A young woman is abducted from a payphone while talking with her fiancé just seven blocks away.

A young woman, Angela Hammond, with crimped blonde hair and pink dress.
Angela Hammond


Gender: Female
DOB: 2/9/71
Height: 4’11” to 5’
Weight: 120 to 140 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Remarks: A $16,000 reward is being offered for leads in this case. Abductor was a filthy, bearded man who wore glasses and overalls. He drove a late 1960s or early 1970s two-tone green Ford pickup truck. The back window was completely covered by a decal of a fish jumping out of water.


Clinton, Missouri is a quiet farming town in the heart of America. Normally, the peaceful region feels insulated from big city crime. But that sense of security was shattered after a popular young woman was abducted and possibly murdered.

A Ford pick up truck driving down an empty street at night.

The man drove off with Angela

Angela Hammond was an outgoing 20-year-old known to everyone as Angie. Her fiancé, Rob Shafer, was a star athlete in high school. When he gave Angie a diamond engagement ring, he promised to always take care of her.

Following a barbecue on the evening of April 4, 1991, Angie dropped Rob off at his house and said that she would call him a few hours later. According to Rob:

“That was about ten o’clock. I was going to meet her back uptown as soon as my mom got home. I was watching my little brother at the time. And she called later on that night.”

As promised, Angie called Rob about an hour later from a payphone in the center of town. She was just seven blocks from his home. According to Rob, Angie mentioned a truck had circled the block a few times:

“She said it was an older model green Ford pickup truck.”

Angie was unconcerned until the truck parked by the phone booth. Then the call took a disturbing turn:

“He used the phone next to her, got back in his truck, and looked at something with a flashlight. She described the flashlight to me over the phone. He was looking for something. I had her ask him if he needed to use the phone. Maybe the other phone was broken. And he said, no, he’d try again in a minute. Then we just talked about other things. We weren’t too worried about it. And that’s when I heard her scream on the phone. I heard her scream. The only thing that went through my mind was getting up there and finding out what the hell was going on. I just dropped the phone and ran out of the house. I didn’t hang the phone back up, and just headed up there.

As Robbie was driving towards the pay phone, a pick up truck sped past in the other direction:

“Somebody yelled out the window, “Robbie!” That’s how I knew it was them.”

A map of Missouri highlighting the locations of three cities: Clinton, Macks Creek, and Nevada.

Were other reported abductions related?

Rob turned around on the street and chased the pickup through downtown. But he didn’t realize that when he threw his car into reverse, the transmission had been severely damaged. Rob said that he chased the pick up for two miles before the transmission failed:

“It started dying as I was making my right turn. This guy turned off to the right. All I saw was his brake lights and dust.”

Marsha Cook is Angie’s mother:

“Rob blamed himself for it because he always told her he’d be there to take care of her. And he tried. He did everything that could be done. Nobody blames him, but I think he thinks that people blame him.”

Rob said that he often still thinks of that night:

“The beginning is the hardest because you know you were close enough to get him, but you just didn’t get the job done. And you still wake up at nights, wondering where she’s at, wondering what happened, wondering if anybody’s still looking. You’re just wondering all the time.”

The back window of a pick up truck with a decal of a large fishing jumping out of water.

The suspect’s truck had a decal on the window

Angie’s kidnapping sent shock waves through the town. The police and citizens searched far and wide, by both air and land, but found nothing. The best hope for cracking the case rested on locating the pick up truck. According to Detective Damon Parsons of the Clinton Police Department:

“We had some assistance from the Missouri state highway patrol that did a computer search on all registered vehicles. Through their help, we had 1,600 possibilities that we had to check as far as color and whether they had any mural in the back window.”

But none of the possibilities were a match. The police had based their investigation on Rob Shafer’s testimony. And when no witnesses could back up his story, Rob himself became a suspect. But Angie’s mother, Marsha, said she never suspected him:

“I think it was natural that people wondered, ‘Did the boyfriend do it?’ But my feeling was, I’ve known the kid all his life, and I never doubted for a minute that he had anything to do with it.”

Within a week, Rob was cleared. Shortly after, police connected Angie’s abduction to two other unsolved cases within a hundred-miles of Clinton. The first had occurred three months earlier near Macks Creek, Missouri.

On January 19,1991, forty-two-year-old Trudy Darby was working alone in a convenience store. She called her son to report a suspicious man loitering outside. Trudy’s son hurried to the store but found it deserted after just ten minutes. Two days later, Trudy was found on a riverbank ten miles from the store. She had been fatally shot twice in the head.

Angie’s kidnapping stunned the community

About a month later, 30-year-old Cheryl Ann Kenney was reported missing in Nevada, Missouri, roughly 70 miles from where the body of Trudy Darby had been found. On February 28, 1991, Cheryl Ann had also vanished from a convenience store where she worked. She has not been seen since. Then, less than one month after that, Angie Hammond was abducted. Det. Parsons thinks the three cases are linked:

“If Angela is found, it might provide a link that relates to, for example, Trudy Darby. Or if Cheryl’s found, maybe that will be a connection to Trudy Darby and how she was murdered.”

Authorities suspected that a serial killer was on the loose in west-central Missouri. Angie’s mother Marsha said that she just wants answers:

“If anybody out there sees anything, if they could put themselves in our place and know how we feel and how heart-wrenching it is that she was taken. Even if the guy that took her sees this, if he would just call and let them know what he did with her.”

UPDATE: On the 30th anniversary of her disappearance, new details were provided to the public. Investigators are working a theory that Angela was mistaken for another woman who was being targeted in the aftermath of her father’s legal affairs. This man had acted as an informant in a narcotics case and received a note threatening the life his daughter, also named Angela. The note was sent on April 4, 1991, the very evening of Angela Hammond’s abduction. Authorities believe that, due to their similar names and appearances, the two women were mixed up and Angela Hammond was mistakenly abducted. As of April 2021, that theory is still being investigated.

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  1. Suzanne

    I believe a drug dealer got a ransom note shortly after Angela was abducted so police have always believed the wrong Angela was abducted. The dealer had a daughter with same name. WTS, not sure how the abductor would have known her name was Angela so I’m not buying it but that’s what the “news” says. I think this was a stranger abduction, sadly, and her boyfriend and family have gone through hell. Horrible story.


    • Tom

      Well the hitman could have thought it was her due to her similarity in appearance, and he also could have heard her say her own name on the phone. It’s such a small town, and that was the only public pay phone at the time, so it wouldn’t be so rare to run into someone you know there. To me a stranger abduction seem less likely than being confused for the wrong person in a very small town.


  2. Rick

    Police checked records for vehicles registered in Missouri but I wonder if the abducter might have been from Kansas which isn’t very far from Clinton, from one of the border towns like Fort Scott or Pleasanton?


  3. Maybe

    Did anyone ever consider that it was a CHEVY truck with a Ford tailgate?


  4. Bearcat

    The story sounds really contrived to me. A podcast showed the pay phone being only seven blocks from his house. If she was so tired why stand there talking for nearly 30 minutes?

    I’d say her fiancé more than likely killed her and his vehicle broke down on his way back from the lake nearby. Where he probably dumped the body. I wonder if they dragged the lake.

    Do we know much about his life since her kidnapping? I’ve heard he has remarried but what happened in those years right after?

    We had something similar happen in Cincinnati in the mid 90s. Turns out his family was in on it and the local police helped sweep it under the rug. Gave them time to hide evidence.


    • Doug

      Lol middle aged white women have to stop watching true crime. Nothing but a witch hunt . They think they know what they are talking about based on the fact that they watch dateline lolol


  5. monica taborda

    I don’t know why they think that rob did it or had something to do with the disappearance of his girlfriend angela, he would have no reason to do that, for me he is not to blame for what happened, I hope she is still alive


  6. Kathryn Nassar

    Here’s a few things, the phone booth she could of stopped because she planned to tell Robbie that she just wants to go home to bed, then planned to call her mom right after so her mom doesn’t worry. In the 90’s it wasn’t unknown for people to not have landlines in their homes as it could be to expensive. While she could have drove over go Robbies house, talk to him then call her mom from there to go home. She simply could have preferred to not to deal with a child and/or her future mother in law ’cause she was that tired.

    Also I know this happened, in ’91 but I kinda wonder if it’s not also connected to the Springfield Three. As there was also a green vehicle involved there.


  7. Jerry

    Why on earth didn’t he alert the Police the moment he heard her scream down the phone?
    He should have alerted Police, told them where she was and then set off to rescue her.
    Also, i find it very hard to believe that he arrived there just as the truck with the kidnapper and Angela in was speeding away, and him hearing her yell his name with the window down is abit of a coincidence, how would she recognise his car in that moment?
    Also, why didn’t he tell her to run for her life as soon as the kidnapper parked up acting suspicious?
    Sorry, but it makes no sense at all.
    Going to Police with hardly any details of the man or truck registration number is just a waste of time.

    I sincerely hope and pray that Angela is found alive and well.


    • Chris G

      I understaand you in many ways but if you look in his prosective I think he was to much in shock you know?.


