A young student organizer is killed by a drunk driver.

Two depictions of Gloria Schluze with long light hair

Wanted: Gloria Schluze


Gender: Female
DOB: 10/26/62
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red


Smiling Angela Maher

Angela was active with S.A.D.D.

Angela Maher grew up in a close-knit family in Scottsdale, Arizona. On July 29, 1994, Angela was home from college to celebrate her mother’s birthday.   At 10:00 PM she left the house to pick up a friend who needed a ride.   Around the same time, 31-year-old Gloria Schulze was leaving a local bar.   Moments later, the paths of these two strangers, Gloria Schulze and Angela Maher, would collide.   Angela’s mother, Rose Marie Maher, was devastated when she received the news:

“There was a knock at the door. It was the police officers. And they said there had been an accident.   And my question was, was my daughter ok? And they said no.”

Gloria drunk driving a van onto the roof of Angelas car

Schluze was drunk when she crashed into Angela

Angela had suffered massive blunt-force trauma to her head.   By the time paramedics were able to cut her out of the car, it was too late.   Gloria Schulze survived.   Although she sustained a broken jaw, she was lucid enough to be questioned at the scene.   Tests later revealed traces of marijuana in Schulze’s system and a blood alcohol content of point-one-five, nearly double the legal limit.   The tragic irony of Angela’s death is that she was active in the crusade against drinking and driving.   According to her brother, Donald, Angela helped establish a chapter of Students Against Drunk Driving:

“What’s really an awful irony is the night my sister was hit, she was on her way to pick up a friend who had called from a bar here in Phoenix for a ride home. My sister felt strongly enough that if she knew she was going out with friends and that they were going to drink, she would not drink so she could drive everybody home and make sure that everybody got home safe and sound.”

Gloria Schulze in a cour room while the Judge offers a plea bargain

Schulze was offered a plea bargain

On September 6, 1994, Gloria Schulze was arraigned on charges of manslaughter and reckless endangerment.   Schulze was represented by a prominent attorney experienced in handling drunk driving cases.   To the Mahers’ dismay, Gloria Schulze was released without being required to post bond.   The judge, however, did stipulate that Schulze submit to drug testing three times a week and that she report to the court by phone once a week. It was the beginning of months of frustration for Angela’s family.   Gloria Schulze’s attorney received six trial postponements.   Schulze was also be permitted to leave the state on three separate occasions, despite the prosecutor’s objections.

Students holding red balloons at a Students Against Drunk Driving rally

Students carry on Angela’s work

Finally, more than a year after Angela Maher’s death, Gloria Schulze was offered a plea-bargain arrangement.   If Schulze waived her right to a trial and pleaded guilty to the reckless endangerment and manslaughter charges, she would serve a reduced sentence.   A pretrial hearing was scheduled for September 15, 1995, a day Rose Marie Maher will always remember:

“When I didn’t see her in the courtroom, all I could think of was where was she? Had she skipped?   We discovered that she had missed six drug testings. And then to find out the last time that she called in was the end of August or the first of September.   She could have called in from anywhere.”

Gloria Schulze is wanted on manslaughter charges in the death of Angela Maher.   She is 5’5″ tall and, when last seen, weighed 115 pounds.   She has red hair and green eyes.

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  1. kevin adam kanzer

    gloria schulze d ied in 2019 of cancer. good riddance to a coward and a scumbag. angela maher rip.


  2. Jordan

    Gloria Schluze died of cancer in 2019 under an alias in the Yukon and identified through fingerprints from another DUI incident she did in 2009. Angela’s mother, Rose Marie passed away in 2021 without learning that she outlived her daughter’s killer.


  3. Updater

    She fled to Yellowknife, Canada and was living under the name Kate Dooley. Apparently her family never heard from her again but got a call in 2019 saying she had died in Canada. She had a DUI in Canada as well, so the Scottsdale police compared the fingerprints and were able to confirm it was the same person.


  4. Lindsey Jauregui

    On April 17, 2024, it was confirmed by Scottsdale Police that a woman who died of cancer in 2019 at Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Canada) was Gloria Schulze. She had been living under the alias ‘Kate Dooley’ and had also been arrested in Canada for DUI, which is why RCMP had her fingerprints on file.


  5. Kathy C

    Gloria Schulze will never serve prison time for Maher’s death. She ran to Canada, cut off all contact with her relatives in Arizona and died of cancer under another name in 2019. Police only found out when one of Schulze’s family members got an anonymous call about her death.

    More: https://www.12news.com/article/news/crime/scottsdale-pd-found-drunk-driver-accused-killing-woman-1994-unsolved-mysteries/75-1802d7a2-35e4-402d-9e8d-bbf7942d555a


  6. Shanese

    I really do hope that they both find Gloria and bring her back to the court.

    She should serve time for what she did to that young girl.


