A Beverly Hills tennis coach disappears after befriending an eccentric homeless man.

Adam Hecht


Gender: Male
DOB: 1965
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Defining Characteristics: Has burn scars on his right hand
Remarks: Last seen 6/7/89


Beverly Hills, California, is one of the nation’s wealthiest communities, filled with glamorous people living a life of luxury. But there’s another side to Beverly Hills, a growing population of homeless people that live on its affluent streets. In the winter of 1989, one of those homeless found a surprising friend in 24-year-old Adam Hecht.

Two men walking away, one is in a blue and white striped shirt and one is in a blazer.

Adam befriended a homeless man

Adam, the son of a successful Hollywood producer, was born into Beverly Hills luxury in 1965. He spent his childhood surrounded by movie stars, mansions, and privilege. After graduating from Beverly Hills High, Adam made his living as a tennis instructor. All who knew him recalled a bright, independent, and friendly young man. But on the morning of January 10, 1989, Adam’s brother noticed he seemed different. Outside a restaurant where they went to eat breakfast, they met a street person who was apparently blind in one eye. A few minutes later, Adam left their table and went back outside. Harold Hecht is Adam’s brother:

“Adam said, ‘Excuse me.’ Then he went outside and started talking to this person. And I could see him through the blinds, and I couldn’t understand it. I was quite surprised. I didn’t understand his reason for being out there.”

A man in a hoodie is standing with a grocery cart in an alley, there is trash can knocked over.

Police evicted Tony, but Adam was gone

When Adam returned to the table, Harold asked him what they were talking about. Adam said it was nothing, so they continued having their breakfast. After the meal, they left the restaurant and headed towards Harold’s car. But according to Harold, Adam’s encounter with the street person continued:

“Just before I got in my car, I looked back. He was talking to this person. I was very surprised.”

The young man from the street said his name was Tony. Within a few weeks, Adam had invited Tony to move into his apartment. Why? His brother says that Adam was disillusioned with his pampered life. But what started out as a gesture of kindness may have had unexpected consequences. Today, Adam Hecht is missing.

A white sweater and a wallet are on a car seat.

Adam’s wallet was in his car

Soon after Tony moved in, Adam brought his new roommate to his mother, Martine’s, house for dinner. She said she was surprised that her son would give shelter to a street person:

“I thought, ‘My goodness, that’s strange.’ But knowing Adam, the way he is, I really understood it. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, that’s so nice that he wants to help him.’ When I saw Tony and how he talked, and, my God, the smell, it was unbelievable. And, wow, it was scary. It was really scary.”

During the meal, Tony began to wave his hands over his food as if he were blessing it. Still, Martine thought her son and Tony had a good relationship:

“Adam was very, very much wanting to talk about Tony. Adam seemed to understand Tony, and I was led to believe that Tony was really being very kind to Adam as far as helping him grow up as a person and mature. That’s what he said to me, ‘He’s helping me mature as a person.’”

Rebecca Hecht is Adam’s sister:

“At the beginning, Adam was an elite, preppy businessman. He drove a great car and taught tennis. And then he met Tony, and it just all changed. And he became a mystical person, and I just didn’t know him anymore.”

A man in a black coat knocks on a door.

Adam was not in his apartment

With Tony by his side, Adam began to visit a homeless area of Los Angeles and often stayed out on the streets at night. Harold said he wasn’t surprised:

“I know that when Adam sets his mind to something, he really goes whole-heartedly into any type of project. His involvement with street people increased when he met Tony and he started to understand their problems.”

Tony and Adam also shared in strange mystical rites invented by Tony. In one of these rituals, Adam burned his hand severely. According to Adam’s mother, Martine:

“All I know is I saw it, and I said, ‘My God, Adam. What happened to you?’ He said, ‘Oh, I was doing a test of endurance.’”

And then, on June 10, 1989, Harold realized he hadn’t heard from his brother for several days. Concerned, he went to Adam’s apartment. He said that when he arrived, Tony answered the door:

“My brother was not there. His car was not there. And I tried to get in. I said, ‘Where’s Adam? Where’s he gone?’ And in his strange way he didn’t answer the question or seem to really know.”