    • Casey

      Hi Jerry! This is Casey. I find this case very interesting and thought I’d give my opinion on your comment! I believe that It all seems like something out of a movie. The way he came right when the car was speeding away. It’s possible that she was just repeatedly screaming to Robbie for help as he was the only one who was aware of her situation. Your mind is racing in situations like these and it can seem almost impossible to think. Robbie’s judgement was clearly clouded which would explain why he did not contact the police. I hope that this helps you with any questions. This is just an opinion. I am NO EXPERT. I too hope Angela is found alive and well.


    • Desi

      I grew up in the 90’s when I was 4 we were able to walk down the street on our own. The most they told us was to never take candy from strangers. Their news was alot slower as well. I mean amber alert wasn’t even a thing til 1996 not that it would have helped her since she was a grown woman So he probably had no idea how to handle it. Although she did just fine describing the truck too him it would have faired better if she’d described what the man looked like. Because once he realized someone saw his truck he could have removed the decal and repainted it. Or junked it.


  8. Rex Hall

    A few things don’t quite add up to me.

    1) Why didnt her fiancé alert the police and order them to get there before he left his house?
    Surly he must have known alerting the police would have given him a better chance at catching the kidnapper?

    2) How did he know which phone booth she was at?

    3) How did he manage to get there just as the kidnapper was driving away?

    Truly heartbreaking.

    She was a beautiful young woman who had her whole entire life taken away from her by an evil kidnapper.
    I truly hope she is found alive after all this time.

    This is a prime example of why women should be extremely careful when out at night. Very dangerous been outside at night.


  9. Jason

    So odd we dont know more about the truck. Did it have a license plate? No one knew about this truck in a small town? It’s RARE to have a decal on the rear window, esp in the early ’90s.
    Has Rob moved on? Does he have a criminal record? I guess there’s an “update”, but almost ALL of these segments involve a “drug ring” in some aspect (Friends to the End, Norman Ladner, Lauria & Ashley, etc).


    • Mimicatz

      Not rare to have that at all, it was pretty popular in the 80’s and it was an older truck…they reduced glare from headlights behind you, but because of their design you still had complete ability to see out…and you could actually remove them and put them back in again, so much preferred over tinting …


  10. Anonymous

    This whole case is weird. They think now it’s linked to a drug case! They had new leads in April 2021. The most bizarre things from this episode were the kidnapper saying, “I didn’t need to use the phone anyway” and that woman that was kidnapped too, that they were showing that had pitch-black eyes!


  11. Vicky

    Seriously, the boyfriend was cleared because he passed a lie detector? More likely his truck broke down on way back from the place he left Angela at. There is no way that Rob, speeding to the scene passed a vehicle speeding from the scene but managed to hear his girlfriend shout ‘Robbieee’?! If that were the case, Angela would have been screaming for help hoping anybody could hear her- I doubt the window would be rolled down in such a scenario. Also, he left his house 7 blocks away, heard his girlfriend shouting as she passed in the opposite direction, he turned around and gave chase for 2 miles before hitchhiking to the nearest police station where he reported the incident- claiming the actual crime had occurred just 15mins earlier? Therefore, he was picked up within seconds of breaking down? Did that driver verify having just passed a speeding green truck? I would take Rob in for questioning all these years later, see how his version now, tallies with his original report.


    • Mimicatz

      Yes, that woman took him to police instead of following the truck as he had asked her to do, and she (as well as two others) verified later they had seen the truck at the phone booth …


      • Dark

        Wait what? From what I understand Robbie told the driver to go to the police station instead of following them? Why would he risk the chance of the police never finding them and instead follow them in hopes of saving his gf which is what he was initially doing before his car broke down?


    • Izzy

      I agree. One thing that could’ve possibly happened that no one has considered is, what If Angela was dropping robbie home because they broke up? and this could tie robbie to the death because robbie said he always “promised to be with her”. Wouldn’t this make sense?? If he killed her due to Angela endind the relationship, Robbie got so upset to the point where he killed her somehow, and then faked his alibi? Because I agree with you Vicki, his story is not adding up.


  12. Linday Frey

    My thing, why would Angie continue to stay and talk on the phone AFTER she saw this creepy guy hanging out? I get the whole using a pay phone. But why not leave when she felt scared enough to mention the guy to rob?


    • Hillary Noble

      Why didn’t Rob tell her to leave? Instead he just kept asking her multiple pointless questions, as if he were trying to keep her there.


      • Michelle

        My question is, if Rob was home babysitting how younger brother, and Angie was at a pay phone 7 blocks away, why didn’t she just drive over to Robs house and hang out with him until his mom came home and then they could go out together? I’m from a small city, and I was a teen in the early 90’s – and if I had a boyfriend that I was waiting for like Rob, I would have just gone to his house. Seems stupid to talk on a pay phone only a few blocks away.


    • Emily

      Exactly. If someone is circling the block while you’re on the payphone, alone in the middle of the night, time to bounce. Don’t give the creep time to approach and ask your partner “oooh what is he wearing?”


  13. Dante

    Sad how some people still think Rob has something to do with the kidnapping. With no concrete evidence to prove otherwise, it’s just pure speculations at this point.


  14. Cardinalsfan569

    Did they ever question Angie Housman abductor?

    Reason i ask is because

    1. Angela Hammond and Trudy Darby go missing in 1991

    2. Springfield Three go missing in 1992

    3. Angie Housman goes missing in 1993

    See a pattern yet?

    The police and fbi need to question him i think he might be responsible but sadly he will probably never talk.


  15. Sheliah Hipps

    I wonder if the killer Rush did this.


    • brian massey

      I’ve investigated this case for many years off and on and of the people that i have investigated that kidnapped Angie one man has stood out as her abductor bc he has done this to over 68 women total in his reign of kidnapping tortureing rapeing murdering women in over 14 years since his first kidnapping and murder. I’ve studied his behavior and how he never got caught doing this to multiple women bc he stayed active looking for women to abduct kidnapp and murder. He kidnapped the 3 women from Springfield Missouri and also buried them close to each other. Larry DeWayne Hall is responcible for abducting Angie and Cheryl Ann and the 3 Springfield women. Larry was a Civil War Enactor and was within a mile of the 3 Springfield women the morning the 3 women went missing. Larry abducted all 5 women and buried them somewhere outside of Reed Springs Missouri. To this day the police and FBI agents will not listen to me since I am a clairvoyant and will not believe me. I do know that the women are buried somewhere in a 7 mile radius outside of Reed Springs.This is just down the road from where Larry was staying due to reenacting the Civil War there at Wilson’s Creek Battlefield in southern Springfield. I just want people to believe me. I would go there myself to look for them bc I’ve seen in vision what the area looks like but I can never get there due to liveing in Arizona. I just want people to believe me. I have investigated soo many murder cases over the years and have helped police officers locate and find victims and murderers for years. Unfortunately I can’t get Missouri officials to listen to me. Those 5 women are somewhere buried near each other outside of this town.


      • Justin Burns

        I’m the host of a podcast called Crime Talk Radio. I’d like to talk to you about Cheryl Anne.


      • Janet

        Interesting. I knew Angela Hammoms mother. I know her Aunt and I wonder if they have ever considered this.I will pass this along to them. I have never beleived the story police have told us. Thanks for posting this I would really like this solved even after all these years.


      • Just A Guy

        the clairvoyant guy…..they have airplanes and cars, that shouldn’t prevent you from coming to MO, there are anyonomous tip lines too, but anyway my 2 cents from what i am reading, is these investigators were new or niave, because if you do the math, and the time line., none of it add’s up, 7 blocks and the guy was still right there on the main drag where he grabbed her? just slowly and casually driving away with her, and left the windows open too, and then Rob’s vehicle conveniently breaks down? how did it make it exactly 7 blocks and then decided to break? how long would it take to go 7 blocks, even speeding? like i said, did the guy slowly walk her back to his truck as if they knew each other, and she got in willingly? she would’ve been kicking and screaming, not A scream, and he would’ve thrown her in there, and sped off, not allowing someone from 7 blocks away, to just happen to get there, but also make sure she was subdued, and if it was related to the witness protection drug case thing, they would use someone more professional, but also, how did the old man in the truck get identified, what he looked like and was wearing, yet no sketches, etc etc, this whole thing is poorly handled


    • Janet

      Who or what is the killer rush?


  16. Sheliah Hipps

  17. Johnny Rodgers

    This episode also terrified me as a child when it originally aired in 1992. Today, I realize I could knock out the evil abductor with one punch to his ugly dirty bearded face. Okay, with that being said and without further delay. The answer is as follows: In April of 2009, new information was brought forth by the Clinton Police Department. They provided a statement to the media claiming they have new evidence in the case, particularly of DNA nature, due to advancements in technology an forensic science, but they never elaborated fully as to what they unearthed. If what the Clinton Police Department claimed in April of 2009 is true and they indeed possess DNA evidence, it’s time to upload the unknown DNA to GEDmatch.com and let Familial DNA crack this case and finally put this thing to rest. The boyfriend was NOT the assailant as he passed a polygraph (not admissible in court) and two independent witnesses came forward saying they saw the same pick-up truck with the fish decal that very night. Also, everything in the boyfriends story was corroborated by the physical evidence. Police found his car broken down where he said the transmission failed and also found Angela’s car abandoned at the very location of the payphone. The boyfriend arrived at the police station mere minutes after his car broke down because he was picked up by a passer-by and arrived there about 15 minutes after the abduction.


