob? As other have commented, I have found Rob to be the most loathsome person I have ever seen in these programs. To claim that he loves this woman while at the same time treating her son so horribly is just ugly and wrong. By allowing his wife to indulge and enjoy her son is what any man will do that is in love. I was also very sensitive to how he needed to possess the remains. That hinted at a motive. He finds out that she wants a divorce. He kills her or gets her killed and then puts her on the shelf when her remains are found. I found it especially creepy that he opens the box to extract the ashes. Why do that? I also noticed that her remains had ended up in the back of the closet.


  48. Janina

    I wish that I could find Pistol and give him a hug…I know he has to fiercely be hurting for his mother. I honestly believe Rob did it. The way that man conducted himself through the whole episode was just downright disturbing! Pistol, wherever you are, I hope that you and your mother get the justice that you deserve, may you forever be wrapped up in her love! I am fighting with you to get that justice! Much Love to you…


  49. Kierra

    I have a feeling it was Rob. First, he has a degree in criminology so he knows exactly what and what not to do. Second, he could have planned an alibi and in the documentary the detective stated they made a plan in which Rob could have done but it was most likely not probable. With that being said he probably made sure to create alibis for instance the gas station but how much gas did he actually put in cause he could have been there for a minute and then left. Another thing could be that it was a paid murder. Third, he didn’t know about his wife wanting a divorce but how could he not if they were always fighting. One of the weirdest things was that he got remarried but before that he would sleep and cuddle with her ashes, which definitely is not a normal thing for someone to do, and stated that he was very protective over her. If she wanted a divorce and he was protective over he that could be a motive to murder her so if he couldn’t have her no one could. He was exactly like that with Pistol as when she died he locked him out and would not give her the ashes nor anything else and stated she’s mine now. In addition, when he got her body put back together one weird thing he did was he walked around with her skull. Normally people don’t want to disturb their bones in a sign of respect. I think that yes he had an alibi but when looking at all the facts, evidence and the way he acted he could very well be the suspect and he managed to slip away.


  50. Martin

    I think Rob acted very intelligent. He knows he has to have an alibi, so he asked a friend or paid a contract killer to do this. Of course – because he studied criminology – he knew that he must not leave traces like Emails or similar. I just don’t believe that he did not know his wife wanted a divorce cause normally people shout this out for many, many times in arguments before they really do it. Yeah I heard that police does not have theories and that’s very good for criminals who studied criminology because they know this too. 😉


  51. Tara

    I wish we could start a petition for Pistol to get her ashes. I am really bothered by the fact that Rob has Patrices’ ashes. Yes, I understand that he was her husband. However, he has her ashes in a box in the closet. Give her to Pistol- who will have her ashes out I’m sure and then he would be able to “talk” to her. Rob is remarried and doesn’t seem to care about the ashes since they are kept away. It breaks my heart that her son and her family were not able to get ANY of her belongings after she passed. What did he do with all those pictures? Her clothing? Jewelry? Give it to his new wife?


  52. Kyle Smith

    Why does Rob get her remains? Pistol should get them, it was his mother! The second husband should NOT have them!! Besides, he won’t share them with HER SON!!!


  53. Andrew Stull

    I want to believe it was Rob but with the police being involved the day she disappeared they would have found something to link him to it. It does not make him any less creepy though.


  54. David

    Another thing, Rob makes a point that he wasn’t put in handcuffs when they interrogated him, as if that means that makes him innocent. He has a criminology degree, and everyone knows the police interrogate anyone close the deceased person, and unless they have a warrant, they cannot arrest or force you to be questioned. He knows not being put in cuffs means absolutely nothing, but is just trying to sell his innocence to the viewers


  55. David

    Rob’s words on the interview: “I am very protective of Patrice, I have her ashes, and that’s good” not exact words but that is the same as saying If I can’t have her no one can. He studied criminology, only remembers good things about her, she was very nervous that day, Pistol says they argued a lot and she was thinking about divorce, he didn’t allow a 15 year old kid to go into the house he was living in without even talking to him, and said he didn’t see any future in him, like wtf he’s 15. Without any evidence, my guess is she was planning on bringing up divorce with Rob that day and that’s why she was nervous and acting strange. He didn’t take it well, said if I can’t have you nobody can and killed her, and used his criminology background to hide the body and keep suspicion away from himself. He probably blames Pistol for her death


  56. TamCimm

    100%— it’s the nasty, Uber-jealous, creepy husband, Rob. If he truly loved her, he’d understand that a mother’s child ALWAYS comes first. He’s despicable.