Adam’s mother said she also went to his apartment and encountered Tony a few days later:

“As I’m walking back down the corridor, he’s following me and he says, ‘Give us a kiss.’ He starts to put his arms around me and it was the most scary thing.”

The family contacted the Beverly Hills Police to file a missing person report and arranged to have Tony evicted. On July 9th, Tony was evicted from the apartment. He made no effort to avoid the police. Local detectives interviewed him and came to the conclusion that he had nothing to do with Adam’s disappearance.

One month later, Adam’s car was found abandoned on a Beverly Hills side street. There were several parking tickets on the windshield. Inside, the keys were still in the ignition. Police also found Adam’s wallet, credit cards, and hundreds of dollars in cash and checks. There were no other clues. Lieutenant Robert Curtis of the Beverly Hills Police Department:

“We wish we knew specifically what happened to Adam Hecht. Apparently, he in the past occasionally had gone away for a few days at a time but always had returned. And whether he did this time and just decided not to return, we don’t know.”

Adam’s brother Harold doesn’t believe he would do that:

“He had a very solid business. He was very active with a number of different people on a number of different levels. For him just to disappear does not fit his character.”

But according to Lt. Curtis:

“We have no real evidence of any foul play or any criminal involvement. So we’re not handling it as a crime, but strictly as a missing person’s case.”

Does Tony know more about Adam’s disappearance than he is telling? Or did Adam reject his former life of luxury and choose to lose himself among the homeless? Martine said she just wants her son back:

“What can I say? I just love him, and I just want him to come home. I miss him with all my heart. It’s not a complete family without him. And I would try and understand whatever he was thinking, and I would not be mad at him in any way. I just want him to just come home because he’s truly loved by all of us and many other people too.”

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season three with Robert Stack and in season eight with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. Patrick

    I think this:
    Adam definitaly had mental problems.He had friendship with homeless persons.He drove rental car and saw homeless person who know or signalizig by that person to stop with car and to come to talk or to be asked about something.He left car went closer, maybe had argument with that homeless person or not, and that person suddenly killed him with hidden weapon (knife for example).That person, or persons got his body and hided it or put it in the water (river,lake,sea,ocean,what is the nearest).So Adam is probably long time dead in area near that car.


  2. LittleBee

    This reminds me of Christopher McCandless. Rich man gives up everything to live a more real life. IMHO he walked away from everything. The car was “found” because he encountered Tony again who told him his family thought he murdered Adam. He left it out to clear Tony’s name. Homelessness is a rough life, plenty of mental illness, violence, and substance abuse. It’s possible that Adam might not be alive because someone else killed him.


    • Roberto Hernandez

      Muy diferente para compararlo con Christopher McCandless. Si fue a propósito dejar que encuentren su vehículo para no incriminar a Tony. Era más fácil dejar una nota. Faltó más investigación policial


    • Nelda

      Maybe Adam did want to leave all the wealth behind and just live a normal life. But if he wanted to clear Tony’s name, why not just send a note to his family or the police and say he just couldn’t take his life anymore and wanted to be around his homeless friends? Why leave his car on a side street? Why not leave it at the airport where most cars are left when people leave? Personally, I believe that either Tony killed Adam so he would have a place to stay. Or maybe another homeless person killed him. I don’t think he would have put his mother and siblings through that worry of not knowing what happened to him. JMHO. Only God and Adam and if he was indeed murdered, the killer knows the truth. Such a sad story.


  3. BB

    I think Adam is alive, at least for a long while after he initially went missing. He just abandoned his family and fully assimilated into the homeless camps. Seems easy to disappear this way. Did the family ever hire a private investigator to scope out the homeless camps?

    Tony didn’t kill him or anything. Unfortunately Tony is a crazy street person so whenever people asked him about Adam years later, he never gave a useful answer.


  4. Roman

    I believe Adam decided to drop out of society… possibly mental illness(Adam).The comment Tony said to the brother a year after disappearance “stay on the streets long enough and you”ll find out’ or something like that…Adam was practicing on becoming homeless


    • Roman

      Harold ran into Tony on the streets and asked if he knew what happened to Adam, but he cryptically answered by saying that if he stayed on the streets long enough he would find his answer.


