A mother is convicted of murdering her two young boys but she says the killer is still at large.

Damon & Devon Routier

Routier family


On the night of June 6th, 1996, Darlie Lynn Routier made a frantic call to 911.  She told the dispatcher that she and her two sons had been stabbed.

Darlie in hospital

Five minutes later, police arrived at Darlie’s home in Rowlett, a suburb of Dallas.  Darlie’s eldest son, Devon, had already died from four knife wounds.  He was just three days shy of his seventh birthday.  His brother, five year old Damon, had also been attacked.  Damon later died in the care of a paramedic.

Darlie had a deep gash in her neck and wounds on her arms.  She was immediately transported to a local hospital for emergency surgery and survived.

Eight months later, Darlie Routier was convicted of killing her two young sons and sentenced to die by lethal injection.  It is a verdict that her mother, Darlie Kee, refused to accept:

“I never thought that Darlie did this. Devon and Damon’s killer is running free, and that’s what this is about– the truth and finding justice for Devon and Damon. That’s the most important thing… we’ve got to save her life before they execute this innocent girl.”

Her family insists crucial evidence was overlooked during her trial.  But authorities argue that their case against Darlie Lynn Routier is overwhelming.

Darlie Routier mugshot

Darlie claims she too was attacked on the night her sons were murdered.  Shortly after her surgery, Rowlett police detectives interviewed Darlie.

While still sedated, Darlie told investigators that on the night of the attack, she, Devon, and Damon had fallen asleep in the downstairs family room while watching TV.  Her husband, Darin, was sleeping upstairs with their eight month old son, Drake.

According to Darlie, at 2:30 AM, she suddenly awoke and saw a man hovering over her with a knife.  The man then fled so Darlie followed him into the utility room where she found a knife.  She picked it up to defend herself in case the man returned.  Darlie told police that it was only then that she realized she was injured and her boys had been attacked.

Her husband Darin was also interviewed by Rowlett homicide detectives:

“I hear this scream. I run down the stairs. Darlie at that point is yelling, ‘Devon, Devon, Devon, Devon, Devon, Devon.’ I mean, she’s just freaking. I get to Devon and he’s got these two huge gashes in the top of his chest and he’s laying face up, I mean, just blinking his eyes. You know, I’m thinking CPR, I prop his head back, I start blowing into his mouth, and as soon as I blow into his mouth, air comes out of his chest. Blood splatters all over me. Not only have you just been woken up to the worst nightmare in your whole life, your child is dying in front of you. And you just, you don’t know what to do.”

Investigators did not question Darin’s story.  But they were troubled by Darlie’s statement.  They didn’t understand how she could have slept through the attack and not give a clear description of her assailant.  Sgt. Dean Poos of the Rowlett Police Dept. was assigned to the case:

“When it came time to describe the so-called suspect, she was unable to describe the person, even though the person was supposedly kneeling or sitting, standing on top of her.”

Darlie’s bloodstained shirt

At the crime scene, investigators reportedly were not finding evidence to corroborate Darlie’s version of events.  They discovered the alleged entry and exit point of the killer—an open window in the garage that had its screen slashed.  Yet there was an undisturbed layer of dust on the windowsill, suggesting that no one came through it.  Detectives also found a long bleached-blond hair in the cut screen.  At the time of the attack, Darlie Routier had long bleached-blond hair.

Police found nothing missing from the home and ruled out robbery as a motive.  Sgt. Poos believed that the blood evidence didn’t support the story of an intruder:

“The lack of a blood trail leading from the crime scene, continuing out the path that the intruder supposedly took was problematic to say the least. This individual miraculously manages to keep any sense of blood or any evidence off of him, doesn’t leave any footprints. All the blood’s contained in one area. That was one of the things that again did not jibe with her story.”

Another puzzling clue was discovered in an alley three houses down from Darlie’s home.  There investigators found a tube sock with small amounts of blood from the two murdered boys.   According to Sgt. Poos, the sock was part of a cover-up:

“One of the characteristics of cases, where mothers are involved in the killing of children is that after the fact, there’s a very amateuristic cover-up…  No one wants to believe that a mother would do something like this to their children. But at some point, when you’re presented with this type of overwhelming physical evidence, you have to start accepting some of it.”

A week and a half after the murders, Darlie was interrogated by a detective reportedly known for extracting confessions from suspects.  According to Sgt. Poos, Darlie stated that if she did commit the murders, she had no recollection.  The detective who conducted the interview said it was never recorded.

Darlie’s mother was confident that her daughter never made the incriminating statement:

“It should have been audiotaped and videotaped.  But yet on this high-profile case, he didn’t have an audiotape or a videotape, which I think is a total lie.”

Darlie’s attorneys and investigators say that the evidence used against her was flawed.  Lloyd Harrell was a private investigator for the defense:

“When the officers examined the window which had been cut, they found there was no dust disturbed on the window sill, and also found a blond hair stuck into the screen area.  They assumed that blond hair was Darlie’s. Later, that hair, through DNA examination, was determined to belong to a Rowlett police officer.   The window sill is 10 inches off the floor. If you went through the window and crouched down and put one leg through the window, it’s more probable you wouldn’t disturb the dust than you would disturb the dust.”

The prosecution opened their case by offering the state’s theory of the crime.  According to the state, Darlie Routier was a selfish woman whose extravagant lifestyle was being threatened by the responsibilities of motherhood.  The prosecution insinuated that if her two boys were dead, Darlie could collect on their life insurance and resume her wild ways.

Darlie in prison

The District Attorney argued that Darlie, suffering from postpartum depression, slit her own throat, and then tried to make it appear that an intruder had committed the crime.

During the trial, a medical examiner testified that Darlie’s wounds were superficial and self-inflicted.  But the defense introduced medical records showing that the knife slash to Darlie’s neck came within 1/16 of an inch of severing her carotid artery.  A wound this severe would have instantly killed her.

The defense also attacked the theory that she committed the murders to collect on her boys’ life insurance policy, which totaled $5,000.   According to Darlie’s attorney, if money was the motive, why wouldn’t she kill her husband who was insured for $800,000?

The prosecution countered with a blood spatter expert.  Virtually all of the blood on Darlie’s shirt was her own.  But there was one tiny bloodstain on the back that contained both Devon and Damon’s blood.

The prosecution also played a videotape for the jury. Eight days after the murders, a news crew captured video of the Routier family celebrating Devon’s seventh birthday posthumously.

Darlie was on painkillers, antibiotics, and antidepressants but joined her family in singing Happy Birthday.  After viewing the tape, Sgt. Poos believed Darlie’s behavior was not consistent with that of a grieving mother.

Darlie defended her behavior:

“That was a celebration of Devon’s birthday. We had invitations sent out. We had presents already bought. And he was murdered three days before we got to have his party… It’s done out of memory to them. They twisted that and made that into something ugly.”

During deliberations, the jury watched the video eight times.  It took them ten hours to reach a guilty verdict.  Darlie Routier was immediately taken to death row at Gatesville State Prison.

Darlie’s family and attorneys claim that during the investigation and trial, crucial details were overlooked.  They say that the photos of her wounds were not properly presented to the jury.  After the trial, one of the jurors who convicted Darlie, Charles Samford, had a chance to take a close look at the pictures:

“After I saw the pictures, it made me feel that she’s not guilty.  She did not cut herself, and that she put up a heck of a fight to protect her own self. I believe with all my heart that Dara Lynn Routier is innocent. There’s not a doubt in my mind.”