  18. Ronald Svetlick

    I guess some of you didn’t listen or read,her and her bf lived together, he was at his mom’s babysitting and she went to hang with a friend,and they were gonna meet up after his mom got home,she called him later to tell him she was tired and she would just meet him at home,she did not have a home phone ,that’s why she used a payphone.


  19. Karen Dixon

    I have read through this long thread and I see alot from all sides. But I wish a few things could be cleared up, before I give Rob a clean slate on this. I am very familiar with Clinton, MO. I know what booth she is said to have used. If he was going to meet her later why did she feel the need to call, only to talk about just small talk. How do we know she even called him? He was watching his little brother, what did he do with him when he went to help Angie? I do not want to think that Rob had anything to do with her disappearance, but. It is a known statistic that most murdered pregnant women are killed by their husbands/boyfriends. People that know him says he is a great guy, but everyone has a dark side. Some darker than others. His devastation and guilt maybe caused by more than he has admitted. Like I said I hope he is innocent, but some of the facts do not add up. The truck he describes was very very common during the time of her alleged kidnapping. The mural of a bass jumping out of the water was also very very common around the Truman Lake area. If she was so concerned about describing the truck, you would think she would have read him the plates. I have a theory of what happened and it is just that a theory. But until I’m proven wrong I am willing to go with it. Angie may very well have called him that night, but I think they got into a fight and he jumped into his car and went to the booth and had her get into his car. He drove south out of town down to Truman Lake and for whatever reason she was killed it may have been an accident. But either way she ended up in Truman Lake. Lots of ways to weigh her down, or maybe put down an old well on Corp ground around the lake. I have no idea how he got rid of the body, but there is no end of the ways he could have done it. The Rob drives back to town and then his car breaks down. How does he explain why he was there when he broke down, how does he explain her car at the booth. How does he explain her disappearance? So he comes up with the stranger in a ford truck story. I don’t believe for a minute that a stranger to the area took her, he would not know the area well enough to dump her body and it never be found. If Rob is innocent I do feel sorry for his loss and what he has went through. But I am skeptical.


    • Susan

      I checked MOcasenet and it says crim./infraction 2018. Docket reads that there was/is a warrant for his arrest in 2018. It looks like he just didn’t show up for court for a speeding ticket though. Still, why not just show up for court instead of letting charges pile up? Anyway, I think the whole story sounds hokey and besides, there are 2 different versions of the story that I’ve been reading.


  20. Johnny Bravo

    These people constantly ranting about “there weren’t cell phones back then” or “people used pay phones all the time” need to just stop being so dense. There was no need for her to use a payphone when she was just SEVEN BLOCKS away from her boyfriends house. The modern equivalent of this bizarre behavior would be if she had pulled over after driving seven blocks and called him on her cell phone from a parking lot in the middle of the night. Again, doesn’t make sense, but there are people who do this and more often than not, they become targets.

    Americans have a really bad habit of justifying stupid, irrational behavior like this. This is why our country is the mess that it is and why it can never be fixed. Americans, in general, refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and always have to blame others, even when their own idiotic decisions lead to death and destruction.


  21. lily

    it’s so sad she was pregnant with a baby it is so sad her and her baby have to suffer on earth or be in heaven looking down on her boyfriend and there baby’s dad


  22. JD

    The one thing that never seemed to add up to me is that Rob Shafer says the first part of the chase was downtown on the city streets….that would leave one to believe that he wasn’t that far behind the truck..so why didn’t he try and get a plate number or part of one in case he lost the truck in the chase ? I mean if the town is that small then his truck would have been pretty close to it. Also, why didn’t he try honking the horn and getting other people’s attention to the fact that this guy was getting away ? I mean other people could have cut the guy off or started following if Rob had made a noise and made a scene on the roads downtown. Course you can chalk that up to him just having tunnel vision and thinking he could get her on his own, but the license plate part still makes me wonder.


  23. Bearcat

    I am sure the cops dusted the pay phone for prints and checked phone records to clear the boyfriend. But this is just all too dramatic. The phone call, boyfriend racing to the scene, chasing the suspect and then car breaks down mid-pursuit. It is possible it was a person passing through on the way to Kansas City or St. Louis. I am not sure how close the town was to the major cities though.
    I am from Ohio but remember hearing about this case. I’m surprised there hasnt been a break in the case.


  24. Dean

    Yes I’m going to blame her for her lack of basic common sense. She had just left Rob at his house so why a few minutes later do you feel the need to stop at a pay phone in the middle of the night to check in with a person you were literally with 10 minutes earlier????? Plus not 1 person has come forward about that VERY distinctive truck……..NOT ONE?????? That is beyond believe. I have to believe Rob had a hand in this. They claim she was pregnant…..He probably did not want it so he got rid of her. That is the only plausible explanation.


    • Nick Machiavelli

      Because she liked her boyfriend and it was a sweet gesture. Because people don’t want to live in a box and like to leave the house. Because this was statistically unlikely. He was cleared. It isn’t always the bf. Your opinion is judgemental, stupid, and really is victim blaming here.


    • Tracy

      Wow, really? She’s gone, she was pregnant and there were not cell phones… How could you be so insensitive?


  25. Lexie

    My heart goes out to Angela’s family and Rob also. They have been through so much. For her family not knowing has to be very hard, not to mention Rob for almost catching up with them. Being a small town, the police just never think something like this would happen. Years ago it use to be safe talking on a pay phone at night. We did it all the time in my small town. After I watched this episode however, I never did it again. I pray that someday the family finds closure, they need it so much, its been too long.


  26. Anonymous

    Anyone think this could be any relation to the 1976 murders of the two girls in Humansville Mo?they were never solved as far as I know.


  27. True Crime Fan

    Part of the problem is that she didn’t give a good description of her abductor. Just that he, “was a filthy, bearded man who wore glasses and overalls”. Not only can this general description describe virtually anybody, it also isn’t anything concrete. All the abductor would have to do is shower, change, and shave his beard and from that he’d effectively eliminate her entire description of him. It’s too late now, but it would have been better to get something like, “He’s a white male, probably in his mid-30s, about 5′ 9, and has a receding hairline.”

    But since this was a small town, there is a good chance he was someone just passing through. Unfortunately this is one of those cases where virtually the only chance for it to be solved is if the abductor/killer comes forward and confesses for some reason, or if someone who knows him turns him in. Other than that, there is virtually nothing that can be done.


  28. Sandy

    Maybe the family should consider contacting Dr Phil to address the case on his show. If Angela is still alive out there somewhere & she’s watching her story on national tv she will know her family & friends love & miss her & want her back her home. If she’s dead then maybe someone out there that knows something will happen to be watching might decide to come forward to locate her remains so her family can have a proper service for her. Either way family deserves closure


  29. Kym Alfaro

    Linden Lure Party… I am interested in hearing more about your encounter with the guy in the green pickup.
    Tori.. I would also like to hear more about your comment about the truck being buried.
    If possible, please call me at 316-323-8394 or text me day or night. Thank you!


  30. Dude

    Jessie Rush and Marv Chaney were convicted of Trudy Darby’s murder. According to this documentary, police fully believe they were responsible for Angela’s and Cheryl’s disappearances as well.


    Jessie bragged about killing more people, and the disappearances stopped once they were imprisoned.


    • Jackson Pierce

      Any idea if this documentary is still available somewhere to watch? When clicking, YT informs that the channel has been terminated.


  31. Ms.Michell Miller

    anyone know what the url is to send in tip?


    • Kal Sisson

      You can send in tips here: https://unsolved.com/tips/

      Thank you for your interest!


      • Blake

        I used to live in clinton…i was at a party when I was younger and wild at the time and some one told me it was thier family member that killed her and put her in a well on a farm… I never said anything because I didnt want to sound crazy…years later i run a reasturant and employeed some one from clinton that I did not know and they heard it was the same person…i hope they solve this


        • brian massey

          Blake they tried to investigate the person furthur your talking about and they never could find anyone. To do this to Angie and then not be able to find her in the Clinton area has baffled everyone bc if that well was there they would of found her in it. To this day police have never been able to find either thing. The person who supposably did it and Angie’s body I truely believe 100 percent of my heart that Larry Dewayne Hall is responcible for Angie’s death and the other 4 missing women from Missouri at that time.


  32. MC

    I’ll bet the owner of the replica truck used in the reenactment knows something


  33. Michael

    I Really wish they would bring this show back on TV with a New Host and New Cases !!!


  34. Elsie

    I was a junior in high school living in Peculiar , Mo just 30 minutes away from Clinton. I remember Angela’s story being all over the Kansas City news and saw her story on unvolved mysteries. The thing I find odd about the whole story is why she had to call her fiance from a payphone. If her mom liked him and thought he was a good guy , why couldnt she call him from her house .Ive always thought Rob had something to do with or Angie herself staged her own kidnapping. Doesnt make sense


  35. Hhh

    Kenneth McDuff was in Missouri at the time, hiding out from Texas police who were looking for him abt the murder of Melissa Northrup, whom he had abducted from a Waco convenience store, and the disappearance of Colleen Reed, abducted from an Austin car wash.

