Did Elvis Presley commit suicide?

Elvis Presley performing on a stage with backup dancers on scaffolding

Young Elvis

Close up photo of Elvis Presley

Elvis in the early 1970’s


Elvis Presley's autospy report.

Autopsy report

Elvis Presley has been called the World’s Greatest Entertainer. But on August 16, 1977, his life came to a shocking end. At first, it was said he died of a heart attack. Later reports blamed a massive drug overdose. But Presley’s own stepbrother, David Stanley, is convinced that The King’s death was not accidental. He says that Elvis committed suicide:

“Elvis Presley woke up on the 16th of August, premeditated, planned, took, and killed himself deliberately.”

Most people refuse to believe that Elvis Presley might have killed himself. However, David Stanley’s eyewitness account, along with the physical evidence, makes a compelling case.

Drugs were a part of Elvis Presley’s daily routine — 3 times a day, on a strict schedule, nearly a dozen different prescription drugs were administered to him by members of his entourage. These drugs included Seconal and Demerol. Insiders say that this dangerous cycle of drug use began in 1958 when Elvis was drafted into the army and sent overseas.
Red West was one of his closest friends:

“I went to Germany with him after I got out of the Marine Corps. He was on guard duty on the Russian front, and if you went to sleep and got caught asleep, you’re in trouble. So this sergeant said, “Take these little things here. They’ll keep you up.” And, wow, man, it started feeling good and that’s how it began.”

Elvis Presley standing next to four friends from Memphis

Elvis and Memphis friends

After the army, Elvis returned to his life as an entertainer, and according to pop culture historian Chuck Harter, he had high hopes for becoming a serious actor:

“Elvis’ greatest desire was to be a serious dramatic actor, and this was denied him because his management felt that they wouldn’t make as much money if they put him in a dramatic role. They wanted him to be in the formula. So this depressed him a great deal.”

Elvis was frustrated by lightweight movie roles and overwhelmed by the endless demands of his fans. He retreated behind the gates of his Memphis mansion, Graceland.
Chuck Harter made this observation:

“Elvis sort of put himself into a cocoon. And Graceland, more or less, became a tomb for him, or a cave to go hide from life. The windows were sealed. The outside did not enter in. So his day-to-day touch with reality had really been removed.”

David Stanley, Elvis’ stepbrother, had this to say:

“People would say, what do you think the most difficult part of Elvis Presley’s life was? Being Elvis Presley, looking out a window, seeing 10,000 people who think you can walk on water; walking out on a stage and seeing 22,000 flashbulbs going off; thinking you are a king.”

A man holding a tray with a glass of water and pills on it as he approaches a door.

Elvis was administered medication on a daily basis

The combination of high times on tour and isolation at home took its toll on Elvis. His absences, affairs, and drug use led to the end of his stormy 6-year marriage to Priscilla.
David says this was a difficult time for Elvis:

“He would get himself in a rage over that. You know, he would get himself so worked up over it, that he’d begin to take the medications to deal with the depression of the rage. And then suddenly, some shows are starting to be canceled.”

Insiders say that, by the mid-70s, Elvis was so dependent on drugs that he required supervision around the clock. David Stanley and a group of men known as “the lifers” gave him anything he wanted:

“We were the ones who were with Elvis all the time. Elvis needs something to eat. Elvis needs to be woken up at a certain time. Elvis needs his medication.”

The cover of the book 'Elvis: What Happened'. Elvis is singing into a microphone.

Three former employees wrote a tell-all book

Elvis demanded that everyday he receive 3 separate doses of drugs that he called “attacks.” Each “attack” contained a dangerous combination of pills or shots of Valium, Nembutal, Demerol, Quaalude, and Seconal. David Stanley says the first “attack” was usually given between 2 and 3 a.m:

“After he’d take his attack, attack one, he would have a couple of cheeseburgers, potatoes. The “attack one” effect would get him groggy and sleepy. We would have to watch Elvis, ’cause sometimes he would be eating and just fall asleep with food in his mouth, oftentimes choking on his own food.”

After sleeping for a few hours, Elvis would receive “attack” number two:

“That would last for several hours. Now you’re in the morning hours. You know, you’re looking at 10:00 or 11:00. Then it would be attack 3, which was the same contents of attack one and 2. So you’re talking, by the time you got done– let’s just call it 11 sleeping pills per attack– that’s 33. Let’s call it 3 shots of Demerol per– that’s 9 shots. And some people would say, “Well, golly, that’s 6 months worth.” That was a nightly dose.”

Red West, Elvis’ lifelong friend, tried to intervene:

“I talked to him about drugs. I said, “You don’t need this stuff.” He said, “Nuh-uh. You’re wrong. I do need it.” And that’s when I threw my hands up and said, “I’ve done all I can do.” And I was gone shortly thereafter.”

