A serial killer is believed to be responsible for 9 murders near Interstate 70 in the Midwest.

Two police sketches of a caucasian man with a long face and light hair

Composite of the I-70 serial killer


Gender: Male
DOB: 1949 to 1959
Height: 5’8” to 6’
Hair: Reddish, sandy
Defining Characteristics: Lazy eyelids and a high forehead


Twenty-six year-old Robin Fuldauer of Indianapolis, Indiana, wanted more than anything to marry and start a family. But that would never happen. On April 8, 1992 , Robin was found shot to death at the store where she worked.

Map of the I-70 highway with photos of the 6 victims of murder

They were all killed in malls along I-70

Twenty-three year-old Patricia Smith and 32-year-old Patricia Magers worked side-by-side at a bridal shop in Wichita, Kansas. Just three days after Robin Fuldauer was murdered, both women were shot to death in the back storeroom of the loan shop.

Three weeks later, 24-year old Nancy Kitzmiller of St. Charles, Missouri, was shot to death in the boot store where she worked as a manager.

Four murders in three different states, separated by more than 1200 miles. At first glance, they seemed to be random killings. Yet each took place at a shopping mall just off Interstate 70.

Woman watching a man walk towards his orange convertable

A witness saw the man leaving the scene

The Woodson Village Shopping Center in Raytown, Missouri, is near an access road to Interstate 70.   On May 7, 1992, thirty-seven year old Sarah Blessing was working alone in a gift shop at the mall. At 6:30 p.m., a local auctioneer noticed a stranger walking into his auction house. He looked around briefly, then he walked out again.

Tim Hickman, who owned a video store, watched the man cross the parking lot and pass by his store. Minutes later, Tim heard a gunshot. He reached his front door just as the man was disappearing around the corner.

dark backroom of store with a lifeless body laying in the middle

They were all shot where they worked

A grocery clerk saw the stranger as he climbed the embankment to an Interstate 70 access road and vanished. Meanwhile, Tim Hickman went next door to the gift shop:

“I kind of looked in through the door and I didn’t see anything. And I was calling ‘Ma’am, ma’am?’ And I stepped forward a couple more steps and then I saw her legs sticking out of the other room.”

Sara Blessing lay lifeless in a pool of blood. Police believed the Raytown murder was connected to the earlier shopping mall killings. A multi-state task force was set up.

Lab tests confirmed that all five women had been killed by the same gun, most likely a semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol. That gun was also linked to the murder of 40-year old Michael McCown of Terre Haute, Indiana.   He had been killed in a shopping mall ceramics store near Interstate 70 on April 27, 1992. There were now six victims.

Erma Werke pistol

Authorities believe the killer used a rare Erma Werke ET .22 pistol

The most promising lead came from the murders of Patricia Smith and Patricia Magers at the bridal shop in Wichita. Police got one good description of the killer. It was from a customer who walked in just minutes after the two women had been murdered. Using the customer’s description and other eyewitness accounts, a police artist created an aged composite of what he may look like today.

Detective Rich Plummer with the St. Charles City Police Department:

“It’s important for the audience to know that a serial killer never stops. They may stop for a period of time, but they never stop completely and they will always start up again.”

There were three additional murders in Texas in 1993 and 1994 that police believe were the work of the same killer, bringing the number of victims to nine.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season six with Robert Stack and in season five with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. s

    the problem with the truck driver idea is this person needs to get away quickly to the interstate and that’s not going to happen driving a big truck.


  2. Unanimous

    Hates women because his son drowned due to a negligent mother. And some of you were right… Wasn’t a truck driver, meticulous with his weapons,codes talk to himself, and he is definitely squirmy. If anyone here is interested especially the guy who seen him in colorado… I have pics if u would like to see them


  3. Jackie McFarland

    I think my dad was the I 70 killer. He was a truck driver and traveled the I70 route all the time. He was born in Kansas and lived in Indiana at the time of the murders but moved to Michigan not long after the Texas murders. He had an extreme hatred for his mother and twin sister, who were both petite women with dark hair. I can also place him in Texas around the time of those murders as well. And the composite sketch is so close to what he looked like when he was younger… right down to the lazy left eyelid and receding hairline that gave him a high forehead. The only thing missing is the scar he had on his chin. I submitted a tip on here months ago and got no response.


