A woman missing for seven years calls her mother to say she’s alive, but is later found murdered.

Smiling Holly Krewson

Holly Krewson

Holly waitressing at a bar

She dropped out and worked as a waitress


La Mesa, California, was Holly Krewson’s hometown. From a very young age, she dreamed of becoming a movie star. Holly’s mother, Gwen Krewson, knew her daughter was special growing up:

“She started in beauty pageants, and she loved the attention and the beautiful dresses. We kind of put her on a pedestal.”

A man speeding down the road in a black pickup truck

Holly was seen with her violent boyfriend

But Holly’s life wasn’t all pageants and dresses. According to her mother, Holly was molested by a trusted family friend when she was 11. A few years later, her parents divorced. Soon after, Gwen started to notice a change in her daughter:

“When she got into her middle teens, I think she started hanging around with the wrong crowd and kind of lost interest in the dancing and the pageants. She wanted to be a grown-up.”

Holly dropped out of school and began working as a waitress. She ended up with a lover who was abusive and violent. Several times, he was arrested for beating her. But each time, he convinced Holly to take him back.

A person pressing buttons on a landline phone

The caller said her name was “Holly”

Gwen says she didn’t see Holly very often, but in the spring of 1995, Holly came to see her at work. Gwen didn’t know this was the last time she would ever see her daughter. Over the next several weeks, Gwen tried to find Holly, but had no luck. When Gwen reported her missing to the police, she was told they couldn’t help because Holly was an adult and there was no evidence of foul play.

Two years later, in 1997, with Holly still missing, police took a closer look at her boyfriend’s criminal past. La Mesa Police Department Detective Vincent Brown, investigated the case:

“Because the boyfriend was arrested at least three different times for domestic violence with Holly, detectives from La Mesa Police Department polygraphed her boyfriend, and it appeared at the time that he had no involvement in her disappearance.”

On Holly’s 30th birthday, a San Diego newspaper publicized the story of Gwen’s search for her daughter. A local psychic named Joyce saw the story and says she immediately began receiving images of Holly:

“I started to get little flashes, like short little images, is how I receive a lot of my psychic information. And my first impression was seeing her in a hospital bed. So I knew right off that I wanted to contact this mother, who was obviously missing her daughter something fierce. “

An IV tube hanigng in a hospital room

Was Holly in an Ohio hospital?

Joyce told Gwen that Holly had left California to escape her abusive relationship:

“My feeling was that there was a car accident, and she was in a somewhat semi-comatose condition. As I sat there, I started to feel some other things. I told her first of all that I saw Holly in a hospital gown, in an extended care facility.”

Joyce believed Holly possibly received treatment at a hospital named Marymount. She also claimed the towns Marysville and Kenwood were significant, but she couldn’t make any further connections. Three months later, Gwen received a phone call that would change her life:

“I hear this weak little voice say, ‘Hi, Mama.’ and I didn’t hear anything. And I said, ‘Who is this?’ And the voice said, ‘Holly,’ kind of strained, like she was crying. And I said, ‘Holly, is that you?’”

Gwen had a tape recorder handy and recorded part of the call. Just before the short conversation was disconnected, the caller told Holly’s mother that she was in Ohio. Gwen was sure it was Holly:

“I know it was her. I mean, mothers know these things.”

With the new possibility that Holly was in Ohio, Gwen studied the information the psychic had given her:

“I got my atlas out and I found Marysville. There’s a Marysville there. There’s a Marymount Hospital, right on the map.”

Gwen contacted several Ohio hospitals. However, they were not allowed to release any medical information, even if they had treated Holly. Then, investigators later turned up a promising lead. The owner of a campground outside La Mesa reported seeing Holly a few months after she was believed to have disappeared. According to Detective Brown:

“Holly Krewson, her boyfriend, and one other person, the last name of Humby, were up at a campground in Julian, California. Throughout the weekend, Holly’s boyfriend was creating trouble. It sounded like he was drinking too much and creating just general disturbance. They were finally asked to leave and as they left the campground, the boyfriend pointed a gun at the owner and threatened to come back and shoot him, because they were being kicked out of the park.