Elvis’ became more and more depressed in the weeks before his death. Despite the millions he’d made, he was short of money. He was overweight, in poor health, dreading his next tour, and reportedly impotent.

But perhaps Elvis was most upset about a book some former employees were about to publish just before his next tour. Chuck Harter knew Elvis was concerned about the tour:

“This would be the first time that the fans saw him overweight, not looking good, with the knowledge of what the book contained. And it was, “Oh, my god, they’ll know.” And he knew the whistle had been blown on his clean image, and he was terrified.”

David Stanley witnessed Elvis’s decline:

“You could see the, “God, I don’t know if it’s worth going on” mentality. Kind of dreading the tour one day, “I don’t wanna go on tour. They’re gonna think this, they’re gonna think that.” He was just really confused.”

“The last time I saw Elvis, he said good-bye to me. He was crying. ‘I love you.’ He hugged me. ‘I’ll never, ever see you again. The next time you see me, it’ll be in a higher place and a different plane.’”

The day Elvis Presley died was different than most. He ignored his usual late-night feast. He was given his 3 “attack” envelopes — nearly 3 dozen pills and 9 syringes full of drugs — at their usual times, but Elvis left them untouched.

Ginger Alden, Presley’s girlfriend, was the last person to see him alive. According to reports, around 9:30 a.m., Elvis got out of bed and went to the bathroom to read. And a few hours later, that’s where his body was found. Paramedics were already there by the time David Stanley arrived.

David says he found all 3 “attack” envelopes and several Demerol syringes nearly empty. He believes Elvis took all 3 “attacks” at once purposely, to end his life:

“I looked and saw Elvis in the fetal position and knew he was gone. The first thing I said was, ‘You son of a bitch!’ I knew right there and then at that time that Elvis said, ‘I am out of here.’”

The official autopsy found that Elvis died of an irregular heartbeat due to severe cardiovascular disease. Dr. Kevin Merigian has studied the official coroner’s toxicology report:

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that there was a tremendous amount of drug abuse or anything misuse. I know there’s been a lot of theories and there’s been a lot of conjecture. There’s always a debate. That kind of adds to the mystique of Elvis. But he didn’t die of an overdose. He died of some event, probably cardiac in origin.

David Stanley disagrees:

“I’m telling you what I know. And the fact is, that much medication will kill you. And Elvis knew that.”

Red West, Elvis’ lifelong friend, doesn’t accept the suicide theory:

“I know him like a book. I know he was religious, and I know what he would do and what he wouldn’t do. And he would not kill himself purposely.”

Exactly how did Elvis Presley die? This controversy may one day be settled. Elvis’ father Vernon Presley reportedly commissioned a private autopsy after the official report was completed. Exactly what those doctors found is still unknown. At Vernon Presley’s request, the results will remain sealed until the year 2027.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season ten with Robert Stack and in season one with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.


  1. Anonymous

    The private autopsy comes out in just 4 years. But the original toxicology report was fair enough. His diet likely contributed in killing him. Had he became a vegetarian, I believe his body would have healed. You can’t just eat those same meals everyday and expect to be healthy.


    • Jj

      Lol vegetarian wouldn’t have helped anything. He was a drug addict and had 13 narcotics in his system.


      • Polk Salad Annie

        It is less likely Elvis was an addict rather he was dependent. Dependent on medication prescribed to him from his Doctor(s) from whom he trusted. I don’t doubt Presley wasn’t aware of the effects/benefits he experienced from these drugs, however, clearly there was influence over the situation given the malpractice and negligence of the Doctor(s) who irresponsibly prescribed him so many pills and likely without many advisements or warnings attached. Not to mention, many of these Doctors often earn a premium/kickback/commission PER pill they prescribe. When you have a big name “patient” with lots of money, then they are more of a customer at that point and the doctors become more “white collar” drug dealers essentially. Not that much has changed given the Opiod crisis many communities are experiencing today. Again, medications patients have become dependent on prescribed by their DOCTORS. I consider the possibility Elvis may have over medicated himself accidentally due to intolerance/lack of knowledge about how the interactions of the various drugs that were in his system – which included a form of Antihistamine. It is quite possible he simply suffered a tragic death by an accidental overdose triggered by a bad interaction of what he was taking similar to Heath Ledger’s death in more recent times. The man wasn’t a street junkie, and given the immense pressure he was under at all times with no point of reference at that time as a mega Rock Star, I think he handled himself extraordinarily well. Additionally, I still wouldn’t rule out foul play especially considering a lot of the destroyed evidence and destroyed/sealed autopsy reports on top of inconsistent reports regarding the time he was found until a call to emergency services was made. I am looking forward to the reports being opened up in 4 years.


