What is the real name of the woman who died mysteriously inside a locked room at Oslo’s Plaza Hotel?


woman’s body lies on hotel room bed

A woman is lying face up on the bed.

It is May 31, 1995. A young woman, stylishly dressed in black, registers as “Jennifer Fairgate,” at Oslo’s luxurious, 5-star Plaza Hotel, the scene of many secret high-level international meetings. Her reservation for two includes “Lois Fairgate,” presumably the dark-haired man standing near her at the front desk. Their room, #2805, is expensive, with a beautiful view of the city. Their two-day stay is quiet–hotel housekeepers are surprised by how tidy the room is, as if no one is staying there at all.

After extending her visit, several notices asking Jennifer for payment appear on Room 2805’s TV screen. Someone in the room responds “ok” to each request, though no one shows up at the front desk to pay. This, along with the red “Do Not Disturb” sign that’s been hanging from the doorknob for days, catches the attention of the hotel supervisor. A part-time security guard is sent to check on Jennifer’s room, which is locked from the inside. He knocks on the door. Seconds later, he hears a gunshot coming from inside. While the guard runs back to the front desk to call police, Room 2805 is left unattended for 15 minutes.

Man in black sweater sitting in an office

Lars Wegner is drawn in by unanswered questions surrounding her death.

Oslo police arrive to find a woman dressed in black silk pajama shorts, stockings, and black pumps lying face up on the bed. A powerful 9mm Browning pistol is positioned awkwardly in her spotless right hand. A grisly gunshot wound marks the center of her forehead. There are no signs of forced entry so her death is ruled a sad and lonely suicide.

Two hands holding a gun

A team of experts examine the clues.

A simple wooden coffin is lowered into the ground, but other than a police detective, there’s no one to mourn the mysterious young woman inside. Because no one knows who she is.

The moment investigative journalist, Lars Wegner, hears of this baffling case, he is drawn in by the number of unanswered questions surrounding her death. In fact, “Jennifer Fairgate” doesn’t actually exist—it is discovered that she checked into the hotel using an alias and a false address in Belgium. The woman’s belongings, left behind in her hotel room, contain no identifying information. All tags from her clothing have been removed and the serial number on the gun has been meticulously removed using a method associated with organized crime. Lars and his team of experts, including a former Norwegian spy and a high-tech forensics lab, examine the clues and conclude that, based on the degree of effort made to conceal “Jennifer’s” identity, the most likely theory is that she was a professional assassin or spy. Lars is convinced that if he can find the identity of this woman, he will be able to solve the baffling mystery of her death.

If you have any information about her identity, contact VG newspaper at [email protected]


  1. Hunor

    If we assume that she comes from East-Germany, then probably she also graduated school there and there is a chance she has a photo in some year-book or some other archive in one of the schools there. If someone would go and scan graduation photos from the relevant time period from archives of East-German schools and use modern software tools (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) to run through all those photos and compare the facial markers with the photo of the unidentified person, there is a chance that the software could identify her, or at least provide a subset of most likely matches.


  2. Ree

    They should be looking for “Lois”…


  3. Sasha

    Yes people, check out the VG artickle linked so many times here for so many of your questions get answered there! I think it’s so disappointing that the netflix episode left out many important details. But the similarities to the Isdal woman is crazy to me. They were both (almost) definitely involved with the secret intellegence of some sort. And I agree with many here that the police didn’t do a “crappy” job, they covered for someone!


  4. Francisco Navarro

    Can you create a profile on one of the DNA genealogy services and identify existing relatives that way, whom you then interview?


  5. Sila

    I have been watching refence files. Were her hands checked for gunshot residue?


  6. L

    ”He knocks on the door. Seconds later, he hears a shot from inside. While the guard runs back to the front desk to call the police, room 2805 is unattended for 15 minutes.”

    But .. there were two shots
    one on the pillow and another in ”Jennifer”
    And the guy who knocked on the door just heard a
    So … it means that the first shot, the shot that the guy heard was on the pillow
    And soon when he left and the room went without a surveillance of 15 minutes, had the second shot
    The second shot was in those 15 minutes.


