A bank robber has hit at least nine banks, making off with more than $400,000.

Security camera footage of a caucasian man with sunglasses and a mustache

WANTED: the cowboy boot bandit


Gender: Male
DOB: 1945 to 1955
Height: 6’ to 6’2”
Weight: 200 to 220 lbs.
Hair: Dark with gray
Remarks: Is known to wear cowboy boots during robberies


Police sketch of the bandit with a mustache

Composite sketch of the bandit

On September 19 th , 1987, a well-dressed man entered a bank in Spokane, Washington, pulled a gun on a teller, and announced he was holding up the bank. He showed the terrified bank employees a police scanner, and claimed that he would know if they tried to alert the police. The robber ordered everyone into the vault, then followed them in. He forced a teller to empty the cash drawers until she had turned over $100,000. When he fled, he left no fingerprints, and even managed to avoid being photographed.

Almost a year later, the same bandit stole $14,000 from another Spokane bank. According to FBI Agent Steven L. Pomerantz, this time, he got an unexpected surprise:

“A dye pack was given to the robber, which went off within seconds of him leaving the bank. Obviously that caused a commotion on the street, and a witness did observe that commotion.”

A security camera in the corner of a room

He was finally captured on tape

After another robbery three months later, bank employees were able to create composites of the bandit. However, the sketches were no substitute for photographs. Amazingly, the robber had managed to avoid all of the cameras in all of the banks. But, early the next summer, his luck changed. This time, frightened but quick-thinking bank tellers took a chance. One of the tellers asked that we conceal her identity:

“He walked up to the counter and pulled out his gun and put on sunglasses at the same time. And he then told us that he wanted to go into the vault. He had one of the girls hold the bag while I got the money out, put the money in the bag, and he told us to empty out the teller drawers.   He went to one drawer at a time. And when we pulled all the money out, there was a bill trap underneath some of the bills. We pulled the money out from underneath the bill trap, which triggered the alarm.”

Securty footage of the bandit holding up a bank with a cowboy hat on

His last known heist

Not only was the silent alarm activated, but the bank’s surveillance camera was also triggered. For the first time, the robber was caught on film. Agent Pomerantz said it was the break they were hoping for:

“Getting a photo in this robbery was a big step forward for us in our investigation.   Up till this point all we had were witness descriptions of the bank robber. It did result in us linking him to three additional bank robberies as a suspect in Tucson, Arizona. So that was a major step forward in determining the scope of what he’s been doing, as well as an aide to identification.”

The Cowboy Bandit remains at large.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season three with Robert Stack and in season five with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.

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  1. John C

    How in the world come there be no leads here? This guy lived 40 something years and had to interact with thousands of people but no one recognizes that photo?


  2. Trent

    They ended tying a guy to this crime but he killed himself before he could be arrested. This one can be moved over to solved. https://www.forensicmag.com/585207-Cowboy-Hat-Bandit-ID-ed-after-19-Years-But-Dies-Before-Arrest/


  3. N.

    I doubt he still lives in Spokane, but my guess is he will live around Washington area.


  4. Brad

    I’m not trying to be negative but I doubt the police are still searching for this guy.


  5. Anonymous

    I get he was born in 1947, 6ft 1 in, (in the last case I spoke about, a part /some, 3, of law enforcement local, at least one has destroyed evidence ) I get some of the money is buried in the Ground, I get he drove many miles to the banks, I get he is a land developer. he is currently in development of a major road and a road, first road going left.


  6. Bandit

    He’s no longer wanted since the statue of limitations


  7. chanita

    what in the world? this is not a rodeo if you wanna rob somebody the go to a porta jon and use the bathroom!


  8. Rick the Rooler

    He was a bank employee(probably a manager) with a gambling addiction. He eventually got caught stealing money. Got fired.He couldn’t get another job in the banking field so he tried a one off and robbed a bank. He knew the camera layouts (Security systems guys?)so he avoided detection. Probably has a few drinks before he goes in to steel himself (which explains the sloppiness with the paint bomb and the silent alarm). After he pulls off a job he goes straight to the airport to go to Las Vegas for some gambling, drinking, and whoring. Eventually the money runs out so its time to rob again. He didn’t plan on doing this regularly but it has been easier than he tought.
    Could it be a “SHE” instead of a he?


  9. Anonymous

    could he have born in 62


  10. survivor of one of your robberies

    this man is a sociopath who is unneccessarily brutal to his victims. he ruins lives and livliehoods. people who are unlucky enough to have him cross their paths do not come out unscathed. he is a life destroyer. 25 years later this is my goodbye to you! after years of terror i am moving on! you have no power over me. i am moving on with jesus christ, my lord and savior, he has the power. hoping you do the same. your lack of faith in the love of the lord has led you down a destructive, hurtful path. sincerely, THE WOMEN OF SECURITY PACIFIC BANK AT 8002 pacific avenue tacoma wa!


  11. Andrew Q

    Has anybody in any banks seen this man coming into the bank where you are? Please call the police as soon as possible.