  2. Aaron poopsley

    Bro died cause he couldn’t poop. Had like 5 years worth of poop in him. Enough poop to kill a dinosaur. My goodness.


  3. Darlene

    If the FBI found Elvis’s body in 2015, what reason would they have to not release this truth? Because if he was dead, then the threat on his life would end. Makes no sense.


  4. Anony M.

    If someone was left alone with drugs well no one can know if he committed suicide unless a note was found. I’m here to say I was visited by the ghost of Elvis Presley in February 2019. I used to say out loud “I need a bodyguard,” then one night Elvis’ ghost arrived. He haunted me in dreams for quite awhile then, it stopped. Once, he was in my kitchen looking through my food and he was glowing gold & yellow. When he first visited me he was wearing purple and wearing a cape. He once acted like a cop, & he was always nice. Remember, Elvis has haunted other people. I live btwn LA. & Vegas, a perfect hub.


  5. James

    Ha ha ha… when you fake. Your death you leave a COVER STORY…. elvis made the choice to become a pastor…the old elvis traded his life for bob Joyce ….. he is bob Joyce now


    • Elvis

      There’s no such au hes Bob Joyce. You’re fooling yourself. Anybody with common sense can tell he’s not.


    • Jj

      Lmao delusional. Yea fake your death but then come back as a pastor and sing and Start a YouTube channel. Elvis would be almost 90 years old. If you think Bob Joyce is Elvis you need to be in a mental hospital.


  6. Vicki

    I think the stanley boys killed him accidentally. In Davids book he said he was there when the paramedics came stating an overdose, twice. His brother Ricky Stanley was on duty that night but he said he shot up and passed out. He also made the comment that elvis had more demerol in him than the whole state of Tennessee. ( how did he know that? Plus he stated he shot himself up with it as well). Now listen to this.. Billy Smith said that when he found out , he ran up to Graceland and David Stanley was pulling into Graceland. Billy jumped in the car with him and asked billy where to? ( according to the memphis mafia by alanna nash)billy said Baptists Memorial hospital. 1. If david was already there when elvis was found dead then why was he pulling into Graceland when billy found out about elvis death? Where did he go ? he is also the one who said he cleaned up all the demerol and syringes before cops came. He also stated in his book that vernon was told david was seen leaving graceland with someone the day of elvis death and asked if he killed his son. David started crying saying no. But think about it, vernon was on to something. I think David or Ricky injected him with something. Thats why he was quick to say OD twice to paramedics but everyone knows that was a huge rule in the group. It was odd that he said that. I think he was covering someones ass or his own. Maybe Dee told him he was in the will or he paid one of the brothers to get him more demerol or codeine. I feel strongly about this. I wish someone would read the where abouts of where david went after finding elvis dead, his saying od twice, then he was the one who hid all the syringes. Maybe bc of fingerprints.


    • Elvis fan

      You may be right. Dr. Nick said in one interview he thought Elvis was murdered and even said who he was told did it but they bleeped it out. Also,Dr. Nick says he told Vernon the same. Could be why the the correct will wasnt read. Also,I forget where I read it but supposedly the contents of Elvis’ bathroom (drug syringes) was buried beside a tree in the back yard.


    • Jo

      No one injected him against his will. They did what Elvis told them to do. Elvis was a drug addict and died of an overdose.


  7. anahy

    well its 2020, just another 7 years and let see what they have to say, (my english is not perfect sorry)


  8. down to the church to see Elvis Presley then all three of them went out to Applebee’s he is alive he is a new man he put all his love and all his faith into the Lord that’s why he still alive God bless Pastor Bob joyce may he live forever

    Elvis Presley is alive he never died he just wanted to get the hell out of it all he couldn’t take the pressure the whole world wanted him so he faked his death don’t forget Donald Trump cleared him he can do whatever he wants now he can have a massive concert if you want he’s at the church Benton Arkansas he also bought a house 2011 if you don’t believe Pastor Bob Joyce is Elvis Presley on the piano put it this way Then why did his old drummer and his old piano player from his old band both went down to the church to see Elvis Presley then all three of them went out to Applebee’s he is alive he is a new man he put all his love and all his faith into the Lord that’s why he still alive God bless Pastor Bob joyce may he live forever


  9. redwap me

    began with a series of television specials, airing on NBC from 1987 to 1988. The program was picked up in 1988 and aired a total of nine seasons during its run on the network. The series was then acquired by CBS in 1997, where it continued for a short run of 2 seasons. In 2001, Lifetime acquired the series where it finished its original run in 2002, followed shortly by the death of regular host Robert Stack. The series ran in syndication for a number of years until it was resurrected by Spike TV in 2008. The new series featured host Dennis Farina profiling cases from the previous series, with new updates and reenactments, before ending its run in 2010.


