How does a woman vanish from a busy Nevada casino?

A middle aged caucasian woman with short black hair, Jean Moore.

Jean Moore


Gender: Female
DOB: 7/23/32
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


Al Henderson and Jean Moore seemed like the typical couple in love. But they spent more than a typical amount of time getting to know each other. According to Al, it took him 20 years to finally propose to Jean:

“She was very happy and we were making plans for the wedding. She got more excited about it with each passing day.”

However, Jean’s daughter, Connie Christie, wasn’t nearly as happy about the engagement:

“The longer I knew him the less genuine he seemed. I know he said that he loved her many times, but he also had a habit of putting her down in front of other people. And to me, that just didn’t sound like love.”

Jean Moore posing with Al Henderson, an elderly caucasian man with a bald head.

Jean Moore and Al Henderson

Jean’s son, Joe Hamilton, said he even tried to get his mother to end the relationship:

“When your mother asks you to be nice to somebody who they like, you go along with it, but I still tried to talk my mom out of being around the guy.”

On April 6, 1992 , a few months after the proposal, Jean and Al left Apple Valley, California, for a vacation in Laughlin, Nevada — a scaled down version of Las Vegas. A few days later, Al reported Jean missing. No one has seen or heard from her since.

According to Al, it was April 9, the morning they were going to check out of their hotel, when Jean said she wanted to play her lucky slot machine one last time. Al said that he dropped her off at a side entrance of a nearby casino, then went to find a parking place:

“When I did not find one, then I returned to the valet parking.”

According to Al, he told the valet he was going to give Jean the ticket and that she would pick up the car later. Al said he went inside the casino, found Jean, and gave her the ticket:

“Our plan was that we would meet back at our hotel room at a quarter of 12.”

Al claims he left Jean in the casino at around 9:30 in the morning. Once outside, he planned to take a taxi back to the hotel:

“There was no cab there. So after waiting a couple of minutes and a cab didn’t come, I thought, well, it would be nice, I could go play the slots with her a little bit.”

Four images from a casino security footage.

Casino security cameras raised questions

But Al said he found somebody else playing Jean’s favorite slot machine:

“I felt, well, because someone was there playing it, she may have decided to go shopping, or some other thing. From a quarter of 10 to 10:15, I played the machine that she liked, hoping that she would come back and I would be able to get up and just say, ‘Here’s your machine, have fun.'”

When Jean didn’t show up, Al said he checked out of their hotel around noon and returned to the casino to look for her:

“When I saw that the car was right where it had been left, and spoke to the valet, nobody had brought a ticket for the car, then I began to become alarmed.”

A missing poster for Jean Moore with the text '$25,000 Reward, Possible Amnesia'

Jean’s children doubt she had amnesia

Al says he thoroughly searched the lobby, the shops, and the gaming area, but he could not find Jean. Over the next few days, he distributed thousands of flyers in the Laughlin area. Despite a $25,000 reward, no one called. Al said he began to think that Jean must have met with foul play:

“After a certain amount of time, I had to figure that something terrible has happened.”

Jean’s children thought the same thing. Connie said she’s convinced that Al Henderson knows more than he’s telling:

“The more we find out about what supposedly happened, as compared to what can be verified, the less I’m inclined to believe that he’s telling in the full truth.”

Jean’s son, Joe, has claimed that Al’s story kept changing:

“In my opinion, Al has not said everything that had happened. And the reason I say that is because, number one, the story has changed a couple of times.”

A woman in a white outfit walking from a car into the entrance of a casino.

Al said he dropped Jean off at the casino

Al originally told police that he dropped Jean off in front of the casino and gave her the valet ticket there. But during his interview with Unsolved Mysteries, Al said that he left Jean at a side entrance and gave her the ticket inside the casino.

Police knew surveillance cameras monitored every square inch of the casino 24 hours a day. It was time to verify Al Henderson’s story. Al had said that a valet parked his Cadillac and that he entered the casino a little after 9:00. Surveillance tapes confirmed this. Beyond this point, Henderson’s story and the surveillance footage don’t match up.

One tape shows two views of the area where he says he gave Jean the valet ticket and where they supposedly walked around. Det. Thomas Ball with the Las Vegas Municipal Police Department, Laughlin Substation, scrutinized the tapes:

“I have reviewed four of those tapes of the areas that Mr. Henderson said they were in. In the tapes that I have reviewed, we did not see Jeannie on any of those tapes.”

