A man is left with mysterious burns after witnessing a UFO.

Two disk shaped UFOs soaring above the clouds

Stephen Michalak claimed he saw two UFO’s

Michalak's sketched diagram of the disk shaped UFO

Michalak’s sketch of the UFO’s


People who claimed to have seen UFOs do not typically return with any evidence to verify their stories. But in this instance, the person involved came back with more than a tall tale. The evidence of his encounter was actually burned into his body.

Michalak's burns on his upper and lower abdomen

This photograph shows Michalak’s burns

Stephen Michalak and his wife came to Manitoba, Canada, from Poland, after World War II. Stephen found work as an industrial mechanic and was also an amateur rock hound. He spent every spare moment in the beautiful natural woodlands of Manitoba:

“I love nature. I love birds, animals. Every weekend I usually travel, go… out in the country and snooping in the… rocks.”

On May 20, 1967, Stephen was prospecting in the hills east of Winnipeg, when he was suddenly distracted by a noisy flock of geese:

“Looking on the tree, I notice two cigarette-like shape things, with the hump in the middle. I said ‘What the hell is that?’ One… in the air and the other one is coming down, down, down. I start looking for marks. NASA or something… Nothing, I didn’t see anything on it.”

Michalak in pajamas leaning against the headboard of his bed

The strange burn marks never went away

Stephen’s son, Stan Michalak, was 10-years-old at the time and recalled what his father witnessed:

“I do remember one description that he gave at the time. He said that the skin of the craft, the outside of the craft was flawless. There was… nothing. It was as though you had milled out of a solid block of steel, this disc, this saucer with the dome on top.”

Stephen told his son that, after a few moments, the door of the craft slowly opened. The light emitted from the door was so bright, he had to snap down the visor on his safety goggles. Then, after a few moments, the door suddenly shut. According to Stephen, the craft rotated counterclockwise, knocking him backwards, and setting his shirt on fire:

“After igniting with the fire, the craft lifts up 30 to 40 feet and vanishes. And then I decide… now is the time for me to buzz off from here. So I start going.”

A 30 foot wide burned out area in a forest

The burned out area was 30 feet across

In shock, Stephen headed back toward his car. He was nauseous and vomited several times. Disoriented, he checked his compass, trying to find his way southeast, to the road. But the needle went haywire. Stephen made his best guess at the right direction. Nine hours later, he finally arrived back home. He was badly burned and still disoriented. According to his son, Stan, Stephen’s burns left doctors baffled:

“At that point in time, the diagnosis, if you can call it that, was burns. And sure they were burns, yes. Heat-caused burns. What they couldn’t diagnose and didn’t have a clue about was what appeared below the chest on the abdomen, the exact same pattern of holes that was on the grid on the side of the craft in the same order, in the same rows in the same number appeared as red spots on his lower abdomen, red dots.”

Stephen was released from the hospital, but his symptoms worsened. The nausea continued and his body seemed to emit a sulfuric stench. Stephen was tested for radiation poisoning, but the results were negative. No one could explain the source of the strange burns on his torso.

Six weeks after the encounter, Stephen and a friend went looking for the site. After several hours they found a burned-out circle the same size as the craft Stephen had seen. It was more then 30 feet across. Within days, a team of experts from the United States, working with the Royal Canadian Air Force, converged on the site. They took measurements, catalogued soil samples, and checked for radiation. The levels appeared quite high, and the Health Department considered quarantining the area. Later, however, they discovered that the high levels were caused by an unrelated vein of radium which ran under the entire region.

Meanwhile, Stephen’s burns, which had appeared to be healing, suddenly flared up again. According to Stephen, his doctors remained mystified:

“After every three months, my burns from legs and here were coming back, showing up again and burning.”

Nearly 30 years after his encounter, Stephen died with the burn marks still emblazoned on his torso. For the remainder of his life, Stephen Michalak never lost faith that on May 20, 1967, he had a remarkable encounter with something not of this Earth.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season five with Robert Stack and in season three with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.