  10. Jason

    Although I don’t buy into an intentional suicide, I do believe his case was simply a run of the mill prescription addiction, exacerbated by insecurity, depression, career potential unrealized and the access available to those pills through his wealth, celebrity, and the courting of doctors, not to mention an enabling atmosphere of hangers-on whose proximity to Elvis was jealously guarded. His case is not unique. It’s happening to some celebrity right now. somewhere.
    The only thing that might have save him was an intervention of his most personal confidantes, willing to lose their access for Elvis’s benefit. Had he been faced with prospect of abandonment by his clsosest “friends” the outcome may have startled him into self-examination.


  11. Anoumous

    He’s alive. He’s back. He has returned to the man named Elvis. The person he became died mother’s day 2014. And then he was seen again as Elvis.


  12. Annouously

    If Elvis was dianitic and took insulion shots and didn’t eat ..would that of killed him. I read elvis was diebitic..And I Maybe even seen that he was taking insulin. Shots . If so..to much I to little could ,kill a person.. only other question is why do they say his face was blue ..my dad died of a heart attack I was there . He warn blue in the face..the blue been a lack of oxygen I’d thimk.. it be hard to say..it si many diffent stories and the one He still a lib be the greatest if true.. But why are they hardingbit . The fans could rest the supposedly in poster go away and we just know thectrurh instead I d guessing games ..I also read that the man under bridge is a fake story ..And that it not Elvis ..Maybe we really can’t handle the truth ..


  13. Annouously

    Where or not he due Aug 16,1977 . And he may have . I think that there are reason he was in the condition he was in. I am not sure a or if he did take prescription drugs for long period of time and i know some of those antidepressant And pain killer will cause problem with weight gain. High blood pressure if un treated is very deadly. Any doctor knows that. And my doctor told me that my heart was thicker because I didn’t take my blood pressure meds. Because the heart has to work harder. Causing it to thicken . And if they were givening him these medicines other than what he should of been taking we don’t know if it wasn’t treated he he could of die From a heart attack. Maybe even without warning.Even though he had he had doctor. I don’t know why he could of avoid all this .And been treated for his heart condition. Maybe the other pills he took
    I still like believe he is a live and why hide the autotopis any longer. If it there one to hide . If he alive there’s be no autotopis to hide. Maybe thats the thing . You cannot do a autotopis on a living person.
    In case of lithium I been told that for depression that make a person gain weigh along a probably lots other medicaions for depression. More than just a little too. He maybe never ate any different than he ever ate. But the meds. Probably cause the weight again. That was in the 70s. Pleadly we didn’t know then as just people … Some meds are the Same but in different form . Or by different name and are a very simular to other medians used ti treat depression .he made was on some for angizity. And some for side effects too if the other meds he was taking . Even so you can’t just go off them . Not even if you wants to , he’d to be in the hospital . I think his doctor was to close to him . With that needed pills he should and probably needed to be under the care of a phychitris And need blood work done ect. And his blood pressure checked . If anything else. I’d say that he wasnt getting the care he needed. And maybe thought he was o k with this doctor. If this the case are quite possibly he did die. And the doctor who if been ruled and his lisence take away permanently. And the nurse too. Because she acted with out a doctor . Maybe cover up. From want i read . If the story is true. That if the overdose and they knew he was say that he was saying he was going to commit suiside. To who ever he said it to best friend or buddy anyone . He should of been put in the hospital . And that doctor had the power to do it too. He was a doctor . I think Elvis was a very good singer loved his movie and he was very handsome man . He was searching for God and possible he was a victom.of some people taken advantage of his good heart and even possible threats . I don’t know about the fbi. I think or if he was a agent but I guess it’s very possible. And I don’t know. Or if he fake his death. The question if the scare was that on his chest was that after they supposed did the autopsy. i guess that be a scare. How we know it wasnt Elvis ,saying in some of these,site that the guy is dead..?


  14. Just a thought.

    I th8nk if elvis was to or f id or was giing to commit suiside by how ever means he wouldn’t of did I in the house with his daughter. I believe he was push with the drug books and maybe the fact he as getting older but too. Why would he cash in his life insurance policy months before his death? Although I don’t think they pay If he had committed suiside. That maybe But people around him had to see what he as doing too. And goibgb in with him. In that case too why did they go clean up.the place Take the drugs out it was fir them they cleaned it up. The only other reason be to protect Elvis or by his orders. They waited to call the ambulance because they was cleaning up. hiding something . The part he take a overdid and go sit on the toilet we d I know that was what happened . For sure. But it does sound fishy .