Gwen says she will not rest until she finds out what happened to Holly:

“If I gave up hope, you know, whoever took her or killed her or is holding her captive or whatever the case may be, they’ve won. And they’re not going to win. As long as I’m alive, I’m going to keep looking for my daughter.”


A year after Holly disappeared, skeletal remains were found near San Diego. Dental records later confirmed that the remains were those of Holly Krewson. Authorities won’t release any details other than to say her case is now considered a homicide.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season twelve with Robert Stack and in season five with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. Stacey

    Jack Sutton’s wife is living here in Mesquite NV. I was unaware of the story until she blurted it out one day. I just assumed Jack was one of many suspects but after reading this story I realize how really scary this whole thing is. Jack’s wife Nani told me her husband could not have killed her, he was in jail at the time..but police don’t waste their time with an iron clad alibi. I know Nani’s dad said he was constantly beating her up


    • Bob

      I dated Holly for a few months late in 1993 . I was going through some bad times, mother died of cancer and I broke up with my kids mother . Holly would come by the shop and cheer me up. She seemed to have a low self esteem and I tried to help her with that. I bought her a dress one time and took her to some nice places. I remember she had this crazy boyfriend she kept going back to, one time she borrowed my car to(I think) bail him out of jail and that was when I stopped dating her. She had a big heart and truly cared about her friends and family. When she was with me I never saw her do any drugs or even drink alcohol even when I offered a beer or
      some wine. Her mother must have went though hell. She was really a stand up person. Honest and sincere. Really a sad story .


  2. Jayne

    Ex boyfriend most likely did it since he beat her so many times. Disgusting..


    • Marcos

      She was found Dead in 1995 March 4, Her body was found 1 year later, her grave said Jane Doe so no one knew. 10 years later she was identified through denial work in 2006. I pray they find the person responsible for her murder R.I.P. you are truly an Angel ……


    • Monty

      For sure!



    I generally don’t believe in psychics but I am lifelong scientist and there had been things that have happened that are scientifically almost impossible to happen. I think we must always keep an open mind but still try think critically but also be open to new ideas.


  4. Rania Kaplan

    I just watched this unsolved mysteries episode about Holly Krewson. It occurred to me and I’m wondering if it occurred to anyone else? that she was never in Ohio but maybe she just thought she was. The episode said her mother got a call from her and she stated she was in Ohio. Her remains were found off of route 79 near descanso, ca. And if you look at that on the map…. just north of Descanso on 79 following route 76 when 79 branches there is “Cleveland National Forest” (Cleveland=Ohio?). I have a strong feeling that is where Holly was when she called her mother. It’s unlikely she ever left California. If I were an investigator I would be looking into this…. but that’s me. Anyone else? Also! the campground (pinezanita) that she was reportedly seen is eerily close to Cleveland National Forest as well.


  5. robb hoffman

    If the detective got a final lead that she was with the boyfriend right before being killed, then his past would answer all the questions: credit cards, phone records et cetera. As to where she was before dying.


  6. Nani

    The last time The LaMesa police say…
    She was burried in a shallow grave in the Eastern area of the county I believe it was off of state route 74.
    Descanso was the area. The last time detectives left a business card at my door was in approx 2002.


  7. UM slacking

    Any new updates since 2006 ????


  8. Aztec

    Both “Joyce” and Sylvia Browne, who told Holly’s family she was working as a stripper in Hollywood, were disgusting individuals who preyed on an already grieving family wanting answers as means to gain money and extra notoriety. I don’t know who sickens me more, those two or the piece of garbage who made the call pretending to be Holly. Poor Gwen went to her grave believing Holly was still alive because these scumbags gave her false hope.

    Whoever killed Holly, I hope gets brought to justice. Unfortunately Gwen won’t see it, neither will her sister Tiffany who has also since passed. I hope however her surviving family members see it for her.


    • Heather

      Sylvia Brown is a joke that has made her living and a fortune off lying and manipulating people. She told another mother missing her daughter from ohio that her daughter was dead. That poor mom went to her grave believing her child was murdered and the poor girl was being held in a house just miles from her family. The girl had to watch on tv while being held by her captor her mother’s heart break and that was the last time she ever saw her. Reckless, horrid people like sylvia brown and joyce should be arrested and never allowed to spit their lies to people


      • Melanie Wood

        Who was the girl?. I am very much interested in true crime, But unfamiliar with this case. There are so many. Which saying that is alarming. I am skeptical of psychics. Some people do have the gift. But more often I’ve seen posers cashing in on families desperations.