Lloyd Harrell, Darlie’s attorney, also points to the tube sock found 75 yards from the crime scene:

“The sock contains both boys’ blood and probably epithelial, or skin, DNA of Darlie. There are no bloodstains that belong to Darlie on the sock. So it obviously had to be touched by someone after both boys had been stabbed, who also had contact with Darlie.”

Darlie’s supporters say that examining the timeline that night makes the prosecution’s account of the murders impossible.

Medical testimony established that Damon could not have lived for more than nine minutes after his fatal stab wound and that he did not die until the paramedics arrived.  So before they arrived, the following events must have happened.

Darlie talked to a 911 operator for five minutes and 40 seconds of those nine minutes.  The police secured the crime scene for an additional two of the nine minutes before paramedics were let in.  That leaves Darlie Routier approximately a minute and a half to place the sock 75 yards down the street, stage a crime scene, and then cut her own throat.

Darlie’s family believed unidentified fingerprints at the crime scene belong to the intruder.  A fingerprint on the door leading to the garage, and a second print on the credenza behind the couch, have never been positively identified by investigators.

Her family also believed the attacker may have been a sexual predator.  A series of violent rapes occurred in the Dallas area at the same time as the Routier murders.  These crimes were quite similar to the attack on Darlie and her children.  The assailant entered the unlocked homes of victims, attacked them with knives found in the kitchen, and wore tube socks over his hands to avoid leaving fingerprints.

Darlie’s lawyers continue to appeal her sentence.  If and when those appeals are exhausted, Darlie Lynn Routier will be executed.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season twelve with Robert Stack and in season two with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




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    Josh Blade

    Let’s be real here. I have a degree in Criminal Justice Technology and have studied countless crimes ranging from theft to sexual assaults to murder. I can tell you quite unequivocally, that with the evidence presented, there is enough reasonable doubt that a conviction should never have happened. This doesn’t necessarily mean she is innocent, it just means the prosecution could not prove it beyond reasonable doubt. While in my own mind, it’s difficult as an opinion to say if she is innocent or guilty, I can tell you she should not have been convicted. The evidence Could point to her, but Could is not good enough when someone is on trial for their life. The evidence Could also point to a possible unknown assailant. The very fact that there can’t be a consensus on her guilt or innocence should show anyone with sound mind that she cannot and should not be considered guilty beyond reasonable doubt. In this case, whether you think she did it or not, doubt is very reasonable.


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    Deb Palenchar

    I don’t get why she’s convicted and placed on death row for one child and not the other


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    Just listened to the 911 call … sounds guilty to me besides all the other evidence … 1. she was sure to say that someone came in more than once. 2. She called and not her husband although she was injured 3. She WAS snippy with her husband cuz. he seemed to have been thinking that she did it 4. Whether she or her husband stabbed her, they did not know enough to know how to do it “Properly” 5. She did not render aid 6. Her hysteria sounded forced. This is my opinion.


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    did anyone ever think maybe the little bit of the boys blood they found on her shirt could be because it says they had all fallen asleep in the family room together so if the killer stabbed them and there mom.is right there there blood splatter would get on her


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    Have you never heard of the serial killer, Tommy Lynn Sells? He would break into homes, use knives from the homeowners kitchen and kill sleeping women and children. He was put to death for his crimes and confessed to them or some of them before he died. It happens! People for whatever reason break into homes and kill innocent children with no motive. Tommy Lynns last killing was of a ten year old boy . He slit his throat while he slept and then tried to escape the home but the mother heard the son screaming and chased the killer from the home but not before he beat her and left her bruised and cut. Read about it, it’s true. He committed murders of children in Texas and other states. His motive for killing the ten year old boy was he saw them in a grocery store earlier in the day and felt that the mother was rude to him so he followed her home and went back later for the killing. Also, one of the jurors has since spoken out and said some evidence was not shown to them and if he had seen the pictures of her arms bruised and cut he could not have convicted her. He now swears she is innocent. She deserves a new trial. Don’t assume she did it. You were not there and to put someone to death without enough evidence is wrong!


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    Sissy Kilburn for JUSTICE



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    Lucy, you must look up a biography on Ed Edwards. There you will find a former detective named John Cameron who for 6 years investigated Ed Edwards movements for decades and connected him to the Zodiac Killer, JonBenet Ramsey, Lacy Peterson, Jimmy Hoffa, and so many more sensational homicides. It is incredible coincidence in all these cases with knowing the man’s MO for murder to disregard. I am skeptical by nature but this show John Cameron called “It’s Him”: The Murders of Edward Edwards he did on Investigative Discovery channel was mind blowing. He did such a thorough job of an exhaustive investigation. Every thing about the Darlie Routier case screams his name. It was the first thing I thought about after watching John Cameron’s show on Ed Edwards. I should have been a detective. I missed my calling. Ha!!


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    GET THIS LIE OFF THE UNSOLVED PAGE PAGE, LIAR! This Is NOT an unsolved crime. The Savage Animal, Darlie Lynn Routier Was Convicted Over 20 Years Ago. THE BEAST AWAITS EXECUTION. Her time is, FINALLY, almost up. She conne,d yet another, DNA test out of the courts.
    ALL previous tests have done nothing but implicate the killer. Killer Darlie Lynn Routier. It’s long overdue for Devon and Damon to get justice. PUT THIS RABID ANIMAL DOWN. Thus thing does not deserve the sweet sleepy painless death she will be gifted with. This rabid animal deserves to be held down and BUTCHERED just the way she slaughtered her two children. Lucky for this baby killer society isn’t the savage she is. Good Riddance, Killer! Die Knowing the Silly String will Fly in Honor of Your Long Awaited Execution. A great Silly String celebration will be held AGAIN. WE WILL BE AS HAPPY AND GLEEFUL AS YOU WERE. DIE ANIMAL! DIE! Wish we could watch! Ha ha ha ha ha Hope it’s botched and she suffers and excruciatingly agonizing death. Aaahhhhahahahahahahahaha


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      Her time is about over. She still has her federal appeals but that will just be a check list of her state appeals. Then she will be put down in a kinder manner that she allowed her sons. She and her supporters are now blaming Darin. Maybe he’ll finally speak about that awful night.


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    I think Darlie and/or her husband were involved.They are the only 2 people who can testify for this case. Not sure what the motives would be, but it’s strange how an intruder could come into a home and not disrupt a thing but be capable of killing 2 young boys and stabbing a woman. Maybe Darlie or her husband stabbed Darlie/herself to make it look like she had been attacked too. IF they were involved, who is to say one of them quickly ran 75 yards to throw out a sock and then Darlie called the police? Did neighbors or witnesses see anything? There is no way an advanced skilled intruder could come in stab 3 people and flee with no other traces of evidence. There was blood all over the children and Darlie herself yet no blood trail is found??? Pretty fishy to me. There was also no other footprints either. I think it was an inside job for whatever reason. Just because they planned a birthday party doesn’t mean they weren’t planning on killing their sons.Pretty crazy case, but there is so much lack of evidence to prove that an intruder came in, stabbed three people, and disappeared without leaving any evidence. It is also suspicious that she wakes up, sees a man hovering over WITH A KNIFE, and runs straight to get a knife. She doesn’t even bother to check on her kids first or yell out for help. That’s shady to me. I think she’s involved.