Al offered no explanation:

“I can’t really comment on that. I can only tell you what happened. I accept no responsibility for what their tapes show or don’t show because I am not an expert in that field. I can just tell you what happened.”

Al also said he had played Jean’s favorite slot machine while he waited for her. According to Det. Ball:

“In examining the tapes for the time frame Al gave us — 9:45 to approximately 10:15 – the machine that he told security was her favorite machine, we do not see Al playing that machine.”

Al insisted that he was at the machine during the stated time:

“Well, the response to that is that he was evidently looking at the tape of the wrong machine.”

Det. Ball said he’s sure he viewed the correct tape:

“I have checked with the surveillance personnel for the hotel and they have advised me that this is the group of machines that Al Henderson told the security personnel was Jeannie’s favorite machine.”

Investigators began to wonder if Jean had been in Laughlin at all. According to Det. Ball, eventually the police found a waitress who had served Al and Jean on the day they arrived:

“Other than the coffee shop, we have nobody seeing Jeannie in the Laughlin area.”

So where was Jean Moore between the Monday sighting and Thursday, when she supposedly disappeared? A few weeks later, a witness came forward with a possible answer. A friend of Jean’s claimed she saw the couple 150 miles away from Laughlin. They were at a gas station in their hometown of Apple Valley, the day before Jean was reported missing. Det. Ball spoke to the witness:

“The witness remembered the time because they were in route to a school function … at that time, and pinpointed the time and date.”

Al claimed there are phone records to prove that both he and Jean were in Laughlin at that date and time:

“I’ve provided several people with copies of my telephone log from Call USA, showing that I made a call from Laughlin to the Victorville area at a little bit after three on that day. I had another call, I think it was at 6:59, on that day. So you’ve got less than four hours. And it’s physically impossible, even if all you did is drive from Laughlin and turn around and go back, you can’t do it in less than six hours.”

Phone records verify that calls were made from Laughlin on April 8. Also, Al’s bookkeeper, Geraldine Fender, said both Al and Jean called her from Laughlin that same Wednesday evening:

“We discussed various things and then he said, ‘Well, just a minute, Jeannie wants to say hi, too.’ So Jeannie got on the phone and she was just happier than happy could be ’cause she had run into a stroke of luck on one of the poker machines.”

Jean Moore was reported missing less than 24 hours later.

Through it all, Al Henderson has been adamant that he wants nothing more than to see his fiancé again:

“Unequivocally, I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Jean Moore. I had offered the $25,000 reward. I think that my net worth has gone down from around two and a half million to one million. If I could get her back, I’d give the whole one million. I would do anything to get her back.”

Jean Moore’s disappearance has no explanation. How could a woman simply vanish from a crowded casino in broad daylight?

The family says they won’t stop searching until they find the answer.

Watch this case now on Amazon Prime in season seven with Robert Stack and in season two with Dennis Farina. Also available on YouTube with Dennis Farina. Various seasons available now on Hulu.




  1. Anonymous

    After reviewing the surveillance footage I clearly saw her. And in one clip I even spotted his bald head at the bottom of the screen. The only discrepancy is in a dark room her pants didn’t seem white. More towards the light in other footage they where plainly white.


  2. Anonymous

    It is very frustrating to look at surveillance footage to an uncooperating business. They have them there for their own benefits only. Like if you steal from them, they will use those cameras to the fullest. But if you need them for anything else, they are more reluctant to provide that information. One time I was falsely accused of shoplifting. (I was never charged.) And the business refused to go over the cameras. They only use them when they need them to help themselves. They won’t use them to help exonerate someone. It is a real hassle just to view a portion of them. I’m surprised the Mandalay Casino provided surveillance after a mass shooting. A reporter really had to negotiate for them. There is just too much bad publicity for a Casino to provide footage of a disappearance. And that is unfortunate. Christie Wilson’s case was solved from surveillance footage. There could be more Mario Garcia’s out there.


  3. Tes

    What has always bothered me about this case was that woman who said she talked to Jene on the phone and she told her she won big and was happy as could be. I think she was lying for Al. Maybe they had something going on!?!? And she was helping him cover up the crime!


    • Anonymous

      I’m sure Al attempted to have the police look at Jean wining the Jackpot. But the bookkeepers to the casino were very reluctant. So Al offered his own bookkeeper to the police. There was more evidence to prove Jean was in Laughlin. The police were just fixated on the limited surveillance.


  4. Lisa

    Anyone know where I can see this episode?


  5. CE

    Did anyone ever check Al’s real estate properties or his business associates?