  15. Just a thought.

    Lets,say that if Elvis and he be I think maybe trying not sound I r act lij e his,total self if hecwas being a impersonated of Evlis Presley or beu by a pearch or and anyone else he have
    A to c hangev his,apoearce some and his voice but i really thinknth at man that was on that Billy Bixby and the in terveiw with I am not sure the man’s name i think th at be very very close to being elvis ab d if hecwas to Anwar thec question do you thinknelvis is still alive I think Elvis would say no safely say no I don’t think so . Because he started a new life. I thinking at n an action speak he was very much had the somethingv else Elvis had . About him in both those interviews. I think tg at was Johnny Harra . Which says he dead now but .. but whi say he coukdnt fake it twice. Maybe just my wishful thinking.. honestly I think Bill Bixby knew it was him..or not.I sayingvhe really knew . And I think Elvis = Johnny Harra knew too.


  16. Just a thought.

    After all this stuff said would the truth be so more harming . If Elvis is a live . As someone said I hope he safe and happy… doing what he always wanted y o do with his life . If it was rock n roll. Or preach the gossiple or be in movies he could my get in to .with the colral as his manager and those taking advantage of his foid heart. And If so I hope he got away from thecdrygs and thec doctor that supposedly was tryingvto savevhim. That’s one is crazy notiction you can’t save a drug addict by giving him or get drugs. And I hope he is a live But i really don’t know he is but got to say that the man on that bill Bixby sure looked li ke him and wounded like him.. maybe there wasnt anyway elvis couk d of stayed un show business and kept on the music he alway played that times changed and go on . And if he’s 82 and still rovkin and r ill at 82 . God bless him ..And do not fall And break a hip.. no offence to you Elvis but I know it not like we stay teens all out life ..we can try . I seen some move and grove at the senor center so . Just don’t fall. Yes we need to know the try th cant wait till 2027..I sure hecdid it to protect Elvis his son .. And his family. But sure,sounds like Elvis now that i said it. I wonder if he did that but something makes me th in no.. i pray God will reveal the truth to us,someday.


  17. orion

    David Stanley said:(utube)
    august 14,1977 I walk into Elvis Room
    The last time I saw Elvis presley alive.
    I was go out of town for couple of days.
    For tour,8-16-77,open Portland maine.
    I walk into To tell Elvis that I was leaving,
    for a couple of days do you need anything,
    and when i walk in Elvis was sit on his bed,, He was reading his bible,He look at me,Elvis said,Who am I.which I thought,
    was puzzling question,So I replied, Well you are Elvis presley the King.He held up the bible ,”No,there only one king”.
    He said come over here talk to me.
    So I (David) sat on the bed. We talk about his father (Vernon ) and my mother (Dee) they were going through a
    separation (8-14-77) they were about to
    get a devorce and He said, what do you think about it? I said, Elvis …..Then Elvis said something puzzeling,”David I want you to know something,next time you see me,i will be in higher place (plane)
    different plane”,I didnt know what that meant at the time.I was puzzeled by what he said to me.
    The last 6 months of Elvis Presley life,(didnt Stanley boys take drugs?)I mean Elvis addictions was driven by the doctor over prescription drugs, The doctors didnt kill Elvis, The (elvis)management didnt kill Elvis. I (david Stanley) didnt kill Elvis. Elvis made decision. but people need to understand something….
    Two Days later,(8-16-77)back at Graceland,when i (David) walked into the bathroom,after several others ,had conversed upon the scene we discussed- we discovered Elvis lifeless body and I (David) thought to myself.
    Was Elvis try to let me know..
    Nancy Rook said: 8-16-77 David Stanley start up the stairs he was with friend, then David went back down,He said Elvis with Ginger Alden.So i leave them alone.
    Nancy Rook said: (after Elvis gone ambulance)aunt Delta told me to come with her to clean up Elvis room and bathroom.
    David Stanley said he clean up drugs in Elvis
    room and hid them.
    David Stanley said me and my brothers brought Elvis on a tray,package,which called attack.
    Elvis didnt eat his meal(feast) hamburger/fries.
    Joe Esposito said He clean up Elvis room and
    got rid of drugs and he was use drugs too..
    Ginger alden said she never saw Elvis take drugs. (she never saw Elvis eat banana sandwich)Ginger mother claim Elvis promised to pay for house loan. That day spoke of get married.But that day never came .Others claim that Elvis spoke to ginger about come on tour. Ginger said not going. Elvis said he get another gal to take her place.(if a man told girlfriend that he would get another girl friend to take her place would that make that girl mad at her bf?)
    Why did it take Ginger so long to call .She called Maid Nancy Rooks. Nancy told her that only maids here, so Nancy the Maid ran upstairs.(before Nancy Maid said gave phone to Al Strata ) Then Al strata came through doors, Strata ran upstairs, Then Strata ran down stairs,Then Joe Esposito ran upstairs,then Vernon ran upstairs.
    Why did take so long to call ambulance?
    Dr Nick was called he came when ambulance came.(Maids,Billy -Jo Smith,Dr Nick,Ricky Billy David Stanley,Joe Esposito,Dick Grob,Al Strata,Charley Hodge ,etc Who tell truth?)