    McDuff was arrested in Kansas City. He wore glasses and had dark hair. He owned a pickup truck. He was executed in 1999.


    • Honey



    • brian massey

      They cleared McDuff in this case. A resturant owner and store employee actknowledged that McDuff was in their town hours before Angie was abducted. McDuff claimed that he never left the area he was in due to the law looking for him.


  36. rose

    if they find soon


  37. rose

    i hope you all find her soon


  38. Valerie

    I remember me and my girlfriend sitting in the front lawn of my grandmas house in Licking, MO and we would of been 8-10 then and listening to the radio and seen this truck and a older white male wearing white bubbed overalls with a red and black flannel shirt and glasses n that exact truck that had slowed way down to almost stopping starring at us so weirdly we had got up and both of us ran inside our houses. After that day I don’t remember seeing that truck except for that day. Still til this day it gives us the hibbie jibbies. I just remember that truck that fish decal and that stare of craziness from that mid afternoon.


    • brian massey

      Valerie I wished you could describe the man that you saw. I firmly believe that this man was indeed Larry Dewayne Hall. He was such a Scraggly looking man that wore overalls and had a thing to spy on people to victimize. I wished you could remember the man that you saw. Larry kidnapped and killed many women in over a 14 year reign through 7 states. He had such a dirty ominous look of a farmer. Larry was a mile from the Springfield 3 women the night they went missing. He had stalked them there at a Diner early in the morning there and then kidnapped them. Larry had done this to over 40 women already at the time the Springfield 3 went missing.


  39. Sharon

    I come from this area and it is a wild desolate area where a body could never be found. I do not think that the Springfield Three had anything to do with the disappearance of the others. The town of Clinton is a long way from Nevada and it would take a troller to know these cities are connected but there is not connection. The town of Clinton is far away and to the east of Nevada. I think the Clinton abduction is a “lone” abduction. The one in Nevada is another story entirely because that is right off the “now” interstate. That interstate is responsible for many fatalities and very bad people roam that eerie road because there is so much vacant land where a body could never be found. Many woods and much vacant land in between. That interstate has no roadside parks on it due to all the weirdos that stay trolling on that road. That is old 71 highway that used to be State owned and now it is I-49 which is now an Interstate. I know all this area and in between like the back of my hand and know where there is all vacant land in between all these little towns.


  40. Doug Dickens

    I first heard about this case, when it was first aired on unsolved mysteries with Robert Stack when I was in my late teens or early twenties.This case has haunted me since then and I am forty six now, I don’t know why I didn’t know the family at all. I think the reason is I can put myself in Rob shoes, although I can not relate to the way he would be feeling while trying to save his fiancee. I think I know I would feel being that close to saving her but not actually being able to. I don’t think he had anything to do with the disappearance, due to the fact that he tore his transmission trying to save her and the fact that they were on the phone at the time. The phone call can be traced back to the payphone by looking at the phone records during the time of the abduction. As far as the her being out that late was stupid because it was unsafe as I just read in a reply, you have to remember that during the eighties it was a different time, back then it was a lot safer than it is now, you could let your kids go walking down the street to a friends house and not have to worry about them being abducted like you do now. Sure the danger was still there just not as common as it is now, so she would of perceived it being safe. I check on this case often to hopefully find out the case was solved on day.


  41. Gingwil

    I think Rob did it; why would she drop him off and then go to a pay phone call him? that is stupid. Rob shows up and then his car breaks and can’t save her. I think the parents trust him too much.
    If Rob followed the truck why didn’t he get a tag number or part of one.

    No girl should be out that late on a pay phone; it is NEVER safe to walk around like that.

    stories like these have made me never let my ids run loose or alone so it saved our lives.


    • Clinton Alum

      I used to live in Clinton & I knew Angie and Rob. 27 yrs ago, it was still very common to use a pay phone. The pay phone she was using was just a couple blocks from The Square. Even on a Thurs night, there would be kids / young adults hanging out and cruising around. 1991 was a different time. It was a safe time. It was common to leave doors and cars unlocked. Clinton was a small town. Clinton was a sleepy town. Clinton was a safe town, even at night. We didn’t really have crime back then. Nothing serious anyway.

      The pay phones were in the open in the Safeway parking lot there at the intersection. She was checking with her huny as promised, as he was going to meet her back up on the Square when him mom got home.
      This was in 1991, not present day, so stop and think before you open your mouth and say something stupid.
      Oh wait, too late.


  42. Kelly Bien

    I think Larry Dewayne Hall killed her


  43. JM

    This case is always on my mind when I get on the Unsolved Mysteries website. I wish that whoever took Angela would come forward and at the very least tell the family where she is so they can have some closure. I cannot even imagine what her family, not to mention Rob, has had to endure all these years. They need this solved. Also, this happened when cell phones were not a part of communication, and Clinton being a small town, I’m sure she felt safe calling from the phone booth. Don’t blame her for her own disappearance. There are plenty of psycho’s out there. The blame needs to go to the abductor. Also, I know just by watching the episode that Rob had absolutely no part in her abduction. You could see in his eyes he was devastated.


  44. Common Sense

    Those claiming that asking why Angela was making a call from a payphone late at night is “blaming the victim” are absolutely brain-dead. Unfortunately, this is common today in our culture, to justify stupidity and lack of common sense. We’re living in a culture of irresponsibility.

    Angela had no legitimate reason to be at that payphone late at night, at a time when there would hardly be anyone around. At 11:15PM that part of the city would be almost completely dead. This isn’t NYC. Even Downtown Chicago is fairly dead at that hour, which is why muggings and rapes still occur in that area without there being any witnesses to those crimes. Even Chicago cops advise extreme caution and to absolutely avoid walking around alone in those parts of Downtown where there is not much pedestrian activity after dark.

    Angela’s bizarre behavior was the height of stupidity and lack of common sense. Why would she need to use a payphone when Rob’s home was only 7 blocks away?? Why couldn’t she have just stopped by his house? Even if she didn’t want to do that for whatever reason, why couldn’t she have called him from her own home?

    She demonstrated very poor judgment, for which there is no excuse. Decent parents always advise their children to not talk to strangers and don’t go out alone late at night. This is called COMMON SENSE.

    With all the rapes, abductions and murders that plague our society, a problem that was just as bad in the 1980s as it is now, intelligent people exercise their common sense in order to avoid potential problems.

    Do you know why most women avoid potentially dangerous situations after dark, such as walking alone down a dark alley or going out to bars and nightclubs alone? Because they know its to their benefit to be safe than sorry.

    How many times on Unsolved Mysteries have there been cases where someone goes out late at night and end up getting assaulted or worse? Like the case of the young guy who lived in the safer part of West Hollywood, which is a very active and densely populated area, and decided to drive to his bank to use the ATM two blocks away at 12AM and ended up being abducted and murdered. He couldn’t have waited to deposit his paycheck in the morning, like his roommate had advised him? Was it really worth the risk of using the ATM that late?

    Again, Rob’s house was just 7 blocks away from the payphone and there was no emergency that required her to use a payphone instead of calling from her own home. Her car had broken down. Considering the fact that her conversation with Rob was just small talk and not concerning anything so pressing that she couldn’t wait to get home first and then call, there was no need for her to take such a risk. With the insanely high rates of rape and sexual violence in our society, there is simply no excuse for putting oneself in such potentially fatal situations when there is no emergency.

    The fact that a few mentally deficient individuals here ignore these facts and insist that any criticism of Angela is “blaming the victim” demonstrates quite clearly that they are incapable of understanding the difference between rational criticism and irrational slander.

    We are all responsible for our actions. If Angela had used common sense and called Rob from her house (to let him know she got home safe) or just went over to his house, which was less than a 10 minute drive from the payphone she was using, she wouldn’t have become a victim to begin with.

    The fact is Angela had no legitimate reason to be using a payphone late at night in an area that is practically dead at that hour. Again, this isn’t NYC or Chicago, That part of town is like a ghost town after 9-10PM.


    • becky

      I grew up in Clinton and know both Angela & Rob. Angela did not live in Clinton. She lived in a neighboring small town that was likely 20-30 minutes away. There were no cell phones then and we used pay ones all the time. She was being responsible by using the payphone. And everyone hangs out on the square, just 2 blocks away ( and the police station is right there). Rob is totally innocent. He was at school the next week and totally in a daze, it was unreal. Whoever took her was not from the area, or someone would’ve recognized the truck. Everybody knows everybody in this area. People left their doors unlocked. So people stop blaming Rob and stop blaming Angela. They did nothing wrong.


      • Honey

        you bless you come from a small town and lived that life, i did, big city ppl just don’t understand. the town i grew up in in Texas was exactly like that one, pay phones on the main roadway. i never thought Rob did it when i saw this.


    • Jacob alewine

      I don’t agree with your statement no one is especting something like that to happen and for a girl it makes it almost impossible to defend herself


    • DW

      I think people who live in small towns are naive and small minded enough to think that things like abductions only happen in big cities. There’s no place that’s completely safe!