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      I, too have been interested in this case ever since it happened. I know that post-partum depression can make you think and do strange things. In some countries, women who have killed their child within the first year of its life and are judged to be afflicted with this are not prosecuted. That said, I don’t believe Darlie Routier got a fair trial at all. People on here keep talking about “read the transcripts” ..HELLO, the transcripts are from the crooked trial, so what could they possibly prove? Also, concerning those “reliable” transcripts, please read up on what happened to the court reporter in this case. She bungled the transcripts so badly, no sense can be made from them. I read true crime all the time and I am amazed at the behavior of police and prosecutors when they are desperate to get a “win” in the courtroom or solve a complicated case. Like someone before me mentioned, these people’s jobs depend on them getting a conviction..regardless if the condemned is guilty or not. I don’t know who murdered these boys and attacked Darlie and neither does anyone else except the one who did it.


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    Im confident that Darlie is guilty. 99.99999 percent confident. At the end of the day, though, I am not a police officer or an ME. So what the hell happened in the Routier home that morning of June 6, 1996? Who’s telling the truth and who’s telling lies? Only 3 people know the answer to that for sure: Devon, Damon, and Darlie


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    I found my son dead in his bed one morning. I went into his bedroom to wake him up as he was sleeping unusually late. It was a beautiful summer day and we had planned to put in a new rose bush. I brought a cup of coffee with me to entice him to get out of bed. But after only stepping one foot into his bedroom I immediately saw that he was dead. I didn’t need a coroner to tell me that he had suffered a heart attack because he was in full rigor frozen in tan agonized state of terrible pain. And I will never get that image out of my head. This was just a few weeks before his birthday. I had to be put on tranquilizers because I just couldn’t function right after that and I had to stay on them for 2 years before I finally felt I could deal with it on my own. I only just recently stopped using the meds a month ago. I still cry several times a day though…when I hear something or see something that makes me think of him. I had to move away, I couldn’t live there anymore.
    The point I am trying to make is…in no way could I ever celebrate my dead son’s birthday the way Darlene Routier did her TWO dead sons with or without meds. I still can’t. I shut his birthday out because otherwise all I will do is cry the whole day. So I avoid it. I hear that will change…someday. But that scene of Darlene happily chewing gum next to the graves of her kids” Well that all by itself convinced me that she murdered those boys, because I saw no evidence of conscience visible in her that day. You need to understand that when a mother loses a child she will often blame herself, hold herself responsible for not being able to keep her child alive (as I still do) and will go on and on about why hadn’t she seen the signs,why hadn’t felt anything? Why? Why? Why?.

    Not Darlene…she didn’t seem to have a “why” in her, no sign of guilt at all, when she certainly SHOULD have. She acted more like somebody who just had a load taken off her shoulders. There was more “relief” there than “remorse.” Don’t forget someone supposedly came into her home and attacked her two kids with her just feet away. Seems to me that should have piled on tons of guilt and regret. Had it been me, I don’t think I could have lived with myself.

    Somebody cut her throat…and she didn’t wake up…oh really? What kind of mama alarm does she possess? Most mothers are up at the drop of a hairpin when we know we have children in the house to protect. But I tell you, I do feel sorry for her mother because her mother obviously believes her daughter is innocent. After all, it’s her daughter! This is just my opinion but I bet Darlene’s sentence gets commuted to life which may well be the real reason behind this TV show.
    You know…Darlene’s case reminds me of an equally horrible murder case just like this one. Anyone remember Jeffrey MacDonald? He too is still trying to get out of jail by having his lawyers come up with so-called new evidence aired on TV that supposedly proves his innocents. Why air it at all? I’ll tell you why…the hope is that a whole lot of people will call up the show or write whoever and raise such a fuss that …well…maybe, just maybe it can sway things in favor of the convicted. Otherwise, all they would have to do is simply present the new evidence through normal legal channels; it doesn’t have to go on TV…right? It’s the new age way lawyers play…better get use to it.


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    She, in my opinion, had accepted their deaths, entirely to quickly. There was no stages of norm of logical stages of coming to terms with what happen. She was gleeful, happy, snapping on that chewing gum, as if her child was ALIVE, and present at his birthday party. I have two kids, if anything like this happened to them when they were little, i would have to be put away, i would not want to live without them. I’m not sure how i would be able to go on, especially if they had been murdered! What nags at me, I can not wrap my head around why someone would want to come in , use a knife from the house inside, walk past an adult and start stabbing little children?? stabbing them right in the chest where they would surely die, why didn’t they stab her in the chest, ensuring her death AND, she slept through the ENTIRE, attack, including her own, yet awakes to her son tapping her on the shoulder, but she SLEPT, while getting slashed in the neck, stabbed in her arm and fighting, it defies ALL logic, as we know and Why are there so many times where she is smiling or laughing? that is not the behavior of woman destroyed by the murder of her two young children! Where is the motive to kill two sleeping children??? Every time she speaks of that night, she barely sheds a tear. The only time I saw her appearing crushed is in her mugshot. Finally, her lie detector results have never been told, only by her as inconclusive, but I can’t believe anything she says. Darlie, was not feeling she was getting any more attn, in her life in addition, she wasn’t a disciplinary mother, that’s why she constantly made them play outside, after this tragic event, darlie was ready to move with her life, go on her vacations, she has scheduled, as if nothing happen, yet she’d always her thr attn. I’m NOT convinced of her innocence, at all.


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    Physical evidence, which there is an abundance of in this case, is the TRUE gauge of guilt or innocence. And the facts are: there are fingerprints, DNA and the blood stained sock. What are authorities SO afraid might be revealed if the data goes into CODIS and AFIS? In recent decades the general public has blindly accepted the new dogma guilty until proven innocent In our Justice system, guilt or innocence is SUPPOSED to be based on the totality of circumstances and evidence and the merits of the prosecution’s case. It may not seem fair, but even if it’s PROBABLE that a defendant is guilty, it’s still a NOT GUILTY verdict that should be rendered. REASONABLE DOUBT folks! If there’s even a tiny amount, the jury isn’t to convict. I’m sorry, it doesn’t matter if she did or didn’t, the case is FULL of facts that PROVE one thing: reasonable doubt..


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    She is guilty, should be put to death immediately enough tax payers money has been wasted already!


  15. Avatar


    Good point, Jennifer.


  16. Avatar


    This isn’t an unsolved mystery. The killer is on death row in Texas. Her name is Darlie Routier


  17. Avatar


    I’d like to hear more about the rapes and perp covering his hands with socks. But why kill the babies? Good god …makes no sense at all. They are going to kill her on death row. If she is really innocent…somebody better find some proof QUICKLY RIP sweet boys.


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    Why did she not go upstairs to check if baby hurt?
    No DNA evidence to support an intruder.
    Why would an intruder take a sock with him?
    If there was an intruder, why not just kill her, he had the knife. He would have left no witnesses. Was he scared off by an unarmed women? Then if robbery was the motive, he could have taken the jewelry from the counter at least.
    Completely obvious, with the forensic evidence, that she did this. Window screen fibres found on the kitchen knife, from their kitchen. Did intruder break in, take a knife to cut screen. Forensics proves she is guilty…no more debate.


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    if she was willing to kill to live the lavish lifestyle, why would she have killed her sons:
    1. her husbands life insurance was much more
    2. she had a five month old. Why would she kill 2/3 kids if she wanted to live in her lavish lifestyle. Kids that young cost a ton, the 7 and 5 year old doesn’t really. And why would she have sent out invitations and bought presents for her son if she was going to kill him.

