Where is the man who disappeared after the bodies of his wife and four children were found buried under their backyard porch?


Xavier with his family

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes hails from an aristocratic French family with an impressive lineage. Xavier and his wife, Anges Hodanger, have four children: Arthur, Thomas, Anne, and Benoit. They live in an upscale townhouse in the center of Nantes, where their children attend private schools and the family goes to church together. On the surface, they seem happy. Yet despite his privileged upbringing, Xavier has had little success in his own professional life. Few people are aware that he is struggling financially. Xavier manages to maintain an appearance of wealth by borrowing money from family and friends, to make ends meet–until his ruse starts to unravel.

Anne-Sophie Martin

Journalist Anne-Sophie Martin retraces Xavier’s last movements in 2011, suggesting that he meticulously planned the murders of his family. After inheriting a .22 rifle from his father, Xavier purchases bullets and a silencer. He practices at a gun range multiple times between March 26th and April 1st. He also buys large bin liners, adhesive plastic paving slabs, cement, a shovel, and a hoe, plus four bags of lime, all at different hardware shops around Nantes.

Xavier purchases bullets and a silencer

On Sunday, April 3rd the couple and three of their children go to dinner and the movies. At 10:37pm, Xavier leaves an eerie message on his sister, Christine’s, voicemail that says he is “going to put the kids to sleep.” The next day, Arthur, Anne, and Benoit are absent from school and Agnes doesn’t show up for work. Xavier calls to say everyone is ill and will be staying home for a few days. The next day, Xavier calls Thomas at his boarding school to say his mother has been in an accident and he should return home immediately. Xavier picks up Thomas at the train station, and Thomas is never seen again.

Police find corpses under the back porch

Days later, Xavier the immediate family and close friends receive a letter from Xavier saying that he has been working covertly for the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and the entire family has relocated to the United States, as part of the Federal Witness Protection Program. He says they will be out of contact for a few years. Xavier has closed all bank accounts, terminated the lease on their house, and sent final payments to all the children’s schools. He leaves instructions about how to dispose of the few remaining household items and cars.

Xavier has not been found

After a few days, neighbors grow suspicious of the shuttered house and call the police, requesting a welfare check. After several futile visits, one police officer notices wet cement under the back porch. When they dig, they uncover the corpses of the five family members and their two dogs, buried under a fresh slab of cement. They have all been shot with a .22 rifle. Xavier is nowhere to be found so an international warrant is issued for his arrest.

Reports start to come in about Xavier’s whereabouts. Authorities learn that on April 12th he stayed at a 5-star resort in Toulouse. On April 14th he was caught on CCTV withdrawing money from an ATM, and on April 15th he was last seen by a hotel security camera, walking toward the mountains. Despite several alleged sightings over the past few years, Xavier has not been seen or heard from ever again. Did he commit suicide in the mountains? Authorities searched the area for weeks and found no sign of Xavier. Or is he a fugitive on the run? Many believe this is the most likely theory.




  1. Michelle

    Hola, creo haber conocido a una persona que comparte muchas similitudes con Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes. ¿Cómo puedo contactarme directamente con la página?


  2. José

    Xavier, aparece ya coño. Que ya la has liado mucho tío.


  3. Célia

    Xavier had a mistress, she was suing him and arguing for money. Xavier belt what we call a pyramid, which means that he borrow money to erase his debts, for example who borrow to your mother to give the money that you had already borrow previously to your brother. But he did that with so many people, family, friends and his mistress. In 2011, he borrow to her 50 000 euros , she was an “boss women”, he told her that it was for a business, so she believe him. With this money, he erase some of his debt towards family and friends. But also use the money for his personal interest (buying some expensive things). He had no money left very fast. He didn’t expect her mistress to ask this money very fast because she is rich, so he believe 50 000 was nothing for her. He was wrong, she take’s lawyer and sue him. For me it was the fateful day. He realize it was done and all of his manoeuvres couldn’t save him. He couldn’t handle the dishonor so he killed every one and left. For me, he is alive but I’m not sure he can be found because he can have done chirurgical operations and such things. I wish his crimes will not be forgotten so he can pay for all the bad. I am from France by the way, in law school and I have studied the case for my personal interest because it is for me sadique person with a big intelligence, but not to do good things. C


  4. MS

    This case is not well reported in the series. I saw another French documentary much more detailed. Xavier had a mistress, his wife complained to her friend that Xavier was aggressive towards her. Xavier’s mother was head of certain religious group…


  5. kelly

    this case is interesting to me. was there any place not in france that could have had sentimental value to him, or he wanted to go there badly for a bit?


  6. Ana P Enamorado

    There is like this creepy account of him, looks so normal like nothing is out of place ya’ll should go and see his IG profile xavier_dupont_de_ligonnes


  7. Maaike

    Yeah, he got arrested last year. Finally I’d say!!


    • Unsolved Mysteries Post author

      Hi Maaike – unfortunately, the gentleman arrested in 2019 in Scotland did not turn out to be Xavier. Someone, somewhere knows the truth … where is Xavier?


  8. Rafa

    I dont know if this is real information but I read in websites that he has been found, not long ago, in Scotland, in the airport of Glasgow. Again, it might be false but there it is.


  9. Henya

    I was freaked out, imagine he is still alive. . . what if he is you neighbor what if you work for him???


  10. Luis franco

    Se les realizó ADN a los restos de sus hijos y esposa???


  11. Luis franco

    Se les hizo adn a los restos de sus hijos y esposa


  12. PeterLightwood

    A mi tmb, yo tmb soy de ahí y tmb se me hace conocido.


  13. Dan

    No English when I watched


  14. Andres

    Hola soy de argentina. Hay recompensa por información?


    • Unsolved Mysteries Post author

      Hola Andres – No hay una recompensa de la que tengamos conocimiento en este momento. Si tiene alguna información sobre este caso, háganoslo saber de inmediato. unsolved.com/tips


  15. Shelby

    Seems like his lawyer might know more about his whereabouts?


  16. Alex

    I believe I have seen him in the US at a French language immersion program in August 2019 (it heavily recruits native speakers, and I know Xavier also speaks English well). It would be a good position for someone living abroad and avoiding authorities, since he could put language skills to work, live in a remote area with few cameras or police, and possibly receive room and board.


  17. JM

    Hola Romina tendria alrededor de 59 años. Tienes fotos?


  18. Romina

    Cuántos años tendría xavier hoy ? Soy de argentina y se me hace muy conocido el