    Poor, Poor, Pistol. My heart goes out to that poor son.


  57. lun rincon

    It was rob, my reasons were the first, he said that suddenly they had her kidnapped for a long time using her as a toy, he could be referring to it since after the disappearance he changes the locks of the house, his excuse not having a good relationship with your stepson, what is the need to change the locks to protect you, protect you from what? He could have her locked up for several months until he was cornered, then he shows as proof a receipt that states that he was at the gas station, he was able to hire someone, he works in criminology, he knows of these types of cases, he had to have a fourth day so that they would not suspect of Afterwards, according to the series, it is seen that she was not forced to do anything, that she got out of there without being cornered or something similar could have been robbing her asking for time to talk, talk about what? Maybe he found out about his plans to separate from him and how the jealous and overprotective toxic that he is was not going to allow him to go with another in part of the episode referring to the ashes he said “because they are only mine” with a strange tone and to my possessive because as they say if it is not mine it belongs to nobody and that was the philosophy that he used, besides he lied saying that they had never had fights when everyone in the family and friends on Patrice’s part knew of the situation that she lived all the days

    fue rob, mis razones la primera, el dijo que de pronto la tenian secuestrada por un largo tiempo usandola como juguete se pudo estar refiriendo a el mismo ya que despues de la desaparicion cambia las cerraduras de la casa su excusa no tener una buena relacion con su hijastro, cual es la necesidad de cambiar las cerraduras para protegerte, protegerte de que? pudo tenerla encerrada por varios meses hasta ya verse acorralado despues muestra como prueba un recibo que afirma que el estuvo en la gasolinera, el pudo contratar a alguien, trabaja en criminologia conoce de este tipo de casos tenia que tener una cuartada para que no sospecharan de el, despues segun la serie se ve que ella no fue obligada a nada, que salio de ahi sin ser acorralada o algo parecido pudo ser rob pidiendole un tiempo para hablar, hablar sobre que? tal vez se entero de sus planes para separarse de el y como el celoso y sobreprotector toxico que es no iba permitir que se fuera con otro en una parte del espisodio refiriendose a las cenizas dijo “porque son solo mias” con un tono extraño y para mi posesivo porque como dicen si no es mio no es de nadie y esa fue filosofia que el uso, a parte mintio diciendo que jamas habian tenido peleas cuando todos en la familia y amigos por parte de patrice sabian de la situacion que ella vivia todos los dias


  58. Hellen

    Com certeza Rob tem alguma coisa a ver com a morte da Patrice, ele fala umas coisas como se não tivesse sido a esposa dele que foi morta. Ele é formado em criminologia, ele sabe o que se deve fazer para não deixar pistas para trás. Se Patrice foi levada e não há sinal de briga dentro do salão é porque alguém de sua confiança chegou lá (Rob) e como a investigação disse que era praticamente impossível alguém carregar um corpo morto onde Patrice foi encontrada, James poderia ter sido facilmente um cúmplice.


  59. maddi

    It’s so weird how obvious this is, and still everyone who investigates the case and made the footage of this episode, couldn’t do anything to get the creepy guy on a deeper investigation. Someone would even hire a private detective or something, to have this guy say it. Ro’bs body language is extremely deceiving, yet he is not afraid of using specific words that would be delicate to anyone who lost their love, and that’s because he is a psychopath with lots of narcissistic traits and even worse. Honestly, you don’t need people on netflix to guess this case. This guy is still alive out there with remains of a person he didn’t even deserve to be with.