    And 1.30 minutes really isn’t that long to run to put a sock in the alley and slit her throat.

    I think she was near the boys and so the cops thought she was the one who could have done it. There doesn’t seem like there is enough evidence to put her to death


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      There is plenty of evidence to put her down like the dog that she is. DNA confirms her guilt:
      Darin knew what she had done the second he saw the boys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDQOAj1LeqU&t=67s


      • Avatar


        You are posting you tube links and links created by some joe shmo who was obsessed with the case. Really?
        It’s preposterous that this lady get sentenced to death based on a botched crime scene and Casey Anthony gets away with murdering her baby. All because of a video the jury was solely fixated on. Didn’t show the memorial video with her bawling her eyes out 30 minutes before the odd video at the grave site did they?
        You only are aware of what the media makes you aware of.
        There’s a documentary on this case that introduces evidence, photos and videos that weren’t even presented at trial.
        This is not about how odd she behaved- who are you to tell someone how they should react after they’ve watched their kids suffer in agony. That probably does something to you mentally. I’d probably lose my mind. I sure as hell can tell you I don’t have a clue how I’d react or what is the normal way to act.
        This is all about reasonable doubt. If there is a shred of doubt that the person being charged with the crime actually did it then she should’ve never received the death penalty. And based on the one juror that came forward and said he gave in towards the end even though he wasn’t convinced she did it because of lack of physical evidence it wasn’t a fair trial.
        We both know there’s been too many cases where the prosecuting team and local law enforcement only focus on one person and ignore any other important leads and this is why innocent people get convicted all of the time. It’s scary.


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    There is no doubt she murdered those two beautiful boys. She is a empty headed selfish person killing her will not be to soon for what she did to those boys!!!!


  21. Avatar


    I just watched her case on death row stories she is innocent her husband killed them precious babies god will punish him she’s fighting for her life falsely accused of a crime she was a victim how can she have all them multiple bruises her husband hired someone to murder her and the kids for that insurance money I think he bribed the police department to exclude him as a suspect


  22. Avatar


    How can they have allowed the death penalty when there are unidentified finger prints proving there was a third adult person in the house? It suggests they either don’t care about the death penalty or whether they murder people …


  23. Avatar


    Why is this story in an unsolved site? It’s been solved and the killer is on death row.


  24. Avatar

    Kelly Dutton

    Edward Edwards the serial killer murdered Devon and Damon. It is posted on Facebook. A book has been written about it


  25. Avatar


    This is such a sad story. I watched the American Justice episode on this case again last night, and there are a few things I didn’t remember… now I’m thinking about what happened all over again.

    First scenario- They were having financial problems. The jewelry and purse were sitting out on the table. What if Darin had planned a robbery for that night, what if he didn’t tell Darlie (people do things behind their spouse’s back all the time), and he assumed she and the boys would be in bed during the robbery? Instead, they stayed downtairs to watch television and fell asleep. The robber comes in, not expecting them to be there, one of the boys wakes up… and the robber couldn’t leave any witnesses, so he kills them. Then he attacks Darlie, she fights back… in a panic, the intruder runs away and forgets to grab the jewelry.

    Second scenario- Once again, financial problems. It said something about Darin having a large life insurance policy on himself… maybe he had an equally substantial policy on Darlie? He knew she watched television at night and slept downstairs. He planned either an intruder, or even himself, would attack and kill Darlie. The children woke up before Darlie could be killed, and they were murdered. Or, Darin wanted to get rid of the entire family, including the baby, but didn’t expect Darlie to fight back. The police were called before he could finish his plan. Either way, Darin’s plan failed. There is no way he would ever admit to either.

    Her DNA was found because she lived there and had been cut and was bleeding. Then there were the bruises on her arms, and the nurses who lied about it. I don’t know what to think, I always wanted to believe her. Since she is an adult and stronger, I assumed that is why she was able to fight back.


  26. Avatar


    My theory is that Darin planted the sock when he went to the neals


  27. Avatar


    are there any updates on this case???


  28. Avatar


    Doesn’t matter if she’s innocent or guilty, and also NO ONE but her or a killer does know. She did not receive a fair trial..would ANY trial in pseudo-God country in Texas with a bunch of hypocrites judging her and a blood thirsty prosecutor calling her a sinful woman be fair when much important evidence was kept from the jury?. She did not receive an honest investigation since the cops decided she was guilty in the first half hour of the crime, shoddiest detective work ever. One juror said after the trial “The defense didn’t prove her innocence” OMG. Several jurors have since said they would have never convicted her if they’d seen all the photos of her life-threatening injuries. Texas: Where they kill people to teach people not to kill people. The result? Texas has one of the highest homicide rates in the WORLD.


  29. Avatar


    She did it. I read the transcript. If nothing else convinces, the knives used to cut th screen and to stab the children were found in the home.


    • Avatar


      I totally disagree, with all due respect. However, IF it was just supposed to be a robbery, the guy would most likely not be carrying a weapon. When he was startled by Darlie and the boys, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen. And the murders took place. Darlie had injuries that she could not have inflicted on herself. Those deep deep bruises shows rage. Anger. Her throat was cut so deep, it nearly killed her. I’m not saying its impossible for someone to cut their own throat… It does happen. But, to the point of nearly decapitating yourself? Personally, I’d say NO. Truly and very sincerely, I do believe in Darlies innocence. God bless and protect her.


      • Avatar


        Not even close to decapitating herself. If not for the fact she didn’t have a home to go to, the doctor said he would have discharged her after a couple of hours.


      • Avatar


        Thank god someone else with a brain agrees with me!!!
        Lucy I’m right there with you


    • Avatar


      Oh so you read the transcript and you’re an expert now? Man I sure hope you don’t ever get jury duty.
      Uh duh.. the knife was THEIRS. Of course it was found in their home. So what that knife was used to cut the stupid screen.. doesn’t mean it was her that cut the screen. This is common sense people not rocket science.


  30. Avatar


    Shes not. Forensic files episode on her clearly show every piec3 of evidence pointing to darlie routier killing her children


    • Avatar


      Well hot damn… if it was on Forensic Files it must be true! Lol
      Sorry.. I love forensic files too but you kind of have to be a little more educated on this case other than just watching forensic files. This one isn’t so cut and dry.


  31. Avatar


    Darlie is definitely guilty. Watch forensic files episode on her.


  32. Avatar


    Is Darlie left handed? Because the wound on her neck would suggest that she is if it was in fact self inflicted. It would suggest a right handed intruder however. I have been looking everywhere for an answer to that question, and I have not found it. I continue to ask this question because I noticed on the video at the gravesite that Darlie is spraying the silly string with her right hand, suggesting she is right handed not left handed like the so-called self inflicted wound would suggest. Most people are right handed, if you notice, even in the reenactment of night of the murder, the actress portraying Darlie where she is cutting her own neck is cutting on the wrong side! The actress is cutting herself as a right handed person would, not as a left handed person as the wound suggests. If Darlie is right handed, then I have to say I truly feel she is innocent. Even if she is left handed I still feel she might be innocent (based on all that I’ve seen and read that is). But DEFINITELY innocent if she is right handed.


  33. Avatar


    Don’t let this case bother you. She is guilty and where she belongs. DNA from june shows her guilt Not sure if you are aware of the latest DNA results from June 2016:
    DNA results 6/2015 confirm her guilt https://youcouldbewrong.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/dr-06262015103716.pdf
    Why ask 4 them 2 b sealed? http://justice4ever.com/wp-content/uploads/Darlie-Court-Order-DNA-sealed_edited.jpg


    • Avatar


      There was no blood on the front of her shirt. The back and bottom of the shirt implies her back was turned while laying higher than the victim. This is consistent with her story.


