A sheriff’s deputy searches for two men who saved her life after she lost control of a prisoner.

A woman with a brunette mullet, wearing a sheriff's deputy uniform.

Doris Smith

An officer is being attacked in a car, there is a blue filter to signify it's a dream.

Smith’s son saw her attacked in a dream


A woman with a braid and an orange shirt is reacing over the back seat to attack an officer.

The dream came true; Smith was attacked

On September 16th, 1995, Thomas Wright of Eldon, Missouri, awoke from a disturbing dream so troubling, that he sat in bed and prayed. That night, Thomas had a nightmare about his mother Doris, a deputy sheriff for the Miller County Sheriff’s Department. It’s a dream Thomas will never forget:

“I could see my mother’s squad car. There was a struggle. I saw the person take my mother’s gun. It was a woman. I remember the gun moving back and forth and it looked like my mother really wasn’t winning the struggle. She needed help. A gunshot went off. And that was the most disturbing thing about the whole dream, the fact that I didn’t know who was shot and why. The only thing I could think at that point was that there was a possibility that my mother might have been taken away from me.”

The bond Thomas shared with his mother had always been especially strong:

“A lot of different things have really brought us close to where we’re best friends, really. And we can feel each other’s hurt. I didn’t know until later why I had the dream.”

A woman in an orange jumpsuit is attacking another person next to a car.

Two men came to Smith’s aid

The day after Thomas’ nightmare, his mother was transferring a prisoner to a facility four hours away. The inmate was serving a one-year sentence for writing bad checks. As they traveled toward Laddonia, Missouri, a series of events took place just as they had in the nightmare. At 6 P.M., the squad car stopped. The convict used her small hands to slip out of her handcuffs and begun to attack. Chaos broke out. In the ensuing struggle, Doris had to fight for her gun, as well as her life, exactly as it played out in Thomas’s dream:

“I could see my mother’s expression and it was almost as if the life had just gone from her face. She needed help.”

Constrained by her seatbelt, Doris was losing the fight. But that’s when the events in reality began to differ from the events in Thomas’ dream. Out of nowhere, two men suddenly appeared. They managed to distract Doris’ attacker and got her to release her hold on the gun, likely saving Doris’ life. Was it just coincidence that the good Samaritans came by? Or was some mysterious force at work? Either way, Thomas Wright is grateful:

“If I wouldn’t have prayed, what would have been the outcome of the events? Would those two men have been there to help her? I really think they’re responsible for saving my mother’s life.”

A man in a white tshirt and jeans stands in front of a blue pick up truck towing a boat.

The men traveled in this truck

By the time Doris regained her composure, the two men had driven off. She never had a chance to thank them for their help, but Doris Smith is eternally grateful:

“I was absolutely convinced that I would die that day. I looked for the men that were there. I wanted to talk to them, wanted to get their names, wanted to thank them for what they had done for me. I want them to know, because of their courage and their willingness to help another person, I am still here today.”

Thomas and his mother would like to thank the people who came to Doris’ rescue, but there are very few clues. A person who stopped at the scene took a photo of the men’s vehicle, a pre-1995 dark blue Chevy CK pickup truck with tinted windows and an extended cab. It was towing a blue-and-white boat. The two men were driving near Laddonia in northeast Missouri, when they jumped out of their truck to help. The event took place was on Highway 19, about 50 miles from Mark Twain Lake.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season ten with Robert Stack and in season seven with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. Pastor Michael

    Jamie, God’s justice is coming for you. You cannot hide behind your lies. You willingly allow yourself to do evil deeds…repeatedly. Judgement awaits, as do the consequences of your life choices. Pray for the next person. Maybe they can lead a life on God’s path unlike you.


  2. Steve Phillip's

    Did doris smith ever find out who the two men that saved her were ?


  3. Doris S. SMITH

    Jamie, you are forgiven. My only hope is that you will know Christ as I know Him. I am nothing without Him but am everything with Him in my life. I have had many miracles in my life. I have been visited by angles on different occasions. I am forever greatful to God and to the people He has placed in my life for the times that I needed help and encouragement.


  4. Jamie

    This is Jamie, just wanted to say that I’m sorry. I was not on my medicine at that time. God saved both of us.


  5. Anonymous

    Yes, I too believe “Some things we can not explain”.. The events happen and that’s just how it is….


  6. Tricia

    Amazing story! God is good!


  7. LeAnn

    I was just watching this story on unsolved mysteries. It touched me and I just wanted to say that everything happens for a reason and God puts us all on a path and we choose which way to go. God has a plan for her and put those two men on a path that lead to her. It’s amazing how the Lord works! God is awesome and has changed my life and has saved me several times! Without Faith and God life is empty.


  8. thomas davis

    there is no such thing as coincidence , chance , random action , or luck . they are illusions. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction . this is spiritual law translated into physical law . all our physical laws are produced this way .


  9. Bro. In The Lord Tom Chou and sister in The Lord Zhen Qian

    Woaaaaa! They are good men. We hope they are talk so to you in Christ.


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