    Did her kids inherit millions?

    It seems like Al was possibly instructed to go to the casino and get on camera and pretend that he was there with Jean, which would account for his inconsistent statements and also put the focus on him and away from any abduction, kidnapping or ransom. Whatever happened it seems likely it took place outside of the casino(s) and away from CCTV cameras.

    When he said his wealth had plummeted since her disappearance and he’d give his last million to get her back, that seemed genuine to me and maybe it was a vague message intending to alert authorities indirectly? It made me wonder if she was taken for ransom, he kept paying but never saw her again. Assuming they told him if he told the police they’d kill her… so many questions.


    • Anonymous

      She obviously didn’t make it to her lucky machine. So her not there shows the short amount of time before her abduction. Al probably went to the wrong machines. It is easy to get lost in a Casino. Looking for one machine is very difficult. The casino knew what machine she won on. And showed the surveillance for that machine only.


  6. Hawks 12

    I read every ones comments and replies and saw the story I also believe Al is very guilty and if he wanted to be married he would have yrs before her disappearance but I also can understand going far away to your favorite casino, I do it when I live 3 mins from one. But he is guilty as sin. I think after they left the café they made another stop to fill the ” boat” they’re driving, he did something to her then and so he had to make and excuse about dropping her off on the side cuz they valet didn’t see her after the cops were questioning ppl. So thats why his story was changing. Oh boy. I know he did it. So sad


  7. Aenon

    I’ll bet the bank that Jean Moore never was at the casino Al’s story doesn’t match the surveillance video Jean was likely killed somewhere between Apple Valley, CA and Laughlin, NV and disposed of somewhere in the vast Nevada desert if Al did he covered his tracks well Jean’s family deserves a resolution to her case. Jean deserves to come home


  8. Jason

    So, they only have video of Al walking around the casino? I dont think she was ever dropped off! There was only 1 witness the day before she was reported missing? What was his motive? There’s only one suspect?? I guess we’ll never know. If there was foul play b/c she won big, someone wanted it, idk.


  9. L Dean

    Please forgive me if this has been mentioned, but I have never seen anyone bring this point up.

    Al said Jean wanted to return to the Flamingo casino to play her “lucky” slot that she had won $600 on the day before. As there has been much speculation as to whether or not Jean was actually ever in Laughlin in the first place, I think this would have been a way to prove if she was there one way or the other. Back in the 1990s, slot machines still used coins. A $600 payout on a slot machine would not have been delivered in coins, and would have had to been processed by an attendant, and the winner would have to go to the cashier window (or some type of office) and present their ID for tax purposes and receive a W-2G form. Did investigators ever check with the casino about Jean’s winnings on this day? The casino must have had records….

    Currently the amount that triggers a W-2G form is anything over $1200, but back in the 90s that amount was much lower. My roommate and I were gambling in Reno in 1995, and she won $650 on a 25 cent slot at Fitzgerald’s , and she was required to present ID and sign to receive her winnings, so I would think something similar would have been required of Jean, as that happened only 3 years prior.


    • Anonymous

      It is very difficult to get a business like that to allow you to go over their books. (You may find more crimes than what you were looking for.) Their attorneys likely would have wanted a court order for that information. And it would have been difficult to obtain one. All the detectives had to do was look at the cameras at the other casino they slept at. I’m sure they would have found her in them. They just looked for food only. The coffee shop that served donuts. And the meals ordered from their hotel room.


  10. Misteretc

    How this guy ever got away with this is beyond me…

    #1. Al Henderson and Jean Moore knew each other for 20+ years (?) He proposed to her after 20 years? Why did he take so long?

    #2. Al Henderson and Jean Moore were not married yet, I don’t remember seeing or reading about a date when they planned to have the wedding. So there’s no motive for murder to collect life insurance.

    #3. Since they were not married yet, I wondered if there was a pre-nup insisted by either or both of them prior to getting married. From the Unsolved Wiki: “Jean Moore and Al Henderson of Apple Valley, California, were in a relationship for over twenty years. During this time, Al started a successful, multi-million dollar real estate empire. Jean rose through the corporate ranks to become a regional bank escrow officer.” So she’s getter the better deal here (without a pre-nup).

    #4. Jean Moore’s daughter and son did not like Al, because he was verbally abusive to Jean. They made nice with him because Jean insisted that they be nice to him. What about Al’s children? Does he have any and what did they think of Jean? I saw in the comments below that there was a suggestion that his kids might be involved in some way. If Jean and Al had gotten married how would that have impacted the inheritance? Quite a bit!

