A woman believes she is the reincarnation of a girl who died in 1914.

Smiling Georgia Rudolph with dark hair

Georgia Rudolph had visions of a past life

Child's drawings of a woman with brown hair

As a child, she drew the same pictures


In Macon, Georgia, a 41-year-old woman named Georgia Rudolph thinks more than thirty years of reoccurring dreams could mean she is the reincarnation of a young girl who lived during the turn of the century. Georgia described one of her startling dreams:

“There’s a lot of sensation. I feel the cold. I feel the night. I smell the horses. I smell the leather. I can feel the girl. But it feels like myself climbing on this carriage and going down the road, and I can hear the sound of the horses’ hooves.”

Georgia driving up the road with a large 2 story white and brown house

Georgia visited the town in her past life

The dictionary defines reincarnation as “the rebirth of the soul in a new body”. But is reincarnation possible? Can anyone prove that they lived a previous life? Georgia believes she can. In all of her visions, there was a little girl and an older woman. The time and place are not familiar. Sometimes, they appear as dreams, but more often as distinct memories. They describe events she hasn’t experienced, at least not in this life. According to Georgia, there never seemed to be a common denominator of what would trigger the memories, which started when she was only five years old:

“As I child, I don’t think there was a month that went by that I didn’t have either memories or dreams. I used to draw a picture of this girl. I’ve also drawn a picture of a house since I was five. And the house would go with the girl. And if I didn’t get her right, I would erase her or tear it up and start all over again. I knew exactly how this girl was supposed to look.”

As Georgia grew older, the incidents became more frequent. Often, they were no more than a quick flash. But all of her visions seemed to come from the early 1900s. There were no cars or planes. But there were repeated images of paddle-wheel steamers, which Georgia said she had never seen in her own lifetime:

“It’s not like a childhood memory. It feels different. It’s like taking a picture from my mind, projecting it on a screen and just replaying it over and over.”

A woman in a black dress walking off a snowy bank into freezing water

Georgia saw that Sandra committed suicide

A river played a large part in Georgia’s dreams. So did a young man dressed in a brown suit and wearing a derby hat. Sometimes he was alone. Sometimes he was with the girl, and always there were the images of a horse-drawn carriage on a cold winter night. Georgia turned to clinical psychologist, Dr. Douglas Smith, for help:

“When Georgia first contacted me, I felt it might be something like an early traumatic childhood memory that she was trying to remember or experience or possibly it could be an aspect of a multiple personality where she was imagining herself or experiencing herself to be someone different, which sometimes happens in these cases. Other than that, reincarnation was probably the last thing in my mind about what had happened to her.”

Dr. Smith began regressive hypnosis with Georgia in 1984. This type of therapy allows the patient to go back in time but still remember everything. For our story, Georgia agreed to, once again, undergo hypnosis:

“During the first session of hypnosis, he asked me a question and referred to me as ‘Georgia.’ I remember very vividly saying, ‘I don’t know who you’re talking to.’ And he said, ‘Well, if this isn’t Georgia, then who is it? And I remember saying, ‘My name is Sandra Jean Jenkins.’”

During the hypnosis session, Georgia also revealed that Sandra was born in 1895, and had a boyfriend. She said she had brown hair and brown eyes. Dr. Smith was amazed by Georgia’s memories:

“Georgia seems to me to be a very down to earth person. And it surprised me when she came out with the amount of emotion and effect and details that she did under hypnosis.”

Georgia came to believe that the face she had drawn so many times had a name: Sandra Jean Jenkins. This was the girl in her memories and her dreams. In further sessions, Georgia filled in the details of her visions. She could now clearly see Sandra Jean on a paddle wheel steamer. One of the men on the boat was the young man in the derby hat. His name was Tommy Hicks. He and Sandra Jean were sweethearts. The sessions also revealed that the two of them were about to be married, which shocked Georgia:

“When this came out about Sandra Jean, not only did I feel I was crazy, it scared me to death. It went against everything that I have ever been taught as far as religion goes.”

Dr. Smith believed the memories were real experiences for Georgia:

“She is very sincere in her belief that she actually subjectively experienced all of the things that she has experienced in that past life that she described. She’s not faking or pretending.”