  7. Steff

    I don’t understand why y’all haven’t checked to see we’re the gun was from? Maybe that could figure out what had happened to her or where she came from before getting to the hotel. If that was even her gun in the first place


  8. Chris

    Did they check her hands for gunshot residue? Why aren’t they mentioning this? I think that would have made it pretty clear if she was the one who shot the gun or not.


  9. David

    How about the story of “Peter Bergmann”?! He has the identical story as Jennifer Fergate! When I say identical means it looks like he was copying her but, the origin of this man it`s the same as her German!


  10. Reddish

    I watched this on Netflix, there are some strange things that raise my question:
    1. Why did nobody ask the hotel management? This woman was given access to an expensive bedroom without having any ID and credit cards.
    2. The security door can be traced when opened from outside only. But there were some plates and all in the room, so this woman ordered room service several times, and nobody question the staff who brought the food? That can be a possibility she ordered room service and somebody faked to be a hotel staff bringing food, knocked on the door, and when she opened it, this person barged in.
    3. Whether the police checked if her face is altered through plastic surgery.
    4. It’s just something about the security who waited several minutes before going downstairs to call the head of security.
    Is it normal to hear gunshots in Norway? How was the firearm regulation that time? If not, a normal person would have run anxiously and called the police.
    But the hotel security waited some minutes behind the door before he called the head of security, and later on called the police. Why not right away upon hearing the shot?


  11. Boudour

    She is from Israel just check this point thr face her leaps just like them it’s hard to find who she is because those time of people are chosen from orphanage no family no emotions nothing she was there for a mission but it went wrong. Her death was close to the 11 of sep 2011 check who was there at that period of time.


  12. Mariah Chapman

    I think the clothing she has can be of some importance. Her shoes for example… they have a ‘made in Italy’ label still on the inside sole of the shoe. That label wasn’t established until 1980 officially and then placed on shoes/clothing. Then there is the jacket she had that still had a label on the inside. That is a luxury brand as well. It’s no surprise that her items are high end, but high end shoes have so many minute details to identify them. I’d take those shoes to a lux brand store to be examined. That’s a possible lead.


  13. C

    Check her DNA with Ancestry DNA


  14. Bria

    My theory is, Jennifer was either a child who lived her whole life at an orphanage or a product of human trafficking, so no one could identify her, because her name has been changed. And she became an assassin or an agent, Or was in a relationship with one. Or another agent from another group found out who she really was and killed her. He might have been staying on the same floor of the hotel and Following her footsteps and might have been in and out of her room with the other key card or a security guards key. There are so many theories, so many questions and pieces to put together.
    Did you check at orphanages for children her age range?
    Was her hair dyed or not?
    Did Forensic report identified if she ever had a child?
    What about the hotel cameras?
    Did she have any residue under her finger nails?
    What perfume or deodorant or products did she use? Or branding.
    How long did she leave and get back based on the keycard slips.
    How often were the calls?
    Was the security paid to never talk?


  15. Christi

    Has anyone ran her DNA through any of the genealogy companies?