  7. Charles

    Wow. Absolutely appalling that she got away with this. Her parents obviously helped her and likely continued to help her.


  8. Mateo

    Absolutely amazing that she got away with this. She would now be in her 60s, with zero repercussions. Stunning lack of justice, one of the worst I’ve seen on Unsolved Mysteries.

    It’s already too late, I imagine the legal and state persons involved have probably already retired or are near retirement. No consequences for them. A damn shame, because it was a slam dunk case that was very obviously eschewed because of personal connections.


  9. Jose

    I feel like i have talked to an older looking version of her here in arizona


  10. Anonymous

    This looks a lot like it’s her. Name matches too.



  11. Mrs Susan Bravery

    Shows you how money can buy a Murderer freedom. Her Parents probably brought her a plane ticket ? Then their passports should be looked at to see if they visit anywhere regular ? Like on her Birthday ? Or Holiday Season ? Or where they might send gifts ? You show and aged photo yes ? But it’s as she looked with wrinkles ? Surely she could have put weight on too ? What about doing the age photos with different weight gain to show how she could be ?
    I wonder if her parents visit Mexico ? Australia? Europe ? They should be held accountable like the attorney too They have all helped and aided a Murdering Criminal ? How would they have felt if it had been the other way round ? Yes their money then would have brought them justice No Doubt ? Disgusting nobody else has been held accountable for aiding and abetting a criminal??


  12. Katarina

    Wow, I may be stretching things a bit here but to me she looks a lot like Carole Baskin


  13. Rhonda

    How has she not been found yet?!


  14. Chorf

    Seen a woman resembling her a bit older in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area Allison Hill neighborhood section to be exact


  15. nate r

    LIkely her parents are behind all the help she’s gotten; the prominent attorney had to have been paid for by her parents. Are they staking out her parents? If not, they should! And this shows how our legal system is corrupt and can be manipulated. My (late) brother-in-law was killed by a quadruple multiple DUI offender and all he got was 5 yrs. It tore my sister and her family apart and fortunately they’ve been able to piece their lives into cohesion again. This b!+(# needs to found, caught, and fried! And her parents should be held accountable too!


    • Lisa

      I don’t understand how these tv shows talk about the victims and don’t interview or mention the murderers families. At least shed more info on the murderers; locate their families and see if anyone can give information on violent passed behaviors etc. on them. Obviously the DA and police should had followed her parents activities. That’s the only way they could had tracked her. You’re the only one here that is livid as I am questioning Gloria’s parents. I’m going to look for her parents. They’re wealthy people I know and it’s obvious there’s money involved, but I don’t give a rat’s butt, Gloria needs to be found. Rich or not. Her parent’s probably left her money and an estate- that’s an obvious way to locate her.


  16. Ann

    Who’s the Attorney that represented her? Oddly enough they don’t mention his name??? Umh… Once again freedom was Bought. She must of had a lot of money to buy her way out of a Murder rap. Unless of course she had/has political connections and/or worked as their little drug runner/prostitute. Her attorney should be held responsible to a degree. After all He Is the one that kept her out of jail. Once Again American Justice in action.


  17. jman

    sadd The name fits everything


  18. Petaa motex

    Creepy pic. I am surprised she was never caught. She should never be allowed to drink another drop of alcohol and rot in prison for the rest of her life


  19. The Petaa

    What a creepy lady!


  20. Sarah

    Terrible !!! I been a victim of a drunk driver .. He got out the car and ran. And to see people not take responsibility for their actions is a coward move .. She know what she did when she got behind the wheel. I hope she is found .


  21. Clare Bear

    Ridiculous! I cannot believe this woman hasn’t been caught — surely this witch isn’t crafty enough to evade police for so long. Someone has to know this woman. I’ll bet if an age-progressed photo of this selfish monster on some major morning shows, like Today and Good Morning America, there would be SOMEONE who has seen this woman or works with her or is a neighbor. There is no way she hasn’t met or grown close to someone. Angela and her mother deserve justice. Angela spent so much of her young life dedicated to helping others; she deserves just as much dedication and love, and bringing this cowardly woman to stand trial for her crimes is the least we can do for her.


  22. Teri Y

    They need to add an aged progressed photo of her. Idk, there’s an overnight worker that reminds me of her. I could be wrong. I’ll have to look when I’m scheduled to close.


  23. Tammy Thomas

    Red hair and blue eyes-she’d fit right in in Ireland. We don’t have extradition with them. Someone had to give her a lot of help and now she must look so different. Drunks don’t age well.


  24. nomam

    How is it possible that she is still free? Really?


  25. Jim

    Has anyone seen that woman before? She would be in her 50’s. If you have seen her, you need to report this to the police.


  26. Miranda shortt

    She should go to jail for life or morefor what she did.


  27. kevin adam kanzer.

    i think gloria schulze is a coward and deserves to die.


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