Some think a Satanic cult was responsible for the murder of a young couple.

Chris Prudhomme with dark black hair

Did Prudhomme act alone?

Pam Ellender with her arm around Eric Ellender

The victims, Pam and Eric Ellender


A group of young people walking up to a house with the lights on

There was a party after the murders

In junior high and high school, Pam Littleton of Sulfur, Louisiana, was voted the most popular, the friendliest, and the prettiest girl. She was a cheerleader and she was chosen Homecoming Queen. After college, Pam married Eric Ellender, a bright, up-and-coming businessman. They bought a house near Pam’s parents, and Eric went to work for Pam’s father.

A year later, Pam gave birth to a baby girl and the family circle was complete. According to Pam’s father, Huey Littleton, nearly every day Pam would walk over to her parents’ house with the baby for a visit:

“Pamela, I guess, was the type of daughter that every father would dream of. She had dreamed of being a housewife and a mother. That was her ambition in life. And she was totally happy.”

It was 8:45 PM on February 11th, 1991, the Monday before Mardi Gras. Pam’s husband, Eric, called her at her mother’s to say he was home from work. Pam left for home thirty minutes later.

The next afternoon, Huey Littleton got a phone call from his mother-in-law:

“She says ‘Huey, I just left Pam and Eric’s and something’s wrong. They’re in their bed. I have the baby and I’m back at your house. Call the sheriff.’ The sheriff’s unit met us at the gate, going into the yard and asked that we not go near the house. We learned that Pam and Eric were dead, that both of them had been brutally shot with a shotgun and that the fatal wounds were to their heads.”

A tape recorder in the front seat of a car

Another witness described the murders on tape

The only blessing was that Pam and Eric’s daughter was left unharmed. Huey says he and his wife were consumed by grief:

“It totally immobilized me. I couldn’t cry. All I could do is say why, and who?”

Eric’s car had been stolen the night of the murders. Eighteen-year-old Chris Prudhomme, and three of his friends were seen driving it in Baton Rouge. Prudhomme was arrested and became the focus of the investigation. According to Huey:

“He confessed under oath that he had killed Pam and Eric. He had no remorse for doing so, in fact was glad that he did so.”

Seventeen days after the murders, Prudhomme was found hanging by the neck in the jail shower room. In a suicide note found in his cell, Prudhomme took sole responsibility for the murders. He said; “I enjoyed very much in the taking of those two individuals’ lives.”

As far as the sheriff’s department was concerned, the case was closed. But to Huey Littleton, there were too many questions left unanswered. A licensed private detective, Huey began his own investigation. He came to believe that Chris Prudhomme was a member of a Satanic cult called the SKATERS, an acronym for “Satan’s Kids Against The Establishment.” The girlfriend of one of the Skaters told Huey about a meeting that took place the morning after Pam and Eric were killed.

The witness said the “Skaters” were trying to make up an alibi for whoever was with Prudhomme when the murders happened. She also said that Prudhomme and one accomplice had broken into the Ellenders’ house, planning only to burglarize it. But she said they were high on LSD and ended up murdering Pam and Eric, using one of Eric’s shotguns.

Feeling that many of the crucial facts were still unknown, Huey interviewed well over 100 witnesses. He was horrified when a girl named Nickie Alderson told him that just minutes after the murders, the Skaters held a party in Pam and Eric’s house. Nickie said one of the first people she saw at the party was Chris Prudhomme:

“They were all just standing around drinking, talking, and making different remarks about God and things like that. You can kind of feel from the vibes of people that something was kind of weird, because everybody was in their own little world. Some were doing some drugs on the table. They had enough drugs on there where I could see from a distance what they were snorting.”

Nickie claims she did not know that there were two dead bodies in the house until she was watching television the next day:

“I was watching the news and I saw the house. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I was at that house.’ Then I knew, you know, that was the guys that were there. They were the people I’d seen, and I come to the realization that I was there.”

According Sheriff Wayne McElveen of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Department, he agreed to take a look at Huey Littleton’s evidence:

“Everything that he let us know about, we checked into and found out it was not reliable information. He didn’t have enough factual information to bring to the District’s Attorney’s office. Also, everything that we reviewed, the District Attorney reviewed, and so has the Attorney General of the state of Louisiana reviewed, and the facts speak for themselves..”

The Sheriff’s Department says they saw no evidence that there was a party at the house. However, Huey found one other person who confirmed Nickie’s story. This witness added sickening details, claiming that the dead bodies of Pam and Eric were sexually molested by more than one person. Those claims were backed up by a man named Chip Richard. Although he was not at Pam and Eric’s house, Chip says he saw videotapes of what took place that night:

“What I saw on the video was the people killing the Ellenders, having sexual contact with them, just, basically, everything that really goes on, you know.”