  16. Dante

    Good morning!, when reading between the comments I see that it was not far from the opinion of many, but … it seems to me that I can have two probable stories: 1 ° what led the depressed woman to the place maybe her sadness or maybe not .. and simply the whole case was armed inside the hotel: on what arguments? well, it is a very prestigious hotel, nobody can touch them. lawyers, quarters can cover or pay everything to a good prestigious detective of that time to cover all the details at the time that happened at that time. So … what is the version I have? well, this is one: the place is a prestigious place, no less is expected to provide: trust (pay even when leaving the hotel), security of the people who reside, my point is that since everyone knows the terms ” uncovered “,” intelligence “, the hotel security at that time would have good options to put together a room for what they decided to have done with her, what justifies it? .. well the woman dresses mostly in black that shows a woman in mourning or depressed too right? but I do not register a pagp or card although that can be confirmed by the staff, but what happens if someone does not pay for a residence in a 5-star hotel?,
    The logical answer could be that the culprit pays for it, who will let him in, who knows if it were a hotel policy, no one could know, but … what is a security guard in a hotel so what does it cost? Well, I imagine that it is the expoatorio goat, the one that pays the most for the broken dishes in some circumstances at that time, And what would happen? I would not pretend to blame a guard, but to be a 5-star hotel, it would not be worth it for a guard to register well that those who enter will not carry weapons for the safety of other people inside? Yes Someone will carry a weapon .. won’t they confiscate it until they leave? the weapon could well have belonged to the woman. and then how many days would pass? 2, or 3 and the woman in depression would be wandering around the hotel when they did not see her, alone, perhaps looking for attention and some talk from someone. How much should I in that time? Of course the security of the hotel would not be losing sight of her from the second day, perhaps she would pretend to escape stealthily and not pay? (guard mentality) or maybe they see her loneliness or coldness in her eyes as an indicator of threat to people inside the hotel so getting rid of her will see it as their job and doing the hotel a favor .. uhm among more I think about it, I don’t think there is a possible scenario where they see her enter with a weapon, much less confiscate it, being the case of seeing one they would ask her for payment in advance or not let her in. So what could it be? I would think that the hotel could well confiscate many weapons by members of security, and then they would use some, the most affected by the loss or responsibility for their entry would have to “take care” in some way, and how? Well, she enters her room, interrogates her because she has no way to pay, she wanted to barely pay attention, she continues to be depressed, the guard loses patience and gets no more answers and thinks that she is of some “intelligence” and interrupted some crazy plan ( They would not lack imagination at that time) and decide to act quickly, as they say: they plant the weapon wrong and set the stage and what about the entry and exit records of the place? Well, the software that they handle, no matter how modern it is, as well as the cameras in that hotel, whoever designed the system or who handles it is likely to need to manipulate at will, you know the hotel cannot be linked to anything that happens inside taking the category it has for human error.It was already something perhaps rehearsed or mentalized for whoever did it, so quickly when he took the action of planting the weapon (doing it wrong) he ran in the preparations to erase the record of his entry. 15 min is enough if the one who does it is one of the few who know how to do it. That is to say, ask yourself: that is, does it sound reasonable? A woman of “intelligence” is not usually men at that time? Enter “armed”? Suicide “on the” third day “why wait as long if your determination was since you got a gun? Who would have more facilities to enter your room, because it is already seen as a fact that someone put the gun in his hand. It is a hotel 5 stars as someone of intelligence could violate it? The day that it was affirmed that that was possible, I imagine that it would be worse if someone died in it without apparent explanation.


  17. Kim

    Were her hands ever checked for gunshot residue? Considering she had no bruising or blood to her hands would suggest she didn’t shoot the gun


  18. Susan Price

    I have an Ancestry account and have had some success at building family trees for people through their DNA. I would love to have a go at having a look at her DNA profile.


