Mysterious crop circles appear in Canada.

A barley field in Edmonton with three circles etched into it

Edmonton crop circle

Lab report comparing damaged barley with normal barley

Lab report


Crop circles have become a well known phenomena all across the globe. Of the 10,000 documented cases, 80% have been proven to be hoaxes. But what about the other 20 percent?

Large bright circular light in the middle of the sky during the day

Mysterious light near crop circles

Two farmers from outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Rusty Manuel and Thelley
Whitman, woke up one day to find a crop circle formation on their land — seven precise circles pressed into a field of thistle and barley. Thelley was stunned:

“The grain was all flattened down. It almost looked liked a pattern, like petals, the way the grain came out and then the heads turned back in towards the center again. It was just amazing.”

The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network, a volunteer organization that documents such cases, wasted no time getting to the site. Judy Arndt is one of the group’s field researchers:

“It looked like the place had been electrocuted. It was just amazing. Looked like there had been a huge force of some sort.”

Skeptics dismissed the Edmonton crop circle as a hoax. As shown in a documentary, pranksters can make a crop circle using a piece of wood and some rope. They call their creations, “human land art.” Paul Anderson, Director of the CCCRN, has studied many of the circles in western Canada:

“Anybody can go out with a board and flatten down wheat. And yet something you have to take into account is, it’s not just the formation itself, but it’s the complexity of how it’s actually constructed, like multiple layers going in different directions, one on top of the other, and so on.”

An interior view of the flattened barley in the crop cirlce

Interior view of crop circle

At the Edmonton site, Judy Arndt documented each of the circles within the formation and gathered up crop and soil samples for scientific analysis. The samples were sent to Nancy Talbott, director of B.L.T Research Team, Inc., in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Nancy worked with a network of scientists who have studied more than 350 crop circle cases from eight different countries:

“The three major changes in plants in the real McCoy, as opposed to man-made crop circles, are node elongation, expulsion cavities at the nodes, and germination abnormalities.”

Each of these conditions was present in the Edmonton samples. That means that the characteristics of the crops were profoundly altered in ways that could not be induced by humans using ropes and boards. Colin Anderews is a researcher and author:

“The geometry is precise. There are no tracks in or out. The plants are not damaged, they’re bent over. They’re not knuckled or broken. The plants are changed in their internal structure at the cellular level. You don’t find that in a hoax.”

The soil samples from Edmonton were sent to Dr. Sampath Iyengar in California. Dr. Iyengar specializes in materials analysis:

“We went ahead and looked at the mineralogy of the clays, using a technique called x-ray powder diffraction.”

The results showed a dramatic difference between soil samples taken from inside the crop circle compared to those taken from outside the circle:

“This has been seen by geologists before, but this is in a geologic time over several millions of years. And this has to be some kind of a fantastic energy that’s causing this change. And I don’t have any idea what it is.”

Theories on what’s creating the circles ranges from geothermal and magnetic forces, to some kind of cosmic energy. Colin Andrews has explored many of the theories:

“We looked at meteorology. We looked at Earth energies. We looked at chemical application of the farmers, and all of them led to a blank. It just did not fit. What we now know is we have a solid mystery. This cannot be explained in the terms of people making them. We have many hundreds that are absolutely certainly not man made. And that is a solid fact.”

Judy Arndt has one final theory that connects crop circles to UFOs:

“I was contacted by a young couple who had been driving along in late evening. He looked out the window and saw some lights and rolled down the window to make sure it wasn’t just a reflection on his passenger side window. And the lights were still there and he got quite excited about it and asked his wife to pull over. There were two small lights, brilliant bluish. Then they said these two lights were playing tag with each other. This sighting occurred about a week before the crop circle formation was found.”