    #5. Al Henderson and Jean Moore went from Apple Valley, California to Laughlin, Nevada on a trip. There was only one witness, a waitress, that saw them on that Monday. Jean would be reported missing on Thursday.

    #6. A witness claims to have seen them and talked to Jean on Wednesday at 4pm, not in Laughlin, Nevada, but near their home in Apple Valley, California. The witness was positive of the date/time because she was on her way to a school function.

    #7. Al says that he called several people including his bookeeper on that Wednesday, and he has the phone records to prove that. Also his bookeeper said that she spoke to both Al and Jean over the phone…

    Al claimed there are phone records to prove that both he and Jean were in Laughlin at that date and time:

    “I’ve provided several people with copies of my telephone log from Call USA, showing that I made a call from Laughlin to the Victorville area at a little bit after three on that day. I had another call, I think it was at 6:59, on that day. So you’ve got less than four hours. And it’s physically impossible, even if all you did is drive from Laughlin and turn around and go back, you can’t do it in less than six hours.”

    Phone records verify that calls were made from Laughlin on April 8. Also, Al’s bookkeeper, Geraldine Fender, said both Al and Jean called her from Laughlin that same Wednesday evening:

    “We discussed various things and then he said, ‘Well, just a minute, Jeannie wants to say hi, too.’ So Jeannie got on the phone and she was just happier than happy could be ’cause she had run into a stroke of luck on one of the poker machines.”

    Jean Moore was reported missing less than 24 hours later.

    #8. Let’s look at this closely…”Al’s bookkeeper, Geraldine Fender, claims that he called her from Laughlin that Wednesday evening. She also claims that she briefly spoke to Jean on the phone, stating that she had run into a stroke of luck on one of the poker machines.”
    if this is true, then Jean should appear on the Casino’s CCTv or any other casinos Security cameras. Did the police check other casinos? I know she never appears in any of the security cameras for the casino she was said to have been playing in.

    #9. So either that witness at the gas station is just wrong about the date or something else is going on there.

    #10. So Al told police and Unsolved Mysteries different variations of his story. Dropping off Jean at the casino, etc. etc.
    She doesn’t show up on ANY of the casino’s security cameras. He does, but not where he says he was. She is not there at all.

    #10. Al says that Jean left her purse, engagement ring, and other jewelry in her room. Very, very hard to believe since she was so enamored with that ring.

    #11. It’s all very fishy, he starts putting up signs with a reward for $25,000. What about the police? Why hadn’t he called them?

    Other Weirdness:

    #12. from the Unsolved Mysteries Wiki…”Al Henderson is considered a suspect in Jean’s disappearance. Jean’s children noted that he was often mean and rude to her; they did not believe that he loved her.” If he didn’t love her, then why did he ask her to marry him? What was he going to gain? She was a Bank Escrow Officer…

    What Is an Escrow Agent?

    An escrow agent is a person or entity that holds property in trust for third parties while a transaction is finalized or a disagreement is resolved. The role of escrow agent is often played by an attorney (or notary in civil law jurisdictions). The escrow agent has a fiduciary responsibility to both parties of the escrow agreement.

    Escrow Agent Explained

    An escrow agent essentially serves as a neutral middleman in the context of an escrow agreement. An escrow agreement is a contract between two parties whereby they agree that a third party should hold an asset on their behalf until their transaction is completed. The funds or assets are held by the escrow agent until it receives the appropriate instructions or until predetermined contractual obligations have been fulfilled. Money, securities, funds, and titles to real estate can all be held in escrow.

    #13. I do think he loved her at some point, and at some other point they had some kind of falling out, maybe over a pre-nup, or his or her children. There are large gaps with the information in the segment. Why did he see her for 20 years? Did she finally tell him to propose or she was going to end it? He had his own successful real estate business, maybe she was helping him with shady escrow deals and had threatened to turn him in or something. I don’t know. I do know his story is so full of holes you can walk through them.

    Results: Unsolved. Jean’s family held a memorial service for her in April 1999. Al Henderson passed away in September 2001; investigators still consider him a suspect in the case.


    • Edward Ferguson

      The Escrow Agent angle is very interesting. They were both involved in real estate. Wouldn’t surprise me if Al had some real estate scam cooked up, using Jean as the Escrow Agent. What type of scam, I have no idea. I’m not involved in real estate. Just seems suspicious that he’s made millions in real estate, she also peripherally works in real estate. I could see him persuading her to pull off some illegal real estate scam, she feels remorseful and mentions going to the police, and Al offs her to prevent that.