    • Rude

      Whether she made poor decisions or not, the fact of the matter is that she is a victim of a crime and the criminal needs to be brought to justice. Your words are incredibly insensitive. Honestly without tact is just cruelty. Crimes like this do set an example for others (don’t go out late at night, don’t talk to strangers, etc). However, there was still a victim and she deserves justice. Use your head next time and don’t look like such an a**.


    • Kelly Hartford

      Thank you so much for that lecture! How much do we owe you? Or was it free?
      You truly sound like some entitled prick who is always trying to correct people and tell it like really is.
      I know that type all too well.
      There are so many holes in your accusations I don’t even know where to begin.
      You Obviously are not from that area, probably never even so much as driven through the state of Arkansas. So how do you know that town was completely dead at that time? Not like it was 3am.
      You keep saying that she should have just gone to see him or just gone home and called from there. But all of that is nothing more than your opinion.
      How do you know that she even had a working phone at home?? This was the early 90’s. Phone bills back then were extremely expensive and sometimes hard to pay and keep up with. How do you even know where she lived? According to another person on here, she lived 30 miles away. For all you know that could have been a long distance call from her house and she was trying to keep from doing that. Or maybe by the time she got home it would’ve been too late to call him. It could have been a number of things.
      I’ve lived in both very large cities and very rural small towns, and there is definitely a vast difference when it comes to what’s going on around there at 11pm. So, unless you have lived in that very town before then you have no idea what her surroundings even looked like at that time.
      I think we all get your point on common sense, but it also differs drastically in many different situations.
      Thanks anyway though.


      • DragonWolfe

        Kelly, my father is from Kirksville Missouri and that is a small town(much like Clinton) in the NE corner of the state . I have been to Missouri every other year since i was 3 and stopped when i was 19. I don’t blame Angela as i would agree it would have seemed safe to call from a pay phone back then. However why is it that when something bad happens to a woman nobody is allowed to criticize her bad or poor judgement such as being out alone late at night, Drinking way to much etc. Don’t you agree that when a person puts themselves in a vulnerable position they have some culpability in that?? Granted the perpatrator is 100% wrong every time, however that doesn’t excuse a person’s failure to exercise caution.


    • Thomas Paine

      It was you, wasn’t it? “She had no legitimate reason to be there…”


    • Rebecca L

      You say “we are all responsible for our actions”, then surely this must apply to the evil, diabolical piece of scum who abducted this young lady? And yet, there is no mention of this. Everything you have written is castigating her actions: “she should have done this” and “why did she do that?”. This is indeed blaming the victim – the onus should be on the wicked man who abducted her, and him alone. Your words are at best unhelpful, at worst, nasty. Yes, of course we should all take every precaution we can to try and ensure our safety but anyone can be a victim of any crime, anywhere and at any time. I can only pray your harsh, unsympathetic words do not come back to haunt you.


    • Heather

      People can take every single precaution imaginable, but that still doesn’t mean that they are 100% guaranteed not to become a victim. Bad things don’t just happen in the middle of the night, they can happen in broad daylight with witnesses around. You could be sitting in your car, minding your own business, and the next thing you know a guy hops in and takes you hostage. You’re probably one of those people who are so high and mighty that you just know everything though, and nothing like this could ever happen to you because you are just so perfect. Judging by your ignorance you’re probably too young to understand that things were different back then. People were more trusting, less paranoid that danger could be lurking around every corner, doors went unlocked, etc, etc. I grew up with shows like these and others like it, which gave me a healthy fear of the unknown, but I’m sure Angela probably didn’t have that luxury, at least not to the extent that I did. Angela was only 20 years old at the time, and probably thought that since she was on the phone with her boyfriend she was relatively safe. Rob was close, and if anything did go wrong, hopefully he’d be able to reach her in time. It’s easy to look back at it and say what Angela should or shouldn’t have done differently, but YOU weren’t there, SHE was, and blaming the victim is not only unfair, but it shows your utter lack of compassion. I sincerely hope that the people who knew and loved Angela never suffer the misfortune of reading your insensitive comment, and others like it, because they have suffered enough already. You should be ashamed of yourself.


      • Sharon JEpson

        Back in 1991 was the beginning of the cellphone and computer era. Many things may have happened before that but I call that time the end of the age of innocence. Back in the 50’s we never used to be scared to walk places or go someplace alone. These kind of things just did not happen. What happened back during the 70’s that made us be this way? The age of innocence is now gone and it seems so sad. Her boyfriend had nothing to do with this. No one in this area did or else he would have been found along with his pickup. Whomever it was high tailed it out of the state. They had to have gone to a state where his truck would never have been noticed. This case will unfortunately never be solved. It would be nice for her family to finally have an ending to this unfortunate abduction and an answer to where and what happened to their daughter. Nothing is strange about what she did. It happened back then. There were pay phones all over the place. One had to be rich to own a cellphone back then. That was terribly unfortunate and sad. It would be an answer to many prayers for us to finally know what happened to her. They say Kenneth McDuff was in the Overland Park are about that time and I can assure you that in knowing one of the people he killed that if it was him the answer is buried along with his body. He could look pretty grungy at times and that sounds like his MO but we will never know for sure. I have said so many prayers for her family to have peace in knowing where her body is and what happened but afraid that will never happen. God Bless her family.


    • Alayssa

      Even if what you are saying is true (which I do not agree with), but for arguments sake, okay she had poor judgement and maybe could of called elsewhere, did she deserve to be kidnapped? Maybe instead of teaching women not to use a payphone because it is dark, we should teach men to keep their hands to themselves. A human being should have the right to go anywhere, regardless if it a ghost town, without having to worry about getting kidnapped. You, as a man, have no idea what it is like to walk around with a chance of being kidnapped. I hope there are no females in your life, because you really do not have a clue.


    • james

      Good for you in your comments. I get sick and tired of the victim blaming excuse for lack of good judgement and risky behaviour,. Of course n one deserves to be abducted, murdered etc. We do live in a world where there is no personal responsibility and the mere suggestion of someone taking responsiblity for their own safety as much as they can gets you accused of ‘ victimblaming’.


  45. Anonymous

    Im usually not scared by these type of things but a police officer told me to look at this and see how dangerous wanding around on the streets in middle of the night was for me to be doing and after i read it my mom told me before my grandpa retired he was working day and night on this case no matter he was at work or home because he knew this family and angie


  46. Not Applicable

    What is terrifying to me is actually something my mother-in-law told me very recently. She has lived in Clinton since her oldest son (my husband) was about 2-years old and she had known Angela quite well, they in fact worked at the same convenience store. The night Angela was adbucted my MiL was scheduled to work but instead called in and Angela took her shift instead. She holds some pretty major guilt for that, and blames herself for her abduction. Hopefully, some day she is found.


  47. Anonymous

    Supposedly, at that time, there was approximately 1600 vehicles to consider, in mo. Vehicles can be painted and window decals can be removed. The “chase” began on city streets, but the chase ended after about two miles, as the un-sub makes a right turn and all Rob can see is brake lights and dust.(?) What was the exact location where this turn occurred? There is no considerable amount of dust on city streets, of course, and a length of two miles would mean that they were almost certainly “out of town”, by then. I wish that I had access to more specific information, but just like all of you, I don’t. Speculation is not evidence. I do feel, however, that 25 years ago, someone knew that individual by his physical description, and the vehicle as well, before it got altered, and they simply did not care enough to report what they knew or suspected.


  48. Anonymous

    I’m sorry to say, but what was she doing at a payphone late at night in the first place?


    • MichLynnTires

      Blaming the victim does no good at all. What was she doing “late at night” (11pm) at a payphone? She was in the area & using a phone to check in with her fiancé, as she had planned. So what was she doing? She was making sure to check in like she had said she would.

      No matter where she was or when she was there, this never should have happened. If he had taken her in early evening would it still be a question of what she was doing there? (I’m guessing your answer would be no.)

      So stop blaming a victim of a crime & start blaming the perpetrator for what was done/may have been done to her.


    • banhearts

      Seriously? I remember when this happened and was just recently reminded. I live not very far north of Clinton. I am 3 years older than Angie and I never dreamed anything bad would happen to me! I worked evening shift at a factory at that time and I can remember being scared out of my mind when this occurred. Up until that point, I would stop without hesitation after midnight when I got off work. It is sickening to me that anyone would even suggest blaming the victim. Most “good people” are very trusting, especially in a small town, that evil does not exists. Shame! Shame! Shame!


    • KT

      She was making a phone call. I have lived in Clinton, Missouri for 43 years. I was seventeen when Angela Hammond went missing. She was a block away from the Clinton square when she was taken. On any given night there would be dozens of people cruising or just hanging out there. This was a safe town and most of us who live here wouldn’t have given a second thought to stopping at that payphone to make a call.


    • Julie O.

      But not sorry enough to not say it, apparently.


  49. Anonymous

    If that’s true, Tori, then you should talk to the police instead of commenting here.