    • Unsolved Mysteries Post author

      Jackie, thank you very much for sharing that information about your father. We pass all tips on to the agencies handling each case, and we have passed this most recent information on to them as well. Thank you very much for your help to solve a mystery!


      • Chris

        Hi Unsolved Mysteries
        I remember being so freaked as a kid, as soon as the “Original Music” to Unsolved Mysteries came on…
        I don’t think I was even allowed to watch it initially because I was too young & wouldn’t be able to sleep.
        30 years later, it’s crazy to think I’d be randomly commenting on the “Unsolved Mysteries” message board.

        I just wanted to say Unsolved Mysteries thank you….for keeping the show going after all theses years.
        I appreciate when you take the time, to at least reply to & acknowledge the “genuine” tips.
        I just read in the comments about the lady who thought her Dad could possibly be one of the murders…the gravity of that is so heavy.
        Even though the majority of these crimes are decades old….we all still want to see them solved, regardless of how long it takes…to have closure for the families.
        For her sake I hope that lady is mistaken about her father, but in reality these criminals are fathers, mothers, sons & daughter’s.
        The people putting themselves on the line to give tips also pay a price, as sometimes it’s their family or friend’s who have done these atrocious crimes.
        Unfortunately, there’s no real winners in injustice.

        To the tipsters, thank you for having the courage to say your truth.
        To Unsolved Mysteries, on behalf of all the “genuine tipsters”, please keep replying & acknowledging “the leads” that come in.
        Without replying, genuine people won’t be as motivated to come forth if it’s not going to be reciprocated.
        And where possible, without jeopardising the case obviously, please keep us updated, where appropriate. Without hope, there is no hope.
        To see some of these cases being covered, updated & even solved years later, is very encouraging.

        And finally, & most importantly, my condolences & compassion goes to the families & friends of the victims.
        No words can express your loss & pain. No answer can justify or could ever explain why evil seemingly brings such destruction to innocent people, for no reason.
        My heart & prayers, are for you to one day receive answers, closure & hopefully justice, sooner than later. No ones life was intended to ever be lived in vain & without purpose.
        I pray God’s love, peace, protection & healing for your hearts. God Bless


    • Charli

      What sort of rig did he drive? Everything else is super compelling but I’m stuck on this. Doesn’t seem like a super efficient getaway car.


    • olivia mansfield

      my name is Olivia, and I’m doing research on the i-70 killer. is there any information you can give me regarding the possible suspect, anything will help.


  4. Freddy Kruger

    I meant to say between 1949 and 1959 it all fits perfectly


  5. Freddy Kruger

    I think Falls from West Virginia was the I-70 serial killer born in 1969 being 45 years of age it all sounds about right I really think he was a Drifter cameras and Technology at that time had not developed into what they have become today had there have been technology like there yesterday I have no doubt he would have been captured he probably even left the tag on his car that went to the car that would have led authorities to him or to someone in his family and from there they would have found out it was falls but I think he got killed I think the sex worker in West Virginia killed him or he would have kept on with this Rampage you don’t just stop killing it’s very rare So Rare they only two cases I know of are Jack the Ripper and of course zodiac and James DeAngelo AK the Golden State killer but he was called through DNA because he raped his victims Falls never raped anyone technology just wasn’t what it was back in the early nineties


  6. Jennings

    I just read that Neal Falls a serial killer who was murdered could be this killer. Certainly looks like him. The reply button is not working when trying to reply to a specific thread.


  7. Bill Blaski

    Just watched this episode on Pluto tv. The guy had a face to face view of the killer. Did they not have a single piece of DNA. I believe this killer continued to kill but in another area. I believe just like the East area raptist. With familial dna we may locate this scum bag


    • G Sokolov

      Just watched as well. I don’t think they have DNA. He wasn’t a rapist like EARONS, so there wasn’t anything to work with.