  18. Mike

    Bob Joyce is pastor at
    1154 Salem Rd
    I have matched the voices , it is Elvis !


    • USMCEE1



  19. William McDonald

    My contention has always been that all that would have to be done to prove or disprove that Rev. Joyce is Elvis is to do a comparative voice print of them singing the same song. I don’t have the capability, but I hope someone eventually does it. I, for one, don’t believe Joyce and Presley are the same person. Bob Joyce is simply too young to be Elvis.


    • Chris Bucksey

      Hi William. I’m undecided, but if you listen to the song, ‘ Come Unto Me’ as sung by Bob Joyce, particularly the version where he talks the intro and explains how God gave him the song, the listen to Elvis 1964 vesrion with excactly the same intro. It was actually written in 1908 by somebody else, however these two versions provide a pretty similar voice pattern


  20. Loretta androus

    No if Elvis faked his death the kennadys helped him to fake it and if veren made it clear that no one can get until 2027 that is what they have to go by and Lisa Marie married Michael Jackson so it doesn’t matter


  21. Anonymous

    Yeah sure, David. Elvis took an overdose, then sat on the toilet so it would look like he was taking a – when he died. David Stanley is an attention seeking d-bag.


  22. Anonymous

    he did not kill himself, at least not on purpose. years of drug abuse killed him, and he took the drugs, so in that sense he was killing himself a little at a time, over years, but it was not suicide. his body just gave out. you can abuse drugs only so much before the body just wears out. no one around him had the balls to say “no” so he just did more and more. a classic case of being so rich and powerful that no one can tell you “no” and you then go on doing bad stuff, and more and more bad stuff, and eventually your body wears out and you die. just that simple. we have so much fun shouting about conspiracies, but this in one case that is just what it seems: he drugged himself to death.


  23. Anonymous

    Bob Joyce is my new Pastor, I’ve watched most of his sermons and I listen to his music
    Elvis and IO almost share the same birth date, he being one year older. I truly believe that
    Pastor Bob Joyce is Elvis and I think he has tried to tell us in his songs. God Bless Elvis


    • Elizabeth

      I believe Elvis planned and faked his own death. I believe he is alive today. Loved Him and his music. But never realized how heavily involved in the occult he was .He was into New Age ,he was a standing member of the Theosophical Society, and embraced Helena Blavatskys writings , Numerology . Sadly, he seemed to embrace everything but the Lord and Savior the true King of Kings , Jesus Christ. He knew of the Lord, but I don’t think he truly gave his whole heart to the Lord. In regards to Bob Joyce being the former Elvis Presley. I doubt it . I wish it were true , but seriously doubt it . We do change over time as we get older,and its possible to get a nose job. And, ones voice can deeper and change with age ,and although I think Pastor Bob Joyce preaches some good sermons, if you close your eyes and listen, he sounds nothing like Elvis when speaking . He does sing like him, but not when speaking . Maybe Elvis thought it was necessary to lose his accent and inflection? Maybe , but I don’t think so. He also does not look in his 80’s. Perhaps Pastor Bob was an ETA at one point and passed his love of doing that onto his own Son Matt. Nothing wrong with that. Also, Elvis was quite ill before he walked away from it all. He would be an 81 year old Man with Colon Problems , and Elvis had Glaucoma in the eyes . Pastor Bobs eyes look alright to me . What I have noticed is that every few years a new crop of people show up on the scene , the internet and are passed off as Elvis, because they talk like him ,can sing like him .A few years ago it was Jon Cotner . Where was Bob Joyce then ? People make videos on Youtube to do nose , mouth, teeth ,eye, comparisons and go to great lengths to prove Elvis is this person or that person. When in reality , its all heavily based on supposition. One day, the Man who use to be Elvis Presley will die and leave this world. I pray he found Happiness , Forgiveness , and Love.


      • Carolyn

        All of you need to know he was really spiritual and he serve God and Jesus Christ. He had a spiritual mentor and hair dresser that started him on a spiritual journey. He didn’t die of a drug overdose.