But were the visions that haunted Georgia Rudolph for more than thirty years really proof of reincarnation? Under hypnosis, she was repeatedly drawn to the town of Marietta, Ohio. So in 1985, she decided to visit, hoping to see if there was any truth to her dreams.
Georgia arranged to meet with a reporter named Ted Bauer, a life-long resident of Marietta who had worked for the local newspaper for 32 years. According to Ted:

“When Georgia arrived in Marietta, I said, ‘I’ll take you around and show you some of the places that you talked about over the phone.’ And she says, ‘No, I’ll show you where to go.’ I couldn’t believe her knowledge of Marietta. She knew as much or more than some of the old timers knew about the town.”

At one point during their visit, Georgia stopped in front of an insurance company and began describing the interior of an ice cream parlor. The ice cream parlor had closed in 1937, eleven years before Georgia was even born. Ted was amazed:

“She described the interior almost perfectly. I checked this with the son of the man who had run it for years. In a way it seems crazy, but what do you do? She was accurate about her descriptions. I was just baffled by her.”

Soon, Georgia realized her dreams might be reality:

“When I began to understand that I was being 100% correct, there was a fright, but there was an excitement that was starting to build in me. It was like this is really real. I really was this girl.”

Despite her vivid memories, Georgia could find no record whatsoever of a Sandra Jean Jenkins in Marietta. So she continued her search five miles to the north in the small farming town of Newport, Ohio. And once again, Georgia said she knew her way around the town:

“The first thing I saw when entering Newport was a big gray house. It sent chills through my body. This is my house. This is where I lived. I could see a room and I knew that that this had been her bedroom. This was the house that Sandra had lived in.”

Throughout Georgia’s life, one dream had always stood out as more haunting than all the others. In it, she saw Sandra Jean as a young girl alone on the steps of a church. According to Georgia:

“In the dream, I know she has to walk exactly two blocks and she’s standing in front of a cemetery. And there’s a path that goes off to the right and it curves and twists in different directions. And then the path eventually straightens out. And when she gets to the point where it straightens out, she’s on the side of hill, looking down on a grave, which I know to be her grandmother’s grave. But I’m never able to get the name off the headstone because it’s that point that I wake up.”

In Newport, Georgia found the church from her dream. She described her journey to identify the name on the headstone:

“I walked the two blocks that I knew I had to walk in my dream and I found myself in the cemetery. And I started walking this path and as I walked it, it began to dawn on me that this was the path of my dreams. And when I stopped where the dream stops, I was looking down on the grave that I knew to be my grandmother’s and it said ‘Mary Bevan Greene.’ And I finally got a name.”

The gravestone provided the missing link to the house Georgia had seen in her dream. In the early 1900s, this house had been the home of the Greene family. They had also owned a fleet of paddle wheel steamers that worked the Ohio River. Now, the story of Sandra Jean Jenkins and Tommy Hicks became clear.

Under hypnosis, Georgia recalled that just days before Sandra Jean and Tommy were to be married in 1914, he was swept overboard in a storm on the Ohio River. His body was never found. Sandra Jean Jenkins was left alone, and to her family’s dismay, she discovered she was pregnant with Tommy’s child. Georgia also evoked the memory of Sandra committing suicide by drowning in a lake and that the young girl was buried on a hill apart from her family.

Georgia was convinced that because Sandra Jean took her own life, she was buried in an unmarked grave a few feet away from her grandmother. Under hypnosis, Georgia said that from Sandra Jean’s grave you could see an angel with one arm raised up. When she looked south from Mary Greene’s grave, Georgia saw the statue of an angel with its right arm extended upward.

Georgia’s discoveries in Ohio do seem convincing, but is there any real proof that Sandra Jean Jenkins or Tommy Hicks ever existed? Georgia couldn’t find a record of Tommy, but she said she did find his parents:

“When I was under hypnosis, I had said that Tommy’s parents’ names were Tom and Jenny Hicks. The only proof that I have that Tommy existed was that in 1906, there is a farm registered to Tom and Jenny Hicks in Newport, Ohio.”

