Was it self defense or murder?

Ann Sigmin smiling with dark curly wavy hair

Ann Sigmin


Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Remarks: She may be living in Oregon or Arizona under the alias Andy Hayes or Andy Partlowe


Mug shot of Garey Goff

Garey Goff

Charlie Sigmin loved children.   And when he fell in love with Ann, he also fell in love with her two boys.   He wanted the best for his new family, and shortly after his marriage, Charlie sold his small house and moved Ann and her children to a nine-acre truck farm.   Charlie named the farm after his and Ann’s initials, “C and A’s”, a name that he felt symbolized his happy marriage.

But during the summer of 1986, Charlie began to suspect that Ann was seeing another man.   According to Charlie’s friend, Charlie Igleheart, Charlie had been watching her for some time:

“She had disappeared one night.   Had come back and then he woke up another night and she was gone. She wasn’t in the house.   He saw a light under the door of their refrigerated little shed they kept their vegetables and stuff in.   He went out and opened the door and she was sitting on the floor in a negligee, about half naked.   She had a semi-circles of candles around her and a poster of a Satan-like figure on the wall, was chanting, which he didn’t understand.   And they had a confrontation.   They went into the house and he didn’t go any further than that.   I didn’t ask.”

Three weeks earlier, Charlie had found a doll in their bedroom.   Ann told him she used it in her witchcraft rituals.   Charlie was disturbed by Ann’s behavior and demanded she move out.   She went to nearby Caruthersville, Missouri, to live with Garey Goff, a truck driver who had once been a policeman.   Ironically, Charlie had known Garey since childhood.   But most upsetting to Charlie was that Ann had taken her two children with her.   These events took their toll on Charlie.   He became depressed.   He missed his wife and her two boys. He still talked to Ann occasionally, and according to some friends, had received threatening calls from Garey.
Woman lighting various candles for a seance

Was Ann a satan worshipper?

Then, on the night of October 19 th , 1986, Charlie was with an old friend at home when he received a phone call from Ann.   Charlie’s friend, who wished to remain anonymous, recalled their conversation:

“She said that the two boys were crying after him.   She was threatening suicide and he said that he had to go up there and see what was happening.   He said I could be getting set up here.”

Charlie reluctantly agreed to drive to Ann’s.   According to his friend, Charlie was quite sober.   He thought of taking a pistol along, but reconsidered.   Then, at 3:20 AM, that same night, Caruthersville Police received a frantic phone call from Ann–Charlie had been shot.   Gary Hilburn of the Caruthersville Police Department was one of the first officers to arrive on the scene:

“The house was torn apart.   It must have been a bad struggle in there.   There was blood all over the door and the walls and there were a couple bullet holes in the walls and one in the door…   And there were seven bullet wounds in the body.”

Two guns were found.   A .32 caliber revolver was lying on the floor, and a .25 caliber pistol was on top of the TV.   Both had been fired.   In addition, a bloody iron had been placed in a wastebasket in the kitchen.

paramedics wheeling out the covered body of Charlie Sigmin on a strecher

Charlie Sigmin was shot to death

Garey and Ann were interrogated at length.   Garey Goff described struggling with Charlie, hitting him with the iron, and firing all seven of the shots.   Ann corroborated Garey’s testimony, but did admit to handling the .25 caliber pistol.   She claimed that Charlie came to the house in a drunken rage and demanded to be let in.   When Ann refused, he forced himself into the house.   Ann maintained that once inside, Charlie began beating her severely, until Garey Goff came to her rescue.   Though Garey had a broken arm from an earlier incident, he fought with Charlie, then shot him five times.   He fired two more shots with the .25-caliber pistol.   Finally, Charlie collapsed.

Unfortunately, no blood sample was taken from Charlie’s body to find out if he had been drinking.   But even if Ann’s story was true, there still might be grounds for a charge of premeditated murder if Ann and Garey had both fired at Charlie. Police conducted a powder residue test to see if Ann had also fired a gun, but it was inconclusive.   Ann Sigmin and Garey Goff were then released.   The investigation, however, continued.   Apparently, Ann had told a friend that she had reasons for wanting Charlie dead.   Chief Deputy Jack Davis of the Pemiscot County Sheriff’s department convinced the friend to wear a wire, hoping that Ann would say something that would be an admission of guilt:

“We had to do something different than what we were doing.   She had, in talking with Miss Sigmin, told her she was fixing to go to the police.   Miss Sigmin ultimately told her not to go to the police… and give her… and Mr. Goff time to leave town.   She incriminated herself on the tape.”

After hearing the recorded conversation, authorities prepared a warrant for Ann and Garey’s arrest.   But within hours Ann Sigmin vanished, leaving her two boys behind.   Garey Goff had already left town.   His truck was later found abandoned in Phoenix, Arizona.