  34. Avatar


    what possible motive would an intruder have for killing two very small children?
    Doesn’t make any sense.
    She did it.


    • Avatar


      Is that a rhetorical question or just a joke?
      Seriously? Intruders murder innocent kids every day all over the world.
      I’m assuming you’ve heard of sex offenders right?


  35. Avatar


    Darlie routier is a beautiful (inside and out) kind loving woman period!! The woman is innocent in every single way!! Her husband is very very suspicious.. Always thought it was kinda strange how Darin routier said couch was pushed back lamp was pushed over coffee table moved and he says he heard a light glass break .. What!?? Do he didn’t hear anything the stabbing the moving everything around nothing but he heard a light glass break!? darlie routier has been sitting on death row for something she didn’t do ! N Darin routier is remarried to a girl who strangely looks like a cheap generic version of Darlie!!! I pray that God fixes this and help this kind loving beautiful soul be released and let her grieve her children with her mother n her surviving son drake


    • Avatar


      You question why Darin didn’t hear the violent murder of his two sons occurring while he slept upstairs??? I question why Darlie, a self proclaimed ‘light sleeper’ who was just a few feet from her children, didn’t wake up during their vicious murders. She supposedly didn’t even wake to her own throat being slashed, yet she miraculously wakes to Damon tapping her on the shoulder as he said momma???? Beautiful kind loving woman my foot! Darlie Routier is guilty!! God will fix this by keeping this woman away from the precious innocence of Damon and Devon…the two children she was supposed to love and protect. While I do agree Darin was complicit in some way, he did not murder Damon and Devon. There’s no way on earth Darlie would sit quietly on DR while Darin goes on to live a life of splendor with Drake and the new woman in his life.


    • Avatar


      Sweetie, I do agree. Darlie is a beautiful creation. Inside and out. I believe with all my heart, that she is innocent. I’ve researched her case, over and over again. I cannot be convinced otherwise. God bless.


  36. Avatar


    First of all what strikes me as a non American is that some people come to conclusions just by believing what the prosecution is telling (not proving). In case of accusing somebody of a crime especially a capital crime you should be 100% sure.
    In recent years to many people accused of gruesome acts have been convicted and later being proven to be innocent. In my opinion this is due to the fact that prosecutors need to get a high conviction rate to keep their job, the truth is not important it is important to get a conviction no matter what. Police knows this and will help the procecution to keep a good relation.
    As far as I know, lucky I had no experience with US lawenforcement, there is no limit for interogation and the used technique is to make the person of interest so exhausted that they will confess anything. There should be a limit on interogation time and a lawyer should always be present.
    A big problem is that nobody is able to tell an event two times exactly the same and this can be used as an explanation that the person is lying and therefore lie about everything.
    Specifically in this case, the fact that the mother had apparently cuts in the neck and arms I ask the question how can somebody cut herself not one time but several times. Imagine doing it yourself.
    As for the fact that she did not mention her baby upstairs, it seems normal to me that someone concentrate on what is happening what he or she can see and forget everything else.
    As somebody mentioned above when there is reasonable doubt she should not be in prison. The government is paying police and the prosecutors good money to do their job airtight.
    From what I read the least you can say is that the research is done poorly and the state will do everything to cover it up. Reason= if she should become accuited the state would have to pay a lot of indemnification and the prosecutor would lose his job.


  37. Avatar


    Something has been bothering me about this case. Check out angel MATURINO RESENDIZ And was railroad track close to her home. His murder spree ran for many years.


  38. Avatar


    I have been trying very hard to find ANY information about the violent rapes in Dallas around this time with the similar MO.
    I can’t find anything at all.
    How can a major show such as this say such a thing and there be no way to verify it or research those cases?


  39. Avatar

    bernard Phillips

    Prove it!


  40. Avatar


    Wrongful convictions DO happen. Unfortunately, very few get exonerated. What tends to stop that, is the neighborhood, town, officials involved, etc. that are so convinced they got it right that they are unwilling to allow further testing. My question is, if they know for sure that they got it right, why not allow the appeals to test, retest, etc.? Then it can be put to rest.

    Regardless of if she is guilty or innocent, she should be allowed to have whatever evidence that was not tested, tested. If she’s proven guilty, then it’s done. If she’s not, she needs let out.

    I realize that DNA testing is not cheap, but it seems like exonerated life or death row inmates being released and no longer a drain on the state would kind of pay for itself.

    But here’s the bigger question: in a country so hell bent on incarceration and death penalty, wouldn’t we want to make EVERY attempt possible to ensure that those persons are truly guilty? And not just rely on a group of “peers” and a flawed justice system?

    Not that my opinion really matters, but I believe she is innocent. I have since the first time I heard about this, as a child.


  41. Avatar

    Former Law Emforcement Officer

    As a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer this case is blatantly obvious. I have poured through all the evidence. It’s unfortunate that an inept, poorly trained police department really botched this one and the truth is screamingly obvious; a killer has not been prosecuted. First, it’s inconceivable that she would try and orchestrate a crime of this magnitude, unbeknownst to her husband, with the hope to not be caught in the act by him. There’s a lot that happened that night and I just don’t believe that to be conceivable. The crime was brutal, violent, and I don’t believe someone would try that if someone uninvolved were sleeping in the same home. That said, I believe she is 100% guilty; meaning, she had help from someone. I believe the accomplice to be the other adult in the home at the time, her husband, Darin. Starting from the 911 call she continually used the word “they”; “they” came in and did this; “they” ran out the door, “they” killed my babies, etc. Its common in these situations for people to blend the truth with their lie. People panic (even when guilty) and don’t know how to react and the truth often spills out. This is often when mistakes are made (and they made a lot of them). People can plan a crime for years and when it actually unfolds they too can go into a form of shock (as she did). When saying “they” she was inadvertently admitting two people were involved (herself and Darin). Next, Darin’s peculiar comments about Darlie’s breast I found to be troubling. Your children were just murdered, your wife has been stabbed, and you’re making comments about how nice her breast are to the police. Next, it is reported that cast off blood spatter was found on Darin’s clothing, further proving my claim he assisted. Those comments were breezed over! Next, the defense says there’s no way Darlie’s injuries are self inflicted and I believe this to be true, Darin did it to her. The defense also claims there’s no way a bloody Darlie could have taken the sock three houses away and not leave any evidence, again, it’s because Darin took it there, hence the lack of a blood trail to the sock. Next, both Darin and Darlie failed a polygraph. Let it be known those tests are not entirely accurate but I don’t believe it to be a concidence both failed. In fact, the gentleman giving the test believed Darin to be lying as well. Next, the fact Darin was engaged in a insurance fraud less than a month before the children’s death doesn’t sit well with me either. In that scam Darin was attempting to have someone break in his home and he was going to pay that person part of the insurance claim. Again, this happened less than 30 days before the killings. Next, the reason Darlie has not outwardly implicated Darin is because it will not change her fate. In fact, it would cement her death sentence and take away any chance of her ever leaving prison. Therefore, she clings to the hope she will win an appeal and be freed as 100% innocent. That said, it has been reported that Darlie has recently made motions that appear to be implicating Darin as the co-killer without actually saying it. Why would someone wait 20 years if they thought their husband did it unless they were hiding something?? This is happening because she feels the end is near and it’s her way of sharing the blame without coming out and saying it. I could go on and on…


  42. Avatar


    Darlie Routier stated she had been asleep. When Darin came downstairs she made the phone call. Not once did she mention she cuddled or touched either boy. How come then she is saturated with their blood? Even when help arrived she didn’t touch Devon or Damon. The nightshirt is all the evidence needed. May Devon and Damon rest in peace!