  60. anonymous

    This may be a crime of love. Isn’t a clear motive that Rob was envious at Pistol and Patrice’s motherly relationship? Pistol clearly said that they sometimes argue because of him and as a single mother, if my partner told me that I don’t discipline my child that’s a clear deal breaker for me because I know what I’m doing and I’m doing everything to raise my child in a proper manner. Plus, the fact that he said “maybe some dragged her in a wheelbarrow” why with that statement? and he also mentioned that he majored in criminology so that means with all the knowledge he acquired, it’s not possible that he murdered Patrice in cold-blood.

    additional: he changed the house’s locks on the day Patrice went missing… why?


  61. Sam

    I totally believe Rob did it! Not only did he change the locks on ALL the doors, he wouldn’t let her son in to collect any of his things. He was extremely jealous of her and her son’s relationship with each other, he didn’t want her to divorce him, he “claims” that he never knew anything about her wanting to divorce him. He doesn’t even display her ashes! He keeps them in a box in the bottom of a closet! Some “love”. Her son doesn’t have her ashes and doesn’t have any of her pictures, he has NOTHING from his mother because the killer Rob kept them all away from him! I totally believe he killed her! I believe he did it out of a jealous rage, he must have had someone “clock” those times for him, there’s NO way someone else killed her! I totally believe that he killed her to keep her from leaving him.


  62. Tanis

    ROB!! Put him behind bars already. Stay strong Pistol, your mom is with you.


  63. Jessica M

    1- Rob realized that his marriage ended because the mother preferred  his son and he killed her and he says that now it belongs to him and that he will not share it with the son because he has the ashes of his wife
    2- The hatred Rob expresses towards Patrice’s son is not normal, he has too much hatred and resentment to think that he killed the mother because he could not separate her from him otherwise
    3 – Rob changed the locks on the house the same day he found out that she had disappeared because he already knew that she was not going to appear again or because he had her in that house kidnapped and did not want the son to discover her.
    4 – Rob does not behave like a man whose wife was murdered, He behaves like the murderer of his wife and love of his life
    5 – 4 Rob has a degree in criminology, he knows very well what evidence he could use to avoid being charged.
    6 – The day of Patrice disappearance the clients noticed her stressed because she had already had an encounter with Rob that day and he told her that he would go find her
    7 –  the position of Patrice car outside the hairdresser shows that the one who kidnapped her after taking her in the same car returned the car and left the car there in that position quickly so as not to be seen.
    8 – Rob with his behavior and way of speaking shows that he is a devil and a psychopath capable of murder


  64. Lisa Sarver

    I am angry that her son doesn’t have her ashes! That “man” should give her son her ashes. That’s ridiculous!


  65. Jee

    I have this huge feeling Rob and Jeremy Jones might be working together on this…. Wouldn’t be surprised. Rob probably knew if something happened to Patrice, he’d be the first person they would suspect. So he hired Jermey Jones to take care of it. But Rob probably took care of the rest. That’s why Jeremy Jones had an incorrect or false response when he was asked he left her. There’s something really fishy about both of them and maybe they can some how make a link between the two men. I hope Pistol finds closure and he’s surrounded by loving people.


  66. ROBdidit

    So if Rob didn’t know what happened, as he claimed, why kick Pistol out that same day – even if he didn’t like him? How would he be able to explain that to Patrice, if she was just away for a few days and then returned!