    • Charles

      He was a drifter-type serial killer who just happened to stop before law enforcement caught up with him. It is likely he traveled all over the country.


    • Tessa

      I think he could have been a pilot. Small aircraft can fly in and out of municipal airports anywhere without record or communication with the tiny, often unmanned, offices. Even borrow the small airport courtesy cars, keys always left available. Small planes with larger rubber wheels can land anywhere, a field or wherever, and no runway needed. The Corundum and red rouge could have come from an aerial-applicator pilot or agricultural-aircraft. I bet the guy was in the Navy at some point too. He has a striking resemblance to a spray pilot from Nebraska.


  8. Deanna milam

    Many years ago I worked at one of the Payless Shoes store. I can’t remember if it was the same one that Robin had worked at. I was an assistant manager at the time and was in my early twenties then and had worked there for several months and became pregnant and decided I didn’t like working there and many times I was there alone and it was in a strip mall and I think at that time there was a Sherwin Williams paint store beside it and I think it closed earlier. I many times felt afraid being alone in the store. So my husband and I decided I should quit there and babysit or something so I could be home. I have always felt bad that Robin was killed and all the other women too and I think it said there was a Male killed also. I have often thought of how that might have been me instead of her. I am so sorry this happened to these wonderful people. I pray that someday this person will be caught and bring justice to their families. God bless all of them and their families.


  9. Charles

    It is perfectly feasible that some serial killers will simply stop killing, so the detective in this segment got that wrong. He was likely fulfilling a fantasy he wanted to try and was roaming the country to keep his trail cold. This guy was terrified of getting caught and wasn’t like traditional psychopaths who could care less one way or another. Like another poster said, I think he is living a normal life now and probably didn’t have a compulsion to kill. If he isn’t already incarcerated or dead..it could be impossible to get him.


  10. Raymond Greer

    Has anyone turned up any new leads on this since last year?


  11. Shawn

    I wonder if the I-70 Serial Killer is named Lester Jones? This man received Life in Prison in Colorado for killing a woman. This man’s picture can be seen on the YouTube video entitled Mother of Three Lived a Double Life For 15 Years Until One Man Killed Her. He can be seen at the five minute mark. Apparently he’s surviving time at a Prison in Delta Colorado. Thanks.


  12. Cindi

    I dont think he has anything to do with the Yogurt shop murders ,not his M.O.at all,he does not leave any DNA he does not undress his victims,hes not there for sex ,money, or anything else just to kill,he hates women. I believe he is probably done killing ,living a normal life as if nothing ever happened,I also think they have the wrong dates they said they believe him to have been born between 1949 and 1959 when they said they think he was in his late twenties early thirties that just does not add up,he would have been born probably mid sixties


  13. Hh

    Check for connection to austin tx “yogurt shop murders.” Identical m.o. store employees herdedinto back tied up and killed on dec 6 1991


  14. cindi

    you said u thought u seen him in Michigan,could it be because he knows you survived and keeping tract of you


  15. No One

    Murder weapon looks like auto-pistol I sold years ago to a close friend. Willing 2 discuss “anonymously” & in pvt. if desired/warranted. I do not believe my x-friend to be directly involved.


  16. Anonymous

    Began on April 8, 1992 with the murder Payless ShoeSource (second murder)
    first was in 1990 (unrelated)
    On April 27 why Michael ?
    Same name as the killer
    In jail now


  17. Anonymous

    He is a truck driver, very quiet. My mother said we were kidnapped by him for three days. I don’t know if it’s true, it’s easier to believe it did not happen. Very sad.maybe it’s a different guy his nose is too big in the pic.


  18. Anonymous

    client @ NBRC in 1996/97,had a truck and small camper.Had ties to the midwest


  19. Anonymous

    In 1992, I worked at a pet shop in the plaza in St. Charles, Missouri where he killed the clerk in the Boot Village store. I was only 18 at the time. So just a kid really.