  5. Sanders

    My theory is this was California 1980’s. How many serial killers was active at the time and location? I don’t think Tony caused Adam harm. Perhaps Adam had an identity issue and found he was gay at a time it was still frowned on. He might have decided to engage in the gay scene and he met with a killer and he was taken, murdered then dumped. I’m wondering what kind of area was his car found in? If in a sketchy area I could understand the reason for the keys and other items being in the car because perhaps he has planned to be just a moment out of the car. If the car was found in a good area he could have decided to leave his life behind and live in a frugal life style. Tony might have shown him a spiritual pathway and so Adam chose to leave his rich life to be more humble. Many people are still trying to figure out who they are in their 20s. It’s hard to really say what truly happened. If he is alive he clearly was fine leaving his existence and those who knew him can’t face the possibility he wanted to live by his own way and knew the family would likely bring him down. Adam seems like he was different and a free spirit type. Him taking in Tony could have been his out. Unless his body is found or he’s found alive I don’t see this being solved. I just hope he found peace in life and has been living life to the fullest and didn’t meet a monster.


    • Thomas

      I know the area where Adam’s car was found and it’s anything but a bad area, it’s off Roxbury which is an elite area. Even in 2024, this is a lovely area with almost no crime.


  6. Julia

    He’s still alive I believe. His brother and Mum know that.
    Poor acting from both of them. No idea why they gone along with it. Maybe for Adams sake as being fed up with the life he had, of being pampered etc. New start maybe. Don’t believe he is deceased. I could be wrong.





    • Nina

      Why are you shouting? If it’s to see the letters, why not just increase the zoom on your browser?


      • Nelda

        Not all capital letters is always shouting. I had a friend who was legally blind and she said using capital letters helps her a lot.


    • Anon

      Also…I think I read also when they went to the appt and the occupant was there it really cold, and smelled bad at the doorstep. Did anyone ever check the HVAC plenum or ductwork for hidden remains?


  8. Jarvis

    Put y’all heads together and use your commonsense the guy tony that he helped and befriended either murdered him or know the true elements of this case but my bet would be that he murdered Adam and exposed of his body in a way that it would never be recovered.dont forget that doing they little spiritual games they was playing involving fire well my theory I believe that’s how tony exposed of Adam remains. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who killed him and I can rule out others involvement for the fact to many time have passed now if it was others involved In Adam disappearance and alleged murder then by this guy tony having knowedge of any other else criminal doing in regards to this case then I believe they would had killed tony a long time ago but yet and still this guy is still alive still a plain wack job then I would say that he knows all about this case and even been the prime perpetrator in this case all alone it’s just that all these decades noting not a successful police wide manhunt if it was one produce no body so it’s not even any direct evidence to point to a crime or if Adam is deceased but it’s one postive hope now In this case that due to the passage of time and Adam is still missing for more then 33 yrs now that evidence now should prove that he met with foul play and authorities should really believe now he was murder and I believe tony should be charged it’s nothing else left in this matter as far as locating Adam you have to remember this happen in the 80’s so to many time has past that’s like a lifetime ago only thing now is prosecuting tony the last person to had seen Adam alive because I believe all to well he killed adam


    • Molly

      Jarvis please proof read before you write. Thank you


    • John

      If Tony killed Adam in any form or fashion I don’t think he is smart enough to be able to get rid of the body. If Tony didn’t it I really think the body would have been found. I feel Adam brought Tony into his life so when he disappeared people would think Tony did it. And does anyone know if Tony and Adam where a couple. The only way I would move someone in with me is if she wants sharing my ️️


  9. Tomasly

    The hand burns were very likely a sign of an abusive relationship. I have been there.


  10. Thetruthisnicel

    I think Tony did it because of the fact that he took over his apartment and never called the police to report him missing. This says a lot. This is not normal for an innocent person who cares about someone.


  11. unsolvedfanatico

    Tony killed him. It wasn’t solved because…..
    1. There was no body found
    2. No evidence (I don’t believe it was done at his apartment, also the family waited too long to call the police so any evidence would be long gone anyways)
    3. The LAPD isn’t exactly known for being top notch
    Any chance Tony and Adam were romantically involved? Or maybe it was one sided? Did Adam get involved with drugs and/or purchasing male prostitution? Was Tony involved in these things as well? Either way it is very sad. No one deserves to be murdered.