    • Dwayne

      so bob joyce is your pastor where does he pastor at and what state ive saw a few videos of him singing even with a young guy named matt joyce he does sound more like elvis than anyone ive ever heard i have heard alot of voices that were pretty close from jon cotner to jon burrows doug church and orion none of them has the voice bob joyce has he is the best ive ever heard dwayne


  24. Anonymous

    First question, where does the Autopsy report come from ? Elvis’ Autopsy report is private property of the Presley family, and has not been released, the document you show is supposed to be, a copy of a Medical examiner’s report, not an autopsy report, where does this document come from ? Second, how do you know the document is even official or Genuine.


  25. Anonymous

    Elvis, adored by millions, died of a lonely heart.


  26. Anonymous

    Vernon is now dead, couldn’t Lisa Marie get access to the autopsy released? She is his heir after all.


  27. Agnes

    He had he s doughter to live for
    And take care of her !
    For sure he would not kill he s self!


  28. Barb DeMott

    I have noticed that the same people who have ties to Jon Cotner seem to also have ties to Bob Joyce. Why is that ? Why would Bob Joyce on FB say he likes Jon Cotner’s music and not mention liking any other ETA. ? Its as if they are all in this ETA Club and promote each other. The closest Photo I have seen to Elvis being alive was at the 1st Obama Inauguration.There’s a video on Youtube ,He is sitting next to Muhammad Ali’s wife. That is him for sure. Not Bob Joyce, not Jon Cotner.


  29. Ben Pantera

    It seems likely the fairies carried him away.

    I will pray to the fairies to bring him back.

    That involves a dance around a pentagram and much whisky.


  30. Anonymous

    After reading everything here and the comments, it leaves me with a great feeling of sadness. I understand that he was admitted to the local hospital for his health difficulties and drug issues. But what seems to add to the sadness is that if he had been able to be kept alive for only a few more years, his friends, family and staff members could have tried to convince him to check into The Betty Ford Clinic. This is a place where many celebrities now go and successfully recover from addictions using “detox” methods, etc…


  31. KAren M Fuoco

    Ok. So if Elvis is Bob Joyce well that’s just awesome. They do bear a striking resemblance to each other as done with overlays and images side by side. There is no question the voices are. Sry similar . But with age it would be normal He could not hit the high notes as he once did. But his voice is beautiful anyway
    This is the thing. We are nearly 40 years later. What harm would it do, that is if this man is ELVIS should he subject to above all a DNA . If this pops positive, why not come out and just say so.
    The majority of his fans are Baby Boomers. Most are in their 60’s 70’s and some older. So essentially because of this there would not be the same hysteria there once was when he was young.
    It all sounds good in writing . But let’s base this, if it is true on facts and not innuendos.
    If Elvis were alive he has pulled off the greatest disappearing act I have ever seen . Any of us for that matter.
    Someone get Bob Joyce or whomever he is to tell his story.
    Then we can put all this to rest.
    Whatever the case “GOD BLESS THE KING”
    He will always be loved, reverrred and admired whether he is still with us or not.
    Oh darn this made me cry.
    Always ELVIS <3


  32. Mary

    Elvis is very much alive today. Look Bob Joyce he is a preacher. You will see the man himself. Franklin Presley elvis’ youngest brother passed away with bone cancer not ELvis….


  33. dwayne

    so let me ask someone that may know do any of yall believe that bob joyce could really and truly be elvis his singing voice in unbelievable closest to elvis ive ever heard


  34. tony

    ive seen videos of bob joyce singing and preaching his singing voice is the best ive ever heard and over the years ive heard my share of elvis soundalikes bob joyce is not an elvis soundalike he dont have to be god bless tony


  35. Kay

    Why did his dad want to records sealed for so long.


    • Anonymous

      Because that would give him enough time to live the rest of his life safely, I believe he’s alive. And I agree Bob Joyce is the closest voice I’ve heard, it’s so similar I can’t stop thinking about it….Listen to Bob Joyce’s song God’s Sacrifice…so beautiful. I would rather believe he’s alive and knows Jesus than believe he died with so much sadness


  36. Franco



  37. Elvis is ALIVE!!!

    He is most defiantly alive and well.Good for him he is pastor Bob Joyce he is ELVIS no doubt in my mind.


  38. g

    Whether fast or slow…Elvis killed himself from drugs. I just hope he received Jesus.


  39. irish elvis fan

    I think he accidentally overdosed on his cocktail of over prescribed meds,he was depressed as his future was out of his control,col Tom Parker was afraid of losing his control over his cash cow,Elvis wanted to become a respected actor and Parker would lose his grip on the king and his fortune,a sad lonely end to one of the greatest entertainers ever,RIP The king.