    • Erika Duran

      My husband said…..his whole family thinks its a guy from El Paso Texas. They called him Fish. He swears it was him. Same description, same truck with that fish. He said that guy reputation was of a abductor and possibly a killer. He has a pic of him somewhere we will find it. He and his brother were truck drivers and were out there. My husband said they were in a biker gang. Hes told me this story for a while. I told him…TELL SOMEONE!!!! I think my husband is scared to say something. Sad thing is he said hes dead. He was a kid and remembered that 70s truck with a huge fish!!!


  50. AaronGog

    Hello. And Bye.


  51. Stephanie

    My heart has bled for Rob and Angie’s parents for years. I hope he was able to move forward knowing that he did all he could for Angie. I always check this site for updates. I hope they find some remnants of Angie to give her family closure.


  52. Jill

    I just got done watching Episode 16 from Season 4, Angela’s segment. Watching it again after all these years, I got the same eerie feeling that I got the first time I watched it. In the segment when Rob is talking, you can tell he is sincere and he deeply cared for her. There is no doubt in my mind, he had nothing to do with her abduction. I feel so bad for her family and Rob, then need closure. I pray they get it soon.


  53. Beccaboo

    I never thought Rob had anything to do with it. I don’t think the guy is the one who killed Trudy and Cheryl. I think it was an opportunistic crime. He saw a young girl at a phone late at night. I think he probably got the decal removed after he kidnapped Angela or he got a new windscreen fitted. Of course this is just conjecture on my part.


  54. Anonymous

    She was found alive and well living in NY as of this year


  55. Fat butt

    Hey y’all


  56. Chanita

    Sweet pea Was Pregnant That’s Very Bad Bless Her Heart Her Future Husband Was On The Pay Phone With Her! Their Relationship Was Very Strong! Don’t Worry Sugah This Man Will Get Caught Sooner or Later Just Wait And See God Will Bring Justice To U And Your Family!


  57. Chanita

    I Think She was Murdered May The Lord God Blessed Her Soul I Don’t Wanna Jump To Conclusions But If She Is The Rip!Sweet Girl!


  58. Samantha

    My stepdad used to drive one like this, with the decal in window. We lived in Iowa though. Scary.


  59. Anonymous

    That truck was in Texas in either ’98, ’99, or 2000. I can’t remember what year the show aired, but it was after that. It was in-between those years. I contacted the police recently.


  60. Anonymous

    What year did unsolved mysteries air this episode?


  61. Annyoumus

    Who is mcdowell heard that name I thk once before


  62. Annyoumus

    I wish had more detailed info on cases I understand y not post n detail do u ever just get a bad vibe off aome and lije obe said u watch a person perosnilty and vehaviors there is a older man n neveda mo that worked on road for 22yrs so he told me I noticed once while at my house the sob had takin a object etc pic towrl somethi g that belonged to eachone thwm personel I foubd that real odd and disturbing he also never seed to get over mad and list gose on I wish had more info I aslo know there was more stuff that disturbed maybe even scared me bout him and still today csnt shake it I pray its nottin but u never know b glad to help if could he hasnt wuked on roD for over 2appx three yrs could b way seems closer n are now he borrows othher peoples cars alot including my vN he now has his own more details I can provide if u thk ita lead


  63. linden lure party

    I was partying at Linden below the dam years ago. Lots of people drinking and smoking weed. Most people had left and I drove west downstream to park and stay the night since I’d drank quite a bit. A dingy green and white two tone truck (chevy) was also there with a white camper shell on it. The guy was about 5’9″ and 160 lbs. I’d guess. Brown hair and scraggly beard. He was drinking whiskey and smoking weed. I was drinking beer. We sat around a campfire. I talked to him for quite a while. Just something about that guy I’ve never forgotten. My radar went up immediately and I made sure I didn’t turn my back to him. And I’m a big guy and can take care of myself. He kept offering me weed. I refused because it really messes me up. Especially if I’ve been drinking. I saw he had a revolver so I quietly went to my truck and discreetly armed myself. While talking about fishing he opened the camper door and showed me a couple fishing poles. He had a couple of toolboxes in the bed , blanket rolls, lanterns, etc. I glanced up and saw a fish mural in the cabs back window. It looked like a flag that had been placed there and not an actual mural. I didn’t know of anyone looking for a truck similar to his at the time. All I know is that is one of the few times in my life I felt this powerful feeling that something wasn’t right. I never took my eyes off of him for a second. I’m getting goose bumps and my scalp is crawling again just thinking about it. He finally left and I stayed up all night untill morning before I left. I don’t know who he was and I haven’t seen him since but there was something evil about that guy.


  64. J.Viper

    Very sad story. Originally saw this story on UM as a kid, and it’s one that has stuck with me. To have such a brazen attack, and such a unique description you would almost be certain someone could have identified him. Really sad.


  65. Alex

    Did the investigators ever looked into registered vehicles that matched the description? Can’t be that many that matched in MO or surrounding states in ’91.


    • Tyler

      I’m sure they did. Wouldn’t that be standard? The decal wouldn’t be recorded anywhere, though, and that was the distinctive feature. In 1991, there were a lot more pickups from the 70s and 80s than there are now. The vehicle description just wasn’t enough. Who’s to say he was even from MO?


  66. Ryan

    I saw her picture in the local Walmart in Springfield Missouri recently on the missing person wall. Does anyone know if Craig Michael Wood the man who kidnapped Hailey Owens in 2014 could be a suspect in this case? He kidnapped Hailey in a truck similar and is on trail for her murder?

    My other thought was the guy who kidnapped Morgan Nick in 1995 I believe from Alma Arkansas reports say he was in a truck similar to the one he kidnapped Morgan in.


  67. rob

    if this case is ever solved let me know robbmain@hotmail.com


  68. Amber

    I heard she was either 3 or 4 Months pregnant when she was taken


  69. Jeannie Martin Dudenhoeffer

    Come on! Somebody knows that truck!


    • Tyler

      After all these years? I doubt it. It was probably junked long ago. The kidnapper was not going to be driving around in that vehicle, especially after it was featured on national television. Maybe, if the right person sees this story, and remembers knowing someone that had a truck like that during that time period…but, even then, that’s not really evidence. I hope that someday they find Angie. This is such a scary and sad story. I do think someday we will at least find out what happened to her. Stories from the show are still being solved today 20 and 25 years later. It does happen.


  70. michael nitsch

    due to these murders of young girls and women i am glad to see many parents taking their young 8 and 10 year old mdauighters to martial arts schools. i think it is a good idea one day it could prove fruitfull if a young girl has to use to save her life.
    also i know of a young girl who was attacked by a rapist in the community but her being a student in shotocan karate he got no further than ripping off her blouse and she tore in to him leaving him laid out on the groung for the boys and girls in blue. and he was a big guy. and was responsable apparently for other rapes in the area.


  71. Johnny

    Heart breaking case. Angela abducted at a pay phone making call to Rob. I hope nobody blames Rob…His car transmission went out chasing after the perpetrator. Angela looked like such a sweet girl. The Re-creation was chilling as the offender pretended to use the phone and snatched Angela. Just bad luck! 2 minutes or sooner and Rob would have been at the payphone. Prayers for her family.


  72. Kelly

    Her case breaks my heart. My cousin and her could be twins. I would love to see it solved


  73. Michigan 256

    Has this case been solved yet?


  74. L.J. Wilson

    I seen a man matching the discription driving the same truck that matches the discription in Muskogee Oklahoma. I don’t know if this information helps at all but I hope it does…


  75. Madison McBryer

    My mother tells me of a time in 2000, when I was two years old. She was driving me to my grandparents in Akron, OH. And she says that she pulled next to a green Ford truck with a decal of a fish jumping out of water was on the back panel. She says the oily haired driver wearing overalls wasn’t even looking at her, yet she began to sweat and shake. She said she looked back at me and I was drawn to him. I could not stop looking at him. She says she had the urge to call the police, but did not want to sound crazy. This was before she had seen this episode of unsolved mysteries. Once she pulled behind him to get on to Route 8 from Howe Avenue in Chapel Hill, he sped up and blew a red light to get away from our car. Still to this day, she wishes she had called the police. However, she had no evidence, only a suspicion that he was evil.


  76. MichLynnTires

    @Anonymous/”I’m sorry to say but what…” :

    Blaming the victim does no good at all. What was she doing “late at night” (11pm) at a payphone? She was in the area & using a phone to check in with her fiancé, as she had planned. So what was she doing? She was making sure to check in like she had said she would. There would be less clues & even more worry/concern/questions had she not been on that phone. You might then say if she hadn’t called she wouldn’t have been taken; to that I respond, he probably would have taken her wherever he found/saw/followed her or it could have been another victim.

    No matter where she was or when she was there, this never should have happened. If he had taken her in early evening would it still be a question of what she was doing there? (I’m guessing your answer would be no.)

    So stop blaming a victim of a crime & start blaming the perpetrator for what was done/may have been done to her. That is the true concern.


  77. Tammy Thomas

    Really, DON’T blame the victim. Even if you think she shouldn’t be on the pay phone at that hour, it in no way compares to what the perp did. Let’s talk about the more egregious wrong here. Focus on that.


  78. Jayne

    ever since I seen the unsolved mysteries episode of Angela I’ve been determined to figure out who could be capable of doing this, this episode terrified me.