  12. unsolvedfantico

    My guess is Adam and Tony were lovers and it turned bad.


  13. Bonnie

    There are some really ignorant comments on here, but they’re to be expected. I think Adam had a mid-life crisis/life-altering paradigm shift when he met Tony. Whether he knew how good he may have had it or what he was getting into or not, he wouldn’t be the first to want to escape the illusions stress and expectations of being a priveleged “successful” person. Many have chosen to leave their lives behind in search of freedom, peace, simplicity- whatever it might be to them. The way he just left his apartment, his car, his wallet, even his preppy sweater behind makes me believe that’s what happened. And although it is tragic for his family he probably knew they’d never understand it. Whether he’s out there and found what he was looking for or he ran into trouble along the way and met his end, we might never know but I don’t believe Tony did anything to him.


    • Michael

      My thoughts exactly. Especially considering that there was no mention of of Adam having children of his iwn or any other passion-fueled relationships outside his immediate family. His age of mid kate twenties seems to fit this bill as well. As for Tony, he never made an attempt to alert authority because he did not care either way. He looked out for himself and even had little to no appreciation for Adam’s kindness. Although I believe Tony was obviously omitting information crucial information about the disappearance of Adam.


    • Ben

      Mid life crisis???? He was 23


    • Thomas

      “Mid life crisis!?” He was 23 when he vanished.


  14. Thata

    Eu vi pessoas falando que Tony era conhecido como uma prostituta gay. Será que esse algo em comum, entre Adam e Tony seja isso? Adam talvez seja gay! Talvez Tony possa saber algo sobre Adam, ou até mesmo sua família. Se Tony era negro e a família de Adam falava tão mal sobre ele, talvez não só por ele ser negro, mas também por ele ser uma prostituta gay. Sua família poderia saber que Adam era gay, e possa estar envolvida nesse “desaparecimento”. Ou Adam apenas queria viver “livremente”, e acabou virando um morador de rua. Essa é a minha opinião, peço que não me levem a mal!


  15. Alexis Gerth

    Just because Tony was cleared does not mean he did not do it. Sometimes investigators were wrong, and maybe Tony is just good at lying. I do not think Tony killed him, I think Tony may have given him the idea for him to disappear, maybe to start over as a homeless person to see what his life was like.


    • j

      Yea but he wouldve contacted his family tho. I don’t think Adam was that type of person to just abandoned his friends and family.


  16. Jen

    To every one saying ‘Tony did it’ -Tony was investigated and cleared.


  17. Lorrane

    Dado os fatos, pode-se dizer que Adam trocou de lugar com o Tony. Se procurar nas ruas irá encontra-lo, ele deve ter perdido o sentido da vida, não achando ser merecedor do que tinha, ou simplesmente ele perdeu o prazer em ter “tudo”.


  18. Monica

    Maybe Adam IS living among the homeless bc why would his car and money still be there? Tony is most likely severely mental.. Its weird for him to be gone so long though. Maybe this is a case where its solved and the family is embarrassed and wants it to be forgotten therefore no update. Id want it to be forgotten if my son chose to live on the streets. Its a man like that in EastChicago Indiana. His street name is TT. He plays dumb and he lives on the street but he came from a well off family that stayed in the city. He didnt have to live like that. Sure made our childhood fun though smh Maybe something happened to Adam out there or he was found and again, no update? This case makes no sense at all.


  19. Monica

    why would the homeless guy kill Adam though? Did he rob him? I saw the story several times but didnt read all of the jargon up top lol. Im gonna read the blog that the crystaldawn person posted if its still available. This entire case is just strange.


  20. Louis

    “Tony” the homeless guy killed him. Police are so dumb and brainwashed by leftwing politics they’re afraid to accuse the guy because he’s black.


  21. Jason

    Thanks Chrystaldawn, for the only use post on this page.