Georgia also located the Greene family’s nearest living relatives, who gave her evidence that Sandra Jean Jenkins actually existed:

“They brought out a picture taken in 1908. It’s a family reunion picture. And the girl that I call Sandra that I have drawn my entire life is standing in that picture. There was a statement made by a member of the family, ‘I don’t know this girl’s name, but I know she drowned out back of the house.’”

In the family photograph, the girl from Georgia’s dreams seems to be standing slightly apart from those around her. The photograph includes a roster of names. Every single person is identified, except the girl Georgia recognized as Sandra Jean.

Although Georgia’s findings are amazingly accurate to her memories, her clinical psychologist, Dr. Douglas Smith, still has doubts:

“Almost every culture at one time or another has had a belief in reincarnation. Sometimes I think, in fact, that it’s a metaphor for man’s anger over the brevity of life. In terms of whether reincarnation is a real fact or not, as a scientist, I don’t know. I want proof. I’m a doubter. But as a human being, I would love to have it be the truth.”

But Georgia Rudolph:

“I believe that reincarnation is real, but I’m not sure what reincarnation is. I know there’s something to it. I have had an experience that a lot of people don’t get to have. My logic often times will tell me now this isn’t real. But my heart tells me, yes it is.”

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  1. Sara

    Has anyone ever done research into any possible facts behind “Sandra Jean Jenkins”? I’ve been binging UM on IMBdTV, so I’ve been seeing the segment at least once a day lately and every time I see it, the incongruity of information mugs me more.

    What we know:
    *Mary Bevan Greene died in 1939, long after Sandra allegedly died.
    *Mary had no grandchildren named Sandra
    *Mary did have grandchildren and great grandchildren alive at the time the segment aired. Why weren’t they interviewed?
    *The picture was allegedly taken in 1908. Sandra would have been 13. I know girls grew up fast, but I’d be willing to bet that woman is older.
    *Regardless of any other false or misinformation, that was a real picture, so that woman actually existed.
    *The house is also a real house. Has anyone attempted to identify the address of the home and look in a city directory or census circa 1910 to identify her?
    *Cemeteries have information on unmarked graves… Has anyone inquired with them?

    *RE: Tommy… a steam boat death certainly would have made the local papers. Has anyone looked into that?

    Clearly there’s a lot of false information, but that makes me want to know the facts more.


  2. Jack Ryan

    This was all made up, and a hoax. Excellent analysis here which points out that the dates do not match up and that a Sandra Jenkins never existed: https://medium.com/write-mother-thrive/i-wanted-to-believe-the-hoax-as-a-child-now-im-not-so-sure-afc79e683181


  3. Ananias

    Doug, that findagrave source unfortunately looks suspicious. It looks like someone filled it in based on this episode.


  4. Doug

    Found a lady similar to the one Georgia described at FindAGrave. The dates track with Georgia’s story (born: 1895; died: 1914). However, this lady is named Sandra JANE Jenkins, not Sandra JEAN Jenkins. Perhaps Georgia got the name wrong?? Jean and Jane are very similar.



  5. Bill Blaski

    Sad to hear about Georgia. While I do believe in reincarnation, I also believe most people do not remember their past lives. Please google Shanti Devi reincarnation story. If you read this and are still not convinced then you will never be. This lady was a true reincarnation story! My only question is must I be a Hindu or Buddhist to be reincarnated or is it all religions?


    • Bruce

      This is the interesting thing about this story. When she has the dream about walking to the grave of her grandmother, she is supposedly about 8 years old. She said she was born in 1895. Then when she goes to the grave of her grandmother in the Unsolved Mysteries story, the grave says the death year is 1939 of her grandmother. That is not possible. If she was born in in 1895, she would have been 8 in 1903. How could her grandmother be dead in 1903 when the grave says she died in 1939. Makes me very iffy about this story.


  6. Jason

    Im sorry to hear she passed away in 2013. I love this story and remember it from childhood. I love how calm and soothing her voice is.


  7. Holly M

    Hello all – Georgia was my sister and she did pass away in 2013. She is buried in Cambridge OH at my grandparents grave site.


  8. Danny

    I saw this story on Amazon Prime tonight and it moved me to tears. I always had dreams growing up that I had a previous life where I had dreams about another previous life. I have every reason to believe that I am Georgia Rudolph! I remember both lives, and the years don’t add up properly for me in this lifetime either.