  19. Anonymous

    I knew nothing about this case until today. I am half Swedish, and the female Police Chief looks a lot like My Aunt! I have never been to Norway, only seen it in books and films. A few thoughts. First, were there two key cards or 4 total? The *excellent* lengthy VG article linked in the comment above says she was given two additional new keycards a day or two into her stay. Second, was Lois a Woman, or did Jennifer specify that it was a Man? Third, the fact the room service was meant for another room is strange, or was it a fluke? Had she called it in from another room, then gone back to her room? the other room’s newspaper is another oddity. It has an unidentified fingerprint. Was the person spoken to that was in that room too? Was she a prostitute? Had she been stolen from? Maybe she had arrived with a great deal of or just some cash? did the calls to order the room come from belgium? Did they trace her arrival on boat or plane? Fifth, the delay in eating is strange. is it possible she was there for a whole day before they found her, and ate it Friday, then lay undetected? Sixth, is it possible the second shot was fired that was the blank to frighten away the knocker? Or impossible because the second shot was under Her? Seventh, has hotel Staff been investigated? Eighth, could an average normal person remove tags for comfort? Less likely i suppose considering that shoe ones were removed too. Ninth, sad that there were no rape kits or fingernail scraping? So relevant. Or bathtub residue drain residue in case the Person showering was not her. 10th what about cc tv? 11th the address in the VG article {excellent work btw, and I just saw a cool new show called Wisting where the female Character works as a journalist at VG and her Dad the title character is a cop and they both solve crimes} is clearly Rue de la Station. It’s scrawled yet to Me anyway very legible and obvious. This may help in rental records etc. And perhaps the receptionist at the hotel just spelled it wrong by mistake when taking the phone call, and it really is Fergate. is it possible that two different women called in to reserve the room, since in one call the caller spoke english and in another, german? I was surprised they sold her possessions instead of keeping them as evidence. This may be customary I have no idea. As an aside, this hotel is featured in the great Norwegian film THE QUAKE. An iconic place! She had seemed to order an iron. Did the hotel have a laundry? Is that where her skirt//other clothes were? why wasnt the linen evidence saved? Was She sharing the room with another man or woman? Could the witness have seen another woman in the room instead, the skirted woman with the shoes, maybe a flight attendant or relative or friend? this might explain the duvets? Unless she was cold? In English Lois is a Woman’s name. or were her skirt and shoes stolen or removed from the scene? Could Someone have come to stay with her bc it would not have registered the open door, when they entered, and when she went out it would not have registered. So maybe she was not out the whole day. Or possibly. Maybe she was having an affair with a Norwegian or Belgian or someone else and it ended badly. Or she was simply sad and depressed and suicidal for some reason. The do not disturb sign is interesting too. That could mean any number of things. Was she simply depressed scared and distraught she could not pay the thousand dollar bill and when the knock came she ended her life. Weird too someone reported it being told to them before anyone knew. wonder if they will do reverse familial dna. Happy that DNA evidence is more advanced now. it really helps solve crimes. All of it is so strange. This kind of detective puzzle is like straight out of Agatha Christie Anne Holt Henning Mankell or Jo Nesbo etc. It just is so perplexing! makes me want to be a cop! Makes us all want to solve it! Anyway Just some thoughts. Hope it can be solved! Thanks for your cool smart insights! My thoughts and prayers are with the victim. Have a good day!


  20. Darragh

    They could put her DNA into ancestor websites like in the golden state killer case where the detective done this and found a relative of the killer and could track him down this way maybe they could do the same with her DNA and find a relative of hers


  21. Hernan

    there are keys in her address one of them is the area code belongs to the netherlands 7963, Verlaine is a literary work which says that she was murdered with her lover’s gun, maybe the lover is a private agent like the fbI


  22. Marilyn

    She provided an address in Verlaine, Belgium with a phone number that could be associated with that address. Could it be possible she had a relative who lived in Verlaine at some point in time; did she use that relative’s information and simply change a few things? That might explain why the mayor of that village did not recognize her sketch. Perhaps you should look at the residents of Verlaine at the time of the murder. Was there a family of East German descent living in the village? Did that family have a relative who might resemble the sketch? I would not give up on the Verlaine link quite yet.


  23. K

    I was a hotel front desk clerk in a large city for several years in the mid-90s, and we absolutely required payment at check-in. And If you put down a credit card, we were required to ask for ID. Then we put a hold on the card for however many nights the guest was staying. You could pay with cash without an ID, but you had to pay for your entire stay plus an extra deposit for incidentals (phone calls, room service, pay movies). You would get your deposit- or whatever amount you didn’t use- back at check-out. The hotel procedures here seem very odd- especially for a big city like Oslo.