  22. Candycase

    This is the baffling? So many things could have gone wrong. Adam befriended Tony for reasons only known to him. The world is full of uncertainties. Adam seemed like the type of person that had a heart and would help anyone out in situations. Just because someone is homeless doesn’t mean that they are out to do someone harm. Though it does appear like Tony has a few issues . That might not even be his real name. Living on the streets there is a lot everything. A lot dark passages you could go down. It seems like Adam had freewill in his decisions . so it seems like Adam was exploring himself and was experiencing a different view on live. Tony played a part of that. It doesn’t mean there was anything malicious behind Tony or that he was responsible but doesn’t rule that out. Adam had Tony move in with him. So they had to have shared some intimate moments together. Tony probably knows more of Adams where abouts then anybody. For whatever reason Tonys behavior after they family found out Adam was missing was a bit odd. Would like to know what the police report said about Tony and if they felt like Tony knew something or had any info on the last time he saw Adam. For all we know Adam could have run into something that was foul play, he could have just walked off and left his old live to go for a new one. something could have happened between him and Tony? The part that get me is Adam’s car. His wallet and the money left behind. A folded sweater on the front seat. His car keys left in the car. Did he simply walk away? Was there foul play? Did he park his car and walk away or did someone else park it there and Make it look like he walked away? You can almost rule out robbery ? sense money was left behind. I don’t know if the family hired a private investigator but Prayers that family. Its a really sad. No mother wants to wake up and find out their son is missing with little answers. Hope someone can shed some light on this unfortunate case.


  23. Crystaldawn

    My latest blog article is an in-depth story on Adam Hecht. I spoke exclusively with his brothers Harold Jr. and Duffy as well as the Beverly Hill PD. The most comprehensive and accurate writing about his disappearance online. Here is the link. https://lostnfoundblogs.com/f/adam-hecht-searching-for-answers


  24. johny

    Tony killed him.. He did mentioned to his family about walking on the streets with him and if they do so he’s gonna show them where Adam is.. Adam’s body is probably in the street where those homeless ppl b sleeping at.. it’s hidden around somewhere around there..I think the police can still question some homeless ppl that’s still living around there


  25. Bill Blaski

    Why are they not locating Tony? Put out a APB for Tony. He must know what happened


  26. Wanda

    This is so sad. It has been over 20 years since this happened and after looking at the Unsolved Mysteries episode, it is hard for me to imagine what could have happened to Adam. I cannot imagine what his parents must have gone through or is still going through. I pray that their son will be found. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes good things happen to bad people. We may never understand this but it is a part of life.


  27. Gaurdian

    It will never be solved. Tony accidentally killed Adam during a bizarre ritual. Tony was a known gay prostitute and may have been murdered himself, he hasn’t been seen since 1997.


    • Jason

      What? According to Chrystaldawn’s link, Tony is alive and his brother spoke with him. This story reminds me of the other young man who was a respected stock broker who left his “fortunate” life and was found wandering in the desert, looking for “the beast.” I think at this point, it’s unlikely he’s still alive and maybe suffered a similar fate as the stockbroker?


  28. Bi

    I’m sorry but it’s just silly to call these people racist. They suspected Tony because he took over Adam’s life. Whether or not he is responsible we will probably never know, but it is entirely reasonable to suspect him. He was living in his apartment. Whatever colour he is, his behaviour is suspicious. Just because these people are white and wealthy, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are motivated by racism. They may be racist, we don’t know that — but they have a perfectly good reason entirely not about race to suspect Tony and want him further investigated.


  29. Nicholas

    He was probably killed during a bondage session with Tony. Tony tied a rope around Adam’s neck just a bit too tight and strangled him to death. Tony was well known around the skid row area as a gay prostitute. Tony disappeared around 1996.


  30. Girlywifey

    I looked at the link for the University of Mexico faculty member listed here and I do see a resemblance to the missing person. Has anyone tried calling or emailing him?


  31. Sandra

    This is so strange. Like, if he were homeless why didn’t he just take the money or maybe he knew that it would’ve been too obvious for police? Or he he didn’t have anything to do with it? It’s really hard to tell what really happened to him because you never really know a person’s true intentions. It’s confusing. Maybe, Adam had planned to kick him out and Tony wasn’t having it so he made him disappear… I do hope they find him. This is really sad. If Tony has something to do with it, he should at least tell the family where Adam is located.


  32. Jamie

    Please step forward and tell us what you know. This has went on to long.