Garey Goff turned himself in and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.   Goff was sentenced to twenty years and was released after serving thirteen years and five months.   From prison, he pleaded for Sigmin to also turn herself in, but she refused.   There is still a warrant for the arrest of Ann Sigmin for first-degree murder.   She may be living in Oregon or Arizona under the alias Andy Hayes or Andy Partlowe.

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  1. Old Perv

    She was pretty hot!


  2. none

    how about having a aged photo how she my look today,


  3. Sanders

    What a wicked wicked woman. Her ditching her kids it’s probably the best thing she ever did in life since she was dancing with the devil. I pray that the children was raised by good God fearing people! She’s probably still active in the culture of satanism. I’d check with the church of Satan under cover and hit all of them until you find her. At least her lover had enough brains to be punished. I’d ask him if he’s still in contact or was at the time of turning himself in. He may have all the information needed!


    • Heather

      Do some research on Satanism, Witchcraft, Occultism…”Dancing with the devil”…Come on. “GOD FEARING” people like you show your ignorance with every word you write.
      This woman was Evil. She was not a true Witch, Satanist, Wicca or anything like that. If anything, she was someone like you…using prejudice, hatred & stupidity in the name of “Satan” and “God”.
      Go read…learn something real and you will see, God Fearin Folks would be more likely to be a cold hearted killer (in the name of God! Of course) than someone who lives by the loving laws of Satin or the Love & light of the beautiful Wiccan sister…


      • Approve this comment

        You people defending satanists are the dumbest of the bunch. Really. Just dumb as a doorknob.


      • Susan

        Yeah Satanism or people who are satanic like Anton LaVey they would not put up with murder stuff like this not a chance and heck. Either way people who are into work or paying them she was on a whole other level of whatever what she was doing.


    • Susan

      To be fair though the Church of Satan would not put up with any sort of nonsense like this. Those people felt I do believe those that she should turn herself in but might thought was I wonder if she’s honestly dead I mean they’re saying she’s still alive but at this rate I’m not so sure anymore. Terrible for her to sleep her kids like that but regardless of what she was doing paganism or Wicca or what not terrible thing to do to leave her kids like that so yeah they were better off. But I do believe that they killed him Charlie that it was not self-defense or an accident that they just flat out murdered him.


  4. Joe Snow

    Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a face that easily stands out in a crowd. Everybody probably sees at least 10 women every day, who could pass for her at a glance. I would be very surprised if there hasn’t been hundreds, if not thousands, of sightings that led nowhere. Unless she does something that gives her away, I don’t think she’ll be found, if she’s even still alive.



    I saw her in Seal Rock, Oregon


  6. Gina

    She left her sons???? All around piece of trash! Hope they get her and hopefully the boys were raised by better people


  7. idk



  8. Dean

    Stunning this woman has never been caught……i suspect she has passed away


  9. David

    This isn’t a case of a Wiccan or a pagan, rather this woman IS a Satanist. I do understand your points, and you have a right to clarify, but this woman was practicing black magic.Satanism clearly.


  10. Wade

    They don’t hunt down the women like they do the men. They don’t prosecute them and they don’t even interrogate them like they do men. I had a family member that was murdered by his wife and her boyfriend. He treated her like a princess I never raised a finger to her even though everyone thought that he should because she was such an evil woman. I don’t promote physical contact on anybody but if anyone ever needed it she did. she called him over to their house and they attacked him when he entered and murdered him. No one was ever charged. She claimed to be at home alone but the police said that there was a hell of a struggle. She was a twig and he was an extremely strong man and there would have been no struggle if he actually would have tried to attack. she was constantly screaming and hollering and being totally mean to him and he was just gentle and polite always. She hung out with druggies and cheating on him and then murdered him. She got away with it and everyone knows that she did. They’re not looking for this woman but if they really did I bet you they can find her within a week. Too bad we are not all treated equal.


  11. B.J.. Kelsey

    She was said to be living in Troy Tn. Where she has family and friends. So said her deceased brother and his best friend.


  12. Anonymous

    she might be in Blytheville, AR area


  13. Jim

    Has any one of you seen this woman before? If so, you need to leave a tip.


  14. tineke been

    some people use witchcraft to kill and be a sick person.as if you can use witchcraft as an excuse.oh im crazy well thats because im a witch.its just the other way arround.being a witch is a wise man or woman.stupid people.they dont know a first thing about the occult.but they dont think twice to give us a bad name.i hate that.cause theres always people who like to believe propaganda stories.


    • Heather

      I don’t don’t consider my self a wiccan or a satanist…in agnostic. But I’ve studied both (along with Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism & several others) extensively. A Christian is most likely to be as sick as she is.


    • Sarcasm

      Well, tineke, your grammar is atrocious! Good thing you understand the occult, and have told us all you’re a witch! Ha! That really comes in handy. Who needs to write proper English anyway!


  15. Anonymous

    I saw her yesterday at Sauvies Island, or.


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