  24. Lenka

    definitely the second “La Femme Nikita”! her look, her clothes, her haircut, her eating habits… the name was a joke – there is no surname like “Fairgate”; her handwriting looks like to be from the former Soviet Union area or former Yugoslavia; and I remember Paul VERLAINE tried to kill his friend Arthur Rimbaud in the hotel room with a revolver


  25. V

    I’ve found some things that I don’t remember from the documentary:

    1) the man (Lois) who supposedly was in the lobby, had a reservation in the same room with Jennifer, but then she stayed alone?

    2) there was a second keycard? wasn’t she alone in the room?

    3) the guy who carried her dinner said she was wearing a skirt (that wasn’t in the room when discovered the body). How? Did she throw It from 28° floor? Did the killer took the clothes?

    4) there was a man from Belgium (Mr. F) staying at the room in front of hers. He left the hotel in the morning (before the gunshot), but then when he was asked, he said he didn’t hear anything that night. This man was never located. Does he know more than it seems? Maybe the timeline isn’t right?

    5) How they know she had the “do not disturb” sign for 2 days? Did they look at the door every hour to see any changes? Or is it just a coincidence?


  26. L

    i have mixed feelings
    I think someone reserved that room for her and forced her to suicide (and the hotel is part of the murder). So she is playing with the gun like getting ready to shot herself when the guard knocks the door (could’ve think that was the person who forced her) and as a reflex she pulls the trigger. This situation could also be as a murder: heard something and shot quickly as a reflex.
    But that doesn’t explain how her hands were clean and without the cctv we don’t know if someone exited the room.
    We can also think that the person who killed her entered the room with her (according to the records) but if it was closed and someone from intelligence entered, would that be in the records if they didn’t use a card? Could a person entered at like 10am and surprised her?
    And we also know that she entered the hotel with a bag full of bullets. Again, was she forced to kill herself? Was she a killer that resulted killed?

    I can’t stop thinking that someone made up that reservation and the whole situation with the receptionist (and would explain why she didn’t need an ID or passport). She may be an agent trying to not be identified


  27. anonymous

    I think she was a spy given her identity has not been traced and she was very smart at concealing her identity at the check-in desk and checked in without giving her identity or raising an iota of doubt on the hotel personnel. I think she may be playing with the gun and knock on the door scared her and she shot herself accidentally.


  28. Viviane Zago Sartor

    they didn’t say it happened with a similar case in norway in 1970 i think it has some connection with this 1995 case of Jennifer Fairgate.


  29. matti

    she was Burnt puzzle for intelligence services either country’s.


  30. I. den Boer

    I have just entered a tip. The way the woman has written numbers are the same the way children are tought to write numbers in Germany: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFMSJiiC8K8


  31. Kosmin

    Verry intresting ,but i.m sure somebody know s well what happen there.
    The police ,some of the staff from the hotel at that time they know something but they keep secret
    She was a spy for sure .
    And that security guy who was there when gun shot happen then he go down and he came back after 15 minutes ,maybe also he know something cause if i.m was in his side then i.m was staying there waiting for reinforcements but not leaving for 15 mins so…..”Jennifer” she knew some important secrets informations that s why the “Assasin” killed her and autorities could know something but they can t do nothing because “somebody with bigger rank” told them to “stay back”


  32. Michal

    The journalist has conducted a much deeper investigation than we learn from this Netflix episode. You can read the English version on the Norwegian newspaper site: https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/xRjoWp/mystery-at-the-oslo-plaza


  33. Vincent

    I think that it might be a suicide because she left her room sometimes and if someone wanted to kill her then why didn’t he follow her when she went out? If it was a killer, then why did the killer kill her in the hotel room? That is a stupid location to fire with a pistol. But yeah this is a very weird case to be honest….


  34. Maia

    I think it was the security guard.
    1) Why would the assassin WAIT for someone to knock on the door? people would know something was up.
    2) He had access to the security cameras, he could have turned it off!
    3) He waited “To see if anyone would come out,” but why didn’t HE CALL FOR BACKUP?!?!?!
    4) When he was “waiting” he could have been, i don’t know, CLEANING UP THE EVIDENCE THAT IT WAS HIM?!
    5) He could have been the one who let her in the room without credit card and/or license
    6) He could have had connections to someone in the police force
    7) He is a security guard, he had access to her room.