  33. Lou

    You race baiters are clueless. How do you know if the Hecht family was racist? The father was a successful producer who likely worked with all races. There is nothing wrong with the family suspecting Tony. Common sense would lead one to believe that the turning point in Adams life was when he met Tony. If everything that was covered in the story is true, especially the part about Tony saying stay in the streets long enough for your answer, then there’s no doubt something is there. Anyone that thinks otherwise are the same people that think OJ is innocent. Ignorant racist.


  34. thinkingoutloud

    Such a strange case. I think Adam’s abandoned car was a fake set-up, to make it seem like he walked away from everything. It is suspicious why Tony sparked up this friendship with Tony, but maybe he did have some sort of spiritual seasoning for it. I agree too maybe Tony accidentally killed Adam and disposed of the body. It’s sad the family looked down upon Tony like they did, just because he is homeless doesn’t mean he’s any less of a person.Sad there are no clues. And i also find it odd his wealthy family didn’t do more to investigate it. They just had Tony evicted. Seems like there was no other follow ups after Tony left, no other details of research for clues/evidence, very strange. Like did they ask the apartment landlord anything? Or any of his friends? Coworkers. Seems like for a very successful person this family would have done more than the minimal to locate him. Hey, maybe the family was involved….


  35. Bill Blaski

    Any updates regarding Tony or Adam?


  36. BookWorm

    Just saw this episode on Unsolved Mysteries. The racist family of Adam Hecht was sickening to watch. I do not believe Tony approached the mother calming to “Give me a kiss”. Without any proof except the fact he was homeless and black the family basically looked down their long filthy noses. The ignorant brother was so dramatic (clearly he was acting the part of a sorrowful brother). What homeless person you know would kill someone- yet not take the $600.00 dollars inside Adam’s wallet. If the police had no reason to suspect Tony-then who appointed the racist Hecht family judge & jury? If I were Adam I would be disgusted with my family and leave as well.


    • Tyler S

      It’s a tv reenactment and you’re saying it was racist? C’mon..


    • Shay

      You are really pathetic clearing ignorant. Go back to the rock you crawled under book WORM


    • Donavan S.Delvecchio

      Very well said BookWorm! I’m glad someone spoke up it’s about time.


    • Aaron Asher

      Couldn’t agree more! Anyone who disagrees either hasn’t seen the episode or is simply an idiot.
      Of course they are racist scum, it was late 80’s-early 90’s in Beverly Hills. 99% white people lived there. To them, black people were the parasites of life.
      Of course they blame Tony! He’s the perfect person to blame. Poor, black, homeless.
      Plus, it’s a fact that loved ones of a missing person or a murder victim have to have someone to blame. Even if the real culprit hasn’t been caught. It just makes it easier to cope.
      And the brother, omg, I’m shocked that others didn’t recognize how fake he was being. How awful his melodramatic acting was. All I wanted to do was punch him in the throat.


    • Caspar

      “…their long, filthy noses…”? You mean their Jewish noses, right? And you say THEY are racist?


  37. RR

    Adam is probably dead and the cause of death can be attributed to acute liberalitis. The leftist establishment has brainwashed the minds of many White people and caused them to champion the principles of self-hatred, diversity, and the multicult. Afflicted individuals sometimes travel to Africa and are later found to have been murdered by the natives they were trying to help. The college professors and the Hollywood movie producers along with all the rest that preach White guilt propaganda played the biggest role in this man’s disappearance/death, and they all need to be locked up for all of the death, destruction, and misery they have caused. Diversity is not our strength and that is no unsolved mystery.


  38. Beccaboo

    Can anyone tell me which episode the Adam Hecht segment is? On season 8 with Dennis Farina.


  39. dj

    too many holes in this entire story….. parents had money. so did they hire a private investigator? tony who was the last to see adam should have been kept in the apartment at all costs to monitor him…….this story makes no sense


    • Libertango76

      dj, I agreed. I would have kept Tony around, get him some mental health therapy to see if he could/would help me locate my son. While watching this I kept thinking about the Menendez Brothers.


  40. Anonymous

    I could have ended up like this myself, I was depressed and suicidal and in an institution yet on the outside had an apartment and job while in there I took pity on a fellow whack job and would have let him move in with me if I could have. Luckily it didn’t end that way the point is to keep your sanity and wits about you, don’t allow pity and insecurity to ruin your life.