  43. Avatar

    Susan Jordan

    I have always thought that this site, and the television program that started it were pretty believable. Until now. Darlie Routier is guilty and is EXACTLY where she belongs. I am from another suburb of Dallas and have followed the story since the beginning. After reading everything I could find for and against her I am convinced, as are most people, that she murdered her children. I urge people to do some in-depth looking at this case. The supporters of Ms. Routier, along with her family, are not above telling outright lies to try to get people to send them money. Not one shred of evidence exists that points to an intruder, but there is plenty of evidence pointing to this so-called super mom.


  44. Avatar


    Darlee is innocent. Look at Darin, why was he outside? There’s no reason for that. Find the person that left the sock and you have the killer.


    • Avatar


      If Darin had killed Damon and Devon I highly doubt Darlie would be sitting quietly on Death Row while Darin lives a life of splendor. However, you did hit the nail on the head with your comment about the sock…and that’s why Darlie is on DR, still.


  45. Avatar


    Her followers are some of the most stupid pig ignorant people I have ever come across. Read the transcripts before you open your mouth. There was zero evidence of an intruder in that house on that night. She killed those boys and staged the crime scene. Open your eyes. Her mother just tells lies all the time.


  46. Avatar


    I don’t know about Darin sleeping through it all would the boys screams wake him????

    I mean my daughter crys at night from a dream and I’m running to the room???


  47. Avatar

    Free Games

    How old are your boys? Trammell pursued, and learned that the injured children were six and five. Devon and Damon were their names. In the meantime, a squad had detected the emergency vehicle wired by Trammell and reported to the dispatcher it was on its way to the Routier address.


  48. Avatar

    Angela G

    She’s guilty as sin and anyone with half a brain can see it. I hope she fries! She deserves a slow painful death for what she did to those children!


  49. Avatar

    Mr. Common Sense

    I think the killer stabbed the boys and blood from the knife also got blood on the mother when he stabbed her because she got stabbed last. She didnt see him good because she didnt wake up until already stabbed. At this point surviving on adrenaline. This Dean Poos guy sounds like a fool on tv and the prosecution obviously messed up and dont want to admit it. She was way to bruised and cut up to hurt herself that bad and the evidence points away from her.


  50. Avatar


    I believe with a heavy heart that Tx will kill her. She may very well be not guilty. The death penalty is flawed. The poor, the uneducated, and people of color are killed by the state of Texas. I pray she will get a new trial. To kill a human with out testing all the evidence is disgusting in this DNA society. The police were able to turn around the DNA results of the two escaped killers in NY in less than 5 hours while hunting them down….this crime is from 1996. The police don’t want the truth. Sad state of affairs when cops are too scared of the truth to even test the evidence!


  51. Avatar


    She’s a likable person so you don’t want her to be guilty but she is!!! Why would someone stab those boys the way they did but then give her a slice on the throat and then still leave her breathing!!! Listen to that 911 tape the her guilt is all in it!!! And the sock…most likely she put it there after the boys were stabbed and before she cut her self!! It only takes a few seconds for me to run 3 houses down from my house and it took her the same!!! Oh and you don’t hear your boys being stabbed that brutally…I DONT THINK SO!! You don’t know if the killer is black or white but you know what he was wearing!!! This woman is so GUILTY it STINKS!!!


  52. Avatar


    Darlie is innocent and deserves a new trial! The Rowlett police had no idea how to handle this case. I’ve spoken to Darlie and she wouldn’t take back that precious silly string party for the world her babies loved it and it was bought by her sister before Devon & Damian were killed. I have suffered the loss of a child and if I were to write a book on how to act with grief the inside would be blank. You are at a total shock and state that you just don’t know what to do and how to go on. Darlie clearly was in that state and if the jury would have seen the other parts of the video they wouldn’t have convicted her I’m sure of it. Prayers for Darlie, Drake and her family. This nightmare can happen to you people as well open your eyes and look at the facts! Rowlett once accused a man of killing his wife and kids and then they found her she had driven off the bridge in the Ice and they had drown he’d been on death row if it wasn’t for the state troopers Ruling it an accident!


  53. Avatar


    i believe she is innocent some people express thier emotions
    diffrently when they loose a loved one


  54. Avatar


    If it was because she felt overwhelmed by the demands of parenting, why kill the two older boys and leave the baby, the one who is the most demanding, alive?


  55. Avatar

    Ambassador to the most high God Jesus Christ.

    My message is what the Holy Spirit has showed me about this unfortunate trajedy. One day we will all stand before the judge of all the earth Jesus Christ. The books will be opened and all our deeds done in our bodies good or bad will be judged. Those who sit in judgement on this issue need to be very careful. Because what judgement you judge in this matter you will be judged.


  56. Avatar

    Jade Jewel

    Even before I knew all of the evidence, I knew that she was innocent, for one reason. The silly string. I unfortunately have lost a small child, and I don’t wish that on anyone. However, every year on his birthday, we go and celebrate what would have been another year, and wonder what he would have been like at this age. I just feel that is something I could feel in my bones, you know? She is innocent and I pray that one day, the world will know that it was Tommy Lynn Sells. I did some investigating of my own. One of the little boys that he had killed, the child’s mother was put in prison for that. She got out only because it was one of the many that he confessed to. Now, he was just a few hours away, a few days before these murders took place. I looked at his police records. He did this and got away with it plenty of times before. This is his M.O. I hope that someone reads this and really checks it out. I will keep trying to get ahold of someone until I do. Because this isn’t right. May God bless her and her family. My prayers are with you all always. Thank you for listening. I know how to ramble, so I thank you again.


  57. Avatar

    Jade Jewel

    Tommy Lynn Sells is the name of the person that killed those children and attempted to murder her as well. I knew it from the moment that I saw this story on dateline. I hope that someone reads this and really looks into it, because I found out that just a few days before these murders happened, he just got out of prison. In the same state, just a few hours away from their home. I realize that a lot of people think that she did this, but one of the children that he had murdered before, his mother went to prison for his murder also. People do make mistakes, I just hope that someone figures it out before she dies, not being able to hold her son that has cancer now. God Bless her, my prayers are with you and your family.


    • Avatar

      Check your facts

      TLS was indeed STILL in prison during the time that these murders were committed!


    • Avatar


      You were improperly informed that Sells was released from prison prior to the murders. It was investigated and found that Tommy Lynn Sells was incarcerated at the time of Damon and Devon’s murders.


  58. Avatar


    Truth is only one person knows,we all only know what the media tells us,some are for and some are against,we can throw theories out there,but does any of it bring those boys back no.