  1. Mark Dowding

    Hi Lexi. I don’t think the UFO burned him deliberately!


  2. Jon

    KL, you cannot prove something is not true


  3. Wilmer

    Have actually been taking little over a month.


  4. Anonymous

    That is so weird, how can one be burnt by an afterburner and survive?


  5. Black Bieber

    Seeing those marks on Stephen Michalak’s body convinced me that UFOs are real and that the machine/object he saw (most likely) came from another planet. There’s a great big universe of unknown people & life forms out there. Even though Earth is the only know planet for human life forms, it is still unclear whether anybody actually lived on Mars or not, since (according to Earth Science class I took a while back) Mars is the only other known planet that has temperatures similar to Earth. For example, Pluto is “too cold” & Venus is “too hot” for people to live there. But, the object could’ve been flown (or at least “controlled”) by other alien life forms who could survive on hot, cold, gassy or solid planets other than Earth & Mars.


    • trev

      Maybe the physical attributes of any particular planet (Venus, Pluto etc.) are not important IF the Alien visitors inhabit a different Dimension other than the 3D Physical reality that we inhabit ? I think our Solar System is teaming with life, but that they exist in the 4th Dimension, on a slightly higher frequency, but are somehow able to descend into our Dimension when they want to. It May be that the difference between the 3rd & 4th Dimension is narrowing as we enter the New Age, a process begun by Christ when He “rent the veil”, i.e. tore an hole in the Space/Time Continuam?


    • Chloe Stetson

      Pluto isn’t a planet


  6. Matt lovelace

    We are not alone there’s probably hundreds of alien species in the universe saying there’s not is like you being the only Kathy larue it’s not possible there is more creatures out there we are not alone


  7. trev

    What kind of mind tricks caused the burns on Mr. Michalak’s chest?


  8. kathy larue

    UFO’s are exactly that: Unidentified Flying Objects. We are alone whether you like it or not! There is no proof anywhere that we aren’t! The mind plays tricks on people and we perceive what we want to see


  9. trev

    I don’t expect anyone to believe me but i know UFOs really do exist as I saw one myself over Bradford, West Yorkshire, in late July of 2011. It was a circular metallic saucer, dull grey like gunmetal, and whatever it was it definitely was not of this world. Nothing can convince me otherwise. When you see one yourself with your own eyes you ll know what I mean. No military on earth can possibly have something like the thing I saw. It was completely silent. Took off faster than is possible! It had no lights. It moved across the sky then stood still, hovered silently at low altitude over a built up urban area then ascended at a phenomenal speed , no lights, no sound, no contrail. Amazing.


    • kathy larue

      The mind being a perplexing entity plays tricks on us and we sometimes perceive these things to be true, but in reality they are not! People have phenomenal imaginations! We are alone whether you like it or not!


      • Jason

        Kathy, then kindly explain to us your theory on how Mr. Michalak got the burns, which if you watched the episode, you would know were a strange mix of chemical and radiation burns that are virtually impossible to get!


      • Zorkenberg McDammit

        This comment is not age well, as per David Fravor.


    • Gracie

      I believe you. I saw one two years ago. I went to work the next day too embarrassed to share and found out that two other coworkers saw the same exact vessel. Huge, silent, light blue and about the size of a football field. I definitely believe you!!!


  10. Dekalb

    A 7-man investigation team went to the ‘UFO landing site’. I tried to google for their opinions without success.


  11. Lexi

    I believe it. I mean how do you get burned by something from the sky and the burns never disappear? That is a horrible thing that happened to your father, Stan. But why did the “UFO” just leave and fly away? Why didn’t it do the same thing to many more other innocent people? Why just him. Sometimes I think the government is making the “UFOS” and they want people to be interested or amazed by extra terrestrial things, so they burn you or do something outrageous to you from the sky and fly away and go back to the base. But whatever is the truth, I know that- We Are Not Alone


  12. Jacob

    Canada can hold its own against the likes of Mexico, Brazil and America when it comes to UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.


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