  67. Roro

    Bonjour à tous,
    Il faut noter que lors de cet enquête les enquêteurs ont vite éliminer les suspects potentiel.Or la solution réside là. Le tueur en série qui s’est sois disant fait passer pour celui qui a tué Patrice a dit la vérité à un détail près : ce n’est pas lui qui l’a tué à proprement dit car c’est pas lui qui a mis fin au jour de Patrice et c’est pour ça que il est incapable de dire où était le corps .Il a pourtant donné des informations que seul une personne qui était là le jour de la disparition de Patrice aurais pu dire.Ça c’est inéluctable tout comme le fait que Rob a un alibi en béton le jour où a lieu la disparition.Le fait que il ait un alibi ce jour même ne veux pas dire que il ne l’a pas tué plus tard vous comprenez ? C’est un crime organisé et commis par deux personnes.Celui qui a tué de sang froid Patrice c’est Rob.Celui qui a kidnappée Patrice c’est Jeremy Jones d’où les bijoux et l’argent disparu ( il a une dépendance aux drogues donc il a besoin d’argent ou peut etre c’était Rob qui lui a dit de prendre ce qu’il y avait dans les caisses comme un acompte ).Comment Rob aurais pu penser à la brouette pour transporter le corps dans les bois reculés ? Sachant que transporter un corps sur une aussi longue distance c’est très lourd.C’est pas le premier détail qui saute aux yeux d’une personne lambda à qui l’ont dit que le corps de votre femme a été retrouvé à telle endroit .Pour enfin venir au fait que le corps ait été déposé au même endroit où un tueur avais déposé le corps d’une randonneuse montre que seul une personne avec assez d’intérêt pour les affaires criminelles aurais pu penser à déposer le.corps là bas afin de brouiller les pistes à la police et es mener à accuser les mauvaises personnes. Maintenant le but de la police cest de faire parler Jeremy Jones .Ils auraient pas dû le lâcher.Car seul lui est témoin de tout ce stratagème et c’est l’une des dernières personne à avoir vue Patrice.


  68. heather

    It definitely was Rob, he keeps his ashes to himself and portrays anger when he says Pistol can’t have them. I feel like he thought “if I can’t have her fully to myself alive, I’ll have to keep her body” and now he’s happy because he’s got Patricia to himself and Pistol doesn’t.


  69. RJC



  70. Val

    It was Rob! She left her lunch and everything like she would come back later… so she definitely went with someone she knew. He killed her and has her now forever (exactly what he said) such a monster.


  71. Kos

    it´s the husband i think. Very sick man. I think he keeps the ashes like some kind of trophy. I am fairly convinced that this is a contract murder. But the cops aren’t crazy there, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets out that scary rob has to do with it.


  72. Maria

    Definitely Rob, that creepy psychopath wierdo. I feel for the poor son really it’s a shame. I wish and hope there is a closure in this case so he and who truly cares for Patricia know eventually the truth…
    Stay strong Pistol.


  73. Ashley

    Rob look a bit sus. He said something about wheelbarrow and stuff. why would you say or even think about those stuff easily like you have done it or something.


  74. Clive

    Your all missing one thing about Rob, he changed all the locks in the house the next day after she went missing, no one would do that in case she came home, he is guilty 100%


  75. Sarah

    Just watched this episode and Rob is one creepy mother trucker and I 100% believe he had SOMETHING to do with Patrice’s murder. He raised a bunch of red flags to me. Someone needs to look into him further.


  76. David S.

    After watching 13 Minutes, I am 100% convinced that either Rob murdered Patrice or Jeremy Jones did.

    Rob displayed and said some very odd and suspicious things that were major red flags to me. If he didn’t murder Patrice, and had no involvement in her murder, then he is a very strange individual with serious issues.

    On the other hand, Jeremy Jones did confess to Patrice’s murder. Although he gave incorrect info to law enforcement at the time as to the whereabouts of her body, this could simply and easily be explained by two factors: Jones was a known drug addict as well as a serial rapist/murderer. It is entirely possible that he could have mixed up murder details with another murder or was unable to accurately recall details due to being under the influence of narcotics at the time.

    Either way, IMO, the info presented in 13 Minutes is more than enough for law enforcement to re-evaluate this case.


  77. Angela Rutledge

    Rob is very strange, but I don’t think he killed Patrice. I think it was Jeremy Jones. He said in the interview that he walked in Patrice’s shop to ask for a jump for his car. The witnesses said Patrice’s car was parked in front of the shop and the blue car was pulled up in front of the door. Maybe she had pulled her car up close to the hood of the blue car to jump it, been overpowered by Jeremy Jones, taken in her salon where he stole the money, thrown in his car and taken out to the woods behind the church, where he violated and killed her. She went missing in April of 2004. He was arrested in September of 2004. That whole scenario would have only taken a few minutes. He had murdered a woman close to where she lived in Georgia. Patrice’s wedding ring and the cash in her store were taken. Jones was a meth abuser, so I’m sure he would’ve found pawn shop somewhere to pawn the ring, sold it or traded it to some meth dealer for more methamphetamine. Sociopaths and psychopaths are habitual liars, so just because they didn’t find her body in the creek, doesn’t mean Jones didn’t kill her. He may have been so high on meth, he forgot where he killed her. It would be nice to know what kind of car Jones drove. It’s really hard to give an opinion of what happened without all the details of the crime.


