A surveillance tape catches a robber killing a store clerk in Ohio.

Brian Foguth, colored headshot, wearing a dark blue bandana on his forehead.

Brian Foguth

A man in a black ski mask pointing a gun at another man in a grocery store.

The robber forced Brian at gunpoint


A police officer squats behind his police car outside the grocery store.

Police responded to the silent alarm

In late November 1994, just after 2:00 A.M., police responded to a silent alarm at the Duke and Duchess convenience store in Brimfield, Ohio. Three minutes later, police arrived on the scene. They saw a man emerging from the store, but he was an innocent bystander who had found the store unattended.

In a back room, police found the body of the store clerk, 23-year-old Brian Foguth. He had been shot to death. Brian was not even scheduled to work that night. He was a last minute replacement for another employee.

Brian Foguth’s murder enraged the community. Finding his killer depends on a surveillance tape recorded during the crime. The tape shows the masked man entering the store at 2:02 A.M. and forcing Brian at gun point into a back office. Chief Robert Burgess of the Brimfield Township Police Department:

“Brian, of course, went in with his hands raised with the gunman behind him, and they spent approximately 60 seconds in that back room, out of camera range.”

A man laying on the ground of the back office of the grocery store.

Brian was found dead in the back room

At 2:03 A.M., the robber can be seen crouched behind the counter. At gunpoint, Brian empties the cash register. It is during this time that Brian triggers the silent alarm.

At 2:04, the customer pulls up to the gas pump, automatically activating a beeper inside the office. Police believe that to the gunman, it may have sounded like an alarm. Chief Burgess suspects that the robber panicked and pushed Brian onto the floor of the backroom. As they scuffled over the gun, Brian was killed instantly by a single bullet. It happened just three minutes after the robber entered the store. According to Chief Burgess, the customer was just a few feet away when the killing occurred:

A still from the security camera of the robber that shows he may have had a hump on their shoulders.

The robber may have a hump

“The customer did not hear anything. He did not see anything, standing at the front of the store at the gas pumps.”

Police believe the killer was a white male, age 18 to 30, 5’9” in height. The suspect may have had head or facial injuries around that time, a result of his struggle with Brian.

In addition, police observed what appears to be a hump on the robber’s back. It may be a physical characteristic or perhaps a concealed ponytail.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season eight with Robert Stack and in season four with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. Brad

    Please solve this senseless crime all Brian was doing was working hard and earning a crust honestly. That sickens me


  2. Chanita

    Brian life had ended so tragically I’m so sorry that it had ended that way!!! My best friend was murdered back in 2001 the police had caught the perpetrators I hope the killer is caught


  3. Karen Hardy

    I feel without a doubt that the key to solving this case are the surveillance cameras that captured the suspected robbers and killer images!!!and the reason I state robbers,are the facts of the matter. That if u go back to the surveillance footage at 157 which is 5 mins before the masked robber entered,and not 3 mins as unsolved mysteries stated,but if u go back about 5 mins before the suspect entered. Then u would see a guy on the surveillance 5 mins before the robber entered. This guy had black hair & he looked as if he was purchasing something,which to me it looks like he was holding change in his hands. Even tho I rule the first guy out who could be seen on the surveillance with black hair,seen on film 5 mine before the robber and killed entered,his head shape look like the same head shape of the robber with the mask,and the first so called customer I just stated with black hair that can be seen on the surveillance 5 mins before the robber and Killer entered his height does about match up to the suspect mask robber and killer,but I rule him out as the suspect,as the back of the man head thru his mask does indicate something as a ponytail underneath it. And the guy seen in the surveillance 5 mins didn’t have no ponytail,but I do consider him a person of interest in this case for the fact I do believe he assisted in this crime,by being the first customer only as a watch man to scope the place out by seeing who and how many ppl was in that gas station before the robber and killer entered. As the first so called customer seen on the surveillance timing after leaving that store is suspect given soon as he walked out the robber and killer entered. That’s not no coincidence me. My question is do police realize the first guy seen on the surveillance in that store with the victim with the black hair? Did they question him? Because my opinion if they didn’t then I feel the first guy seen on that surveillance with the victim moments before he left and the robber and killer entered should be a person of interest in this case.


  4. Matthew

    I suspect it was someone from the area. This was not a professional robber. He allowed Brian to activate the silent alarm and lost control of him, leading to the fatal scuffle.
    Plus if it’s true he panicked at the pump bell…this guy really didn’t know much about the kind of place he was robbing.


  5. Charles

    The gas station is off the interstate–so the killer likely wasn’t local to the area. Hopefully he is caught one day.


  6. Kathy key

    These days, (2000’s) when they have DNA from the criminal, and there’s no match in CODIS, they can (and should) run what’s known as a familial search. That way, they search for family members who may be in CODIS who have many of the same markers. Then, they search for male family members of the same age. It has solved MANY cold cases in the last 10-15 years. Please consider running this type of DNA search.


    • Christina Watson

      I completely agree with that!! There have been cases solved by using familiar dna


    • Lauren

      Yesss unsolved / cops please apply to have this dna tested with the familiar dna / genealogy tree options to help solve this case. Must have the blood dna on file still?