    Around this time, there was a man hanging around the plaza. We assumed was a transient. He did not fit the composite sketch or descriptions going around or else I would have contacted the authorities long ago. Nobody every came around to question any of us as far as I know. At least I was never interviewed. It has always bothered me because we were a small shop and often had two women working. Some of us fit his MO. So he may have very well considered our shop as a target.

    The man who was hanging around for about a week or so before it happened was around 5’8 and had brown hair and a beard. There as no reddish tint to it. I am not certain about his eye color. But if I think they were brown or hazel. He wore jeans, hiking boots and a green jacket that resembled an old army surplus jacket. He may have had a hat on.

    One night while we were closing shop, I saw him wearing a back pack/ruck sack type thing. He startled my co worker as he appeared to come out of nowhere as he rounded the corner and crossed in front of our shop and was headed towards Zumbehl road. We assumed he was heading out to hitch hike or something.

    One day he approached the lady that worked at the hair salon a few doors down seeking work. She said that he was deaf and tried to speak to her. He spoke like someone who was deaf or had a speech impediment. He wrote a note down on paper asking if they were hiring. She was startled but felt bad for him and I think offered him $20 or something stating that they didn’t have any job openings. I remember thinking that it was weird that he would go into a hair salon seeking work. In retrospect, I bet he was casing her place out as a possible target. Boot Village was a few doors up from them at the corner where Panera Bread is now. It would make sense that he would stick to our end of the plaza since Dierberg’s grocery store generated much more traffic and potential witnesses. The plaza was a little more quiet up that end. I think he came into our store one time. He never spoke. I think I just asked him if I could help him with anything or at least acknowledged him. Never spoke to him.

    Since people are saying his hair was blonde or reddish blonde, I am betting he bleached his hair out and cut it and shaved his beard in order to change appearance. Also, I don’t know if anyone has ever come forward stating that the man was deaf or mute or had some sort of speech issue.

    The closest person to ever fit the description of the man I saw hanging out in the plaza where I worked was Herbert Baumeister. If you added a beard to his face, he would be a closer match than the composite sketch. The sketch makes the face too long. And this man did not have blonde or reddish hair.

    I hope my information helps. I was going to contact the FBI or St. Charles Police. It jolted my memory when I saw a blurb on the news the other night regarding the pistol that was used.


  20. Anonymous

    I believe Neal Falls, who was killed while attempting to assault/kill a craigslist prostitute in 2015, was the I70 killer. Victimology was similar, and he was a frequent user of I70. Most importantly, there a hell of a resemblance to the sketch. >> http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33tt9vq&s=8#.Vv2YE3qYJoM


  21. Anonymous

    one murder, she was murdered by her, a man was involved maybe, female care provider she was elderly, so, why not rid her from our responsibility, they asked the state to care for her and that was refused. they paid private person to care for her, and we can’t pay too much more for her care, before were broke, so, just so you understand, I see a talk between the person being paid, to her S. other, they said, XXXXX XXXX XXXX to me, What are we going to do? Question, did you do blastic test on mc veys guns? and did they match any of these other bullets, of the shooting victims?
    one was murdered by her lover or ex lover- you refused me – so, I am going to make you feel how it feels. he 5ft 9in, born in 1943, 3-4-5 are not like the others! hope we this helps


  22. Anonymous

    Wichita is nowhere near I-70, it’s about 100 miles from Wichita to the I-135/I-70 junction in Salina, KS.


  23. Chanita

    We’re They Radom Victims!


  24. hugh holt

    I would be looking at a Barber who worked in a Mall in Indiana , possibly with a woman boss who owned the Beauty shop/Barber shop. A man who got fired in 1992. The jewelry rouge on the shell casings is his calling card and I would bet he takes hair samples or jewelry as reminders.


  25. juliadiets.com

    Composite of the I – 70 serial killer . Four murders in three different states, separated by more than 1200 miles. At first glance, they seemed to be random killings . Yet each took place at a shopping mall just off Interstate 70 .