  35. Nouran

    I watched this one a couple of days ago but I think I remember them saying that they found where she grew up. couldn’t they go to schools there and see the documents of the students who went there? maybe they will be able to find her picture or they could just research and find every student.


  36. Carmen Ortiz

    As someone already mentioned, with the aid of DNA data banks such as 23andMe or Accessory.com, it’s now possible to get a match to a close or distant relative of the woman to help narrow down her identity. I can’t believe this was not mentioned or tried. Of course if she was a secret assassin, then I’m sure there are ways to erase her DNA links from those data banks.


  37. Juliana

    As everyone else on here, I have a few thoughts.

    1. Someone has already pointed this out, and I’m sure the journalist has thought about it as well, but, why would the killer wait for someone to knock to shoot the woman? They mention things had been cleared out – no toiletries or ID, the bottom garments, and so on. Why would a killer remove all of that first and then carry out the actual murder at the very last second? Perhaps she was actually staying at a different place, and she was only at this hotel room as part of her mission. Perhaps the clothes that she brought in were just meant to make it look like someone was staying there so there was nothing to actually clear out? Still, the timing of the shot doesn’t make sense to me.
    2. In any case, it’s fair to question if some of the hotel staff at the time were involved. She was given a room without any proper procedure, and again, the timing of the shot is weird. Perhaps the security guard that knocked on the door was actually alerting the killer of a cue, if indeed that’s when she was shot? Why did it take fifteen minutes for someone to come back up?
    3. I think it might be worth releasing some sketches with different hairstyles and different hair colours. People can look entirely different going from long hair to a shot pixie cut. Especially someone so young, it’s not unreasonable to think she looked fairly different up to her trip to Norway.


  38. João

    This whole case is a bit strange.
    The security story is very poorly told and they must investigate the security. A person who wants to kill another person will not wait for someone to knock on the door to fire a gun and there will be witnesses, if the security guard knocked on the door if someone wanted to kill someone, they would not do it right now because they would be very exposed. If he heard gunshots because he left the scene and simply did not contact the supervisor by radio?
    Another thing that is strange is the fact that the hotel has a CCTV system and the police do not want to see them. Both on the bedroom floor and at the reception there must be at least one, and they could easily identify the man who appeared to be with her at check in.
    Both the hotel and the security guards appear to play an important role in the case, which the police simply dismissed.
    Another thing is that the address she supposedly put at check in really exists, you can check it on google street view, how did you go to the location and didn’t find the house? If on google street view there is a house with the number 148 on the street that she placed?


  39. James

    They only checked for alcohol! Then when they dug her up later what did they find in her system. Why did the security guy just run away when he heard the gunshot. Did anybody ask the check-in clerk why they let her in without a passport or ID. There is surely a reason for the tags on her clothes to be missing. The hand grip on the gun was fake and contrived by someone else.


  40. Radu

    To me, the hotel employees seem very suspicious.


  41. Denisse

    Wow me asombra la respuesta de las personas! Como es posible que el investigador que lleva años en el caso no se le haya ocurrido todas estas opciones de las que hablan los comentaristas???


  42. Slick

    I don’t think it’s a matter of incompetence. Lets assume that she was a secret agent / spy or assassin. Maybe, there’s already a hit in a dna database but the records are sealed / confidential / classified.

    “Niclas” already referred to the “Isdal Woman”.

    But a more recent case (2009) is that of “Peter Bergmann”. Why are these people still unidentiefied? Maybe it should stay just the way it is…..