  9. dongatos

    Hung out with losers like her ex bf. Maybe she od’d on drugs.


  10. Pistachio

    Her “boyfriend” at that time had nothing to do with Holly’s disappearance, I would know because “I am married to him” I have known him for 25 years.
    He has passed all polygraph tests
    He has taken about 10 tests now
    Someone or some people need to get their head out of their ass,
    Because they are very lazy! Seems like the detectives can’t do the investigation.
    Do your job and stop blaming someone who has absolutely nothing to do with it.


  11. Prettygirl

    This is sad, really weird, doesnt make sense. Wbere is her dad? Why havent they inferrovated the boyfriend again?


  12. JoJo

    Psychic was a fraud and made the call. Holly was never in Ohio and most likely died before she was even reported missing


  13. thinkingoutloud

    she was probably killed accidentally or purposely by her boyfriend. I know this took them some time to piece everything together before realizing they did find her bones earlier, but did they ever revisit the boyfriend?? especially if he had a past? he should’ve been looked at again


    • SD Aztec

      Ya it was Jack Sutton. May have been an accident, but he is fully responsible for her death and Humby knows what exactly went down.


  14. Crosby Brito

    So sge went missing in ’95. Remains were discovered in ’96 but no one knew remains belonged to her. 5 years later, newspaper article comes out, psychic contacts the mother tells her she is in Ohio etc. 3 months later, mom receives a weird phone call and a “sighting” of Holly at a park is reported. Unsolved Mysteries airs the episode in 2002, mom dies in 2003. The remains found back in ’96 are officially identified as being Hollys in 2006. Very Sad


  15. Crosby Brito

    So sge went missing in ’95. Remains were discovered in ’96 but no one knew remains belonged to her. 5 years later, newspaper article comes out, psychic contacts the mother tells her she is in Ohio etc. 3 months later, mom receives a weird phone call and a “sighting” of Holly at a park is reported. Unsolved Mysteries airs the episode in 2002, mom dies in 2003. The remains found back in ’96 are officially identified as being Hollys in 2006. Sad


  16. Anonymous

    Who called the mom? A hoax? Could it be determined how soon after her disappearance that the girl died?


  17. joey

    Have this been solved yet


  18. Cindy W.

    Having just seen this show today, long after the fact, I believe the hospital that Holly was possibly in, was in Mariemont, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. There was a Mercy Hospital there a decade or so ago. It is not a hospital now but is still a medical facility. 5 minutes away is a neighboring community Kenwood, where expressway I-71 runs right through.

    Just an FYI in case this might still be investigated to help build a case against her murderer.


    • Brown

      Her body was found not far from home a year after she went missing. Computer links never put it together.


    • A P

      I was thinking the same thing. And Marysville is less than two hours from Kenwood and Mariemont. I believe there was a St. Mary’s Hospital in Cincinnati at one time as well. Not sure when it stopped serving patients though.


    • Chloe Aaron

      She was never in Ohio. Do you honestly believe in these money sucking heartless scumbag psychics?? All they want is your money and are well known to contact relatives of people who have recently disappeared to tell them bs exactly like this one did. They have “visions” and “flashes” and that they know where their relative is. I’d bet everything I own that this pathetic psychic drained a ton of money put of this girls mother. And unfortunately they usually fall for it too because they are desperate for something, anything.
      I knew as soon as I read it that the call was a hoax from the scumbag psychic. Either it was her making the call or she paid someone to make it. That’s why it was a “weak, strained” voice and the call was very short. It never was the daughter.
      She was never in Ohio, she never even left California.
      I despise these pathetic, low life, money grubbing psychics. They are bottom feeders. They always will be.


    • Angel

      Sorry but I spelled Mariemont not Marymount


    • Angel

      You said Marie not Marymount


    • Skye

      They found her body in California before the phone call ever came to her mother. The phone call was a fake probably from the psychic to keep the mother interested. Poor lady. Don’t believe in psychics people. They’re just people that are good at conning


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