  7. K. K.

    As far as I know, this case still has no one convicted. I saw a comment regarding the person who was supposed to work, and saying it was too much or a coincidence. Well, I just want to say that you’re right, there is a big coincidence, but not the one you’re thinking. I live in Sebring, Ohio. My mother used to live in Ravenna, Ohio. It was actually my mom who was originally scheduled to work that night. Brian asked and begged her to switch shifts with her, claiming there was a party he really wanted to go to. My theory is that something happened in Brian’s private life, that has yet to come to light and he knew something would happen. He risked his life to save my mom’s life. It’s up to you on whether or not you believe me on this, but it was once again, my mom that was scheduled, and Brian was the one to ask her to switch shifts.


    • Ty

      I’ll take things that never happened for $3,000 Ken. But that’s a cool story. You should be a fiction author. That fake story you just told could be your first book.


  8. A&h cleaners

    The mask man was half black half Mexican b/c he said si


  9. Todd Shaw

    Not sure if there is any truth to this at all, but I heard rumblings that Timothy McVeigh was traveling to Oklahoma from the New York area at the time and maybe it was him. Like I said I don’t remember how or where I heard it, but I thought I would share. I looked up this old case because my GF at the time loved in the apartments right accords the street and we went in there on our way home from the “clubs” (lol) that night around 145.


  10. David

    This gas station was off of I-76, about 30 miles from I-80, and 10 miles from I-77. Whoever did this is probably not a local and could be anywhere. I grew up in Brimfield but did not know Brian; this happened a few years before we moved there. Sadly, this probably won’t be solved unless the killer talks.


  11. Anonymous

    Any one look at a ricky early in these investigations just heard this name 25 years later


  12. Hector

    did the police question the person that Brian was replacing. he may have some questions to answer. that was too much of a coincidence that the day Brian was not supposed to work, he gets killed.


  13. Brad

    I believe he was murdered by a student from Kent State who needed cash for drugs


  14. A.H.

    Investigators used a DNA sample to come up with the suspect’s description in the Lisa Ziegert case, and they solved it just weeks ago https://cbsnews2.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/r/2016/09/29/e8229465-9fe3-49a5-a637-5df3f6b4c8ef/thumbnail/620×350/3f499fd3597591722ee1a2ac5774b0e5/sketch3.jpg

    Investigators on Brian’s case should try the same thing. The killer left blood behind, so they have his DNA. Perhaps they could do the same practice that investigators did with Lisa’s?


    • Nathan

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, surely if the blood was preserved advances in technology might be able to come up with a possible match.


  15. Chanita

    Ummmm……. Why Was Brian On Duty?!


    • RISSSS

      Can you please leave your stupid questions and comments in your pea brain where they belong? It’s not the movie Clerks. You’re an idiot


  16. A.H.

    The only hope all this time later is for DNA evidence to come. Chief Burgess reportedly said in the Robert Stack case that blood that didn’t belong to Brian was found in the back room…

    Other than that, a white masked man? Not going to solve it. Hope the DNA case can catch this criminal before long.


  17. Anonymous

    Pardon me, I meant Chief Burgess*.


  18. AH

    Someone told me that Chief Palmer noted that there was blood in the back room that wasn’t Brian’s, suggesting it belonged to the robber. Palmer apparently said they would run a DNA check in the data base.

    This was not mentioned in the episode with Dennis Farina.

    Unsolved Mysteries, is it possible you cut out certain parts of this story when Robert Stack presented it?


    • unsolved

      Many of the cases in the Dennis Farina episodes were edited for time. Whenever possible with the Robert Stack episodes on Amazon Prime we are presenting the cases as they originally aired.


    • Bib

      Then they would realize what cop killed him. Oops


  19. Dave Wyers

    Every time I think of what happened it just breaks my heart! You see, I knew Brian. He was a buddy of mine. We worked together at Altercare Of Ravenna…..a nursing home. I was a C.N.A. & he was a housekeeper. At that time, I didn’t know him that well but the more we worked, the more we would talk & get to know each other. I’d see him come into Filthy McNasty’s nightclub over in Kent & invite him over to my table & we’d get drunk together. He was such a good guy & was always smiling & in a good mood. He would make a person feel good just by being around him. He had a good ” aura ” around him. What really freaks me out though is that I didn’t know he was working nights too at Duke & Duchess…..he’d work days at the nursing home….go to school at Kent State….and then work his second job. That night when the bars were closing down at 2 a.m., I was about to stop by there to get gas on my way home and all of a sudden I had this bad, gut feeling not to stop by there & just go home. When I found out what happened to him, I got really upset thinking that if I did go there that night, I may have been able to help him & he would still be here! When I’d seen the episode air on t.v., it was said to have been believed that serial killer Glen Rogers could’ve committed the murder, escaped out the back door & drove off on I-76 while the police came through the front door!


  20. timothy Wilson

    I.m looking for.my 2 girls they want up for adoption it’s d
    Ben more than 20 years can you help me find them


  21. Mary yeargin

    I grew up right down the street when this happened. I think the killer got on the freeway and was gone. I hope they catch this man soon


  22. S

    That’s horrible


  23. Anonymous

    the bump is clearly a hood from a sweater


  24. n

    did they convict anyone?


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