  78. Tine

    Punaise mais comment Rob son mari peut être encore libre? Il l’avoue à la fin en gros je l’ai pour moi! C’est ce qu’il à toujours voulu! Quand Patrice demande à son fils où il irait elle savait qu’il allait la tuer et elle voulait se rassurer de savoir ce que son fils deviendrait. Il n’y a que moi que ça choque les faux sourires sur les photos avec Rob? L’emprise qu’il avait sur elle ce voit il ne pose pas gentiment ses mains sur sa femme il enserre sa propriété. Son ticket de caisse pour l’essence il l’a toujours genre “vous voyez ce n’est pas moi” ce besoin de se justifier en permanence. Se sourire narquois et fier de lui quand il annonce qu’il a fait des études de criminologie! Sa façon de changer de regard quand il cherche un vrai souvenir et quand il ment! Il a très bien pût payer quelqu’un soit pour faire le plein à sa place soit pour pointer pour lui! Bon sang que l’enquête soit réouverte l’évidence est là!


  79. S

    I think it was Rob because,
    Rob had a little weird smile and was verry creepy when he said :” I have her now”
    When he talked about her ashes.its seems to me that he says it in a way like a psychopath that wanted to be with her and didn’t want her to be with anyone else so he killed her so she could only be with him and he would own her for himself.
    My next point, if you love some one who has died you create a place for them, for the ashes in like a urn. He never even opend the box yet he claims to say that he slept with the ashes and had cuddle with it. If he did, you would have put it in a urn and not in an unopened box. I think he just could not confront himself with her ashes. Because he killed her and that’s why he didn’t open the box.

    I think he had a nephew or a friend that kidnapped Patrice for him that owned the car the witnesses talked about. Or he had a friend or something that checked in on his work and pay for the Gass of the car so he had an alibi. He’s the only one who didn’t talked about that he wanted to know what happened or talked about who did it. That’s weird.


  80. PAULI



  81. Lola

    As Rob says, he knows criminology. He really knew how to answer and scape, how to deny the accusations. It was him. 100% was Rob. He’d deserve an oscar for this episode, too sociopath the way he acts. He probably pay the other suspects to help him. I think the window is bigger than what police think, her murderer was near before. The way she act before this window can prove that she was in trouble, it could have been a discussion with Rob. Probably she was already in her murderer’s hand, acting the way he wanted her to act.

    Don’t know, I’m just a curious woman from Brasil trying to improve her second language and obssessed with criminal investigations


  82. Elter

    Tenho certeza que foi o rob!


  83. Anonymous



  84. Anonymous

    I strongly beleive it was Rob, throughout the interview he was very calm and composed unlike the son and he already all evidences ready, he didnt even pause to think, it sounded made up and fake, like he’d already practised answers for the questions he would be asked. Plus, he is SUPER CREEPY


  85. Bunnie

    I think everyone here is correct!!!! 100% Rob Rob ROB!!!! He totally had someone do it if his alibi is that airtight.


  86. HadtobeRob

    I think in the beginning besides the shaking Rob was doing well but he completely unravelled by the end of the episode and showed his true colours, He is a definite sociopath and feels as if he has to have full control over Patrice, even in death. In those last scenes it was very clear he has issues, At one point he almost had a smirk on his face that said “I did it and I’m going to get away with it”. The way he asked the funeral directors to reassemble her bones was odd, I think he wanted to have one last look at her to satisfy himself with the work he’d done or had somebody else do. I think he had the attitude of “if I can’t have you nobody can” and he was proud of himself for proving that, who knows what he was actually saying while he carried her skull around. The way he opened the ashes saying it was emotional was all an act. The way he said he keeps the ashes in his bed and they’re all his is also very controlling behaviour. He definitely had a problem with Pistol. I have a feeling he couldn’t control Pistol the way he liked to control Patrice, by keeping everything from him was his way of keeping some kind of control over him.
    I think Rob believes the reason Patrice was going to leave him was because Pistol was her first priority and he couldn’t stand it.
    I believe he set up all his alibi’s for the day she went missing as he knew from his criminology degree that he’d be the first suspect the police would look at.
    The last thing that is very suspicious is the changing of locks so soon after Patrice went missing. What if she had come home?
    I think she was alive in the house for a while before her death and he probably preached to her about how great it would be, just the 2 of them together but she wasn’t interested and just wanted to see her son, I think he made her suffer behind closed doors before murdering her and somehow dumping her in the woods.