Huey’s attention focused on 18-year-old Robert Adkins, one of the three men arrested with Prudhomme in Baton Rouge. Bobby Adkins was charged only in connection with the theft of the vehicle, but according to a friend named Shawn Moody, there was more:

“Bobby took me in the backyard. He told me that he wanted to tell me what had happened because he needed to get it off of his chest.”

While out on bail, Adkins allegedly told Shawn Moody that he was at the house when Chris Prudhomme killed the Ellenders:

“He told me they were looking around for valuables, him and Chris, and they had found a gun, a shotgun. And when they entered the master bedroom, the wife woke up. Chris shot the wife first and then the husband had woken and Chris shot him.”

According to Chip Richard, Adkins said that Prudhomme didn’t murder anyone, but had volunteered to take the fall out of loyalty to their satanic cult:

“He had told me that Chris was taking the rap for him ‘cause Chris was becoming the leader in the cult. Basically everybody that was with him worshipped him and, you know, would do anything for him, and in return he had to do for them the same that they would do for him.”

Huey interviewed more witnesses, looking for someone who could identify the actual shooter. Finally, he found Pearl Fruge. Pearl said her cousin Kim Manuel claimed to have witnessed the murders firsthand. Huey wanted Kim’s story tape-recorded and asked Pearl to help.

The next day, Pearl recorded a conversation with Kim’s permission. Kim described the murders in detail, but never admitted on the tape to being in the house herself. Pearl played the tape before a Grand Jury. For Huey Littleton, the moment was the pinnacle of his investigation:

“After hearing a lot of testimony, I mean, from many witnesses, the grand jury returned an indictment of two counts of second-degree murder against Kim Manuel.”

Some believe the indictment was a legal maneuver to pressure Kim Manuel into identifying other possible suspects. If so, the plan failed. Kim Manuel’s court-appointed public defender, John Laverne, called a press conference. He claimed that Pearl Fruge was lying and that the tape had been scripted and rehearsed. Pearl Fruge stands by her story:

“We never made up the tape. I never lied. What I told them was the truth and Kim knows it’s the truth. I can’t change what she told me and I’m not gonna make up another story just to make her look good.”

One year later, the charges against Kim Manuel were dropped. Huey Littleton was crushed. And, according to Sheriff McElveen, he had lost his credibility with the authorities:

“We felt sorry for him at first. But we gotta to deal with the facts. When you go before a judge and a jury, he won’t be able to bring all those accusations. He’ll have to deal with facts. And I think any grand jury, any district attorney, any attorney general, will agree with that.”

Huey Littleton just wants justice served:

“I’m at peace with what I’m doing because we’re doing the right thing. We just want to see those that participated in the murders of Eric and Pam, and the cover up, and the destruction of evidence, brought to justice.”

On February 9, 1995, Robert Adkins and two other men were indicted in connection with the murders of Pam and Eric Ellender. Adkins pled guilty to manslaughter. He was sentenced to 21 years, but the sentence was reduced to five and a half years because he had already served time on the stolen car charge. The other two men served short terms as accessories after the fact.

The attorney general’s office in Louisiana now considers the case closed. But Huey Littleton will not rest until he knows exactly what happened the night of the murders.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season seven with Robert Stack and in season three with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.



  1. Steve

    Chris crashed with us for a few weeks shortly before the murders at a house I was renting on E. State St. in Baton Rouge – he seemed lke a sharp guy with a good sense of humor. I remember the one time I distracted a drug store employee while Chris heisted some RID lice treatment because he pick up crabs from one of his partners.


  2. Michael Winkle

    Why isn’t anyone mentioning that Richard McEleven was at this party. Theen Richard kills three people at KKs corner. Daddy covered it all up. How interesting Chris hung himself in the jail. Calcasieu parish has always had corrupt cops. Sheriff department is the worse. Sickening. Saw the KK murders in ID channel. They talk about no evidence to prove his guilt, no evidence to prove his innocence. No alibi, daddys friends gave him the polygraph. You got away with it, but you will answer to god.


    • James Smith

      I don’t remember Richard McElveen’s name ever coming up in any of the investigations that Huey Littleton conducted. Yes, his name came up in the KK Corner murders. I agree, he stayed out of trouble because of who he is.


  3. Tara

    The skaters sounds so late 90s


  4. Unknown

    No disrespect toward the deceased but some of y’all on here know that this runs much deeper than what’s on the surface. A lot of gaslighting plus smoke and mirrors. This might be a good site to post your feelings and opinions but I would watch out what I say on other outlets. There’s some high ups out there that want to know who knows what so they can protect their high backs so to speak.