  26. Frustrated

    ‘ think some people are getting Robert Ben Rhodes who used the cb handle “Whips and Chains” confused with Dr. No, Dragon, Stargazer. Rhodes was arrested in 1990. He had the bad eye. That doesn’t mean the other guy doesn’t have a bad eye. Just saying it sounds like some psycho mix up going on.


  27. joan

    I believe he was balding,perhaps wearing a toupee,he may of became a trucker just so he could revisit his crimes,i think he DID murder in his home town,but has changed his M.O by now, or is laying low,may never kill again,in fear of being caught


  28. Luis Freeh



  29. Brooke

    I find it interesting this was a spree shooting. So his motivation isn’t sexual. There are also similar shootings in Texas 1-2 years later. I think there were also shootings from freeway in Arizona or New Mexico. (Not sure what years) but it’s like this person has gone dormant. Serial killers don’t typically do that. Being that the victims were women I’m going to guess that his wife cheated on him and he was getting a divorce. Maybe he also lost job at same time. I feel like something triggered this spree. And a cheating wife is a pretty good trigger. He knows he can’t kill her it would be obvious so he takes his rage against women out on others. After a few years of this (if Texas was him) he gets over everything and moves on, plus the fear of getting caught. All it might take is something else to set him off again. He probably is not well liked and only has minor brushes with law, bar fight, speeding ticket etc.


  30. Luis Freeh



  31. Anonymous

    This case haunts me. I posted on here a few years ago about knowing who I thought this killer is and I’m still convinced it is him. I also think he reads these blogs.
    Is the administrator of this page still available? And is there a way to contact someone so I would know it’s a legitimate contact and not the person responsible for these murders . I know that sounds paranoid but for good reasons


  32. Unanimous

    The picture of a gun listed is not an Erme Werke Luger Riffle like the police poster for this case shows. It’s very different. See the St Charles MO web site for the actual poster of the gun and info on a $25,000 reward.


  33. Unanimous

    Were there any fingerprints or DNA found in these cases? Was anything stolen from the stores where the victims worked? Maybe souvenirs were taken that would be recognized by someone in the perpetrators life would recognize?


  34. Anonymous

    timothy mcveigh maybe I-70 serial killer?!!


    • debora lewis

      I really do not think it was Tim Mcveigh,he was born in 1968 which would have made him 24 in 1992 they said late 20s early 30s ,he wanted everyone to know what he was doing ,not the same ,the I70 killer shot these people targeting women,and does NOT want to be known!!


    • Jeremy

      I also thought Tim Mcveigh….he was jaded coming out of the army. If I remember correctly he once made remarks about being turned into a killer by the US govt. It is not a stretch to think he started out executing people in broad daylight to see if he could get away with it and built up to the bombing scheme after Waco.


  35. Nighthawk

    I have been tracking a trucker since March of 1984. He dumped my ol’ lady’s body in Balt Co. MD & hit i-70 .he drives a black Peterbilt with sleeper ,chrome stacks . cb handles are stargazer ,red dragon & Dr.No. don’t recall the name but another trucker/ serial killer was convicted of murdering women & dumping their bodies along the interstate highways.FBI claimed he went by the same cb handles,although he vehemently denied it.I believe he ( the real stargazer s/k) has ties to New Mexico, Oklahoma, mo. & Louisiana .also may be a Vietnam vet.& have prior military police training or a former police officer.He is definitely a killer of chance , oportunity ,rather than .preference.


    • anonymous

      I encountered a man on I70 traveling from paducah, ky to springfield, mo. I can’t remember the exact location it was around 99 or 2000 at a gas station where the gas pumps are on the side of the gas station and cannot be seen from the clerk’s window. I was 25 and getting gas when this man started walking towards me he was about 6 to Sandy reddish hair definitely appeared to be a trucker and he asked me if I wanted ice cream that he has in his truck because the store didn’t have room for it. I told him no it would melt before I got home he started walking towards me I was pumping gas he started coming around the front of the vehicle towards me I hung the gas nozzle up jumped in my car but he didn’t know is my son and my sister in the car they were sleeping and had their seats down. He chased me around to the driver’s door I jumped in and took off I knew at that moment I was going to die if I didn’t get out of there. I still remember his face very vividly and he has very similar characteristics as this catches on here.