    With research I truly believe that Larry Dewayne Hall is responsible. He admitted to murdering over 39 women, mostly in the Missouri area. He said 5 bodies are buried in the mark twain forest, along with 3 of those being from Springfield ( the Springfield 3) I really feel the police should be looking into this.


    • Brian Massey

      Being a Clairvoyant and all that I had a vision of seeing where Angela Hammond was buried near Reeds Spring Missouri. How I knew it was Angela Hammond is because she told me in the vision and showed me somewhere near Reeds Spring where she was buried. I don’t have an exact location where she is buried but I do know that Angela Hammond is buried there somewhere. I’ve tried to convince myself for the past 5 years that I shouldn’t say anything because who would really believe me but I did see in vision Angela Hammond and where she is buried near Reeds Spring Missouri. On facebook I tried to tell Rob her boyfriend that last year but I don’t think he listened to me. Angela is buried somewhere near Reeds Spring Missouri.


      • Angela corralez

        Brian have you thought about contacting rob again please feel free to contact me.


        • Brian

          Angela I saw the place she is buried but I can’t describe it all that well since it was a vision. She came to me in the vision and told me that she was buried in Reeds Spring Missouri. If you want to contact me my e-mail is softlyputit@yahoo.com. I was 14 years old at the time it happend and didn’t know Angela until I watched the Unsolved Mysteries show on it. I did see in the vision though the area is Reeds Spring Missouri.


          • brian massey

            Angela I cannot find you anywhere. Yeah I’ve tried to contact Rob and he just ignored me. My updated email address is softlyputit@gmail.com. Look you know I can’t make this stuff up. I would never speak about it if it didn’t happen to me many years ago. I can still remember Angie’s voice in the vision she called my name many many times and where she and the other 4 women are buried outside of Reeds Spring Missouri. I haven’t been able to get out there since I live in Arizona. I’ve carried this with me for many years. I can still remember this place where they are buried and what it looks like. I just wished that people would believe me instead of just passing me off. Larry Hall is responcible for these womens murders.

          • BeyondInvestigation

            Might I suggest you use GoogleEarth to scan the area for a familiar looking spot?

    • Kelly Bien

      I completely agree with Larry Dewayne Hall


  79. Mulder

    May she RIP. I dont know anything about the outcome of this case. Hate to say this. But she likely is passed away. I hope they shoot the kidnapper. if they find him.


  80. Caitie

    I believe that someone knows about the truck, the detail in the back window had to be distinctive. I wonder if the police checked with any shops that could’ve done the window detailing. I understand why her boyfriend blames himself, but there wasn’t anything he could’ve done.


  81. Miranda shortt

    Why did he not say where stacy macall and the other two wemen are?


  82. Gina

    The Angela Hammond case is eerily similar to the 1997 case of kelli cox in denton texss


    • Tyl

      I’d have to say only slightly similar. Kelli Cox disappeared in the middle of the afternoon at a busy station, it would stand to reason she probably knew her abductor. In case you didnt hear, her remains were finally found earlier this year.


  83. sherri b.

    i was aducted in 1984 in springfield mo. not sure if related but sounds familiar.can i say his name?? if im wrong slander


  84. Anonymous

    If you look at the map with all three abductions, it’s a triangle that formed with the abduction. So this filthy man could be somewhere in the middle


  85. Sharon Hauf

    I have been online looking at different disappearances of women in the Missouri area. One disappeared in February of 1991 from my hometown of Nevada Mo. While looking online I found a story of true crime about a guy who wrote a book about a serial killer named Larry Dewayne Hall. In this story he mentions Angela and Cheryl (the woman missing in my hometown) and how this author thinks that he is responsible for the two abductions. No where in an archived newspaper in our town could I find that this guy might be connected, however, In the archived paper dated June 21, 1991 of the Nevada Daily Mail in Nevada Mo, there are composite drawings of perpetrators of different cases of abductions and attempted abductions, etc. One of the composite drawings resembles the booking photo of that of the serial killer currently serving time for Jessica Roach’s murder. Is this true crime story, the serial killer told the author of the story that he had buried 5 bodies in the Mark Twain National Forest..He told the author that 3 were from Springfield Mo and the other 2 were from small towns in Mo but couldn’t remember the names of the towns..In this piece I found the author seems to think that he is connected to this case and the case from my town. Am commenting on this so maybe someone will pass the info on and maybe find closure. Am copying the crime story to the bottom of this post so maybe it can help find whoever did these abductions.

    Date Published 03.19.12

    Larry DeWayne Hall, who is serving a life sentence on a federal kidnapping charge, is in many ways a cinematic serial killer — bullied as a child, a juvenile bed-wetter, he even grew up on a cemetery, where his father was the sexton. He drove a van incessantly and stalked his victims. Some investigators believe Hall, who traveled the country as a Civil War reenactment buff, may be responsible for the disappearances and deaths of as many as 40 women and girls.

    In other ways Hall is an atypical serial offender. He’s a twin, for instance. He’s described as having a dependent personality, and rarely displayed anger.

    But the most surprising, and frightening, detail about Hall? Despite having confessed to multiple violent crimes, including the mysterious abduction of Laurie Depies in Wisconsin in 1992, Hall has never been convicted of murder.

    Christopher Hawley Martin, who grew up in the same small town as Hall, Wabash, Ind., is an ordained pastor, a musician and writer. Martin’s interest in the neighborhood serial killer led him to write the book Urges: A Chronicle of Serial Killer Larry Hall. After reading the book I emailed with Martin about Hall. I was interested to know more about Martin’s thoughts on Hall’s background, his ability to evade capture, his contradictions, and what other long-unsolved mysteries might be connected to Hall.

    Martin’s fascinating answers, below:

    How did your interest in Larry Hall begin? Did you know Hall or his family growing up in Wabash?

    My father, Richard, was a policeman in Wabash, Indiana for many years. My sister, Shirley, followed our father into law enforcement. Shirley and I had read about serial killers for decades and we had many times compared ideas on their behavior and motivations. Shirley told me sometime in the late 1980s that she was sure we had a serial killer operating somewhere in the region because there were murdered and missing women in Marion, Kokomo, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and other cities and towns in Indiana and Michigan.

    I remember when Larry Hall was arrested in 1994 for the kidnapping of Jessica Roach of Georgetown, Illinois and what my sister had said about a serial killer. Jessica was found murdered in a cornfield near Perrysville, Indiana in the autumn of 1993. I knew several of the police who had had contact with Larry over the years and I talked to them about his behavior. I suspected Larry was responsible for many more murders and disappearances than most people suspected. The prosecutors and investigators I worked with concurred.

    Larry and Gary Hall were Civil War reenactors and journeyed to many states pursuing the hobby. I began to research where they traveled and if there were murdered or missing women at or near the reenactment events. A chilling picture emerged … there were many.

    I believed the full story of Larry Hall had not been revealed. I had written for several magazines including Business People and North American Whitetail, so I decided to write a book telling the story of Larry Hall.

    There is a very large cemetery in Wabash, Indiana named after the nearby falls in Charley Creek … Falls Cemetery. I lived in the neighborhood as a youngster and of course, there were many myths and legends about the cemetery and the house on the grounds. The sexton and his family lived there. In December of 1962, identical twins, Larry DeWayne, and Gary Wayne Hall were born and came home to the house in Falls Cemetery. There was a problem during the birth, which resulted in Larry being deprived of oxygen.

    I attended the same elementary school as the Halls and, although there is ten years’ difference in our ages, we were taught by several of the same teachers. We played in the same places, including the cemetery, Charley Creek and the nearby Wabash City Park.

    As the twins grew, they were seen around town and were ridiculed and scorned because of their small stature, odd behavior and because they lived in a cemetery. I would see them in public places but I did not personally know the twins. They kept to themselves.

    I first talked to Gary Hall via telephone in 2009 when I was researching the book. I wrote to Larry Hall at about the same time. He wrote back and later called me from prison. We have corresponded and spoken many times since. I last talked to Larry on March 4 and received a letter from him the next week.

    I see Hall recently confessed to the abduction of Laurie Depies, a connection you touch upon as a possibility in your book. I know you think Hall is a good suspect for the Springfield Three disappearances as well. I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between Depies and Susie Streeter. If Hall is involved in the Springfield case, how do you think it came about?

    Larry has admitted responsibility for Laurie Depies. He has also confessed in three other cases since the book was published.

    Alone, or with Gary Hall, Larry had driven to Missouri several times over the years. The brothers reported to a meeting of their reenactment unit that they visited Battlefield in the summer of 1991 for the 130th anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek. That is documented. I have interviewed a family member who distinctly remembers the twins returning to Battleground in summer, 1992.

    There is a resemblance between Laurie Depies and Suzanne Streeter, but I believe Larry Hall was most attracted to Stacy McCall. She closely resembles many of the girls Larry is connected to … petite and athletic, with shoulder-length dark hair. Larry was known to stalk mall parking lots, plazas and stores looking for women. Several of the women connected to Hall went missing from those places. Hall said he spotted Laurie Depies at a store and followed her to the apartment parking lot where she was abducted.

