A con-artist kills her latest lover with his own gun, then vanishes.

Hazel Head with wide eyes and a worried expression

Hazel Head


Gender: Female
DOB: 12/19/49
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Green/Hazel
Hair: Blonde (reddish)
Defining Characteristics: Has a scar near her right eye and a gap in her front teeth


In August of 1998, a woman calling herself   Deianna Ray placed an ad in the personals section of a Louisiana newspaper.   Deianna Ray was hardly being honest in the ad.   In fact, her real name was not Deianna at all.   It was Hazel Liotta Head.   According to authorities, Deianna was a drifter who hitchhiked around the country looking for her next mark–a lonely man to latch onto and drain his bank account.   That man happened to be Charles Barker, a recent widower who was devastated after the sudden loss of his wife of ten years.   According to Charles’ daughter, Cindy Jefferson, Charles tried to overcome his depression with activities:

“But then later on he… snapped out of it and wanted to do things.   Go fishing and travel.   He bought a Winnebago, a boat.   I guess that’s when the loneliness set in.   You know he didn’t like doing it by himself.”

Hazel holding a small pisotl in her hand

Police believe she fired the fatal shot

A casino on the Red River in Louisiana became Charles Barker’s latest diversion.   He probably believed that he met Deianna by chance.   But according to Ed Baswell of the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Department, it’s likely that it was all a set up:

“Charles Barker carried pretty large amounts of cash with him.   Hazel would have almost certainly noticed that because she’d be looking for those kinds of things.   And so he would’ve become a target for her.”

Less than a year after the death of his wife, Charles was swept up in a whirlwind romance with Deianna.   According to Charles’s daughter, Jennifer Spoonts, Deianna moved into Charles’s home within days of their initial meeting:

“Dad told me he had met a woman in the casino.   You know I didn’t think anything of it.   You know I just hoped he was happy and I don’t want to see him alone.   You know I thought maybe she would be a good companion for him.   And evidently he was happy with her, for awhile, because he would call me and say he liked her.   He needed someone, some companionship.   He didn’t like to be alone.”

Charles Baker in a hat, galsses and polo shirt

Charles Barker was murdered in his home

One weekend, Jennifer made the nine-hour drive from her Austin home to meet her father’s new girlfriend:

“She wasn’t… a real presentable woman.   You know just no class. She looked like a bar fly you know.   I was suspicious of her.   I knew she wasn’t right for him.”

A short time later, even Charles apparently began to share that opinion.   According to his daughter, Charles admitted he was having trouble with Deianna, but refused to provide any details:

“When my dad called me he just sounded so different and he started crying and I’ve never heard my dad cry or anything.   And but he told me he’d call me in two or three days. Everything would be okay and he’d let me know what was going on.”

But that explanation never came. Shortly afterward, Jennifer tried calling her father to arrange another visit:

“I’d been trying to phone him for the whole week.   And no answer.   And I finally called my aunt.   And she said well we’ll go by there and check on him.”

Police Investigator and Photographer taking picture of gun on a table at the crime scene

No fingerprints were found on the gun

Charles’ sister, June, and her husband, drove over to see if there was a problem.   According to Sheriff Baswell, when they arrived, they noticed the front door of Charles’s residence was open:

“So they proceed further.   The husband looks in and sees Mister Barker slumped over the bar.”  

Charles had been dead for five days, killed by a single gunshot to the head.   As Sheriff Baswell combed the crime scene, several observations were made:

“Our detectives found no sign of a struggle. They did not find the house had been ransacked.   Mister Barker had a .25 caliber Raven arms pistol that he kept in his residence.   There were no prints found on the gun.   But the ballistics evidence indicates that that was the weapon that was used.   Mister Barker had a safe that he kept in his bedroom.   The safe was opened when investigators arrived.”

Hazel head opening the passenger door of a semi truck

She often hitched rides from truckers

Except for a few stock certificates, the safe was empty.   Also missing was Charles Barker’s Lincoln town car and his girlfriend.   Sheriff Baswell soon identified her as a con artist named Hazel Head:

“Mister Barker’s vehicle was found the next day after his body was discovered.   It was found near the airport.   Inside the car were pieces of clothing that belonged to Hazel.   Also found in the car was DNA evidence.   Physical evidence that we believe definitely links her to the car.   We believe she is the one that took the car from his residence and drove it to that spot near the airport.”

A background check on Hazel Head revealed that she’d married as many as ten times and was known to use more than a dozen aliases.   There was also an outstanding warrant for her arrest in Lincoln, Nebraska.   There, she had allegedly burned down her boyfriend’s home, then fled before standing trial.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season twelve with Robert Stack and in season eight with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. Brandon

    I believe that is my Dada ex wife he died in 2001 and we believe she killed him theybwere living in west Virginia


  2. anonymous

    what are the names of her children??
    my cousin picked her up at a truck stop n Mansfield Louisiana back n 2016. Eagles Truck Stop Mansfield Louisiana on I49
    she said her name was Lisa.
    said she was a prostitute & was trying 2 get a ride 2 natchitoches Louisiana exit. she said she wanted 2 surprise her son that lives n natchitoches. i only found out about her back ground & who she really was back n 2020 when this part of Louisiana had a snow storm. i was bored & looking up Louisiana’s unsolved history n her picture & FBI information was on the list.
    i recognized her picture right away. bak n 2016 she probably weighted around close to 180- 200 pounds had dyed medium/dark redish hair.
    none of us had seen the unsolved mysteries episode & still havnt seen it. But i am 100% sure it was her. 4 of us actually saw & met her. my cousin did not take her 2 the natchitoches Louisiana exit off I49 but took her back to the Eagles Truck Stop Mansfield Louisiana
    I49 carmel/ Mansfield Louisiana exit. we never saw her again if we had saw the episode, we would have definitely called the cops & would have stayed 2 make sure she was caught.
    she didn’t act scared like she was wanted by the FBI.
    she even had went 2 a couple of stores n Mansfield Louisiana.
    she did talk about having sex with truck drivers & she even said hangs around truck stops.
    this was n the beginning of the summer 2016.