  9. Reticent

    As stated in the post on the possible ages that young women of previous generations could have been married and starting a family , even in this supposedly modern age, it isn’t unheard of to have grandparents younger than forty. I worked over thirty years as a pediatric nurse and had a baby brought to the hospital for a serious respiratory infection at the age of four months. Her mother was fourteen, certainly Avery young teen Mom . The baby’s grandmother was at the bedside helping her daughter during the distressing hospitalization. While going through the admitting paperwork, asking the history of events bringing them to the hospital, health history and social history. It was during this part of the interview that the grandmother casually said that she wished it wasn’t the case that her daughter had her baby at fourteen since she’d been a teenage Mom with her daughter at the age of fourteen. So the quick math says grandma was twenty eight. And through both of my son’s involvement in activities outside of school during the later elementary school years I became aware of a case of of one of their peer’s “ natural curiosity” about their newfound attraction to the opposite sex, Consequently, the odds weren’t in their favor in their mutual explorations and they were to become parents. Mom-to-be was thirteen and Dad-to-be was twelve.


  10. Bonnie Stone

    Need your help here in Michigan PLEASE three separate cases 2 friends missing daughters one from upper Michigan CamieHarding missing Leah Harding her daughter and one from Lansing missing her daughter Paige Renkowski and my friend from Howell missing her brother Frinnie Williamson. PLEASE PLEASE help us. My name is Bonnie Pillaro Stone we beg for your help.


  11. C

    This is a very interesting story. What always bugs me is that the natural act of reproduction, carrying on the human race, is and was viewed as some vile despicable act that girls are shunned from society and feel the only options are abortion suicide or the unknown of adoption. Sickening, let the girl raise her baby and enjoy what life has to offer. It’s not all about career and houses and cars and what the idiot neighbors think.


  12. DiLited

    I am a bit like Fox Mulder from the X-Files in that I want to believe but I won’t get excited unless the facts back it up. I read a very good book on Reincarnation by Ian Wilson who recounted a woman who when she was regressed to a former life came up with a detailed story of her life as a Roman woman living in England. When she was questioned about it afterwards she insisted that she had no interest in this subject and had no idea where the information came from. She was put under one more time and this time the doctor asked her to go back to the time she garnered all this information It turned out that one time she went to a library to study and the person sitting next to her had been studying Roman Britain and she had stored all the information unknowingly from the corner of her eye. She wasn’t trying to trick anyone but when the psychatrist had asked her to produce a previous life her brain was eager to comply and had spat out this unknown nugget of information, which is more a testament to the wonders of the human brain than devil worship!!! On the other hand whilst I would admit that Sandra may not be a common name at the turn of the century what people seem to have forgotten is that Sandra is a nickname often given to girls with the name of Alexandra which was very common at the time due to Princess Alexandra of Denmark who married the future King Edward VII of England in 1863 and became Queen Consort of England in 1901.


  13. Anonymous

    There could be something to this and i have heard this lady’s story once before probably on tv. There is nothing that actually disproves reincarnation. None of really know for sure what comes after we die The bible thump ers like to preach and say its either heaven or hell . Even in the bible we have Lazarus rising from the dead by a miracle from Jesus. We all know the bible is open to interpretation it all depends on who is reading it !

    whether we feel the story is true or not it was her experience and interesting one. As for using Genealogy records to back up the pieces of the story i can say that after doing genealogy for ten years,you will always find pieces that do not perfectly fit whether it be birthdays off by years or ages written down in the census records wrong! Even names have been altered i have come across ancestors who’s names were spelled different on three different census records also have had ancestors who had been known by a completely different name such as one :Eliza Jane who went by Jennie her entire life . So maybe Sandra was not the legal given name and that would explain no written record of her.As for whether Sandra was common or uncommon for that time period you cant really say that either i was surprised many times finding names i thought to be strictly modern ones actually went far back in history . Such as my 3 times great grandmother Belinda i always thought of Linda to be a modern name but my Belinda/Linda was born in 1860s .
    Cool story thanks for posting this!