  87. One hundred percent

    Rob the husband would be my no.1 suspect. Degree in criminology. Laying the remains out,sounds creepy. Or was it to see that the police had got the right body. The man had issues for sure. Condolences to Pistol and his family.


  88. Nikita

    As a mother myself I know how strong our love is for our children, that’s being said Rob is more involved than detectives originally thought , they need to look at how cold he is towards patrices son that can paint a thought words of how dark he can be he knew she had a child therefore knew he came with his mother , the fact rob won’t let patrices son have her remains is a red flag get someone who has expertise in understanding the mind do anything in this day and age we should surely have a method of finding out the truth for her sons and friends and family please


  89. I_Know

    I am only 10 mins into watching thos case, it is definitely the husband!


  90. Doggit

    Whether or not Rob did the crime, that man has definitely got issues! And I think the investigators realize that. He and his weirdness may be one of the things they were referring to when they said there were some things they couldn’t reveal to the public. Personally, I think he’s responsible. If he is or if he isn’t, hopefully justice will be served to the right table. Very interested to see any follow up to this story!


  91. Evelyn

    Rob creeps me out.

    In the beginning he tries to play the “she was the love of my life” character, but slowly the mask slips. There are flaws in his “performance”. When he tells us how he asked to her remains be displayed, so he can say goodbye? He almost smiles! He had pleasure, he felt he had control over her. He kissed her skull, he kept her ashes in the bed, he said “I HAVE HER”. She was always a prize for him. An object.

    She wanted the divorce, he can say whatever, but nothing will convince me he didn’t know. That degree in criminal stuff, he has the knowledge. He talks about “his doings” that day like someone reciting a groceries list. He memorized the steps like a actor learns his lines for a play. The way he moves in front of a camera is staged. The way he talks about her son is alarming too. The boy didn’t fit his fantasy. Rob didn’t love her. It IS an obsession, a very high, gross, detailed, wicked one.

    Someone had comment that the locker changing could be to the fact that he abducted her and kept her in the house. I strongly believe that is a possibility. His need of control over her indicated that. The place she was found, everything was very well thought. This is professional. Does this guy had other wives? Girlfriends? He was 50 when they married. No pun intended, but I’d look for more skeletons in his closet. By the way, how he opens and closes the closet door to get the cardboard box with her ashes? He practiced how to position himself for the cameras.


  92. ItWasRob

    rob killed her


  93. Doug Pike

    Rob is the cross between a sociopath and psychopath he exhibits behaviors of both..comments like “someone could have draged her out there in a wheelbarrow, i dont know” ( psychopath) and then holding her scull and later sleeping with her ashes this is clearly sociopathic they need to look into his past , im surprised they didnt figure thi out …i know he did it!!


  94. Laura

    Rob did it. Just try to change my mind!


  95. chloe

    It was definitely Rob. First of all, he said he has a criminology degree, meaning he knows the details they would look for to link it to him. I think he either hired someone she knew to kidnap her or did it himself and set up his alibi. That would explain why she was short on the phone with that customer because maybe he showed up talking about the divorce and she was annoyed with him. He could have left his car at the gas station and borrowed or stole a blue car to go to the salon. He probably took money out of the cash register and her wedding ring to make it look like a robbery. I think he kept her in the house for an amount of time whether she was already dead or still alive and that’s why he changed the locks and wouldn’t let Pistol in the house. Also why did he lie and say they never argued when everyone else said they argued all the time? It seems like he was trying to make their marriage seem perfect to hide his motive, which was jealousy because Patrice gave her son more attention than him. I bet his mind set was “If I can’t have her no one can”. That’s why he won’t let Pistol even have her remains. He wanted her all to himself and since he’s a sociopath the only way he saw that he was able to do that was kidnap her and I bet he lashed out and accidentally killed her. He probably also thought it out to the point of taking her remains to the same woods that another killer had previously left remains in to place the blame somewhere else. Remember, he might be crazy but that doesn’t mean he isn’t smart enough to pull it off. Again, he’s a criminology major who knows what they look for when solving a murder. I bet he still has the wedding ring too.