  11. Curious on Kids

    Why would someone comment on here that when Al’s children die, the truth would come out? Did he supposedly confide in them ? Why wouldn’t they just tell police then if he’s already dead? Sad there aren’t any new developments.


  12. John Rogan

    He talked about his “millions”…was there an insurance policy on Jean with Mr. H. as the beneficiary?he staged the event in Laughlin and the 25k reward as a false trail.


  13. Jackie

    Have they ever used tracking dogs to try to find her? Would that still work this many years after?

    What bothers me the most is that she left her jewelry in the room. That doesn’t make any sense. Al said she wanted to play a little on her favorite machine before they checked out, but she left her jewelry in the room to go play? No, the reason that you have that jewelry is to display it, not to hide it in the room.

    The day before Jeannie was reported missing, Al made a call from Laughlin at 3 pm. & again at 7 pm. & during that call, the bookkeeper talked to Jeannie. Laughlin, Nevada, to Apple Valley, California, & back to Laughlin is at least 6 hours. Why did they go to Laughlin? Las Vegas is about 10 miles closer to their hometown than Laughlin & he was a millionaire, so it couldn’t have been a money issue. There would be less people & cameras in Laughlin.

    I don’t understand him mentioning his net worth going down (–money spent to find her? –to pay to have her killed? –too distraught to work?), but then you look at the distress on his face & in his eyes when he’s saying that he’d give the whole million if he could get her back–that looks genuine. About her going missing just days before the wedding, maybe he didn’t want to ask her to sign a prenuptial agreement, but if he was greedy, he’d have just waited until after they got married to plan her death & be sure they found her body, so he could have cashed in a life insurance policy.

    Maybe he just has age-related forgetfulness & dropped her off at a different casino & forgot which one & something happened to her there. I hope they checked the camera footage at all the casinos & hotels. Maybe she walked in the camera’s blind spot or maybe she was behind some other people & the camera just could’t see her. Maybe she decided to walk to a different casino or a shop.

    There’s a lot of easy-to-dig dirt & places to hide a body on the road from their home to the casino. Why isn’t Jeannie in any of the camera footage? Who was the last person to see Jeannie (other than Al) & where? Something happened to her between 7 pm the one night to the next afternoon when he reported her missing. There was plenty of time for him to have done something to her in that time.

    Al’s story has a lot of holes, but there’s just no motive. However, the jewelry makes me lean heavily that he’s lying & that he knows that she’s dead & why & where.


    • Anonymous

      Your intuition is very good. Al did have forgetfulness in describing what entrance he dropped her off at. He was busy between two hotels. I’m surprised no one at the second hotel noticed Jean. Laughlin is just as busy as Vegas. But most suspects would immediately change their story if interrogated with evidence like the surveillance. Al stuck to his guns and was very serious even though it embarrassed him. Sometimes you have to read through people during interviews. He was very sincere about giving the entire million for her.


  14. thinkingoutloud

    seems like Jean did meet foul play…and by the hand of her fiance. it’s shady it took him 20 years to propose and just before the wedding she vanishes??? her kids even confirmed her had an abusive behavior and tone with her. maybe he accidentally struck her one day and killed her and planned this whole ‘vanished at a crowded casino’ story as a coverup. it’s no coincidence that cameras and other witnesses can’t confirm jean was at the casino that day. of course he put up a high reward to make himself look good but no one will ever get to claim it unless they find her body. it’s sick too that he had the audacity to talk about his net worth going down. why mention financials during the time your fiance vanishes? he couldve left it at ‘if i could put up a million dollars i would’ and it wouldnt be so shady. and i agree too that his bookkeeper is lying for him, no way to prove that she called.

    did the hotel ever confirm she was even at the hotel with him? if they can’t confirm she was even at the hotel, then jean died on the way to the casino

    the main clue is that no one ever confirmed of her or even him being on those tapes. theres enough proof to show he had something to do with her disappearance and he’s hiding it


    • Anonymous

      They were not even married yet. If he didn’t like her all he had to do was call off the marriage and just be friends like they were the last 20 years. It wasn’t like they were married and a breakup would cost him half of everything. But looking at the surveillance they seemed seemed very excited. The detective was wearing bifocals when interviewed. And had issues with his vision.