  59. Avatar


    I believe they are putting an innocent woman to death. No mother, in their right mind, could kill their own babies. She called 911 and was obviously freaking out over the phone. Why would she cut her own throat, almost severing her carotid artery. I don’t believe the video from Devon’s birthday party, at the cemetery, proves that Darlie is guilty. She was trying to celebrate Devon’s 7th birthday, even though he was not here on Earth, any longer. I believe she did that in honor of her precious son. It was not a staged event. She loved those boys and she was just trying to honor them. She already sent out invitations to Devon’s 7th birthday party. Why would you plan a birthday party for your child if you were gonna murder them. Makes no sense. I pray that she gets exonerated and is released someday soon to properly grieve for her children and not have to worry about dying for a crime that she didn’t commit. #prayingforDarlie


  60. Avatar

    Danny Garcia

    How could Darin have slept through all this? Breaking glass, darlie running everywhere, screaming, he probably plays a big part in this. Also, this site does no mention, the routiers owned a dog, and during the commission of the crime, the dog was locked upstairs in Darin’s room.


    • Avatar


      I agree that Darin is complicit is one form or another, but do not believe he murdered his children. There’s no way on earth Darlie would be sitting on death row while Darin lives a life of splendor with their son Drake and another woman. You wonder how Darin could have slept through all this. I’m curious how Darlie could sleep through the sheer brutally violent murders of her son’s who were a mere few feet away from her. Darlie chose to sleep downstairs with Damon and Devon as she was a light sleeper and the simple movement of Drake turning over in his crib would wake her, yet she slept through her son’s murders….completely defies logic!


  61. Avatar

    Laura jade

    Darlie is guilty and where she belongs.There was overwhelming evidence of her guilt not reported here.Funny how this brutal child killer has never reoffended in all these years.Just like the hippies who killed Dr McDonald’s wife and kids.Common sense please.


    • Avatar


      Your an idiot. The person they believe done the murders was not a murderer till then. He was a child rapest. And right after the murders in the area there was even more rapes. And the mass rapest wore socks on his hands so there was not finger prints from him. So how do u explain all that?


  62. Avatar

    Tammy Thomas

    I still think it was in large part the silly string that got her convicted. The earliest stage of grief is denial and I think she was still in this stage at the time of the silly string incident. No, she wasn’t a hero. Maybe she is a bit self centered. And, Darren strikes me as quite odd-talking about her figure, ect. But none of that makes her guilty. I’m on the fence. In most of these cases I am not wishy-washy, but have a very definite opinion. This one baffles me.


    • Avatar


      It wasn’t the silly string party that convicted Darlie, it was the totality of all the evidence. However, one of many things that did disturb me about the silly string party is that Darlie’s pale face is completely unblemished. In that there is no mottled red blotches or red puffy eyes and nose. Just a pale plain gum gnawing smiling face spraying silly string on her murdered sons’ fresh grave.


  63. Avatar


    Darlie is right where she belongs!!!


  64. Avatar


    She’s guilty.


  65. Avatar

    Stephanie Hopkins

    Darlie is 110% INNOCENT! We already HAVE the intruder’s print (or one of the intruders, there may have been more than one) left ON the crime scene IN a combination of the victim’s blood. On ANY other case, that’d have been the VERY first thing that the cops pursued. But not in Darlie’s case. Why? Why, if they are SO convinced that she is guilty, is that print NOT in AFIS??? …because they’re afraid we’re going to find a hit and they’ll get yet ANOTHER lawsuit for ANOTHER wrongful conviction. That’s why.

    We ALREADY have unknown DNA found on the scene, too – from the first round of DNA testing. More DNA testing is ongoing… So, how long are we going to have to wait to get the DNA profile(s) put in CODIS, as I assume they’re going to attempt to block our efforts in that regard as they have the fingerprint.

    Texas is executing people right and left. They’ve already executed many innocents. Have you noticed the WAVE of MASSIVE numbers of people being exonerated in this last year or so???? It’s because everyone was “conviction happy” in the late 80s and 90s.

    It’s a disgrace.

    See http://www.facebook.com/FIGHTforDarlieRoutier for case updates – just click “like.”

    Facebook Group: “Prayers for Drake Routier,” who is undergoing chemotherapy for Leukemia. Since reaching adulthood, he is speaking out publicly about his mother’s innocence as well, and wants her home, by his side.

    Texas is scared – and ultimately, we WILL get these things done at the Federal Level… Why continue to stall and waste MORE years of her life?

    Darlie Lynn Routier was a VICTIM of a VIOLENT crime. She also lost her two precious sons. She survived – due to the necklace she was wearing embedding in her skin and causing the knife to miss her artery by a millimeter. And all for what? To be convicted of their MURDER???


    • Avatar



      The TRUTH IS every single thing sent to be retested has either come back INCONCLUSIVE OR IT POINTS RIGHT BACK TO THE SAVAGE CHILD KILLER —->DARLIE LYNN ROUTIER.
      LIES WON’T STOP HE ANIMAL FROM BEING PUT DOWN. Strap her down and break out the Silly String Yeeeee Haaaww. Gonna have us a greeeeaaattt big celebration of Darlie’s Death. Just Like Darlie Celebrated Butchering Her Children. Instead of lying for a child killer why don’t you get her to confess and save her immortal soul? Lying for a baby killer will just land you in hell with her. Enjoy


  66. Avatar

    Sally Dirk

    If you simply watch the TV shows or read the Darlie site, you will believe she is innocent. I did. And I was horrified all of these holes and questions in the case were not being brought up by her appeal lawyers. So I started to research. Well, the so-called evidence of innocence, finger print, wounds, sock, dirty DA, bad experts, etc. , it has ALL been appealed, and answered by many different appellate judges and dismissed with thorough explanations why they are dismissing it. The things that bother folks here bothered me, until I understood the detail behind them. She is guilty. Even watching her now 15 years later, I can see how self centered she is. She asked Darin for a separation the night of the murders and he agreed. This made her angry and she took revenge on those kids. Sounds crazy to me too, but I believe it’s what happened. Darin caught her in the act and helped her cover it up. Additional DNA testing was granted in 2008 and it speaks volumes that there has been no further appeals filed based on any results. There is forensic evidence indeed that Damon was stabbed in two locations in that room and that he crawled 15 feet after being stabbed the first time. Darlie was out planting the sock and staging the house, comes back, finds him moving, stabs him again. She calls 911 and you can clearly hear her say, “…thought he was dead. ..” The woman is guilty of the worse kind of crime.


  67. Avatar


    Wow I cannot believe how many people think she’s innocent,,why go after 2 little boys??when theirs an adult laying right there??why didn’t she scream for her husband while this supposed altercation happened??? I’ll tell ya why because it didn’t happen!!!!


  68. Avatar


    When I first saw the video of the grave site birthday party I was sure she was not acting as a grieving parent would. Since that time my husband died suddenly. I was grieving then and still am now… but I saw a video of me on my birthday a week after he died and I did not look like a grieving wife. I won’t judge how anyone who
    is grieving acts in public ever again.


  69. Avatar


    There is no way she did this. The system has failed her. They wrongly accused her based on circumstantial evidence. This case was screwed up from the beginning. Horrible police work and dirty DA. Darlie will have her day and she is going to be home with her family


    • Avatar


      Most cases are based on Circumstantial evidence Michelle. There are very few cases that have direct evidence presented because most murders esp. are not committed in front of anyone nor are they video taped. So the evidence against Darlie is overwhelming as it sits today!


  70. Avatar


    In reading the book on the case i believe she is innocent. The sock is now being tested for DNA evidence. There was also fingerprints found that do not belong to anyone in the house.


  71. Avatar


    She is innocent. Looking at the wounds on her, you can tell she put up one hell of a fight. Poor thing. Husband and baby are the only one’s who where left unharmed. Hope the state fixes this.