  96. Jan

    It’s rob, how is he not in jail?!

    1. Changes locks on the Doors, the same day she was abducted, (maybe find out when he orderd someone to do that, or when he bought the locks?) why change the locks, what if she came home, when he wasen’t there? Makes no sence unless he knew, she wasen’t comming home again.

    2. When he talks about the sheriff, asking him to go to the police, because the husban allways is a suspect, he started to chake and look destressed, and that was the only time during the interview.

    3 “i have a degree i crimonoligy, i know these things”

    4. Gass station recipt, how convenient, how about witness and survailance from the gas station?

    5. “I dont know, if she was kept somewhere for a while, maybe as someones sex toy” he stated that, without any disgust or distress, but cries when he kisses her skull goodby?!

    6. Who the f… request that the coroner assemble the bones, Walls around with her skull for a Long period of time, and then are ok to drive home afterwards?!

    7. Sleeps with her remains, talks proudly about having her remains, and says he never willl share them with her son pistol, allthough the only problem he had with pistol, was that he though, he never would amount to anything, and that he was annoying him.

    It’s 100% rob, their marrige was comming to a close, because he was overprotecting of her, he was even jalous about her son and her friends.

    No one who was madly in love with their wife, woulden’ go looking for her, investigate, or talk to every one in the county.

    Prove me wrong?

    Best regards

    Jan, Denmark


    • Susan

      The detective states that Rob is not eliminated from being the murderer, only that the time line greatly reduces the chance that he could have done it. Maybe they are still trying to dispute the timeline he has because they strongly believe it is him too.


  97. Stephanie

    It feels like Rob’s alibi is to convenient. He is a total sociopath. Who keeps a mother away from her child like that?!? Also, the way he was shaking during his interview, it was Rob 100%


  98. Laura

    d’après mon avis personnel Rob aurait étais capable de tuer Patrice pour la garder rien que pour lui , certain de ses propos laisse a penser qu’il n’aimer pas que Patrice soit amis et parle avec d’autre que lui et la relation mère fils qu’elle avais ne lui plaisait le fait qu’il dorme avec les cendres de son épouse laisse penser qu’il aurait besoin d’un suivi psychologique si ce n’ai pas déjà le cas après ce n’ai que mon avis mais pour moi Rob n’est pas innocent même si ce n’ai pas lui qui a tuer Patrice quelque chose chez lui me pousse a penser tous cela