    I believe Larry Hall, either alone or with an accomplice, zeroed Stacy McCall and Suzanne Streeter some time on the night they graduated. I believe he followed them, invaded Streeter’s home, and abducted the three women.

    A women from Kokomo, Indiana was killed in her home. Indianapolis police believe Larry Hall invaded the home of Michelle Dewey on July 1, 1991 and murdered her.

    Hall is known to have invaded homes.

    In late summer of 2011, I quizzed Larry Hall about the case of Paulette Webster who disappeared from Chester, Illinois in July of 1988. I was attempting to help her parents find some peace. Larry told me that she was taken from the main east/west road through Chester. She was. He also said she was picked up near a mobile home park. She was. He then said she was taken to a remote location where she was kept and violated sexually for three hours. Hall said she was either cast into the Mississippi River or taken further west and buried. (Paulette would not be the only girl that Larry would cast into a river.)

    In the next paragraph of the letter, Hall said there were a “number” of girls buried in the Mark Twain Forest in Missouri. I had not mentioned the forest in the book, nor had the forest ever come up in conversations between Larry Hall and me. He volunteered the forest location to me, which lends added credibility to the admission.

    Larry called not long after the letter arrived. I said to Larry … “You mentioned in your letter that there are a number of girls buried in the Mark Twain Forest. Can you tell me how many?” Larry replied, “Five.” I then asked him what cities they were from. Larry replied, “Well, three of them are from Springfield.” I then asked him what cities the other two were from. Larry replied, “They were from small towns, but I can’t remember the names of the towns.”

    I believe Larry. I think he is responsible for the Springfield Three, and I don’t believe he was alone in committing the crime. I believe the other two of the five he mentioned may be Cheryl Ann Kenney, who vanished from Nevada, Missouri in February of 1991, and Angela Marie Hammond, who was kidnapped from Clinton, Missouri April 4, 1991. There is an artist’s sketch of the suspect in Hammond’s case that looks remarkably like Larry Hall’s booking photo.

    Larry Hall has told me he would show police where the burial sites are in exchange for immunity.

    I was struck in the book by the description of Hall’s acute anxiety and nervous affect. That struck me as atypical for a serial killer. One thinks of psychopaths as rarely showing fear or emotion, and often not even startling at loud sounds. What do you make of that? Do you agree that Hall may have a schizotypal personality disorder?

    I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but from the tests administered to Larry Hall from the doctors, he exhibits some of the markers of both schizotypal and dependent personality disorders. The schizotypal diagnosis means he is quiet and remote with few friends and probably fantasizes elaborately. None of the doctors were willing to say Hall was a psychopath or psychotic because he exhibited none of the behaviors associated with psychosis during interviews. I believe Hall suffers from paraphilias, which are almost NEVER diagnosed in a clinical setting.

    Hall’s dependent personality means it is unlikely he began raping and murdering on his own. He probably had at least one accomplice in that first encounter. After the book was published, Larry Hall told me he began murdering girls and young women in the summer of his high school graduation in 1981. He also said his first kill was in Lebanon, Indiana. I believe him. Debra Jean Cole went missing August 31, 1981 from Lebanon.

    Another puzzle was Hall’s low I.Q — 80, apparently — but his ability to glean tips from true crime cases he followed and carefully think through his crimes so as to leave little evidence. Do you believe he’s truly cognitively impaired? How do we explain his skill in pulling off multiple murders as what is typically thought of as an “organized” offender?

    Larry Hall is an organized serial killer with disorganized traits. I think of Larry as a savant serial killer. I compare him to Rainman, the fictional movie character. Rainman was autistic, but possessed a phenomenal ability with numbers. While not autistic, Larry Hall does have a similar challenge. Like Rainman’s numbers, Larry Hall became an expert at murder, body and evidence disposal, and covering his tracks. He was a janitor by occupation. When the FBI searched his vehicles in late 1994, they found only FIVE fingerprints in his vans. They were all his. He had cleaned them that well. He killed women from 1981 until late 1994 … about thirteen years without being caught.

    You mention in the book the possibility Hall may have had help with his crimes. How real a possibility do you think this is? Will we ever learn the truth?

    I think it is possible, even likely. In my telephone conversation with Larry on March 4, I asked Larry if he had heard from Gary. He said he had received a multiple-page hate letter from Gary. He said Gary had been talking to police and that Gary had told police that he (Gary) knows where several bodies are buried. I asked Larry if Gary DOES know where several bodies are buried. Larry said, “Only if he put them there.” Larry then said HE WAS TIRED OF PROTECTING HIS BROTHER.

    It is also possible there was a third person involved in one or more of the murders. This person is said to be terminally ill. We will have to wait and see if this person confesses any involvement with Larry Hall.

    I believe we already know some of the truth and that more facts will be revealed as time passes. The twins recently lost their mother. Larry has revealed information to me in the last two years and I believe he wants to tell his entire story, especially since his mother is gone. He told me he fears a death sentence. I believe that if Larry could be granted immunity, he would confess most of his deeds.

    Your research into Hall has resulted in the discovery of several other murders and disappearances he might be responsible for. Can you tell us about a few you find most compelling?

    There are two that I find most interesting. The first is Angela Marie Hammond who was abducted while she was on the telephone in April of 1991. I considered adding her case when I wrote the book, but the reported suspect was driving a pickup truck. Larry Hall never drove a pickup, he drove vans that he used as mobile killing vehicles. After the book was published, I received a telephone call from a detective in Clinton, Missouri, where Angela was kidnapped. I told him I had considered Angela a “Larry girl” because she resembled many of the girls he took and because of the circumstances under which she was taken. I told him I had not included her case in the book because of the pickup truck theory. He then said they had pretty much discounted the pickup truck theory.

    We talked about Larry Hall and some of the cases in which he was suspected. The detective then mentioned that he had an artist’s sketch of the suspect. I asked him if he could email it and he did while I was on the phone with him. Simultaneously, I emailed him Larry Hall’s 1994 booking photo. I was astonished when the sketch came up on the screen. It was clearly Larry Hall. The detective said “wow” when he saw the booking photo.

    The second case is an unsolved disappearance, also in Missouri. Like Hammond, Cheryl Ann Kenney vanished from a convenience store in Nevada, Missouri two months’ prior to Hammond’s abduction. I believe Larry is responsible. He stalked convenience stores and similar venues. He probably waited until Kenney clocked out and went to her car. He struck her and loaded her into his van just like he confessed he did in the Jessica Roach murder.

    He was known to return to the same area where he had been successful before. He had been to the Danville/Georgetown area of Illinois several times. He took Holly Anderson from Danville in January of 1992. He kidnapped and murdered Jessica Roach from Georgetown in 1993. (The case in which he would be later convicted.) He returned there in the summer of 1994 and was seen in three separate incidents in the summer and autumn … stalking girls. Those incidents led to his conviction and incarceration. There are groups of girls in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Missouri that are connected to Larry Hall.

    The m. o. and the proximate pattern lead me to believe Larry Hall is a strong suspect in the Kenney case.

    Having tracked Hall through the years, do you sense any change in him? Might he be opening up more? Is there hope he’ll show compassion for his victims and provide closure?

    As I said, I believe Larry may open up more, now that his mother is gone. Larry told me he is not the same person he was when he was kidnapping and murdering women and young girls. He says he is sorry for what he has done.

    He has revealed quite a bit to me already and I believe it is possible that, if he was granted immunity in multiple cases, he would provide more information.

    I also believe it will be difficult for Larry to confess to the worst part of his crimes because of the way he disposed of many of his victims. Larry has a problem admitting to ANY kind of violence, always substituting a softer term for what actually happened. For example, he will always say he “grabbed” a girl when, in fact, he struck her violently. Jessica Roach’s jaw was broken by his blow. Given his inability to admit violence, I believe it would be only under extraordinary circumstances that Larry will admit how he disposed of many victims.

    But to answer the question … serial killers do not reform.

    Finally, what, if anything, can we learn from the behavior of serial offenders like Larry Hall?

    The FBI says there are more than 30 serial killers operating in the United States right now. They are killing our daughters, mothers and sisters. What we can learn is how to prevent the formation of serial killers. We have to be better at understanding how environmental factors like abuse, bullying, bad nutrition and other issues combine with heredity to create monsters. Once we understand, we can help prevent what happens to men like Larry Hall.


  86. samala

    If that was me I would Scream sabir name cuz he make me lolaugh


  87. tori

    I’m sorry for those who lost her but I have some answers that I think the police would like to know if it is true I think I just got it out of someone where they buried that truck and tomorrow hopefully that cold case will be reopened


  88. Christy

    I am positive that someone out there knows who owns this truck! Maybe someday they will be brave enough to come forward and tell for the peace of mind of those who loved poor Angela.


  89. Jack

    This was probably the most hair razing episode I ever watched, and I never missed a episode of Unsolved Mysteries. I think about this case often, and I wish they would find her so that her family could have some peace. Someone out there knows what happened to her, I wish they would come forward and put this case at rest.


    • Monica

      I feel the same way. I never missed an episode and once in a while I think about Angela and wonder what happened to her.


  90. joel

    I wonder if they will ever find her


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