  36. Johnny

    This I-70 Killer case was very scary. He brutally shot these young women in the small stores and shops. Midwest area. He’s definitely an organized offender. Finds the right shops with only women at the desk and places near the interstate he can quickly perform his crimes and get away. Women are targeted…Could have been a mother like Ed Kemper he’s trying to kill or a bad relationship like Ted Bundy. This case can be solved. Woman police officers in these shops pretending to be store owners one solution or having plain clothes officers in the stores waiting for the offender. This is definitely an intelligent and dangerous offender. 3 different states trying to make it look random. They matched the 22 though forensics. Hope they catch this man.


  37. Anonymous

    Jewlers rouge or loose style of makeup from early 80’s? Transferred from hand to casing when loading the clip? Maybe a Ruger Mark II?


  38. Anonymous

    Beat up and kicked out of family business in Nov 91 resulted in left eye problem for a few months. Unemployed and depressed, forced to look for work with his families prior die cutting customers in these locations. Stopped killing the day before discovering his wife was facing life or death illness…..


  39. Ron

    I cant get Baumister out of my mind. He took a break from his regular routine from 91 to 93 (which was causing the gay men to disappear) then gay men started disappearing again In 93. Its quite possible that Falls could have killed those in TX because he had a small caliber semi automatic that favored the I70 gun though not exactly like it. Seems he also spent a lot of time in TX.


    • Amy

      But he didn’t take a break from his regular routine. He had at least one victim in Indianapolis in 91 before he bought the house. The house is what changed his routine. He started bringing men home to the house. Before that he was dumping them in shallow water.


  40. know who this is

    I’m almost positive I know this killer. I have no proof but do know this man had connections in every area these murders took place and could be linked to all these areas at the time of the murders. The composite also looks similar to him but needs tweaked. I guarantee he is still killing and I know he is still alive.


  41. DJ

    I’m wondering if his eye is messed up (right or left) that maybe he was in an accident in his youth, “drinking and driving”, since the case indicates it was round the highway, maybe the truck stops are a cover up so to speak, for which reason other than being a sales person and a trucker would a person have to be to travel on the highway. The other reason would be hr/miles, and from the composite, looks like the guy is a heavy smoker and from the age, he might either be dead as is or is in some clinic for cancer. I’m also thinking that from the time frame he has odd hour employment or even split shift like 3 days on, 4days off etc. another thing would be maybe he’s a plant employee of a manufacturing plant. If he is a heavy smoker, then theirs a chance he could also be a supervisor with a very stressful job. I do know that any and every supervisor I’ve ever met is a 1 pack a day, sometimes even 2 packs


    • Supersleuth

      Or it could have been Possible serial killer Neal Falls – who looks much like the composit down to the lazy eyelid. Neal would have been around 23 years old in 1992. He lived in Greensburg, KS from 1992-1996 and had a gun permit registered over in Butler, IN. He had many guns without permits as well.


  42. opp

  43. dale schwart

    When I first read about this killer I was under the impression that he had a messed up eye I think it was like the right side of his face. If someone knows of what I wrote about please inform me.


  44. Anonymous

    I knew a guy that went by those handles when I was a truck driver but he died about 5yrs ago in Colorado in a truck accident, he also drove the same color truck and make


  45. debora lewis

    is the reason the gun has not been traced is because it is an older gun and not registered,maybe owned by a collector


  46. raven

    I believe that the composite is incorrect. although the picture resembles the killer, there is something wrong with the picture.


    • debora lewis

      what is wrong with the composite


    • Unanimous

      He has hat hair in the composite. Hair doesn’t normally sit on his forehead quite that way. He is actually 6’1″ tall but tends to carry his shoulders forward makes him appear smaller at a glance. His eyes look tired. He’s probably high. Smoking pot and driving long distance while looking for work. Wearing his fathers borrowed dress jacket for interviews because he didn’t own a suit. Eye is a little droopy from a fight the end of November.