  72. Avatar


    I whole heartily be leave she is innocent. Why would you kill for 5,000 dollars ?come on now !her injuries say a lot. I hope they solve this before she is executed.


  73. Avatar

    Boo boo

    All the woman does is talk about herself.the phone call she didnt even once worry about the baby upstairs?the so called intruder could of still been in the house?yet she stays on the phone saying oh my god oh my god my babies are dying.i would of been on that floor doing what ever I could to comfort and not let go of my child.the phone call to the emergency services says a lot to me cries out selfish,guilty and trying to cover her tracks from the word go


    • Avatar


      I personally do not think it is fair to judge Darlie based on what she did or didn’t do in a scenario as horrific as that. I also don’t think it is fair for any of us to say “I would have done this” or “I would have done that”.

      You are correct that Darlie did not mention Drake on the 911 call. My guess would be that she was likely overwhelmed with the situation downstairs at the time. The intruder could have still been inside the house, but, according to Darlie’s own trial testimony, if he was anyway he would have been in the garage. To get upstairs to Drake the intruder would have had to have come back into the living area.

      The call lasted 5:48. She did not spend all of that time saying “my god, my babies are dying”, although I think that would be a reasonable comment to make.

      According to Darlie’s and Darin’s testimony, Darlie was attempting to render aid to the boys. She said that, at one point, she was next to Damon and was telling him to hold on. You can hear Darlie saying “hold on, honey” on the 911 call.

      The call might say a lot to you about selfishness and guilt, but I think you are overlooking the most important thing: Darlie called 911 while Damon was still alive. What murderer calls 911 while their victim is still alive?


    • Avatar


      Exactly. It’s all about her and only her. Her,her family and followers only care about Justice for Darlie? Not one of them ever mentions justice for Damon and Devon. Darlie’s mother is a fine one to talk about lies. Since she herself has done nothing but lie for years. For example flat out denying that Darlie took a lie detector test. Which she failed. The whole Darlie clan are whitetrash. Nobody can believe a word they say. The mullet man husband is also a liar.


  74. Avatar

    amber n

    I saw this on forensic files 1 time and just about cried my eyes out. The same episode came on again tonight, I could barely watch it. Its so obvious of what this dumb bitch did to her kids. Look at the evidence of the blood splatters on her shirt pointing UP ONLY.. ONLY a killer would have these type of consistant of stains. Look a week later on the news at her DUMB FACE acting like a damn thing didnt even happend.


  75. Avatar

    Tammy Thomas

    I’m sorry Dickie for your problems c the Rowlett police. I’m glad you have your little one back. Do you think they will execute Darlie?


  76. Avatar

    Dicky fields

    I believe she is innocent
    Rowlett police was invoked in my daughter being taken and lied to me
    First off I got my daughter back 3 yrs
    But I found out 2 local officer were involved


    • Avatar


      If it took you three years to get your child back then you were doing something wrong to get her taken and had to go through the courts to get her back…dont blame the RPD for your bad Parenting


  77. Avatar

    Tammy Thomas

    You may be right MizB and if you are she certainly is a sociopath. I just don’t know. Convince me. My main questions are about the bloody sock, Darlie’s injuries, and motive. Thanks for you input. I do value your opinion.


  78. Avatar


    Don’t know why this was on Unsolved Mysteries as the case has been solved. Darlie did it, there was no intruder. The sociopathic narcissist is right where she belongs.


  79. Avatar


    After watching the UM segment about this case again I do think she is innocent. At least she deserves a new trial. One problem is motive. Prosecutors pointed to her wild lifestyle but other than spending money and maybe dressing like a hoochie mama she wasn’t that wild. In most cases where a parent kills, the spouse comes to believe in their guilt, not so in this case. Also Darlie had significant injuries and there was that sock. I don’t see where she had time to hide it. One of the other factors was the climate at the time due to the Susan Smith murders.


    • Avatar

      Justice for Devon and Damon

      Motive does not need to be proven in the US


    • Avatar

      WhatImHave you read the latest DNA results that heThinkingIs

      Have you read the latest DNA results that her supporters want sealed? No intruder at all. https://youcouldbewrong.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/dr-06262015103716.pdf


    • Avatar


      I saw this case on 48 Hours Hard Evidence and ever since then, this case has been bothering me everyday.. I feel like if there was a motive for money, the husband would be the first to go. Also, I remember hearing that he had planned a staged robbery, or wanted to, and that that night, the two had talked about divorce. Not to mention he failed his polygraph test.. I am not saying he is guilty, but the fact that she was questioned so immensely and him not so much makes me feel it was handled so wrongly. As if they just wanted her to be guilty. And how did he not wake up? (Unless there was no noise during the murder I supposed..but I don’t know). Not to mention the two bloody fingerprints that matched no one, not even paramedics or police. Also, in every picture I have seen of Darlie, she seems to be in jeans and a t-shirt, sure she probably dressed up a lot, but from what I’ve seen, she looks like a normal mom. It also creeps me out about the “sock sexual assaulter”..at first when I heard about a sock being found I thought it was too weird, like why a sock??? But after realizing that there was a possible killer and sexual offender who wore socks and stabbed people with knives from their own homes rang a huge bell for me. Not to mention the math put into this to show that it would probably be impossible for her to have staged the sock, especially without leaving a trail of blood considering she was bleeding excessively. Someone also mentioned that it was staged beforehand, but come on, there was both the boys blood on it. This whole thing has bothered me for so long and things, no matter where you look, don’t add up. Another thing…people grieve in different ways people. Not to mention that the video of her at the cemetery was taken after a withheld two hour long grieving session. This is just too weird and kind of overwhelming. The case needs to be reexamined.


    • Avatar

      M Daugherty

      The socks were extra ones in laundry room/utility.room. Which were used to clean or wax car? I think? Do i guess that’s why her skin/dna would be inside of it. Blood droplets????Of kids??? 75 yards in alley. It’s confusing. YES INDEED…All of it. She for the sake of death riw reasons. Absolutely needs all prints, blood or dna to be fully tested. Its win win for either side. If its unknown dna or prints . Then ease retry the case. If not. Audios biotch. Amen


  80. Avatar

    Tammy Thomas

    This case really bothers me. I just don’t know what to think. There seems to be evidence that she may be innocent. I don’t want her put to death.


    • Avatar


      If the sock was found 75 yards from the scene and she did it wouldn’t she leave a blood trail with all the blood she had on her from “killing” her children the real killer left that sock and that needs to be looked at before the put an innocent woman to death. They have this case WRONG!


    • Avatar


    • Avatar


      If you are really serious about finding out the truth about this case you should look at the evidence that they had against Darin, her husband, and never proceeded to charge him. I have uncovered an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows Darins guilt


    • Avatar


      I would like to know why they didn’t arrest Darin. The police may have interviewed Darin, but the lead detective didn’t even take notes when he spoke to Darin. They allowed Darin to go to the neighbors while his family was there dead and dying. They didn’t even interview him until he went to the hospital hours later. Patterson didn’t even take notes at that meeting. They never separated Darin from Darlie. Darin raced right into that recovery room to make sure he was right there when she woke. Darin was also right there when Darlie went to write her statement on the 8th. It just so happens Darlie had no memory so Darin filled those memories in for her . Telling her he got the baby, he handed the baby too her, he helped her on the stretcher. Those were Darins words and accounts of what he told Darlie to say. He knew she had no memory, maybe that is because he may have drugged her after all.


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