  40. Emily

    It clearly looks like he died of an asthma attack or a delayed allergic reaction from what his dentist gave him Elvis was trying to lose some weight before his tour and before his marriage to Ginger so he was on a liquid protein diet and lost some weight playing Raquette ball so his death had probably was a delayed allergic reaction to the codeine or an asthma attack


  41. Carl

    All i careto add is. WHAT ABOUT BONZO?


  42. Chris Shultis

    Look plse stop the silliness America lost a great gift / There was an emptiness in life and in his heart all he had and had what to offer just wasn’t enough to keep the king with us.


  43. private

    He is alive as Bob Joyce


  44. daniel

    elvis killed himself in 1977 , david stanley is right….


  45. Anonymous

    Love Elvis.


  46. annonomous

    this was all a cover up. he was alive still until 2015 where his body was found under a bridge and it was confirmed by DNA that it was him and that he was in witness protection.


  47. skylyn

    I think it is really sad that he died


  48. Harley

    I dont think he died when everyone said he did. i think he was done with plausibility.


  49. UnknwnA

    So 50 Yrs after his death is when we find out the truth. That’s strange. Why wait that long?


  50. RON



  51. Savannah

    I think that Elvis died from drug overdose.


  52. Debbie

    My cousin had à heart attack while trying to use the bàthroom. She too was straining because of constipation. The doctors believes that’s what caused the heart attack, maybe the same happened to Eĺvis.


    • Emily

      I’ve done research on allergies to codeine and it looks like Elvis Presley had an allergy to that and I think that the codeine affected his whole body from the inside out which caused him to be overweight and constipated which caused his death


    • Linda Pierczynski

      Elvis Did Not Die Aug 16 T H In 77.He Staged His Death.Elvis Is Right Here Today.82.


  53. Jolie

    Why doesn’t David Stanley petition a court to get the private autopsy results opened sooner, since he and Lisa Marie are the only ones alive that probably legally could? I think this would put many more at ease.
    OR, if you believe Men In Black, he just went back home….


  54. koudejah



  55. gwen 24

    A lot of controversy remains as to what is truth of fiction – do we believe all we read so 2027 is when all will be revealed, interesting.


  56. Anonymous

    He Gone


  57. Jan Thomson

    It is sad enough that he died so young. What a massive loss to the world of music and to all his many fans.


    • Anonymous

      I believe what they said about him being on drugs I don’t believe he killed his self here’s what I believe I think when he went to Las Vegas I think you ran into his brother I believe when his brother was supposed to been dead at Birth I think a woman there at that time she lost her baby I think she switched her baby with Aaron his brother and there you go Alice’s brother died at Birth when Elvis got older it went into the military I believe he was drafted by the FBI or Naval intelligence because of his singing career when he got out of the military and got back to his music when he went to Las Vegas to do his tour I believe he ran into his brother at that time I did not know that was his brother but the colonel told him we can use him as a look alike see at that time Elvis had serious threats made against him somebody was trying to kill him they even snuck a bomb or tried to sneak a bomb on his plane so he bought him another plane when those planes take off no one knew who were the real Elvis was after checking with DNA I found out that that was his brother but his brother was sick I believe the doctor that was taking care of Elvis at that time snuffed out his brother that was staying at is pool House in the back I think he died they put that man on life support and waited until Elvis was ready to fake his death now if this is true then when Elvis stayed out of the spotlight for over 20 years. And when he made his announcement and he was still alive nobody believed it even when he did a movie called Lonely streets nobody thought it was him but here’s the strangest I believe very strongly they’re his daughter Lisa new everything and kept it from her mother and family and friends but there is one family member that knows the whole story and I cannot figure out which one it is I don’t know if it’s his cousin or half-brother I’m leaving on his half-brother I know his doctor was in on it the colonel wasn’t because he panicked that’s the reason they open the casket for a showing instead of leaving it closed for respect July 8th 2015 the FBI found a bearded man under a California Bridge he had no ID but when I pulled his DNA it came back Elvis Aaron Presley you can look this up on the FBI website


    • Emily Michalski

      I have been doing a lot of research on Elvis Presley and it clearly looks like he died of either of an delayed allergic reaction or of a asthma attack I have read in between the lines of almost every book I have and read and that there was no sign of drug abuse what so ever


    • Emily Michalski

      are you sure that Elvis Presley could have died of a asthma attack because I have that and almost died myself


    • night justice

      with all do respect check your facts before dragging the king of rocks name through the mud, elvis brother was named Jesse Garon Presley and he was still born Aaron is elvis presleys middle name


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