  41. Chanita

    That baffles Me How Did Adam Go Missing I Think Tony Knows A Whole Lot More Then He Saying!


  42. Owen O'Kane

    in the nineteen nineties i was sleeping rough in slough berkshire uk and i met a man with American accent he told he came from Calf he first name was Adam but he spelt his surname Hight not Hecht his was aprox 5 foot ten heavy stuble on the face a scar on left hand side his face poss a scar on his hand i last seen him in a area of slough called chalvey
    i left for ireland in Oct 1995 this is true Statement


  43. Something is wrong

    Their family had money and put in barley any effort.. they seemed resentful of their less materialistic and open minded son,


  44. Craig

    Tony killed him


  45. callie

    my theory is that he joined a cult and fell away from society, moved off grid.


  46. bhcp

    He’s been dead for a very long time.


  47. Anonymous

    Seems like Tony has a few screws missing.. Some reason Adam befriended this Tony dude. Who knows what their relationship consisted of. However the burn on Adam’ s hand rises a red flag. Some sort of weird ritual and test for endurance. Sounds like Tony is a crack pot and he took advantage of Adam’s generiosty. Something happens to Adam and Tony knows. My theory is Tony killed him maybe accidentally. Sense no one knows anymore about this Tony guy. Then its easier for things to slip through the cracks. Adam didn’t walk away from is life. If he did then someone would seen him or there would be sightings. The fact that his car is left abandoned is suspicious. The cops should have checked the apartment thoroughly. I am sure if they looked hard enough back then something would have come up.That tony guy knows more then he let on.


    • Joi Graham

      Idk Tony doesn’t seem to be intelligent enough to be able to cover up the crime I would think if he did it would have happened at the apartment and there would have been some kind of evidence of foul play idk just sayin


    • BookWorm

      You do not know what kind search was conducted in Adam’s apartment. Just saw this episode on Unsolved Mysteries. The racist family of Adam Hecht was sickening to watch. I do not believe Tony approached the mother calming to “Give me a kiss”. Without any proof except the fact he was homeless and black the family basically looked down their long filthy noses. The ignorant brother was so dramatic (clearly he was acting the part of a sorrowful brother). What homeless person you know would kill someone- yet not take the $600.00 dollars inside Adam’s wallet. If the police had no reason to suspect Tony-then who appointed the racist Hecht family judge & jury. If I were Adam I would be disgusted with my family and leave as well.


      • Ryan

        I could not agree more. The way Adam’s brother frowned down upon him for speaking with Tony, a homeless person, as if he was not deserving of some sort of dignity and decency is gross. Also, I believe his mother greatly exaggerated Tony’s actions. This may be anecdotal, but lots of black people I know will give me a hug when they see me; it’s a cultural difference between white and black communities. That being said, it seems like Tony wanted to give Adam’s mom an innocent hug, possibly even a peck on the cheek, and she over-exaggerated because she was revolted by the thought of a homeless black man, much less one sharing an apartment with her son, showing affection toward her.

        Did Adam have some sort of mental illness? It’s hard to say. Is it possible he wanted to get away from his nut bag family? I can’t speak for Adam, but I know I would want to get away if I had a family like his. One thing is for certain: none of his family members’ accounts of events can be trusted. They have such negative biases about the poor, the homeless, and black people, I do not believe their version of events is credible. Even the way the eviction process was portrayed, with the family and police scoffing at Tony for being poor, was sickening to watch. This episode epitomizes how the elite treat everyday, common peasants.


      • Not always a race issue

        Not everything is about race Bookworm. Many people born with a silver spoon in their mouth act exactly like the brother did when people of a lesser financial status comes around them. Even worse when it involves a homeless person. Get over yourself and stop perpetuating the race war.


        • Blackgirlmajic

          It’s always a race issue when it comes to a privleged white man who goes missing and the last person to see him is a black homeless man whom he took in


  48. Reality

    He’s been missing for almost 30 years? Don’t you think he’d be dead?


  49. Nydata

    What is Tony’s full name. His real name?????


  50. Art

    Why all the pictures here are from people dont showing their face?


  51. Anonymous

    Doesn’t this look like Adam Hetch now?


    Idk they look so similar


  52. Kandie

    That’s very strange but I hope you will find him.


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