  14. Inma

    Hola aoy de españa y pido ayuda por los padres de una chica que asesinaron hace años, aun no encontraron el cuerpo y no han encontrado a los o el culpable. Giorgia podrias ayudar? La chica desaparecida se llama marta del castillo


  15. K.D.

    I was there the day the Greene family hauled out the photo albums. I heard Georgia gasp. The look on her face….unforgettable. They took the picture out, after “she” said, “That’s me!”
    When the picture was examined, everyone in it, was named. Save one. The girl Georgia had identified as being, “her”!


    • Kim

      My questions…..the “Grandmother Greene” was born 1862. Sandra Jean was supposed to be born 1895. Do they have proof of Grandmother Greene’s daughter (Sandra Jeans Mother) Birth year and records of birth for Sandra Jean? This would mean Grandmother Greene was 33 year old grandmother….which was rare for a women in a family of wealth/upper class. They owned a fleet of steem boats?? Is that what I heard on the Unsolved Mysteries ep? Another thought….Grandmother Greene could’ve been a grandmother like/seen person of involvement with Sandra Jean….or Sandra Jean could have veen working off payment for the Greene Family paying for her import to the Americas….or another thought..
      .many would go by their middle name…sometimes they took a completely different name (some due to their own families past…for seperation). Could go so far to say she was a orphan of Native American…Irish…Scottish etc. Decent??

      To the person that refers to the “bible thumpers” The bible states some believed Jesus of being reincarnated. If taught the word correctly, some would see there is confirmation.


    • Sara

      What was the name of the family that lived there in 1908? What is the address of the home. Certainly the unidentified woman is not the young age of 13.


  16. Mulder

    • Samantha

      There are two people: Georgia Rudolph and Georgia Ann Rudolph. As Unsolved says itself,
      “Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the February 14, 1990 episode.
      Georgia Rudolph is not to be confused with psychic Georgia Anne Rudolph.”
      http://unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com/wiki/Georgia_Rudolph (It does also say, ” Sadly, Georgia Rudolph died in 2013. “, but I’m not sure that wasn’t confused with Georgia Ann Rudolph, whose link you’ve posted, who died in 2013.
      I’ve yet to find, one way or another, if this Georgia Rudolph (Sandra Jean Jenkins reincarnation report) is still alive or not.


      • Sarah

        She was 100% the same Georgia Rudolph that they are saying she isn’t. YouTube “The Southern Psychic” and you will see her talk about being adopted when she was 5-6, and her description literally talks about her appearance on unsolved mysteries.

        The show made her look like she was adopted in Ohio and immediately moved to Macon, GA but in reality she literally grew up and finished high school in Ohio.
        Also, physically she aged 25+ years between segments, but her upper lip cleft, eye brows, chin and jawline are still exactly the same, as is her voice except for smokers voice.


  17. Barbara Smith

    I knew Georgia when she lived in Macon,Ga and found her very credible.Does anyone know where she is living now and how I can get in touch.Would love to talk over old times


  18. Anonymous

    So reincarnation is imagination but a fallen angel who turned evil and set up a fiery amusement park to punish people for behaving how he wants, a man rising from the dead, creating food out of thin air, turning water into booze, walking on water and a magical sky daddy who knows all are real?


    • Teirah25

      There is no such thing as Reincarnation. To be out of the body is to be with Christ or Hell. You have only one life and once you have lived it there is no more lives to live.


  19. TruebelieverinChrist

    This is of Satan. Reincarnation is nothing more than people’s imagination.get your life right by going to church and allow Jesus to reveal this is totally demonic to get you off course of your true purpose in life.


    • renee

      wow! someone is so brainwashed. Have you met Jesus? how can you be so sure that there is nothing else BUT Jesus = safe and good. and everything else is soooo evil.
      Please take your pill every morning
      Georgia is entitled to her own life, visions and memories, not yours!!!


    • Jason

      “TruebelieverinChrist?” Maybe you’re on the wrong website, did you come to this site to spread “your” doctrine? I’m pretty sure God gave us the free will to believe as we wish. Based on your carefully chosen username, I’m sure you already knew that.


  20. thomas davis

    yes reincarnation happens . as Sandra has found her way to the material plane . . so has tommy and the baby . perhaps Georgia has met them . this is very likely the case as there is unfinished business between energies . Georgia may find her lover in close proximity to herself . for instance tommy may be her child or cousin or mailman or hair stylist . there is typically a connection in the ‘next’ life to the energies in the ‘previous’ life. technically it is all one life or existence. our energy does not die . it is not possible to ‘kill’ energy.