  99. Wil

    Wat mij meteen opvalt aan deze zaak is dat er wel kleine opvallende aanwijzingen zijn, maar dat die bijna alleen maar theoretisch verklaarbaar zijn, en dat bijna alle mogelijk te lasten te leggen feiten in dit gehele moordproces van A tot Z lijken te zijn verduisterd.
    Een opvallend iets vind ik bijvoorbeeld het terrein waar haar lichaamsresten zijn gevonden.
    Op dat terrein komen bijna nooit mensen, en daar leven ook hongerige wilde vleesetende dieren, wat ideaal lijkt om eventuele sporen gewist te krijgen.
    Behalve dat haar stoffelijke overschotten verspreid zijn aangetroffen, laat dat een complotscenario van een zelfmoord uitgesloten.
    Alles lijkt erop dat cij onder extreme druk is ontvoerd en gechanteerd, omdat de klus zo snel en constructief mogelijk geklaard moest zijn.
    Zo kunnen mensen noodgedwongen voor alles toe in staat zijn, zelfs om onbewust de dader te assisteren om zijn eigen aanleiding achter deze moord zo goed mogelijk te verduisteren.
    Echter lijkt het mij heel verstandig om nog veel meer onderzoek te doen met de stoffelijke overschotten van het slachtoffer, om zo mogelijk meer detail te vinden over de mogelijke dader/en of verantwoordelijke achter deze brute moord.
    Immers is er volgens mij nog niet zo heel erg veel bekend over de werkwijze van de dader, en de eventueel mogelijke leefstijl van deze dader.
    Er bestaat een kans meer te weten te kunnen komen over de relaties van de dader en zijn mogelijke verbanden met mensen vooraf aan deze moord, als er meer detail beschikbaar is over gevonden stoffelijke overschotten.
    Wat mij nog meer erg opvalt aan deze zaak is het soort relatie die het slachtoffer onderhield met haar partner!
    Aan het soort gedrag van de man in de relatie met het slachtoffer is niet uit te sluiten dat hij niet te verduren heeft gehad met extreem jaloerse gevoelens.
    Het lijkt er zelfs op dat dit alles naar een heel professioneel zedendelict uitwijst.
    De man was gescheiden en zich niets bewust van al het voorafgaande leed tussen de onderlinge verhoudingen in de relaties tussen Patricia en zoon, en misschien zelfs niet eens over zijn eigen relatie met Patricia, en hoe die 2 relaties onderling verder moesten ontwikkelen.
    Ik vermoed dat de mannelijke partner extreem jarloers is geweest en zichzelf erin liet geloven dat hij niet kon verder leven zonder zijn vrouw Patricia, en dat hij daarom zichzelf had voorgenomen dat als hij niet meer van haar, met haar, mag samenleven dat er dan maar geen van ons twee nog gelukkig zal leven.
    Ik vind het ook opmerkelijk dat hij met zijn gedrag met de schedel en het as, niet 100% kan uitsluiten dat hij ze behandeld als een soort van behaalde trofeeen.
    Er zijn te weinig aanwijzingen om deze zaak gerechtigd te kunnen sluiten, echter zijn er ook te weinig aanwijzingen om een zedendelict uit te sluiten.


  100. Eduardo

    Hola. El perfil psicológico de rob demuestra que su relacion nonera sana. Dice que el ña va a proteger siempre. Y ahora tiene sus cenizas y ademas presule del hecho. Es un peful algo psicótico.


  101. Alicia

    Rob says he was getting gas at the time of the abduction. What kind of vehicle does he drive? How much gas does it need? Check the receipts to see how much gas he got and if that amount would actually fill a gas tank. For instance, if he was driving a truck, what’s the size of the tank, how many gallons does it hold? Compare that to how much he spent on gas and what the gas prices were. Why did he get gas at the exact time she was being abducted? I think he hired the murderer and made certain to be seen when she was being abducted. Said he got a degree in criminology. So he knew what he was doing. If the security footage from the gas station can be obtained, though I highly doubt it at this point, just watch him. See if there’s anything out of the ordinary in his behavior at that time.


  102. Rodrigo

    Si la matricula del auto estaba descubierta y la testigo ocular vio que era de Georgia, seguramente vio el número pero no lo registró. Sería interesante descartar la posibilidad de que ese dato exista exista en su memoria mediante una regresión hipnótica.


  103. meg

    Rob and Carole Baskins have a lot in common…


  104. yellowidow3000

    Well,I’m not going to lie about something this important.I seriously thought Rob killed her at first but at the end of the video I realized that I can’


  105. Kevin Estrada

    It was definitely Rob. Keeping her ashes and sleeping with the ashes? That’s an odd behavior. And, why did he change the door locks?


  106. Beth

    Rob 100% did it. Nothing will change my mind about that.


  107. Jen

    Definitely think it was Rob, his demeanor and how he talked on the show is just very odd for someone who lost a person they claim they love, even seems a bit like a sociopath to me.


  108. Alex

    let me just say… when Rob said “ shes mine now.” I felt so weird! He definitely killed her! I’m more than sure about it!


  109. Kickasstrends

    It was definitely Rob!


  110. Jorge

    I just think it was Rob cap


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