  47. neognosis

    I think Caledonia Jane Doe is a victim of the i70 serial killer


  48. Reanna

    I lived off of I70 from birth till now. There have been many bodies dumped in my home area. I think some of the bodies might be the guy from Gary IN. Just saying.


  49. bonnie compton

    I was married to this man for 7 years I know its him


    • debora lewis

      are you talking about the hwy 70 serial killer,if so, has anyone talked to you!I would be interested in finding this out,This man needs to be caught!!


  50. Calvin Ye

    It is believe that Herb Baumeister committed those murders.


    • grady

      No. He committed other murders in Indiana near I-70 long before. I-70 is absolutely the only connection.


    • Amy

      Herb Baumeister only killed men. His preferred methods of killing were strangulation and drowning. His victims on I-70 and Indianapolis were pretty much all found in shallow water. Nothing suggests he ever shot anyone or killed a woman.


  51. evidently

    One of the victims survived vicky webb…that was never mentioned!


    • debora lewis

      Vicki Webb was mentioned as a survivor maybe not in my comment but anyone who has followed this case knows that


    • Vicki W.

      Yes I did….. I believe I saw the man today in Michigan and called it in on a tip line. So interesting that a 2014 comment spoke of Michigan.


      • ID

        Curious if this man looks familiar to you…
        he was incarcerated in Michigan for quite some time (multiple time) and just released yesterday…he is a multiple offender, fits the age and was very slender at the time of the murders – had family in St Charles Missouri, too.


      • cindi

        you said you thought you seen him in Michigan ,could it be because he knows u survived and keeping tract of you,


      • Cindi

        can you describe him as much as you can remember,i heard he laughed when the gun jammed the second time,did it look like he was balding or wearing a toupee and if he laughed what kind of a laugh was it ,like a little chuckle or a longer louder laugh,people are saying something was wrong with one of his eyes can you tell me what they are talking about


  52. debora lewis

    i believe the crimes are related im also wondering if the missing Michigan girl Jessica is a victim of the hwy 70 killer no money was taken ,he may have changed his MO by now by taking his victims, the faces look a little alike of the suspect .I think he is a trucker,does not like women ,prob wasnt close to his mother, was bullied,for some kind of flaw,changes jobs frequently,is married to someone just for a cover!Does not rape his victims prob does not even have sex with his wife!Has no children prob never been in a serious relationship until married at a later age


    • Larry

      I believe I met this man on two occasions in 1993-94. The second time was hair raising and I contacted the MO State police but they were unable to find him. He’s not a truck driver but frequents truck stops in his travels. Or at least he did back then. My story is fairly long and I’ll spare you the whole thing. I’m an over the road truck driver and first encountered this man in Colorado Springs Co where he was quite Bizzar and scared the young lady bartender at a hotel terribly. It wasn’t till several months later after seeing all of the posters in Truckstops that I ran into this Squirrel again in a Truckstop in MO. He made the hair stand up on the back of my neck cause he recognized me and knew I recognized him. I had to lose him at the truck stop cause he was trying to figure what I was driving and where I was parked!!!!!!! I went straight to the fuel desk and pulled the poster and it’s him!!!!!! Biggest mistake on the composit is there’s no mention of his distinct New England accent. I thought he’d been captured years ago till I saw him profiled on M William Phelps show Dark Minds on ID. Sent a note to the show but got no response. Shame the MO State Police didn’t catch him that night but I suspect he got out of there quick after our encounter!!!!! He was very concerned about what car he was driving when in Co Springs but I have no idea. He’s one squirrelly character and I’m convinced to this day he’s the guy!!!!! They have his age about right and if he’s still alive I’d guess him to be mid 60s by now. I think I’ll write Mr Phelps directly and see if he’s interested in the story though I doubt it will help catch him now! At least maybe they’ll get his accent into the profile!!!


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