  21. pat jones

    found this on ancestry .com Georgia gave all the details which are wrote on the page check it out

    Sandra Jane Jenkins
    Learn about removing the ads from this memorial…
    Birth: 1895
    Death: 1914

    Folklore. As the story goes…

    Sandra was born into a prominent family in Newport, Ohio. Her family owned a Sternwheeler shipping business in Marietta which traveled the Ohio & Muskegon Rivers. She was a pretty girl with brown hair and brown eyes, and she loved to dance. During one riverboat trip, she met and fell in love with a local farm-boy, Thomas (Tommy) Hicks, who occassionally worked with her family’s shipping business on the sternwheelers as a crew member. As their love grew, Tommy gave her a locket as a token of his intention to marry her. However, as Tommy was working one day, he fell overboard and disappeared. His body was never recovered. Sandra was heart-broken, but her grief soon turned to fear and dread, because she’d become pregnant. She did not want to shame her family, and she spiraled into a deep depression. A few weeks later, on a cold wintery day, she walked out to the back yard where it met the river. Hesitating for a moment, she pulled the locket off her neck, and walked into the water where she was swept away. Due to her suicide, she was buried apart from other family members, in an unmarked grave. Her family never spoke again of her, and she seemed to disappear from existence. However, there is one group family photograph taken around July 8, 1908, which pictures an unidentified young woman believed to be Sandra.

    Family links:
    Preborn Baby Jenkins Hicks (____ – 1914)*

    *Calculated relationship

    Newport Cemetery
    Washington County
    Ohio, USA
    Plot: unmarked

    Created by: Always with Love
    Record added: Jan 11, 2005
    Find A Grave Memorial# 10305142
    Sandra Jane Jenkins
    Added by: Always with Love

    Sandra Jane Jenkins
    Added by: Always with Love

    Sandra Jane Jenkins
    Added by: Tombstoner & Family

    There is 1 more photo not showing…
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    Click on image for full size.

    – skyewrighter
    Added: Aug. 30, 2014

    – Dragon
    Added: Sep. 28, 2011
    I hope you and your baby found Tommy..May all 3 of you rest in peace…
    – Judy
    Added: Jun. 3, 2011

    There are 26 more notes not showing…
    Click here to view all notes…


    • thomas davis

      click where to view images ?


    • Cindy

      The above information was taken from a find-a-grave.com entry, which I believe someone posted after watching this episode. That’s why all the details fit. The poster doesn’t have a profile to ask questions of, so that is out of the ordinary. I also checked Ancestry.com and it is highly unlikely that Mary Bevan Greene would have been Sandra Jean’s grandmother. The tombstone shown on the episode shows that Mary was born in 1862. Supposedly Sandra was born in 1895. I don’t think she would have been her grandmother at age 33! Also Mary and her husband, James are listed on the 1900 census with 9 children, none named Sandra and all are single. Sandra would also not be a very commonly used name in the early 1900’s. I don’t know if reincarnation is possible, but the genealogical facts do not add up.


      • Bonnie Stone

        We need help on 3 different missing persons all 3 separate cases PLEASE help us


        • Sarah

          She was 100% the same Georgia Rudolph that they are saying she isn’t. YouTube “The Southern Psychic” and you will see her talk about being adopted when she was 5-6, and her description literally talks about her appearance on unsolved mysteries.

          The show made her look like she was adopted in Ohio and immediately moved to Macon, GA but in reality she literally grew up and finished high school in Ohio.
          Also, physically she aged 25+ years between segments, but her upper lip cleft, eye brows, chin and jawline are still exactly the same, as is her voice except for smokers voice.


      • Bonnie Stone

        Please help us on our missing 3


      • LubsAgoodMystery

        Back in the late 1800s, a lot of women, especially those whom were from a variety of hard working yet maybe not-so-profitable families, were still being married off at 12-15. So technically, yes; she could very well have been a grandmother at 33.



        The key word is grandmother meaning that Sandra Jean Jenkins mother would have been Mary Bevan Greene’s daughter


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