Around the same time, Edmonton farmers Rusty Manuel and Thelley Whitman had a similar experience:

“First, you thought it was a helicopter, ‘cause it moved like a helicopter. But still, there was no other lights on it. It was just bright and would just hover over the field and sort of move off and then come back again. And it just seemed like it passed over the back end of the pickup. And it just disappeared. It just was so fast.” –Thelley

“I tried to picture it as being an aircraft but it was much too big for an aircraft.”--Rusty

Was there a connection between the strange lights and the sudden appearance of the Edmonton crop circles? Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, had this to say:

“I believe that the aliens are out there, but I don’t think they’re visiting here. The fact that so many people feel that there may be something unusual going on here, I think bespeaks a psychological need that we all have to believe that there’s some powers that we don’t understand. And after all, it’s much more interesting to think that this pattern in the wheat here was graffiti from beings from another world than to think that it was students from the local university. That’s not a terribly interesting story.”

However, there are crop circles that simply defy logic, formations that show no sign of human intervention. One, a giant ‘Star of David’, literally appeared overnight in Red Deer, Alberta, not far from Edmonton. It measured 422 feet across. But Seth Shostak is not convinced:

“I don’t understand how they’re all done. But to say that they are something other than humans is a radical or revolutionary claim. And consequently, I’m not going to be swayed by what amounts to very anecdotal evidence. It’s got to be better than that.”

Colin Andrews says:

“I don’t think we need, necessarily to be talking or trying to prove that it is or isn’t extra-terrestrial. I don’t know that either. What I know is what I’m looking at that has arrived in our fields. Something knows what it’s doing here. There is intelligence of some sort. And I know they’re not made by people.”

Over the past decades, more than 10,000 crop circles have been reported from around the world. Assuming that 8,000 were made by pranksters, that still leaves 2,000 that are unexplained, and remain unsolved mysteries.

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  1. Timothy Brown

    These occurrences are mother earth and her spirit trying to give us some message, aliens are not responsible for this, listen to what she’s saying, wake up


  2. Syed Khader

    I am a medical doctor myself, topper of my class every time , not a genius though.

    For all the people trying to prove things scientifically: who imagined a century ago that we could travel or communicate so fast with a click of botton. People would have termed a telephone or the internet a hoax earlier.
    For all those who don’t believe in God: you won’t believe till you interact with a ghost.

    Has anyone tried to read the symbols ? Or come to any understanding of its patterns? Can these be angels/supernatural ?

    Mystery partially solved : these are technological marvels by humans/aliens , or they are super natural.


  3. James Sidaway

    They are not man made.
    They are computer made.
    All you need are a few brainchipped, Mystery-School-Cult initiates wanting to make a crop-circle and Edmonton’s Brainchip Central-Command will used them as human printer-heads.
    See my Crop Circles Solved article at

    These thugs claim to be “evolved” just because they have a brainchip in their head… no you idiots are de-evolving the instant it begins filling your heads with fake inputs. Tisk, tisk you are heading back to becoming Apes while you bring in your fiery phoenix of backstabbing the tax-paying profane.
    Good luck with “evolving” thugs!
    James Sidaway


  4. Lisa

    Make sure you put on your tin foil hat before you read these comments. Holy crap!! Some of these are hilarious! “80% hoaxes? More like to other way around!” Oh jeez…. get over it, guys.


  5. Олександр

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  6. Aaron Asher

    I truly cannot believe that people are still, to this day, believing that some of these could be real. It just blows my mind. Not to be rude here, but are people really that dumb? Or are they just so eager and desperate to prove aliens exist that they will believe just about anything they see, read, or hear?

    ALL crop circles are hoaxes. One of the first of many reported crop circles was back in the early 80’s and was proven to be a hoax.
    So, is it a coincidence that so many started popping up over and over again after that? When they were virtually non-existent before that??? No way.

    UFO enthusiasts really need to put a lid on it when it comes to ctp circle. Such a path joke!


  7. Anonymous

    out of 10,000 cases, 80% of them have been PROVEN as hoaxes? yeah, right. we’re supposed to believe people have investigated 10000 cases in detail, and not only that but found evidence convincing enough 8000 times to declare them false? uh-uh. what really happened is they checked a bunch, figured that a certain percentage of them were done by local doofuses out to make a prank, and then applied a nice round number (80%) to ALL known cases. I would say it’s more likely to be the other way around, that 20% are fake. but that’s the government for ya, always covering up the facts.