  5. mag

    so who really killed the parents of the baby? The real victim is the innocent baby who now grows up with the destruction and heartbreak.


  6. truth

    What a bunch of no life losers the Skaters were. Hopefully karma gets them all


  7. Darklist TV

    Here is a documentary for this case
    if you want more details


  8. John

    Rickson by Armbar!


  9. Zero

    Let it be known by someone who knows, Chris was alone. He killed Pam and Eric in the manner described by the Sheriffs Office. I know Every one involved, Chirs was alone. Mr. Littleton…..i sat at your desk so many years ago and told you this. One day before God you’ll know that Chris was alone!!! Shawn….you have caused everyone involved so much pain with your lies.Please let the truth be known by a “skater!”


  10. Zero

    I was a “skater” in sulphur and were friends with everyone involved.Let it be known that chris acted alone! Huey God bless your soul i promise chris acted alone. I told you that in your office so long ago and you will know that when you stand before God. He acted alone and there was no cult. Shaun moody is a liar. And kim was a naive scared child. That is the truth to it all!!!


    • Aaron Crawford

      Will you please shut up and stop repeating the same thing? You sound like an idiot. You’re either a liar begging for attention that you’re not going to get or you’re a complete low life scumbag. You sound like you’re so proud to be a “skater” that’s the dumbest, most pathetic name for a low level wannabe gang that I have ever heard. How old are you now, 60? Seriously, no one cares what you have to say and everyone knows that you’re definitely full of it and none of it’s true. There’s at least one of your type on each of these posts…probably more than one being you anyway. Quite a few sound like the same made up crap. Hey, nice try though. Man, your life must be awful! Hahahaha!!


    • Sak

      Who are you… Reach out to me!! I lived with just about everyone who was involved!! Was actually molested by Bobby (Robert Adkins) and Philp… Was made to watch them have sex in a strobe light through a door nob… Would still cigarettes from the conico on the corner across the railroad tracks for everyone… Please… Contact me asap


  11. Ann

    Chip Richard was not a credible witness at the time.You are very correct!!! And that statement is coming get frome a person who loved him so much that her life has forever changed because of his abscence. My baby brother was coerced by a man Huey Littleton hired as a PI.

    You will never convince me that Pam or her husband were in anyway involved with drugs.

    Mr. and Mrs. Littleton and the Ellenders as well as the daughter left behind; many prayers have been said for yal. I still am so sorry for your loss.

    Further, don’t judge my brother according to an exwife.


  12. Lifelong Sulphur Resident

    Chip Richard was not a reliable witness as far as I am concerned; I know his ex wife and 2 sons fairly well. Sadly, we will never know the truth because he was murdered by Paul Falcon and Robert Sargeant Jr almost 2 years ago in his front yard. It is amazing to me that the CPSO have never released Prudhomme’s alleged “confession” video to the public or the suicide letter in it’s entirety. There are so many screwy variables in this case, and 26 years later we are no closer to the truth than we were back then.


    • gail

      We are much closer …you don’t know what they have learned. Everything has to be in God’s time….Huey will have peace of mind


  13. following the evilness

    i heard the debt was theirs and owed to richard


  14. Unknown

    WOW! “Pearl Fruge” If u know so much about “Rob, Bobby, aka” Robert Adkins . Why don’t u come forward with ur info. U sound guilty like u was there and know something





  16. Melissa

    May be everyone should let it be. Nothing will bring back any of the dead also think of what it does to the families on BOTH sides


  17. John Roberts

    A well informed person very close to the investigation told me that after several years of research it was determined that this was a “hit” paid for by a drug dealer from out of state. The flaw was in using the skaters to do the job. Being just kids they got confused or were not adequately informed and, as a result, the home they hit was three doors down from the real target. The home of the real target was similar in appearence, occupied by a married couple of the same race, about the same age, and with one child about the same age. They were from another state and the man was working temporarily but full time. He and his wife were dealing cocaine and owed a large sum of money for drugs fronted to them by their supplier. They had a vehicle that was similar but not the same. They left town within a day or two later and have never returned. The killers simply hit the wrong house and killed the wrong people.


  18. Eric W Bohannon

    I Get two others were involved.


  19. Detective Justice

    There were a lot more people guilty who were never charged. Details on unsolved wiki on this case.


  20. Sandy

    So many teens at the time said they was at that party it’s been so many years maybe they will speak up now


  21. Pearl Fruge'

    Guilty people go away with taking the lives of two innocent people and leaving a child without a mother. I’m glad y’all believe the case was solved and close, but it never will be until Bobby aka Robert Adkins serves his time!!!!!!!!!!!


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