  43. Mosa

    If you can’t find her family you’re just incompetent


  44. Yoma

    23andMe… Ancestry.com lots of DNA places narrow down family members all around the world


  45. Dalva

    According to the police report, was found food in the hotel room where she is found dead.
    The food was analizaed for the poiice? What type of food? Tipical region?
    She was left hand ou right hand?
    The police analized her caligrafy?
    Maybe the number adrees she give is a 14+8 or 1+4+8?
    She buy the food in the restaurant in Oslo or ordering the food on the hotel?
    The green bag has a brand name ou etiquet?
    The hotel room 2805 is on 2° floor ou 28° floor? If is the 2° another person could jump from the window?
    2805 is the hotel number room, she dies on 31/05 (3 days window), just the sames days she stay on the hotel.
    Check the birthadays womens on 28/05/1971 and 31/05/1971 in Germany and next locations;


  46. Slick

    The only label that was left was in a grey blazer. The blazer was from the German fasion house, René Lezard.
    A turquoise travel bag was from the German manufacturer Travelite. The Travelite logo too remained in place, irremovable without cutting the bag.


  47. Marcus Richardson

    I think her misspelling of Fairgate as Fergate could be a significant clue. The English word “fair” has been imported into the languages of the former Yugoslavia (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian) as an Anglicism. In sport for example, the concept of “fair play” is rendered “fer plej”. Or when people want to say “it’s not fair” they’ll say “nije fer”. The “fer” is pronounced the same way as English “fair”, just with a Slavic accent. It’s not pronounced like the ending of “Jennifer”, for example. So this may be a case of accidental confusion of “fair” and “fer” in the fake name.

    Some other things that make me think she could come from the former Yugoslavia:
    1. She has a Balkan “look” to her, both in terms of facial features/hair color etc. and body type, and also the predominance of dark clothing, which was very typical of Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia in the mid-90s.
    2. By June 1995 war had been raging in Bosnia and Croatia for several years. One of the many consequences of those brutal wars was the birth of numerous mafia-style criminal groups, often led by (former) military/paramilitary leaders who were heavily involved in the commission of war crimes and organized crime that spread through Europe, particularly with drug trafficking and prostitution. These gangs – particularly Serbian groups – were ruthless and led by men with significant military training and combat experience. They had established a significant presence in Scandinavia by the mid 90s – particularly in Sweden and Denmark, but no doubt were always looking to expand their territories into the likes of Oslo. Just google “Serb mafia Scandinavia” and you will see more about this.
    3. The Browning pistol was commonly seen in military/paramilitary circles in the wars in the Balkans in the 1990s.
    4. A lot of speculation here has been on whether this was an intelligence-related thing or criminal underworld. Serbia in particular in the 1990s under President Milosevic blurred the boundaries between intelligence agencies/special forces and paramilitary thugs. See for example the notorious Special Operations Unit (aka Red Berets) which was formed by merging several notorious paramilitary units and placing them under the command of State Security. So outfits like this were in some ways both organized criminal gangs and extensions of a country’s state security apparatus. They had all the trappings and impunity of an intelligence organization, and the criminal mentality to commit ruthless crimes.

    So, I think there is a strong possibility that this is Balkan mafia-related. DNA profiling should be re-examined. Even if no close matches can be found, a good estimate of her ethnicity should be very easy to do and if she was from the Balkans this would show up very easily.

    Source: I speak Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, have lived in Serbia in the mid 90s and have a lot of inside knowledge of the wars in the Balkans and related paramilitary activities and organized crime.


  48. Mary Gorman

    I believe she can be identified using a genetic detective! I was surprised they hadn’t tried that!!


  49. Den

    Reverse DNA


  50. Den

    Reverse DNA, that’s the way to find her !!


  51. sally

    check out the missing children’s names in different countries, she might be kidnaped …


  52. Renee

    They should use Gedmatch- that is the company that solved the Golden State Killer murder mystery in California. It can show family lines and if any of her realtives are in the system thus getting us closer to her identity. I wondered about the cctv footage as well. They should be able to track her everymove. How did she pay everywhere she went? Cash? And who let her in the hotel not paying???? Someone checked her in- did they not ask for ID? I mean i get this was the 90’s but someone let her in and broke protocol checking her in. So many loose ends. Where was Lois? When was the last time he was seen?