  15. valerie

    The key here is is there any footage of Jean moore ever being in Laughlin at all not when she missing when she checked in that evidence if she was there he not lying remember people had kidnapped people who win jackpots no one really knows the truth only God jean moore and they should had gave him a polygraph if there were in Laughlin there’s your proof find the footage when they checked in when they ate at restaurants if there’s no proof of her signature checking in or video she was never there why would he be stupid enough to stay there and play there if she wasn’t really there


    • Anonymous

      Honestly it really doesn’t matter what they ate. An autopsy would provide all that. The surveillance really stalled that investigation. Even if she was found an autopsy wouldn’t include what she ate. But the detectives looked at all that. They know what food was ordered at the motel they stayed at. The know what food they ate at restaurants. They can probably tell you what donuts where on sale that day.


  16. Anonymous

    Its a casino, everything is on video, he was not seen nor was she. Its so clear cut he is making up everything and killed his wife


  17. Beccaboo

    I think Al is definitely a very suspicious person. The cameras didn’t show anything and of course his bookkeeper will lie for him. Of course he offered 25,000 because he knew himself no one would find her to get the reward! Poor Jean


  18. Nea

    Would like to connect with Al’s family on this “story” …


  19. Anonymous

    Once Als kids pass answers shall come


  20. Anonymous

    I don’t like it when right then and their you blame the bf or ex or hubby why don’t you blame the cops they are always bad


    • Anonymous

      They were not bad. But they were no exactly helpful. You can see how excited she was on camera. And as a gentleman he dropped her off so she wouldn’t have to walk. It is a forgotten courtesy. The poor elderly man was just hammered by everyone until his death.


  21. Tina Scalf

    I was in the area in 1993. I met a man named Richard that lives between Laughlin and Kingman Arizona. After drinking with him at his place located off the highway about aile into the desert thia man confessed to me that he was a killer. He stated. ” you area very lucky girl”. I asked him “why”? He then said,” because I kill people and I don’t know why i don’t want to kill you” Although i was scared to death I knew i had to keep up the conversation. I then said to him.”if this is true tell me who you killed last and how many have you killed. He told me.. ” I lost count” he then went on to talk about his last victims. A mother and child who were walking along that certain stretch of Highway
    He seemed to be reliving as he spike of it. He licked his like s. His eyes seem to be full of happiness. I tried to tell people about this man. For all these years. No one would listen. I thought of him when i saw the episode about Jean Moore


  22. William

    Maybe Al had some sort of medical episode and hallucinated part of what he had experienced. I wonder if he could have accidentally left her somewhere as he hallucinated the rest of the trip –


  23. Shelley harris

    do they have proof she was ever dropped off at the casino ?


    • Anonymous

      She is seen on surveillance putting the valet ticket in her duffle bag. Then she is walking against the wall. And out of range you can see Al’s bald head watching her walk away. She was 60. But was still very attractive for a predator.


  24. Anonymous

    She went missing in 1992. It’s been 24 years. He’s a killer and a coward. He probably had someone do the dirty work for him. Loser. May he rot in hell.


  25. Banook

    I know that casino where she went missing. It’s don laughlins riverside casino in laughlin Nevada. I played there for awhile. I wonder when she went missing,what year


    • Anonymous

      That is not where she went missing. But it is bad advertising for the hotel name. Whitney Houston died in a hotel with that name. I don’t want to hurt the business advertising.


  26. Understanding

    What would have been the husband’s motive if he indeed was the culprit..? I bet they do solve this,’s such an odd story, I saw some rerun last night. It would be solved if it happened these days!


  27. Not known

    I think he is definitely guilty. Why was he never arrested?


  28. Liz Moore

    It’s looking like Al is the murdurous culprit. I am possibly a relative of the Moore family and wonder if anything else has evolved concerning this story???


  29. Vinnie

    I’m glad to Liars dead I never believe it when I saw it on the show he knows what happened to his wife security cameras don’t lie and you couldn’t get out of that one could he? His alliance, and I’m glad he’s dead and I hope he burns in hell where he deserves to be his old man status didn’t sway my decision at all he’s a killer killer usually doesn’t tell you is a killer but he is a killer!! Don’t rest in peace all!!!


    • Anonymous

      Her killer is dead. But I actually wish that he was still alive. (To find her body and give the family some sort closure.) I just don’t hate people. It is not healthy.


  30. Vanessa

    He did it and lies should be enough for an arrest.


  31. Anonymous

    I think it will stay unsolved since Al has died


  32. Leighton

    Al did it!


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