  3. Rick

    No confirmed sightings of this woman in over 20 years and she would now be in her seventies. She’s probably dead. Hope she suffered a horrible fate. Unfortunately there’s plenty more like her everywhere.


  4. Cindy B

    Would be interested to know if any of these tips have been followed up on, and if they’re any closer to catching up with this woman..


  5. Barny

    Yeah they never got her daughter won’t say anything she knows hee mother is wanted fbi style


  6. UM slacking

    Are there any updates since UM hasn’t responded since 2016? Did anyone follow up on some of these leads or contact Mr. Barkers daughter? How awful for this poor family to not have the help they need from police- I pray this evil lot lizard is found and justice will be served !


  7. Mike

    Yes, the BEAUTIFUL Lane Bradbury plays her in the episode of Unsolved. She even revisits her Gunsmoke character voice.


  8. Anonymous

    I think that the actress that played her on unsolved mysteries is Lane Bradbury. . She was on many tv shows in the 60s and 70s, as well as a few movies


  9. Anonymous

    In 2004 to 2005, I was a overnight Walmart stocker. I believe I may have worked with this woman. It was long ago, I think she went by the name Lora. She used to tell wild stories about being wanted, and getting married alot. I had tried to research it, but didn’t find anything. Then I saw this picture. If you age progress alot the picture on the left, and give her white blonde hair. I really think it was her. She actually did get married and leave Walmart prob sometime in 2005. She had made a comment that she wouldn’t get caught because she smoked a pipe not cigerettes. This was in Conway, Ar. She is prob dead by now. She didn’t seem like her health was super great.


  10. Anonymous

    Hey, Steve. When she was given a ride to the bus station, did she say where she was going? Do you know where she is right now? Did she have a scar near her right eye and a gap in her front teeth?


    • Gave it to FBI

      I think I know her and have called the FBI in regards to this. She had the gap, from Louisiana, smokes and just gave me the creeps all around. She is 5’2 and very round now. I hope the FBI handles it with care. I gave them her Facebook page. She has green/hazel eyes and in some pictures you can see the gap in her teeth. I think she ended up getting dentures because her teeth except the front were rotted out


  11. alberto perez

    maybe she left the country and passed away in another place. or she herself probably met fowl play and is buried somewhere


  12. Anonymous

    Check walmarts! That’s where you may find her if she is still alive!


  13. Petaa motex

    Yikes. Check Walmarts. She is likely to be at one.


  14. Steve

    I was in Medford Oregon and picked up a lady needing a ride at a truck stop.
    I believe it was a Petro truck stop.
    they’re was nothing attractive about her.
    She was twice my age at the time.
    I remember the gap between her teeth when she talked to me while I drove.
    But I was coming back in to Knoxville TN.
    And I let her out there.
    At a TA truck stop.
    But this was years ago.
    Probably 18 years ago.
    But I remember running back into her again,
    About 9 months later.
    Eating with a guy in the truck stop restraunt.
    I never aacknowledged that I knew her but I knew it was her. LoL
    She was eating at the TA truck stop with a guy and what seemed to be their child.
    in Vero beach FL.
    Looked just like the girl in the picture.
    I could swore it was her or her twin.


  15. Dave

    Have they found this woman ?


  16. Anonymous

    has she been caught yet?


  17. cindy Barker Jefferson

    This is my dad that she killed…..Is anyone still working this or is it a cold case? I have tried to contact the Benton police dept. and others on this but no one ever calls me back.If anyone out there has info that could help me find this person I would be forever in your debt.I will give you my e-mail………cindyjefferson53@yahoo.com…….


  18. Unknown

    May have seen a woman that matches this description, last seen 2 months ago in Bakersfield, CA. Not sure though.


  19. Anonymous

    I met this woman many years ago in Sedona, AZ. Unfortunately I don’t remember her name, but it was her.


  20. Anonymous

    Is she caught yet??


  21. N Frahm

    I believe that I have met this woman many years ago at a family gathering in Safford, AZ, at the Thunderbird Mobile Home park. After seeing the episode of Unsolved Mysteries, I believe that the woman in the picture, could very well be Hazel.


  22. Anonymous

    Who is the actress that played hazel head on the unsolved mysteries?


  23. steve O

    I met a woman about 6 yrs ago who was visiting here (so. Md.) said she was my buddies cousin but, not so. Been married 7 to 10 times. spoke about prostituting at truck stops she referred to that as being a lot lizard. she came here with only what she could carry, stayed about a week and was given a ride to the bus station.


  24. g gotschall

    does she have any family


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