    • al royce

      Are aliens playing games with us, laughing, especially at the debunkers’ silly attempts to deny that something weird is going on here. The Nasca lines seem also made by visitors.


  8. Ble

    Ive seen it all


  9. al royce

    A possible explanation for crop circles derives from a study of an invisibility technique in which a radiation receiver, on top of a craft, connects to an emitter on the underside. Effectiveness depends on the number of receiver/emitters, the number of angles involved, and the distance of the craft from the viewer on the ground. This could be called “poor man’s invisibility, more sophisticated techniques being developed, and it might have been used to make a ship seemingly disappear (The Philadelphia Experiment).
    Suppose a craft, instead of emitting a view of the sky and clouds above, has a “pilot” who, for whatever reason, inserts a “slide” of a design, and the radiation or energy of the emission inadvertently effects the crop below. Could Earthly science be aware of such a phenomenon?
    Some observers say an associated light is smaller in diameter than that of the resulting circle. Maybe an angle study of bent stalks might lead to answers.


  10. Chanita

    I Wish it Was Real! I wonder What Life On Another Planet Is Like?


  11. douglas

    I just watched an episode of unsolved mysteries and they said that to date there have been ten thousand xrop circles discovered eight thousand (80%) done by pranksters and the other two thousand (20%) is unexplained. I hate to burst everybodies bubble that likes to believe ita done by something other than humans…AKA.. ALIENS. But i know forsure they are all done by people. I personally know all the ways to makes these crop circles, everything from using a rope and board/2×4 to using an aircraft of sorts to make the crop circles without leaving a trail behind. On the ground for researchers to find. There are more ways than the two i have made mention. Of, but i am going to keep these secret until unsolved mysteries is willing to interview me so i can show them the ways people make the other twenty percent that people just cant explain. You guys will all be amazed at how it gets done. I wanted to take this aecret to my grave, but im now willing too show the worldthe truth. Mainly because im so aick of people saying aliens have some how made it to out planet(earth), yet nobody has ever seen an alien. Yet continue to say they exsist with absolutaly no proof.”UNSOLVED MYSTERIES) contact me if you are willing ro let me show you.


  12. Witness

    I have seen crop (weed) circles made by a small UFO inside a small square cloud, next to US 19 in the middle of the day. The object dropped into the weeds and went around in an expanding circle, then went up a little and moved a little and dropped down and did it again several times. Most of the circles were round and the same size. Some of the circles were on the edge of the weeds so they were not complete. When the object came down in the weeds it made an extremely loud sound like a weed-Wacker.


  13. Mark Quigley

    On Friday 17th August 2001 about 5 miles west of St. Neots UK I watched an orange ball of light hover and dart above a field of wheat. There was a kind of crackling sensation and sound all around. There were no houses or farm machinery there, nor road lights or traffic. It was a clear cloudless night. The phenomenon of balls of light being associated with crop circle formation is real and science’s abnegation is arrogant, ignorant and wrong. Ignore the skeptics for they have nothing of value to contribute. There is another intelligance out there; I have witnessed it and it changes your life in a profound and permenant way. Nothing is more important or more profound than this phenomenon. Balls of light create crop circles and there is no longer any doubt about this if you have witnessed it yourself.


  14. trev

    It says in the Bible that in the end times we’ll see signs in the sky and on the earth – UFOs & crop circles?


  15. Anonymous

    Extraterrestrials are interfering with crop production.


  16. Kenneth Kane

    i saw people creating these in the middle of the night. But not humans. About 3 foot 3 inch creatures with massive heads and black holes instead of eyes. Their skin was yellow


  17. liz

    I like your information that is containing the following: Canadian crop circles. If you ever find any more information on this subject I will be very happy. Thank you and have a nice day.


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