  53. Penca

    For me it ends in 98 as well…


  54. adyel

    I think Cece Moore can Identify this woman. Why cant we ask her? This one case left me baffled similar to the feeling i had when i watched the Rey Rivera’s case. They never said anything about dental records…or if they could track down her clothes to a manufacturer, check distributors around Europe…make some sense of where she bought them. There must be still evidence on those clothes. And the gun, can they tell if it was fired previous to the event?


  55. ally

    I think it was the security guard.
    1) he had access to the security cameras so he could have easily destroyed them which is why they had no way of checking them.
    2) why would they wait to shoot after he had knocked on the door? they wouldn’t if the security had gone in the room , the killer could have easily been compromised and intelligence wouldn’t have done that
    3) the security guard mentioned that he wait a long period of time to see if anyone came out of the room then ran down stairs, why couldn’t he just call for backup why would he have left the scene
    4) when he supposedly waited after the gun shot he could have easily been the one destroying all the evidence before notifying anyone else
    5) he is a security guard he could’ve let her in to the hotel which explains why she was let in without any sort of ID or credit card , if it was any other hotel there would have not let her in without any sort of identification or payment
    6) he could’ve had someone in the police force helping him which explains why he was never throughly interviewed considering that he was the only one on scene and their biggest lead
    7) also if he did have connections to the police force that would explain why the investigation why not throughly conducted
    8) he is a security guard for the hotel he had access to her room


  56. Niclas

    There was a pretty similar case in 1970 also in Norway called “isdal women” which was talked about in a Podcast (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isdal_Woman?wprov=sfti1).
    Maybe the cases have more similarities than appearing on the first look, but obnvious are the missing tags on everything and that she was never identified with roots in europe, connections to belgium and germany as well.


  57. Giani

    This case was covered up by the police. They’ve had a suspect murder and no one has checked the cctv’s inside the hotel ?! How it’s that possible ? Also, no drug tests ? I doubt that hey are so poor prepared. It’s sad but i think this was a counter Spionage murder due to the coverage and the missing evidence such as the labels of her clothes.


  58. Dana

    If she wasn’t in intelligence then I think perhaps the man she was with was. She could have been his mistress or someone she was involved with who was involved with shady stuff. I agree, putting her DNA in ancestry websites is our best bet now. We can find out who she is possibly related to and work backwards from that. I am really upset that the police didn’t check cameras at all when they first reported. Also if her parents were like between 22-26 when they had her, her parents would be around 70-75 now, so possibly still alive now.


  59. Cristi Whitehead

    I got really excited when I saw that Jennifer’s DNA was tested. But, I was expecting a little more, such as suggested above. Test her DNA through MyHeritage, Ancestry, 23&me, she is bound to have family who have tested. It may take time, but her family can be narrowed down with autosomal DNA.


  60. Kimberly Krebs

    I said the same thing out loud to myself! lol
    They went to the trouble to exhume her body for DNA. There are several DNA and forensic companies (like Parabon Nanolabs) that work with law enforcement to solve cold cases. It’s worth a shot.


  61. Kevin

    The unusual things in this case which were not fully explained or further investigated in the episode.
    1) Why was she allowed to check in and go to her room without producing any ID or credit card? I don’t know of any hotel that would allow that!
    2)What happened to the cctv footage of her in the reception? Why did that mysteriously disappear?
    3) The security guard heard the shot after he knocked on her door. Why would an assassin wait until someone knocks on her door before he shoots her?
    4) How could the assassin be certain the guard wouldn’t immediately open the door to find out what had happened? He would then have to also shoot the guard!


  62. Aly

    I wish we knew more about the man she showed up with, Luis. Maybe someone out there would know/speak up about him.


  63. Fred

    They said that the adress she gave
    « 148 rue de la station, Belgium » does not exists, but it exists in Google Streetview..


  64. Kasper Grøndahl

    Has anyone thought about running the womans DNA profile through sites as Myharitage and s o forth. In case that could prove a match?


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